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 184   Henry Barrow
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Two men, who were likely brothers, William Barrow and John Barrow, appeared in the records of Brunswick County in the 18th Century. We are tentatively placing them as sons of Henry Barrow and his wife, Mary, new arrivals to the Colony.

Henry Barrow, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Barrow might describe his life as follows.

To stimulate immigration to Virginia, the London Company awarded 50 acres of land to any person who paid the travel cost to Virginia for themselves or for another person, called a “headright.”
When George Sommers got a land patent in Brunswick County next to Richard Parr 5 February 1757, he submitted as headrights two persons, “to dwell within our said Colony and dominion whose names are Henry Barrow and Mary Barrow.”  That was me and my wife.
After they changed the rules, I got a patent for 390 acres down Little Cedar Creek in Brunswick County 10 June 1760, for just paying £2.  Little Cedar Creek is about five miles north of present-day Danieltown.

Henry Barrow was a neighbor of Caleb Lindsey Sr., who also lived in northwest Brunswick County, when he sold land in St. Andrew’s parish to Henry Martin in 1763. 
Henry then disappears from the records. Yet in 1768 William Barrow, presumably his son, was living along Little Cedar Creek near William Daniel No records reveal how he received the land so he evidently inherited it from Henry.

Descendants of Henry Barrow
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Barrow,  
 John Barrow (-1829),  
Thomas Stith,  James Elmore,   Robert Read,  
Sarah Daniel,  Dianna Daniel,   
 John Barrow,  
John Barrow,   Jane Johnson,  John Johnson,  Elizabeth Catherine Hardy,   
Catherine H. Barrow,  Rev. John Wesley Doyle,  Nancy W. Tarpley,   
William Fletcher Doyle,  
Rebecca Jane Doyle,  Thomas T. King,  
Sarah Doyle,  
James Theophilus Doyle,  
Cornelius Watson Doyle,  
William Johnson Barrow,  Virginia Catherine Hardy,   
Mary S. Peace,  Samuel Peace,  
Joseph L. Barrow,  Louisa Ann Peace,  
Henry A. Barrow,  
Mary Frances Barrow,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,  
Lucy Everett Barrow,  
Sarah Jane Barrow,  William Miles Connally,  Lewis Connelly,  Lucy Allen,  
Robert Bruce Barrow,  Sallie B. Marshall,  Sarah Euphemia Barrow,   Mary Rachel (Hemingway) Bellingham,  
John Barrow,  Emma Flournoy,  John J. Flournoy,  Ann Pamelia —,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Fletcher Doyle - Civil War James Theophilus Doyle - Civil War
Cornelius Watson Doyle - Civil War  

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