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 192   Thomas Vaughan (c.1715-1751)
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Thomas Vaughan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Vaughan might describe his life as follows.

My birth is not listed in the Bristol Parish Register that began in 1720 because I was born to Nicholas and Ann Vaughan before then. Yet the register does that show that my wife, Elizabeth, and I were the parents of Thomas who was born in 1742.
In 1737 the governor granted me 400 acres in Amelia County on both sides of Franks Creek of Flat Creek.  Franks Creek, now known as Vaughans Creek, begins about 8 miles north of Crewe and flows north to Flat Creek. Truly, it may have gotten this name from one of my brothers who settled there, too. It was here that Elizabeth and I came to live about 1743 and where Nicholas, Bartholomew, John, and Elizabeth were born.
I marked my will with a “T” in September 1750 and was dead within the year. Elizabeth was still living twenty years later. Except Nicholas, all our children left the area.

We know little else of Thomas Vaughan before his appearance in Amelia County. Amelia County listed him as a tithable living between Flat and Deep creeks in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, in 1739, but for the next 6 years, his name was absent from tithable lists while he remained in Bristol Parish. He then reappeared and in 1746 and 1747 was living on land in the same tithable district below Flat Creek near some of his brothers. The 1748 list shows him above Flat Creek. 
We have not identified Thomas’ wife, Elizabeth, who was likely born in Bristol Parish.

Will of Thomas Vaughan
Thomas was living in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, when he composed his will 3 Sept. 1750,  but was still alive 1 Dec. 1750 when he bought 525 acres on the lower side of Saylers Creek from his brother Abraham Vaughan for £60.  His will was ordered recorded 25 July 1751. 

Will of Thomas Vaughan
3 September 1750
Unto my loving wife, Elizabeth, my Negro wench Nancy to be disposed of by her to whom and in what manner she shall think fit. My loving wife to have the use and benefit of all the rest of my Negroes, cattle, horses, hogs, and all other my goods during her widowhood and if it should happen that she enter a second marriage or at her death, I give
Unto my loving son Thomas Vaughan my Negro Joe, also 133 acres lying on the north side of my plantation beginning on my lower corner on the creek … to my spring branch … to the spring … crossing the Great Branch …
Unto my loving son Nicholas my Negro boy Feild, also 133 acres … line of my son Thomas’ at the lower end of the Spring Branch … to Royall’s line …
Unto my loving son Bartholomew my Negro Peter, also 133 acres … on Royall’s line … my son Thomas’ line …
Unto my loving son John Vaughan 400 acres in Lunenburg County on Rice’s fork adjoining the south line of Godfrey Jones.
Unto my loving daughter Elizabeth my Negro girl Kate.
My loving friends Joseph Motley and my wife Elizabeth and John Turner executors.
Thomas (T) Vaughan
John Turner
Robert Vaughan
Lewis Vaughan.

The 399 acres divided between his sons was likely Thomas’ 400-acre patent of 1737.
Joseph Motley, John Turner, and Elizabeth Vaughan were executors. John Turner and Elizabeth Vaughan put up an executor bond of 500 pounds 25 July 1751.  The executors brought the appraisement of his estate to Amelia County court first 20 Aug. 1751: £115.7.9. Valuation of some additional property came in 25 Feb. 1752: £37.6.9½. 
On 21 Dec. 1750, after he made his will, Thomas Vaughan bought 525 acres on Saylers Creek from his brother Abraham Vaughan for £60,  which fell to his eldest son, Thomas, who sold it to John Ellington 17 Dec. 1764. 

Widow Elizabeth
On 19 April 1764 Elizabeth Vaughan sold her son Thomas Vaughan “1 Negro man slave Joe” left her by her husband and gave up title to the land on which she was living.  Thomas paid her £100 and William Cross Craddock witnessed the agreement, which they did not record until 1773. Elizabeth Vaughan was unmarried and still living 22 Feb. 1768 when she conveyed “one Negro fellow named Fields” to her son Nicholas Vaughan for £20.  Son Thomas Vaughan also signed the deed.
On 24 June 1773 Elizabeth Vaughan, Nicholas Vaughan and Joannah, his wife, deeded to Edmund Booker for £90 119 acres in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, which was “the same land whereon the said Elizabeth and Nicholas lives and was given the said Nicholas Vaughan by the last will and testament of Thomas Vaughan, his father, decd.,” and which was on the upper side of Vaughans Creek next to Richard Craddock, Jesse Lunsford, Edmund Booker, and Joseph Motley. The deed gave Elizabeth possession of the house she lived in and 4 acres of land around it including the spring for the remainder of her life. She would also have access to fire wood from the woods and rail timber to fence the 4 acres and to keep the fence in repair. After Elizabeth died, Edmund Booker would pay Nicholas or his heirs 40 shillings for the land. 

Descendants of Thomas Vaughan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Vaughan (1742-1835),  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  Jesse Lunsford,  
Richard Vaughan,  Drusilla Rice,  Matthew Rice,  Mary Ann (—) Jackson,  Isaiah Jackson,  
Richard Vaughan,  
Asa Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  
Lucy Vaughan,  Hiram Parks,  
James Vaughan,  Henrietta Malone,  
Jane Vaughan,  Thomas Childress,  
Cinthea Vaughan,  Bird Malone,  
Nancy Vaughan,  John Baccus,  
Sterling Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  Jerusha Fowlkes,   
Sterling Vaughan,  
Thomas Vaughan,  
Tabitha Vaughan,  Alexander M. Long,  
Salley Vaughan,  
Jerusha Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  
John Vaughan,  John Miles,  Mary Vaughan,  
Thomas Vaughan III,  Lettice —,  
Claiborne Vaughan,  Mary Ferguson,  Richard Ferguson,  Frances Spenser,  
Mary Vaughan,  Jesse Brooks,  
Frances Vaughan,  Wells,  
Sally Vaughan,  John Piller,  
Nicholas Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  
Patsy Vaughan,  
 Nicholas Vaughan (1745-1816),  
 Bartholomew Vaughan,  
Ann (—) Vaughan,  Jesse Lunsford,  Bartholomew Dupuy,  Lewis Vaughan,   James Vaughan,   
John Lunsford,  
James Vaughan,   
 John Vaughan,  
Elizabeth (—) Stanley,  Dancy Stanley,  
Robert Vaughan Jr.,   
 Elizabeth Vaughan,  

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