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 18   Pryor Daniel (1817-1875)
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Pryor Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Pryor Daniel might describe his life as follows.

According to family records, I was born 4 July 1816, a son of Peter Daniel and Elizabeth Parker. Rev. John Gregory Claiborne officiated when I married Mary Susan Elmore in Brunswick County 19 December 1838. 
The Census of 1850 counted me, age 34, in the Northern District of the county with, Susan, age 35, and 5 children, Mary 11, James 9, John 7, Virginia 6, and Susan 2. Moses, George, and Henry were born in the 1850s. 
Our farm was about 2 miles north of present-day Danieltown. I gave large portions to our 4 sons with the expectation that Moses would receive the home plantation after Susan and I died.
Susan and I lived out our lives on this farm where we are buried. Not yet 60, I died 20 March 1875. Susan, who outlived me more than 20 years, died 16 January 1897. Her will mentioned all our children, except Virginia who was already dead. Of course, she left Moses our home.

The date Pryor quoted above for his birth is evidently an error since his age as recorded in census reports shows that he was born in 1817 and his parents married in 1816.
Mary Susan signed her Brunswick County will as Susan Daniel so she evidently went by the shorter name.
The Census of 1860 counted Pryor and Susan, both aged 43, with James P. 19, John E. 17, Virginia A. 15, Susan L. 13, Moses R. 10, George S. 18, and Peter H., aged 4.  By 1870 only Moses, George, and Henry were living at home. 

Division of Peter’s land
Pryor gave James a farm south of Danieltown, which members of the family always called “Uncle James’ Place.” The Continental Can Company later owned this land.
Pryor gave George the farm west of Danieltown where George lived and where his son Ashton Daniel lived. John Eddie got the farm back of New Hope Christian Church. Pryor gave Henry a farm near the junction of the Blackstone Road and the road that goes by Rocky Run Methodist Church. Moses Rufus, who lived with his mother for the remainder of her life, received the old place.

Descendants of Pryor Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Elizabeth (Daniel) Daniel (c.1839-),  
Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   Joseph H. Daniel,  Thomas Daniel,   
Capt. William Thomas Wynn,  
Cornelia G. Daniel,  Tucker,  
Susan E. Daniel,  
 James Pryor Daniel (1841-1925),  
Catherine P. Faris,  John H. Faris,  Lucretia —,  
Edla C. Jones,  Wellington Jones,  
Lucius Smith Daniel,  Mary Alice Mayton,   
Katherine Virginia Vaughan,   
Beulah Neblett Daniel,  Henry Othello Whitlow,  Herndon C. Whitlow,  Kathleen Sipes,  
Henry Othello Whitlow,  Myrtle Sigman,  
Lucius Herndon Whitlow,  
Alvin B. Whitlow,  Frances Mull,  
Virginia Whitlow,  Floyd Tucker,  
Edna Pryor Daniel,  John Garrett Waller,   
Edna Katherine Waller,  Nathaniel W. Moore,  Nathaniel Moore,  Lillian Royster,  Albert Robbins,  
John Garrett Waller,  Ellen Nash,  
Lewis Mallory Waller,  Rebecca Roberts,  
