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 1772   Daniel Stewart (c.1670-1737)
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Daniel Stewart, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Daniel Stewart might describe his life as follows.

I testified 1 April 1698 that I was about 28 years of age, meaning I was born about 1670,  and married first the widow Elizabeth Farley by December 1698,  and second, Sarah Baugh.
As Daniel Stewart of Henrico County I secured a patent to 396 acres on the upper side of Flat Creek and both sides of Neals Branch in present-day Amelia County 17 August 1733,  but continued to live in Henrico County where I was taxed on 5 levys and 270 acres in 1736. 
Like my father, I made no will and was dead by 9 June 1737 when neighbors William Pride, John Osborne, and Gilbert Elam inventoried my personal property without placing any value on it. Mr. Pride was the son of another William Pride whose estate I had helped inventory in 1723.  My widow Sarah presented the itemization to our court three months later. 
The 1753 will of her brother William Baugh gave Sarah the labor of “Negro man Jacob” three months each year,  and she was still living 8 August 1759 when she and other creditors of William Baugh, gave a bond to William Kennon

When Charles Featherstone purchased land on the north side of Timsbury Run 2 Jan. 1745/6 and when he deeded it to his son 4 Oct. 1765, it was described as bounded by Sarah Steward’s spring branch,  although it is doubtful she was still living in 1765. Sarah was security for the estate of Joseph Ligon who married Judith Stewart and whose 1751 will was witnessed by Judith’s sisters Mary Stewart and Sarah Ward. 

Descendants of Daniel Stewart
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Stewart (-1777),  
Mary Bowman,   Joseph Jackson,  
Field Jefferson,   Peter Dupuy Jr.,  
Daniel Farley,  Joseph Jennings,   Samuel Thompson,   John Howson,   
John Logan,  James Stewart,  
Cornelius Short,  James Stewart,  Charles Stewart,  
Jean Weakley,  Roger Atkinson,  
Martha Stewart,  
Obedience Stewart,  
John Stewart,  Susannah Tanner,  Joseph Tanner,  
John Kelly,  
Simon Ward,  
Celia Stewart,  Benjamin Ward,   
John Stewart,  
Daniel Stewart,  
Jesse Stewart,  
Mary Bowman Stewart,  Dr. William Ward,   
Charles Stewart,  Richard Jones,   Richard Royall,   
Rachel (—) Stewart,  
Alexander Stewart,  
Elizabeth Stewart,  Grigg,  
Charles Stewart,  
Prudence Stewart,  
Sally K. Stewart,  Owen,  
John Stewart,  
Daniel Stewart,  
Mary K. Stewart,  
Daniel Stewart,  
Littleberry Stewart,  Elizabeth Harper,  Edward Harper,  John Williams,  
 Martha (Stewart) Farley,  
William Farley Sr.,  
John Farley,  Edmund Booker,   
Stephen Farley,  
John Farley,  
Sarah (—) Farley,  
John Booth,  
John Farley,  
William Farley,  
Jeremiah Farley,  
Stephen Farley,  Mary Mitchell,  
Sarah Farley,  
Stewart Farley,  Peter Burton,   
Mary Burton,   
Daniel Stewart Farley,  
William Farley,  Sarah (—) Farley,  
Edmund Booker,   
Hannah Farley,  
Betty Farley,  
Peter Farley,  
 Robert Stewart (c.1700-),  

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