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 208   Matthew Hillsman (c.1715-c.1781)
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Matthew Hillsman, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Matthew Hillsman might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1715 in York County and came west to Amelia County about 1740. I was married to Ann Gillintine by 1751 when Nicholas Gillintine gave me 200 acres on the upper side of Flat Creek in consideration of his “love and affection” for his daughter Ann Hillsman.  A married woman could not own land then, so her dad had to put it in my name.
Since I could not write my name, I witnessed deeds with an X.
Ann and I reared 8 children there on Flat Creek. A family of Clements lived a few miles north on Bent Creek and one of their daughters, Lucy, married our youngest son, James.
Dear Ann died before 2 November 1771 when her father mentioned “my deceased daughter Anne Hillsman” in his will. Although I was too old to serve during the Revolution, I did help provision the army, for which I was reimbursed £74.8. 
I made my will 29 December 1780 and was dead by 22 March 1781 when the ordered the clerk to transcribe it to the official will book at the courthouse. 

Matthew appeared as a tithable in Amelia County first in 1742 when he was about 27.  His brother William later joined him in Amelia, as did his father. The land Nicholas Gillintine gave Matthew was part of his 1736 patent. 
Matthew appraised the estates of John Cooke Jr. in 1764 and Robert Farguson in 1778. 

Matthew’s will

Will of Matthew Hillsman
29 December 1780
In the name of GOD AMEN, I Matthew Hillsman being of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament, and I first desire that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Item: I give unto my daughter Ann Hillsman my mare and sadle and one small trunk and half the hard money, I have; one bed and furniture and to have first choice.
Item: I give to my son John Hillsman one silver clasp, a sorrell colt, one bed and furniture and half my wearing apparel.
Item: I give unto my son James Hillsman half the hard money I have — one black colt, one bed and furniture and to have second choice of the beds — also I give him my saddle and bridle and the other part of my wearing apparel and I also desire further that my L. [last?] son James be maintained out of my estate and schooled two years…
Item: I give the money arising from the sale of my pewter to be equally divided betwixt my sons Joseph, John and James and my daughter Ann Hillsman.
Item: The remaining part of my estate I desire may be sold by my Executor and the amount after my just debts is paid to be equally divided betwixt all my children; Joseph Hillsman, Sarah Boram, John Hillsman. James Hillsman, Mary Allen, Dianne Utley, Ann Hillsman, and Elizabeth Utley; and lastly I appoint my friend George Booker, Richerson Booker and Richard Borum, and my son Joseph Hillsman my Executors of this my last will given under my hand and sealed 29th. Dec., 1780
Matthew Hillsman [Seal]

Executors of Matthew’s will were George Booker, Richardson Booker, Richard Borum, and son Joseph Hillsman. Thomas Mumford and Efford Booker witnessed the will.
The court recorded the inventory of Matthew’s estate 28 March 1781. 

Descendants of Matthew Hillsman
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Dianne (Hillsman) Utley,  
Jacob Utley,  
John Utley,  
 Ann (Hillsman) Seay White,  
John C. Seay,   
Austin Seay,   Dudley Seay,   Joseph Hillsman,   
Caleb White,  
Samuel R. Seay,  Susan Balee,  Peter Balee Jr.,  Count Peter Balee,  
George Hillsman Seay,  
Willis Wilson Seay,  
John William Seay,  Lucinda Miller,  
Granville Seay,  
 Jacob Seay (-1790),  
Rachel Smith,   
James Seay,  
James Seay,  
Anne Hatchett,   
Jacob Seay,  Mary Bagley,   Joshua Chaffin,   
George B. Seay,  
Nancy W. Seay,  Jones,  
James A. Seay,  
Abraham Seay,  Mary Jennings Thompson,   
Moses Seay,  Elizabeth Luck,  Samuel Luck,  
John Hubbard,   
Jacob Seay,  Rebecca Davis Jenkins,   
Samuel Seay,  Polly Grundy,  Felix Grundy,  
Bernard Seay,  Rebecca Powell,  
Dudley Seay,  Rachel Smith Seay,  Frances Seay,   
Austin Seay,  Sally Marshall Booker,   
Nancy (Harper) Waddill,  
Julia Ann Seay,  Richard Henry Jeter,  Tilmon Ellison Jeter,   
Elvira C. Seay,  
John C. Seay,  Ann Hillsman,   
Phoebe Seay,  William Jackson,   
Edith Seay,  Edmund Borum,   
Frances Seay,  John Wingo,  
Hannah Dixon Seay,  William Rogers,  
Agnes Seay,  
Sarah Seay,  John Sullivant,  Edith (—) Sullivant,  
John Seay,  
 Elizabeth (Hillsman) Utley,  
Utley,  John Utley,  
 Sarah (Hillsman) Borum (-1837),  
Richard Borum,   
 Mary (Hillsman) Allen,  
 Joseph Hillsman (c.1760-1818),  
Elizabeth Moore,  Joseph Moore,  Susannah —,  
Matthew Hillsman,  
John Hillsman,  
Elizabeth Hillsman,  
Mary Hillsman,  
 John Hillsman (1764-),  
Catherine Fornwalt,  Rebecca Thrasher,  Christopher Thrasher,  
Evelyn Hillsman,  John Lones,  
William Hillsman,  
Rebecca Hillsman,  James Matthew Harris,  
Mary Hillsman,  Gordon Mynatt,  
Rev. Matthew Hillsman,  Ann Elizabeth Mynatt,  
Richard Hillsman,  Margaret Rebecca Givens,  Susan Hayes,  
Elizabeth Hillsman,  Rufus Mynatt,  
Nancy Hillsman,  Steven Johnson,  
Sarah Hillsman,  Varnell,  
James Hillsman,  
Joseph H. Hillsman,  
 James Hillsman (c.1770-1847),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Jacob Seay - Revolutionary War Samuel Seay - Revolutionary War
Joseph Hillsman - Revolutionary War John Hillsman - Revolutionary War

Selected sources
Hillsman, Thomas W., Naomi B. Hillsman, and Edward L. Hillsman. The Hillsman Family. Second Edition Revised. Privately published, 1996. • An outstanding presentation of this family, although it errs in the depiction of early generations. Includes my Hil(l)sman ancestors: John Hilsman, Nicholas Hillsman, Matthew Hillsman, James Hillsman, Col. John Albert Hillsman, and James Moses Overton Hillsman.
Seay, Burwell Warren IV. Descendants of Abraham Seay and Seay Miscellany, Vol. II. Privately published, 1966:97-103. • Includes the family of Jacob Seay.
Thompson, Mrs. Arthur A. “The Family of Samuel Seay, Amelia County, Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 7:127-135 (1963). • Information on John C. Seay who married Ann Hillsman and Edith Seay who married Edmund Borum.

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