James Pryor Daniel,  
Nannie L. Daniel,  Robert L. Pair,  Benjamin H. Pair,  Louisa F. —,  
James Lee Pair,  
Robert H. Pair,  
Lula M. Pair,  
Minnie Pair,  Gray,  
Loftin Pair,  
Rena Pair,  
Rosa Pair,  Doyle,  
Mary Pair,  Allen,  
Minnie Pair,  Gray,  
Benjamin Pair,  
Kate S. Daniel,  William H. Newsome,  
Etta Newsome,  Pair,  
Lelia Newsome,  Lundy,  
Mollie Parham Daniel,  Peter Blinco Daniel,   
George Washington Short,  George A. Short,  Mary Jane Mallory,   
Leslie P. Daniel,  Mary Myrtle Wilson,  Levi Wilson,  Mary Alice —,  
Virginia Moore Clarke,  
Peter Drew Daniel,  Burnell H. Daniel,   
Eddie Beverly Daniel,  
Idabel Daniel,  Newcomb,  
Charlie Blinco Daniel,  
Peter Morris Daniel,  Jeannetta Roberts,  William Durall Roberts,  Sarah Lee Elmore,   
Norman Neblett Daniel,   
Ernestine Daniel,  Loving,  
Nora Daniel,  Charles Adams,  
James Pryor Daniel III,  Nellie Mae Statts,  
Morris Franklin Daniel,  Hazel Naomi Glenn,  
Emory L. Daniel,  Odie Lee Wilson,  John Armentione,  
Robert Livingston Daniel,  
Norman Neblett Daniel,  Peter Morris Daniel,   
Jeannetta (Roberts) Daniel,  Peter Morris Daniel,   
Norma Ruth Daniel,  Robert H. Hamilton,  
Robert Norman Hamilton,  
 John Eddie Daniel (c.1843-1919),  
Henrietta S. Pritchett,   Waverly Addison Daniel,   
Georgianna Vaughan,   
Mary Etta Daniel,  Peter Henry Daniel,   
Herbert Lee Gunn,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Nannie Lee Gunn,  
Arthur Herbert Gunn,  Emma Sue Epperson,  
Harris Gunn,  
Audrey Gunn,  
Thelma Gunn,  
Lucy Etta Gunn,  George W. Lambert,  
Herbert George Lambert,  
Mary Elizabeth Lambert,  Robert C. Gillespie,  
Shirley Ann Gillespie,  
Loretta Lynn Gillespie,  
Ronnie Gillespie,  
Lewis Edward Lambert,  Hazel Lynch,   
Mary Etta Lambert,  Joseph Stainback,  
Lewis Edward Lambert,  
Barbara Lambert,  W.B. Hawthorne,  
Wilson Keith Lambert,  
Alfred Barrow Lambert,  
Walter Washington Lambert,  
Annie Sue Gunn,  Dorsey Overstreet,  
Exie L. Gunn,  Ernest Hammock,  Myron Martin,  
Rebecca Hammock,  
Bennie Hammock,  
Bernard Hammock,  
Mildred Frances Gunn,  Robert Lee Lambert,  
Lillie Mae Gunn,  Peter Henry Daniel,   Sarah Ann (Faris) Daniel,   Sydnor Pryor Daniel,   
Minnie Lee Daniel,  Caleb Addison Moore,  E.M. Moore,  Virginia E. —,  Rev. Jacob Walters,  
Elizabeth Sculthorp,  
Edward Bryant Moore,  Carrie Bell Buchanan,  
Edward Addison Moore,  Dorothy Mea Edder,  
Daniel Buchanan Moore,  Barbara Dodson,  
Lawrence Berkeley Moore,  Clarice Ranier,  
Jean Moore,  J.C. Stokes,  
Grace Moore,  Clements,  
Lois Moore,  Kreg,  
Eula Mae Moore,  John Samuel Pavy,  
Audrey Vallette Pavy,  Frank T. Owen,  
Georgie Emeline Moore,  John McKenny,  
Phyllis McKenny,  Dr. M.M. Koagler,  
Earl McKenny,  
Minnie Estelle Moore,  William Franklin Parrish,  
Franklin O’Dell Parrish,  
Kathleen Parrish,  Tom Tomlinson,  
Thomas Roosevelt Moore,  Virginia Rainer,  Marie Ammons,  
Tommy Moore,  
Billy Moore,  
Charlie Moore,  
Robbie Moore,  
Emory Austin Moore,  Helen Winnie Perkins,  
Frances Moore,  
Emory Moore,  
Mary Henry Moore,  James Byron Whitlow,  
