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 20   Edward Pritchett II (c.1803-1856)
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Edward Pritchett II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Pritchett II might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1803 in either Brunswick or Lunenburg. Since we lived right on the county line, near present-day Macedonia Methodist Church, it could have been in either. As my father, Edward Pritchett, explained, I am a grandson of the John Pritchett who came from Dinwiddie County before 1780.
Rev. James Mason Jeter officiated when Susan S. Wallace Wilkes and I became husband and wife in Brunswick County 1 June 1836. 
I was not a farmer, but followed my true passion, carpentry. Susan had been around woodworking all her life because her brother, father, and grandfather were carpenters. Although we did not own any land up to 1850, we bought 10 acres near Macedonia Methodist Church from Peter B. Hawthorne in 1852. This gave us room for a house, and a few acres for growing fruit trees and vegetables and raising poultry and livestock to feed our growing family.
Susan and I were the parents of 8 children born 1837 to 1855. Our twins, John William and Lucy Rebecca, were infants when I died in 1856. I am buried near the Macedonia Methodist Church—likely in the church cemetery if they had one then.
Susan, who never remarried, reared our children and took them to worship at Perseverance Christian Church nearby in Lunenburg County. Susan lived into the 1880s to see our children marry. She was 69 in 1880, so she lived to see her 70s.

When the census was taken in 1840, Edward and Susan had two little girls: Mary Jane and Susan. During the 1840s the number of children in the family grew, as Richard, William, and Martha were born. At the time of the Census of 1850, Edward and Susan had 5 children: Mary 13, Susan 10, Richard 8, William 5, and Martha 4. If others were born during the 1840s, they did not survive. 
Sarah Elizabeth, another daughter, was born in 1851, and Susan gave birth to twins in Dec. 1855: John William and Lucy Rebecca Pritchett.
The 1860 census enumerated Susan W. Pritchett, aged 42, with Mary J. 28, Susan M. 20, Richard B. 18, Martha A. 14, Sarah E. 9, John J.W. 4, and Lucy R., aged 4.  Sarah, Lucy, and John were still in her household in 1870 and she then had land worth $100.  Susan Pritchett, aged 62, was residing in Red Oak District in 1880 with 22-year-old Mary Pritchett, incorrectly described as her daughter. 

