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 194   Richard Borum (c.1720-1789)
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Richard Borum, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Borum might describe his life as follows.

I and my wife, Judith, were probably from Gloucester County where a large Borum family lived, but the clerk’s office there burned, so no records of my parents remain. We purchased 100 acres on the south side of Flat Creek in Amelia County in 1740 and added a neighboring 375 acres in 1749.  The court made me a road overseer in 1749. 
We had 6 daughters, and by 1762 our 3 sons were on their own. Like me, son Edmund was a tailor.  Our daughter Joannah even married a tailor, Nicholas Vaughan, whose family lived about 15 miles west of us near Saylers Creek.
We sold our 100-acre plantation to John Booker Jr. in 1773 for £100.  The Bookers came from Gloucester, too, and Richard, Judith, and Edmund were popular Booker names. Since John Booker was surety when our son Edmund married and loaned our son Richard some land, we may have been related to that family.
In 1776-8 I took in needy children, James Varden Jr., Mary Parham, and John Crews, to instruct them in the “art and mystery” of being a tailor, as we called it.  Amelia County counted me with a family of three with four slaves in 1782, and of four whites in 1785.  Virginia reimbursed me £2.3.9 for 175 pounds of beef provided to the Continental Army during the Revolution, making me an official patriot. 
I left Judith most of my property and named 6 daughters and 3 sons in my 1785 will, which neighbor George Booker witnessed.  I lived until 1789.

We have not identified Richard’s wife, Judith, although perhaps she was a Booker. The George Booker who witnessed Richard’s will lived on Flat Creek, too.

Richard Borum’s will
Her is Richard’s will, which was proved 1 Oct. 1789.

Will of Richard Borum
In the Name of God, Amen
I, Richard Borum of the parish of Nottoway and County of Amelia being in perfect health and sound of mind and deposing memory, do make this my last will and testament in a manner and form following.
To my beloved wife, Judith Borum, all my estate both real and personal during her natural life and after her death, I give and bequeath unto my son, Richard Borum, all my land and plantation whereon I now live, also one Negro boy named, Jack, to him and his heirs forever.
I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Elizabeth Hubbard, one Negro wench named Beck, to her and her heirs forever.
To my daughter Judith Clay a mulatto girl named Moll, one feather bed and furniture and cow and calf and a heifer. Also one bell metal skillet during her natural life and at her death I give the same, together with their future increase to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever and in case there be no heirs or heir then I give the same together with their future increase as aforesaid to be equally divided among all my sons and daughters or their legal representatives, them and their heirs forever.
I give an bequeath to my daughter, Martha Moore, one Negro fellow named Cully.
All the remaining part of my estate I leave equally divided among my daughters Sara Foster, Joannah Vaughn, and Mary Smith, and my sons James and Richard.
I appoint my beloved wife Judith and my son, Edmund Borum, Executors of this my last will and testament.
Richard Borum
John Pride
George Booker
James Hill

The possible origin of John Borum in Gloucester County
Richard Borum was possibly a descendant of John Borum whose name appeared first in Virginia in 1653 when John Borum, John Banister, and Thomas Foote secured a patent for 350 acres on Horn Harbor Creek in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County. Banister and Borum later assigned their interests to Foote who sold the land.  In 1655 John Borum alone obtained a patent for 400 acres on the same creek.  Anne Boram, who we presume was John’s widow, patented land on Horn Harbor in 1667 and 1684,  which was next to 364 acres that Edmund Boram, Orphan, presumably Ann’s son, patented in 1682.  Edward Borum was in Kingston Parish, Gloucester, from 1693 to at least 1704 when he was taxed on 300 acres. 

Borum of Charles City County
An Edmund Borum and Mary Borum lived in Charles City County and were the parents of at least Mary Ann Borum, Edmund Borum, and Benjamin Borum.  Edmund died before 1769 when the court assigned to his widow, then the wife of John Robinson, her dower,  and they appointed Francis Irby guardian of the children.  Richard and Judith Borum of Amelia County had a son Edmund, a daughter Mary, and a grandson Benjamin. This family was perhaps descended from Francis Barrum who deeded 500 acres in Westover Parish, Charles City County, to Robert Lansdon 16 Feb. 1692/3. 
Churchwardens in Charles City County bound out Joseph Borum, son of Mary Borum, April 1761.

Borum of Hanover
Benjamin Borum was a landowner in St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, 1751-67 when his name appeared in processioning records,  and likewise Edmund Borum was listed 1755-67.  Elizabeth Borum, presumably Benjamin’s widow as her land was in the same precinct as his, was listed 1771-79.  None survived to pay tax in 1782.