James Calvin Whitlow,  
Bernard Malvin Whitlow,  
Joyce Eloise Whitlow,  R.B. Spiers Jr.,  
Gloria Lee Whitlow,  
Patricia Boyd Whitlow,  
Grace Otelia Moore,  
Joseph Millard Daniel,  Mary Sue Perkins,  John D. Perkins,  Anna —,  Rev. S.N. Lorr,  
Mae Anna Daniel,  Richard Milton Cordle,  Willie Cordle,  Nora —,  
Katherine Cordle,  
Doris Cordle,  
Richard Cordle,  
Bernice Cordle,  
Bobby Cordle,  
Crawley Daniel,  Bertha B. (—) Roberts,  Lindsay Roberts,  
Sandra Daniel,  Archie Reed,  
Gerald Daniel,  
Lillian Mae Daniel,  Threatte Austin Cordle,  
Sherley A. Cordle,  Joan Rex,  
Bessie Daniel,  William Leland Brummitt,  Roy Tyler,  
Peggy Sue Tyler,  
Harris Tyler,  
Wayne Tyler,  
Leslie Tyler,  
Duncan Tyler,  
Joseph Benjamin Daniel,  Gracie (Jones) Algood,  Gladys Algood,  
Herman Daniel,  Mary Kendrick,  
Glenn Daniel,  
Brelia Alice Daniel,  Lonnie Gregory Daniel,   
Willie Lee Daniel,  Curtis Benjamin Waller,   Rev. W.G. Forbes,  
Charlotte Neblett Waller,  Herbert Morris Beck,  
Morris Michael Beck,  Trina Hope Gibbs,  Michael Ryan Beck,  
Eunice Lee Waller,  Thomas Milton Peebles Jr.,  
Thomas Curtis Peebles,  Deborah Shelton,  Mary Lou Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Lee Peebles,  Robert R. Toney,  
Deborah Kay Peebles,  Floyd Daniel Hall,  
Barbara Alice Waller,  Bartlett Earl Howerton,  
Bartlett Earl Howerton,  Hilda Marie Smith,  Katherine Faye Waters,  
Terry Lynn Howerton,  Ricky Owen Glenn,  
Sherri Denise Howerton,  Jeffries Lee Daniel,   
Curtis Benjamin Waller III,  Janet Sylvia Williams,  
Curtis Benjamin Waller IV,  Joni Lynn Bond,  
Rhonda Janet Waller,  Joseph Ruric Stainback,  
Robinette Hope Waller,  
Joyce Mae Waller,  Carson Wayne Rogers,  
Carson Wayne Rogers,  
Leneal Scott Rogers,  
Joyce Michelle Rogers,  
Anna Virginia Daniel,  Russell Sandy Mayton,   
Geraldine Law Mayton,  William Milton Marton,  
Milton Lee Marton,  Deborah Kay Hodge,  
William Allen Marton,  
Peggy Ann Marton,  
Russell Scott Marton,  Lisa Joyce Bennett,  
Donna Lynn Marton,  
Russell Anderson Mayton,  Olivia Estelle Powell,  
Donald Anderson Mayton,  Elizabeth Kay Danford,  
Gerald Ray Mayton,  Betty Lou Powell,  
Sandra Cheryl Mayton,  Steve Alan Bowlin,  
Marjorie Virginia Mayton,  David Franklin Freeman,  
Nathaniel Gregory Daniel,  Lottie Elizabeth Freeman,  Lottie Elizabeth Smith,  James Hamlin Freeman,  
Jean Elizabeth Daniel,  Lewis Woodbury Johnson,  
Nathaniel Peterfield Daniel,  Rachael Alease Roberts,  Nancy Mae Jones,  
Richard Miles Daniel,  Marie Lenko Hancock,  
Norma Elizabeth Daniel,  Troy F. Allegood,  
Sheila Marie Daniel,  Raymond Louis Jackson,  
Penny Loraine Daniel,  Donald Patrick Kanusek,  
Macklin Gregory Daniel,  Doris Louise Mitchell,  
Rita Gale Daniel,  Charles David Flippen,  
Macklin Gregory Daniel,  
Bonnie Lou Daniel,  Joseph Edward Howerton,  
Ronald Gregory Daniel,  Judi Loraine Hawthorne,  
Viola Mae Daniel,  
Nettie Catherine Daniel,  John Thomas Clay Jr.,  
Joan Catherine Clay,  Hank Warren Turner,  
John Thomas Clay III,  Greta Ruth Vaughan,  
