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 1778   James Baker (-1706)
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James Baker, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Baker might describe his life as follows.

Mary and I were the only Bakers appearing in the records of Henrico County from 1677 to 1750. I could have been born in the Colony, or perhaps I was one of several men named James Baker who sailed here.
Extremely poor, we owned no land in 1704. I bet it took Abraham Womack, René Laforce, and George Wall only a few minutes to inventory my estate 11 October 1706, since it was worth only £3.7. One of our county justices Col. William Randolph presented the inventory on Mary’s behalf and the court ordered it recorded 1 November 1706. 
I may be the father of Judith, the wife of William Walker, who lived north of the James in Henrico County before moving to Cumberland County where he died. Judith, who was born about 1700, was of an age to have been our daughter. Not only did she have a son James Walker, perhaps for me, the name “Baker” appeared several times among her descendants.

Were the Bakers Huguenot?
René Laforce, who helped inventory Baker’s estate, was the father of Judith Laforce who married Robert Burton of Goochland County 13 Oct. 1757.  When René wrote his will, he appointed executors “friends” Thomas Randolph, William Kennon, and Richard Randolph.  One wonders if Mary could have been René’s sister.
Judith Baker had one granddaughter named Magdalene Walker and another named Magdalene Judith Walker. Possibly these were named for their aunt Magdalene (Burton) Walker. Otherwise, this name arose from Judith’s family. Magdalene and Judith were popular French names found among the Huguenots who settled in Virginia. Several Frenchmen had daughters named Magdalene and Judith in the 1730s: Abraham Sallé,  Anthony Trabue,  Lewis L’Orange,  and Peter Chastain. 
Judith’s daughter Lucy Walker married Alexander LeGrand, another Huguenot.
Yet an examination of early Huguenot records and the parish register of King William Parish reveals no connection to a Baker.

John Baker of Varina Parish
John Baker secured a patent for 50 acres in Varina Parish next to Seth Ward in May 1636,  but it was later in the hands of Seth Ward.  Baker got another patent of 200 acres near Ward again in 1637,  the same year Baker appeared as a headright for William Farrar when he got 2,000 acres in Varina Parish.  Another John Baker appeared among the servants of Capt. Francis Epes in 1638. 
In 1780 John Baker witnessed the will of William Turner in Chesterfield County. 

Henry Turner of New Kent County
Mary Baker may have been the woman of this name to marry Henry Turner in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, 6 Jan. 1708/9.  Yet nothing appears to connect this family to the Walkers.

Descendants of James Baker
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Judith (Baker) Walker (c.1700-1768),  
William Walker,   
 Henry Turner (-1735),  
John Baker,  
Anne Turner,  Welcome William Hodges,  
Benjamin Hodges,  
William Hodges,  
Jesse Hodges,  Susanna Page,  William Page,  Mary Thomas,  
Ursula Hodges,  
Ann Hodges,  
Susanna Hodges,  
Sarah Hodges,  James Kennedy,  
John Turner,  
James Turner,  
Henry Turner,  
Pleasant Turner,  Agnes Woodson,  Polly Carrell,  
John Turner,  
Sarah Turner,  John Watkins,  
Barclay Turner,  
Charles Turner,  
 Henry Turner (-1715),  
John Woodson Sr.,  Edward Oliver,  
Patience (—) Turner,  
Abel Turner,  Eleanor Soane,  Samuel Soane,  George Reynaud,  
James Hill,   Peter Hudson,  Henry Clay,   
Lucy Turner,  William Parker,  Benjamin Horner,  
Elizabeth Turner,  Mann,  
Mary Turner,  
Joan Turner,  
Ann Turner,  
Hannah Turner,  
Jacob Turner,  
Patience Turner,  Ezekiel Sudbury,  
George Francis,  
Seth Turner,  
Ann (—) Sudbury,  
David Sudbury,  John Sudbury,  William Sudbury,  Jane Sudbury,  
Martha Sudbury,  
Ezekiel Sudbury,  Katherine (—) Sudbury,  
Ruth Sudbury,  Forrest Farmer,   
Thomas Fielder,  
Obedience Sudbury,  Thomas B. Clayton,  
Martha Sudbury,  Abijah Horner,  
Phoebe Sudbury,  Henry Gardner,  
Hannah Sudbury,  
Patience Sudbury,  
Amy Turner,  Daniel Ragsdale,  Godfrey Ragsdale,  

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