Descendants of Edward Pritchett II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Jane (Pritchett) Brown Davis (c.1837-),  
John William Brown,  Isaac Brown,  Mary —,  William H. Brown,  Samuel C. Brown,  Anna M. Brown,  Mary J. Brown,  Lucy Brown,  Rosa Brown,  Demarcus Brown,  Rev. George W. Potts,  
Joseph H. Reese,  Sarah Elizabeth Reese,   
William A. Davis,  James Richard Hanks,   
Lula Inez Pritchett,   
William Edward Brown,  Sallie B. Singleton,  Augustus B. Singleton,  Lucretia —,  
James J. Brown,  Beulah Raney,  Charles Buckner Raney,  Corine Alice Singleton,  Bernard Hobson Raney,  Ruth Wynn Moore,   
Mamie Lee Brown,  William McKinney,  
Mattie McKinney,  Robert E. Lee,  
William McKinney,  Nannie Bell Webster,  
Nellie Mae McKinney,  Edward Jones,  
Rev. James Elmer McKinney,  Elizabeth Sherrin,  
Susie L. Brown,  Robert Edward Vaughan,   
Edward Vaughan,  
Linda M. Brown,  Chester Edmunds,  
 Susan M. Pritchett (1840-),  
Susan M. Pritchett,   
 Richard Benjamin Pritchett (1841-1884),  
Sarah Jean Perkins,  David W. Perkins,  Jane Bishop,  Rev. George W. Potts,  
William Henry Barrow,  Lucy Ann Elizabeth Hawthorne,  John A. Hawthorne,  R.G. Singleton,  Lee Andrew Daniel,   
Lucy Rebecca Pritchett,   Martha Ann Pritchett,   John William Pritchett,   Lucinda Ann Manly,   William A. Davis,  
William Henry Barrow,   George Edwin Barrow,   
Sarah Ann Pritchett,  
Nicholas E. Daniel,  Thomas T. Daniel,  Virginia C. Smith,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Emily Frances Daniel,  Samuel Oslin Callis,   Nicholas Rosser Epperson,   
Virginia Everett Daniel,  
Madella Olice Daniel,  Lester John Matthews,  Edgar Madsen,  
Maude Virginia Matthews,  Hugh Owens,  
Thomas William Matthews,  Betsy Jean Paul,  
 William Edward Pritchett (c.1846-1854),  
 Martha Ann (Pritchett) Williams (c.1846-1905),  
John A. Williams,  Nathaniel H. Williams,  Susan —,  Rev. George W. Potts,  
William Davis,  
James T. Williams,  
John A. Williams,  Cora Perkins,  
Annabel Williams,  Jody Perkins,  
Bertha Williams,  
Sue Elizabeth Williams,  
William Williams,  
Mary Lou Williams,  Archer Crutchfield,  
Sallie Crutchfield,  
Agnes Crutchfield,  
George Crutchfield,  
James Crutchfield,  
Mattie Williams,  Harvey Barnett,  
Sarah Barnett,  Clemons,  
Laura Barnett,  Bennett,  
Leonard Barnett,  
Richard Williams,  
Lucy Williams,  Barnett,  
 Sarah Elizabeth (Pritchett) Reese (1851-1878),  
Joseph H. Reese,  Washington Reese,  Elizabeth —,  Rev. George W. Potts,  
Lucy (—) Reese,  
Sarah Elizabeth Pritchett,   
Hattie Reese,  
Clifton Edmunds,  
John Chapman,  
Bessie Chapman,  
Lucy May Chapman,  
Willie Chapman,  
Eddie Chapman,  
Ashby Chapman,  
Melvin Chapman,  
Gladys Chapman,  
Rachel Chapman,  
Goode Chapman,  
Sarah Elizabeth Reese,  James Richard Hanks,   
 Lucy Rebecca (Pritchett) Hanks (1855-c.1930),  
James Louis Hanks,  Thomas R. Hanks,  Nancy Reese,  Rev. George W. Potts,  Martha A. Robertson,  W.H. Robertson,  John Thomas Hanks,  
Samuel Dent,  
James Richard Hanks,  
Sarah Elizabeth Reese,   
Mollie Bet Hanks,  
James Collins,  
Sallie May Hanks,  
Peter Harris Crafton,   
Shirley Hanks Crafton,  
Lizzie Louis Hanks,  John Havens,   Rev. W.G. Forbes,  
Claudine Havens,  Keith Clary,  
Elizabeth Havens,  
Hattie Sue Hanks,  
Eugene Mayton,   Rev. R.F. Gayle,  
Eugene Maxey Mayton,  Shirley Jones,  
Dorothy Mayton,  Walter Skinner,  
James Howard Mayton,  Ellen Bell,  
Susanna A. Hanks,  Jim Mathis,  
Arthur Mathis,  Eva Hudson,  
Franklin Mathis,  Gloria —,  
William Robert Hanks,  Blanch Moore,  
Esther Hanks,  
Nannie Rebecca Hanks,  Lee Andrew Tucker,  William Andrew Tucker,  Louisa —,  Andrew Tucker,  
Lucille Tucker,  Hester Bishop,  Marcus Bishop,  Elizabeth —,  
Josephine Tucker,  Claude Seale,  
Hattie Tucker,  Pugh,  
Willie Tucker,  
James Tucker,  
Nellie Tucker,  John Asa Foster,  John Foster,  Nannie E. Williams,  
Charles Benjamin Hanks,  Ruth Estelle Daniel,   Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Ruby Hanks,  Douglas Eaton,  
Nellie Hanks,  Ellis Hicks,  
Mary Jane Hanks,  Jimmie Snyder,  
Ruth Estelle Hanks,  
Georgia Hanks,  Oliff,  
Melvin K. Hanks,  
Benjamin C. Hanks,  
Gladys M. Hanks,  
James W. Hanks,  
Evelyn Hanks,  
Henry C. Hanks,  
Robert Hanks,  
 John William Pritchett (1855-1931),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John William Brown - Civil War Augustus B. Singleton - Civil War
Richard Benjamin Pritchett - Civil War Thomas T. Daniel - Civil War
William Andrew Tucker - Civil War  

Selected sources
Pritchett, Dr. William M. The James Edward Pritchett Family of Brunswick County. • At his death, Dr. Pritchett had a draft of this document Edward Pritchett with numerous corrections penciled in.

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