Nannie Mae Daniel,  John Jefferson Daniel,   Lonnie Gregory Daniel,   Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Clara Lee Daniel,  Fletcher Fabian Daniel,   
Marie Jefferson Daniel,  Lonnie Jonas Wilson Jr.,  
Steven Jeffries Wilson,  
Deborah Marie Wilson,  John Thomas Rutland Jr.,  
Jane Virginia Daniel,  James Melbourne Abernathy Jr.,  
Virginia Dale Abernathy,  Hugh Thomas Rogers,  
Fletcher Fabian Daniel,  Juanita Paige Ellis,  Barbara Callis,  
Angela Paige Daniel,  William Earl Carneal,  
Mark Fabian Daniel,  
Jeffries Lee Daniel,  Ruby Ann Wray,  
Miles Jason Brockwell,  Dale Rogers,  Debbie Plumb,  
Jeffries Lee Daniel,  Sherri Denise Howerton,   Leslie Hudson,  
Gregory Lee Daniel,  
Mary Virginia Daniel,  Lemuel Whittle Daniel,   Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Bivian Sarah Daniel,  
Lemuel Anderson Daniel,  Pauline Abernathy,   
Travis Lemuel Daniel,  
Beverly Gay Daniel,  Carlton Pearson,  
Melvin Claudius Daniel,  Martha Hamner,  
Patricia Ann Daniel,  
Malvin Claudius Daniel,  
David Allen Daniel,  
Edward Jeff Daniel,  Elizabeth Perkins,  Frances Branscomb,  
Martha Daniel,  
Virginia Daniel,  
Edward Jeff Daniel,  
John Wiley Daniel,  Carrie Bell Freeman,  John W. Freeman,  Lucy F. —,  Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Dick Hardy,  
Gracie Daniel,  Thomas Hilton Tomlinson,  Rev. Charles Kelly Hobbs,  Cornelius Tomlinson,  Sallie —,  
Barbara Lee Tomlinson,  
Frances Daniel,  Cleveland Latham,  Rev. R.H. Bennett,  Emmett Latham,  Virgil —,  
Rowland B. Daniel,  Dorothy Gunn,   
Linda Daniel,  
Rowland B. Daniel,  
Rachael Daniel,  Edward Perkins,  
Pete Perkins,  
Charles J. Daniel,  
Gertrude Daniel,  Thomas Abernathy,  
Carolyn Abernathy,  
Betty Abernathy,  
C.T. Abernathy,  
John E. Daniel,  Evelyn Cravens,  
Virginia Daniel,  
Rebecca Daniel,  
John E. Daniel,  
William Bryant Daniel,  
Louise Daniel,  Robert Brooks,  
Bobby Brooks,  
Diane Brooks,  
Waverly Addison Daniel,  Mary Sue Drew,  John Drew,  Estelle —,  
Claude A. Daniel,  Esther (—) Nichols,  
O’Dell B. Daniel,  Vivian Bragg,  
Sidney J. Daniel,  Pauline Daniel,  
Newton Baker Daniel,  Edith Jones,  
Shelton Drew Daniel,  Edith Edmonds,  Lottie Colleen Stevens,  
Ruby Daniel,  Willie Tomlinson,  Joe Codispoti,  
 Virginia Ann (Daniel) Abernathy (1845-1871),  
Levi Woodbury Abernathy,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Susan M. Pritchett,   
Gabrelia W. Abernathy,  
Susan Elizabeth Abernathy,  Susan M. Pritchett,   Edmund W. Pritchett,   
Charles Pickett Abernathy,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Fannie M. Abernathy,  Stanley Christopher Daniel,   Leta Vincent (Pritchett) Cox,   
Christopher Stanley Daniel,  
Charles Hubert Abernathy,  Jane Heartwell Fleshood,  
Robert Emmett Abernathy,  Virginia Stallings,  
Charles M. Abernathy,  
Eugene H. Abernathy,  
Robert Emmett Abernathy,  Couch,  
Minnie Gray Abernathy,  Vernon Edward Fleshood,  
Ella Abernathy,  William Wray,  
Shelton Abernathy,  
Ashby Abernathy,  
Mary Blanche Abernathy,  George E. Moore,  
Vashti Virginia Abernathy,  Susan M. Pritchett,   William Henry Williams Jr.,  William Henry Williams Sr.,  Sarah Elizabeth Faris,  