Borum of Halifax County
Included below is a Family Digression devoted to John Borum of Halifax County. Another early Halifax County Borum was William Borum who purchased 144 acres from Robert Wade Jr. 19 July 1763.  With wife, Frances, he deeded 600 acres to William Shackleford in June 1766.  He deeded 100 acres to Edward Giddens in 1770 and 136 acres to Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie County in 1771,  but not until 1779 did William and Fanny confirm the sale of land to Atkinson.  William acquired 140 acres in Halifax County, which William Byrd confirmed to him in 1775,  and was head of a household of 7 whites and 7 blacks in Halifax County in 1782. 
In 1783 William and Frances sold the 214 acres where they were living to John Pulliam and disappeared from the county.  According to a British merchant claim, he “removed before the conclusion of the war, his place of residence is unknown.” 

Descendants of Richard Borum
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joannah (Borum) Vaughan (1743-1804),  
Nicholas Vaughan,   
 Edmund Borum (-1789),  
Edith Seay,   
Ishmael Davis,  
Capt. William Watson,   
Benjamin Borum,  Sally Thompson,   Nancy Fowlkes,  
Mary Borum,  Thomas Bradshaw,  
Jacob Borum,  Elizabeth Tyree,  
Archibald Borum,  Mary (—) Daniel,  
Sarah Borum,  John T. Hamm,  
William Richard Borum,  Elizabeth Ellington,   
Jesse Borum,  Martha J. Glenn,  Robert V. Glenn,  
Richard E. Borum,  Nancy C. —,  
John W. Borum,  
Hezekiah Borum,  
James Borum,  Elizabeth Harper,   Capt. Thompson Scott,   Rev. Thomas Pettus,  
Joseph H. Fowlkes,  James Jackson,  Basset Watson,  Jennings Robertson,   William Vaughan,  Joseph Watson,  
Catherine S. Borum,  Lawrence Mann,  
Edward N. Mann,  
Mary E. Mann,  
James L. Mann,  
Harriet A. Mann,  
Amanda F. Borum,  Napoleon G. Mann,  
Xantippa Mann,  
John L. Mann,  
E.N. Mann,  
Lafayette Mann,  
Elizabeth Mann,  
Ann Eliza Borum,  Henry Rowlett,   
 Richard Borum (1744-1835),  
Sarah Hillsman,   John Pride,   
John Booker,   
Richard Borum,  
John Borum,  Elizabeth Bratton,  
Edmund Borum,  Nancy Penick McGehee,   
Rebecca Borum,  Jonas Bradley,  
Elizabeth Borum,  Gideon Alexander,  
Sarah Borum,  David Barton,  
William B. Walker,  
Sarah Walker,  Richard McGehee Borum,  
 James Borum (-1805),  
Thomas Dobson Jr.,  
Judith Hubbard,   
John Borum,  Ann Avery,   
Judith Borum,  Stephen DeJarnett,   
Elizabeth Thomas DeJarnett,  
Nancy DeJarnett,  
Betsy Ann DeJarnett,  
John DeJarnett,  
Mary DeJarnett,  
James Borum,  Patsy Tucker,  Joseph Tucker,  
Martha Borum,  Chesley B. Holland,  
Pleasant Borum,  Elizabeth Dupree,  
William Borum,  
Joseph Borum,  
Pleasant C. Borum,  
Samuel T. Borum,  
Joseph Hubbard Borum,  
Mary Borum,  
 Martha (Borum) Moore,  
John Moore,  Frances Moore,  Amey Moore,  George Cabaniss,   Robert Jones,   Batte Jones,   
John Moore,  Francis Epes,  Thomas Williams,  Stith Hardaway,   Mary (—) Moore,  
Mark Moore,  
Mary Moore,  
 Elizabeth (Borum) Hubbard,  
 Judith (Borum) Clay,  
John Moore Clay,   
David Crenshaw,  
 Sara (Borum) Foster,  
 Mary (Borum) Smith,  
 Edmund Borum,  
Edmund Borum,  Frances Machen,  
John Borum,  
Sally Jean Borum,  
Edmund Borum,  Elizabeth —,  
Thomas Scott Borum,  
Frances Borum,  
William Thornton Borum,  
Benjamin Borum,  
John Borum,  Joanna Thomas,  
Mary Borum,  
Nancy Borum,  
 John Borum (-1785),  
William Borum,  
William Terry,  Thomas Hope,  Catherine (—) Borum,  Edmund King,  William Echols,   
Mary Borum,  
Sally Brooks Daniel,  
John Borum,  Judith Hendrick,   
George Borum,  Peggy Murphy,  Francis Roberts,  Moses Terry,  John B. Baker,  
Beverley Borum,  
Susan Borum,  Johnson Daniel,   
Mary Ann Borum,  Daniel Parker,  
Daniel Terry,  James Johnson,  
John Brooks Parker,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Archibald Borum - War of 1812 John Moore Clay - Revolutionary War

Selected sources
Thompson, Mrs. Arthur A. “The Family of Samuel Seay, Amelia County, Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 7:127-135 (1963). • Information on John C. Seay who married Ann Hillsman and Edith Seay who married Edmund Borum.

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