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 1964   Joseph Billups (c.1700-)
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Joseph Billups, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Billups might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Gloucester County, a son of John Billups and Mary Glascock. Records there are gone, but some family documents reveal that I married Margaret Lilley in 1719. Her grandfather was John Lilley, an early Gloucester settler.
As Joseph Billups Sr. of Gloucester County, I purchased 625 acres on both sides of both forks of Ledbetter Creek in Lunenburg County from James Oliver 1 October 1751.  My sons settled in Lunenburg County and although it was my name on the deed, I may never have lived there.
Because my will burned with the others in Gloucester County, nothing specifically names my children. Yet my sons appear to be Christopher and Joseph of Lunenburg County, Robert of Mathews County, and John of Amelia County. A daughter, Lucretia, or “Lukey” as she was called, married Matthew Gayle, who came to Lunenburg before heading to South Carolina. One of my sons was likely the father of Anne Billups who married Capt. Joseph Jennings of Amelia County in Lunenburg County.
My will may have left half my land to Lukey because she and her husband sold 312 acres on Ledbetter Creek in 1784.

We presume Joseph was born about the same year as his wife, 1700.
Joseph Billups of Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, purchased 200 acres in Amelia County 16 Nov. 1750.  The 1751 tithable list for Lunenburg County includes the name of Joseph Billups, thought to be the elder of this name. Yet this was likely his son. Except the first acquisition mentioned above by Joseph Billups Sr., none distinguished a junior from a senior. Consequently, Joseph Billups Sr. did not remain in Lunenburg County, if he was ever there.
It has also been reported that Joseph Billups died in Lunenburg County in 1767. Yet no will or estate is recorded in that county. Further, Matthew Gayle mortgaged all his personal property to Joseph Billups Sr. of Gloucester County in 1771—further indication that Joseph was not a resident of Lunenburg. 

Descendants of Joseph Billups
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Billups (c.1723-),  
John Jackson,  
Nancy (—) Billups,  
Amy (—) Billups,  
John Billups,  
Frances Bedford,  Stephen Bedford,  Robert Bedford,  
Edward Murphy,  Levi Clay,   
Robert Bedford Billups,  
Jane Flippen Billups,  Charles Brydie,  
John Billups,  Susanna J. Lanier,  Thomas Lanier,  
Richard Billups,  David Owen,  Elizabeth Redd,  Thomas Redd,  
Thomas Billups,  
Ann Billups,  Jeremiah Early,  John Daniel Cunningham,  
Joseph W. Billups,  Mary Ann Daniel,  
Susanna Billups,  John Ingram,  
William Jeter,  
John Billups,   
Joseph Billups Ingram,  Elizabeth Collier,  Thomas Collier,  Martha May,   
Christopher Billups,  
Robert Billups,  
 Christopher Billups (c.1723-1788),  
John Cole,  
Ruth (—) Billups,  
Col. Scott,  
Mary Billups,  William Cowan,  
Peggy Baker Cowan,  Peter Epes,   
William Bowie Cowan,  Catherine Grace Epes,   
Grisel Bowie Cowan,  Samuel Greenhill Williams,   Sarah N. (—) Williams,  
Catherine Greenhill Williams,  Baskerville Vaughan,   
Sarah A. Williams,  Alexander Robertson,  
Christopher Billups Cowan,  
Nancy Billups,  
 John Billups,  
Henry Walker,  Elizabeth (—) Billups,  
Thomas Chappell,   
 Robert Billups (c.1730-1795),  
Ann Ransome,  
Sarah Gibson,  
Fannie Billups,  John Vance,  
Letitia Billups,  Matthew James,  
Robert Ransome Billups,  Lucy Keeble,  
Virginia Beverly Billups,  Walton Harris,  
Robert Ransome Billups,  
Mariah Billups,  
Virginia Billups,  
Capt. John Billups,  Susannah (Carleton) Cox,   
Elizabeth Billups,  John Lawson,  
Anne Ransome Lawson,  
Anne Ransone Billups,  William Glenn,  
William Billups,  Mary Richardson,  
Hugh Gwyn Billups,  
Lucy Reade Billups,  John Marable,  
Sarah Gwyn Billups,  Richard Marable,  
 Lucretia (Billups) Gayle,  
Matthew Gayle,  
John Billups,   
Susanna Borum,  Susanna Gayle,  
Billups Gayle,  
Matthew Gayle,  Mary (—) Gayle,  William C. Clay,   Lewis Wilburn,  
Billups Gayle,  
Matthew Gayle,  
John Gayle,  
Leaven Gayle,  
Christopher Gayle,  
John Gayle,  Nancy Whitehead,  
Billups Gayle,  
Matthew Gayle,  
John Gayle,  
Mary Gayle,  Richard Mark Dozier,  
Julia Gayle,  John Chappell,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
William Cowan - Virginia  

Selected sources
Bell, Landon C. Cumberland Parish Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1816, Vestry Book, 1746-1816. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1994:178-182. • Family of John Billups, Christopher Billups, and Robert Ransome Billups.

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