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 188   William Moore (-1800)
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William Moore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Moore might describe his life as follows.

When Mother died in 1784, she left me some household items including four “Virginia run” plates.
My wife was Ann when we sold 100 acres in the fork of Cedar Creek to Thomas Harris 20 September 1777. 
Every four years each parish vestry was responsible inspecting the boundary between every property owner before any disputes arose. In 1792 I and some St. Andrew’s Parish neighbors “processioned” the property lines in the precinct from Jones Road, to Red Oak Creek, to Briggs ford on Waqua Creek.  Consequently, I lived about 5 miles northeast of present-day Danieltown.
Brunswick County taxed me on two male tithables, five horses, and five slaves in 1800. 
I left no will and was dead by 8 October 1800 when my estate was appraised.  I am likely buried in Brunswick County near where I was born.

Descendants of William Moore
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Moore (-1815),  
 Nancy (Moore) Wallace,  
Robert Wallace,  
 Elizabeth (Moore) King,  
William King,  
 Rebecca Moore,  

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