Mamie P. Williams,  William Edward Nash,  Rev. Lloyd C. Moore,  Florence (Epperson) Clay,  
Martha Ann Nash,  Lewis Love,  
Gabrelia Alice Williams,  Burdette Wilbur Hall,  
Dorothy Adelia Hall,  Emory C. Daniel,  
Edward Robert Williams,  Eula Rebecca Browder,  
Rebecca Louise Williams,  
Eva Christine Williams,  Herbert W. Abernathy,  
Edward Hale Williams,  
William Woodbury Williams,  
George Pryor Williams,  Martha Alice Clary,   
George Pryor Williams,  
Lennie Lee Williams,  Patsy Autry,  
Virginia Fleeta Williams,  Wade Canady Johnson,  
Katherine Ilene Johnson,  James A. Smith,  
Wade Canady Johnson,  
William Leonidas Johnson,  
James Wardsworth Williams,  Virginia DuPriest,  
James Wardsworth Williams,  
 Susan Louisa (Daniel) Pritchett (1848-1934),  
David Pritchett,   
Roger Eppes Pritchett,   
 Moses Rufus Daniel (c.1851-1909),  
Mary Susan Vaughan,   
Willie Parham,   Thomas Parham,   Walter L. Parham,   Sydnor Parham,   
Alexander Pryor Daniel,  Alice Smith Pritchett,   
Peter Edwin Daniel,  Minnie Belle Moore,   Rev. W.E. Powell,  
Harry Edwin Daniel,  Ewell Deane Powell,  Elizabeth Raney Edmunds,  Dorothy Wheeler,  
William Edwin Daniel,  Mathilda Ann Gorts,  
Robert Wilkins Daniel,  Mildred Elizabeth Johns,  
Archer Grey Daniel,  Elinor Pauline Parham,  Barbara Rose Wells,  
Annie Lois Daniel,  Haynie J. Hudson,  
Claudia Russell Daniel,  
Eva Gladys Daniel,  
Fletcher Fabian Daniel,  Clara Lee Daniel,   
Claude Daniel,  Mattie Louise Parrish,  
Vivian Wynn Daniel,  Charlie Arthur Cordle,  
Dorothy Cordle,  Wayne Kenneth Talley,  
Marion Moses Daniel,  Allie Winfree Callis,  
Vincent Vaughan Daniel,  Edwin Carter Foster,  
Herbert Walter Daniel,  Katherine Deloach,  
Jessie Hazel Daniel,  Richard Henry Coleman,   
Roger Glenn Daniel,  Peggy Louise Laffoon,   
Wilbur Anderson Daniel,  Lula Frances Freeman,  Rev. George E. Owen,  John W. Freeman,  Lucy F. —,  
Owen E. Daniel,  Rena Saunders,  Ruby (—) Daniel,  
Everett Daniel,  
Lewis Daniel,  
Lynwood Anderson Daniel,  Mary Victoria Tomlinson,  Robert A. Tomlinson,  Sallie —,  Rev. W.R. Moody,  
Carlton Allen Daniel,  Ugenia Smith,  
Dennis Clair Daniel,  Brenda Edwards,  
Rufus W. Daniel,  Elizabeth Stephenson,  Rev. W.G. Forbes,  William Stephenson,  Daisey N. —,  
Betty Daniel,  
Robert Edwin Daniel,  Mary Abernathy,  John Wesley Abernathy,  Elizabeth Brooks,  
Ernest Roy Daniel,  Minnie Wilson,  
Evelyn Sue Daniel,  Harris Cox,  
James Roy Daniel,  
Wilbur Lee Daniel,  
Sallie Daniel,  Clifton Weatherbee,  
Nancy Weatherbee,  Michael Rouse,  
Patty Weatherbee,  
Marian Daniel,  Joseph A. Gunn,   
Barbara Ann Gunn,  
Betty Joe Gunn,  
Edgar B. Daniel,  Mildred Martin,  
Joyce Daniel,  
Mary Lucy Daniel,  George Aquilla Pritchett,   
Moses Leonard Daniel,  Lillie Mae Pritchett,   Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Lula Inez Pritchett,   
 George Sidney Daniel (1852-1917),  
Ellen Elizabeth Vaughan,   
J.W. McDowell,  James Pryor Daniel,   Benjamin Childs Elmore,   
Ashton Sydnor Daniel,  Lottie Leora Moore,   
