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 1852   John Muse II (c.1673-c.1722)
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John Muse II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Muse II might describe his life as follows.

In 1703 my father gave me 360 acres lying in both Richmond and Westmoreland counties, and in 1707 my brother Thomas and I split a neighboring 265 acres.  Col. William Fitzhugh leased me 200 acres, too. My land was on the old Colonial road from present-day Montross to Popes Creek that flows to the Potomac River near what’s now called Muses Beach—named for one of my descendants, no doubt.
Popes Creek is where George Washington was born and a national monument to him is there now. My son, also called George, did some land deals with Washington and served with him in the French and Indian War.
In 1707 I earned 1,200 pounds of tobacco for killing four wolves that troubled our community. 
I was dead before my father made his will 5 April 1723 leaving most of his estate to my widow. The court recorded the inventory of my estate the next day. I had no will, but my wife, Ann, was more responsible. We must have been wealthy judging from how much fancy furniture, including nine leather chairs, she left to our nine children in the will she wrote in 1725.
We had sons in Prince William and Caroline counties. One of these was likely the father of Margaret Muse who would marry James Clay of Halifax County.

Ann’s will
Widow Ann made her will 14 Jan. 1725/6, which was probated in Westmoreland County 29 June 1726. 

Will of Ann Muse
14 January 1725/6
To son Edward, my now dwelling plantation and half adjoining land, it being part of 200 acres leased by my deceased husband of Col. Fitzhugh.
To son William, other half of said land; but if he disturb my Exors. or endeavor to claim my dwelling plantation, then said land to go to my son Hopkins.
To son William, 1,000 lbs tob. and one iron pot in his possession.
To son Edward, feather bed and furniture, black walnut table and chest that stands in hall, 2 large pewter basins, diaper table cloth and ½ dozen napkins, one towel, 4 leather chairs and my gray mare.
To sons Hopkins, John, Augustine, and George (when 18 years old each) a cow and calf.
To daughter Mary Sanford, bed now in possession of Thos. Muse Jr., oval table in hall, 5 leather chairs, and bedstead it lies in, oval table in chamber.
To daughter Sarah Muse, bed and furniture that lies in the trundle bedstead in chamber and bedstead it lies in and my trunk.
To daughter Ann Muse, black mare and new sidesaddle and furniture.
Son in law Robert Sanford, to have care and tuition of testatrix’s children, Hopkins and George (until they are 18 years old) and of daughters Sarah, until 16 years of age, or marriage.
To son [son-in-law] Robert Sanford and son Edward Muse, stock of cattle and hogs in equal division for support of my young children.
Friend Benjamin Waddy, a gold ring to 10 shillings value.
Residue of estate to be equally divided between 4 young sons Augustine, Hopkins, John, and George and if any of them, when they attain 18 years of age, “be adjudged to take evil courses then my aforesaid son or sons take him to their care as before until they attain the age of 20.”

Who was Margaret Muse?
John Muse was likely the grandfather of Margaret Muse who married James Clay. Some have placed her as a daughter of his son William who married Mary Pope, a daughter of Humphrey Pope. This is presumably because the Hopkins Muse, who was in Halifax County with Margaret, was her brother and identical to this son of William Muse. Yet the names Humphrey, Pope, and William do not appear in Margaret’s family. Further, her obituary said she was born near Richmond while the family of William Muse was in the Northern Neck.
It is more likely that Margaret was a daughter of one of the Caroline County Muses: George, Augustine, or Hopkins—most likely Hopkins. The Hopkins Muse in Halifax County could also have been from Caroline County and not the son of William Muse.
Absent records of Caroline County, we cannot properly identify Margaret’s father.

Descendants of John Muse II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Muse) Sanford (1699-),  
Robert Sanford,  Robert Sanford,  
 William Muse (1701-),  
Mary Pope,  Humphrey Pope,  Mary —,  
William Pope Muse,  Stith Bolling,  Thomas Cocke,  Mary (—) Muse,  
Mary Ann (Hughes) Cox,  Archelaus Cox,   
Delphia Muse,  John Houchins,  
William Pope Muse,  Nancy Mahone,  Charles Winfield,  Pamelia (—) Muse,  
Patsy Muse,  Isham Royalty,  
Salley Muse,  John Royalty,  
Hopkins Muse,  Mary Wood,   Hopkins Muse,   
James W. Muse,  John W. Foster,  
Nancy Muse,  Hezekiah Ford,   
Anderson Jeter,   Richard Ligon,   
Yelverton Ford,  Asariah Orange,  Rebecca H. Bell,  
Harriet Pillow,  
William Ford,  
Rotia Ford,  
Louisa Ford,  James M. Taylor,  
Henry P. Taylor,  
James M. Taylor,  
John W. Taylor,  
Catherine Muse,  Thomas Carter,  
Ann Barbara Muse,  Joseph Sanford,  William Sanford,  
Joseph Sanford,  
Mary Sanford,  
 Elizabeth Muse (1704-),  
 Edward Muse (1706-1781),  
Ann Sanford,  Richard Sanford,  Susanna —,  
Sanford Muse,  
William Muse,  
Frankey Muse,  
Edward Muse,  Elizabeth Muse,  John Muse,  Margaret (—) Muse,  Elizabeth Chilton,  
Benjamin Muse,  
George Muse,  
 Ann (Muse) Stewart Walker (1709-),  
Samuel Stewart,  Samuel Walker,  
 Sarah Muse (1711-),  
 Augustine Muse (1715-1749),  
Francis Slaughter,  Joseph Stevens,  
 Hopkins Muse (1717-1740),  
 John Muse III (1719-1779),  
Frances Chattin,  
Robert Briscoe,  
John Muse IV,  Lucy Crenshaw,  Samuel Allen,   Frances Allen,   
Elizabeth Muse,  Col. William Graves Swanson,   
Samuel Allen Muse,  Dorothy Swanson,   
Joel Muse,  Frances Swanson,   
James Muse,  
John Muse V,  Nancy Swanson,   
Thomas Muse,  Elizabeth Bolling,  George Bolling,  
Frances Allen Muse,  William Thompson,  
Judith Muse,  
Thomas Muse,  Elizabeth Tidwell,  Nancy Ann Wrenn,  Henry Lawson Muse,  
 William Swanson (c.1750-1827),  
Ann (—) Swanson,  Ann Graves,  
Col. William Graves Swanson,  Elizabeth Muse,   
Francis Swanson,  Frances Chattin Muse,  Thomas Muse,   
Mary Swanson,  Tuggle,  
Sarah Swanson,  Thomas Pinkard,  
Dorothy Swanson,  Samuel Allen Muse,   
Elizabeth Swanson,  Henry Lawson Muse,  Thomas Muse,   
Frances Swanson,  Joel Muse,   
Nancy Swanson,  John Muse,   
Clary Swanson,  George Hutcherson,  
 George Muse (1722-1784),  
Elizabeth (—) Chalmers,  Archibald Chalmers,  
John Pryor,  Benjamin Tankersly,  William Davis,  Elizabeth —,  
Frances (—) Muse,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James W. Muse - War of 1812 John Muse - War of 1812
Thomas Muse - War of 1812 William Thompson - War of 1812
Henry Lawson Muse - War of 1812 George Muse - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. William Graves Swanson - Virginia Col. William Graves Swanson - Alabama
Henry Lawson Muse - Virginia  

Selected sources
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