Leora Mae Daniel,  
Calvin Sydnor Daniel,  Mary Lee Pomeroy,  Muriel M. Kent,  
Mason Bernard Daniel,  Doris Mae Mears,  
Ethel Lenra Daniel,  
Michael Bernard Daniel,  
Edith Virginia Daniel,  Cecil Hope Williams,   Dr. Phillip Jacobson,  
Willis Lee Daniel,  Josephine Elizabeth Cheely,  Walter Leonard Cheely,  Virginia Elizabeth Williams,  
Nellie Elizabeth (Bickings) Popoczy,  Andrew Popoczy,  Nancy Sue Popoczy,  George Robert Bresko,  
Joyce Ann Daniel,  Donald Franklin Wells,  
Sandra Lee Daniel,  Gerald Mitchell Harrison,  
Gerald Lynn Daniel,  Beverly June Carlson,  
Vincent Eldridge Daniel,  Mary Sue Kent,  
Sgt. Raymond Newton Daniel,  Betty Moore,  Louise Williams,  
Susie Ray Daniel,  John Poole,  
George Edward Daniel,  Margaret Louise Torrence,  
Bonnie Jean Daniel,  John Michael Baker,  
Maynard E. Daniel,  
Elizabeth Bessie Daniel,  
Harvey M. Daniel,  
Mary Ella Daniel,  
Ray R. Daniel,  Lucy May Daniel,   
George Obed Daniel,  Minnie Catherine Souder,  
Emmett Pryor Daniel,  Elizabeth Paulice Hall,  Robert Hall,  Rosa Lee Leith,  
Marshall Daniel,  
Nelson Daniel,  
Earl Daniel,  
Eldridge Daniel,  
Marvin Vaughan Daniel,  Tom Parham,  
 Peter Henry Daniel (1855-),  
Henry P. Daniel,  
Sarah Ann Faris,   Peter Faris,  Narcissa E. Stone,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Susan Virginia Daniel,  Luther Pryor Daniel,   Rev. R. Atwell Tucker,  
Sydnor Pryor Daniel,  Annie Bet Parrish,  Will W. Parrish,  Delia A. —,  Rev. R.F. Gayle,  
Lloyd B. Daniel,  Elizabeth Riebles,  
Luther Bernard Daniel,  Sarah Josephine Lacks,  
Mary Elizabeth Daniel,  Maury McKinley Baughan,  
Everett Jacob Daniel,  Brenda Yvonne Hancock,   
Blanche Daniel,  Thurman Eastwood Jr.,  
Virginia Daniel,  Carl Beaufort Carter,  Ronald Ervin Frost,  
Ernest Henry Daniel,  Julia Etta Elmore,   Rev. Joseph R. Sturgis,  
Kate C. Brough,  C.C. Brough,  Mary —,  Rev. Lloyd C. Moore,  
Lillie Belle Daniel,  Herbert L. Turner,  
James Kayton Daniels,  Nannie Wootton,  
Merritt Willis Daniel,  
Robert Lee Daniel,  Carrie Havens,  
Agnes Mae Daniel,  
Addie Lou Daniel,  William F. Carrington,  William Carrington,  Elizabeth —,  Rev. W.J. Pruden,  
Sybil Carrington,  
Bud Carrington,  
James Eddie Daniel,  Dean W. Wilson,  R.H. Wilson,  B.C. —,  
Robert Washington Daniel,  Josephine Judson Bridgeforth,  Rev. A.H. Eubank,  
George Maynard Daniel,  Sadie Victoria Hazlewood,  John James Hazlewood,  Anna Marion (Parrish) Stone,  Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Maynard Daniel,  
William Daniel,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Joseph H. Daniel - Civil War James Pryor Daniel - Civil War
Leslie P. Daniel - World War I John Eddie Daniel - Civil War
William Henry Williams - Civil War Herbert Walter Daniel - World War II
Calvin Sydnor Daniel - World War II Mason Bernard Daniel - World War II
Dr. Phillip Jacobson - World War I Vincent Eldridge Daniel - World War II
George Edward Daniel - World War II Ray R. Daniel - World War I
George Obed Daniel - World War I John James Hazlewood - Civil War

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