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 214   Isham Clements (c.1740-c.1803)
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Isham Clements, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Isham Clements might describe his life as follows.

I married “spinster” Sarah Scott on 27 November (bond) 1760.  That’s what my marriage bond called her—it then meant she had never been married.
Although no records reveal I saw action during the Revolution, I did provide the army with one gun, for which they reimbursed me. 
In 1782 and 1785 Amelia County counted 10 whites in our household, and we then owned 10 slaves.  As was the tradition, we named our children for our own parents and grandparents: Mary Harwood and William for my parents, Sarah and Joseph for her parents, Ann for my grandmother, Frances and Judith for Sarah’s grandmothers, and, of course, Isham for me. We must have used up all the ancestors we knew before we got to Elizabeth, Lucy, and Martha Clements.
Our home was on Bent Creek near the present-day town of Clementown Mills—likely named for the mill my grandfather, William Clement, owned. By 1785 I had constructed 3 dwellings and 8 other buildings on my farm. 
One daughter Mary Harwood Clements married Edmund Booker from 10 miles up the river near Saylers Creek. Before he died, they had 7 children. Her second husband was Moses Overton. Daughter Lucy Clements married James Hillsman, a son of Matthew Hillsman from 5 miles south on Flat Creek.
I was evidently in my 60s when I died. As I left no will, the county court appointed Samuel Ford and Pinketham Davis Booker to administer my estate. One son, age 16 to 26, was living in Sarah’s household in 1810, and she then had 11 slaves. 
We know who my children and their spouses because all the living ones were in court to have my estate divided in 1822, the year after Sarah died.

Henry Isham, pronounced I-shum, came to Virginia about 1656 and left a will in Henrico County in 1678.  Although he left no Isham descendants, William Clement probably named his son Isham Clements for this prominent individual or one of many Virginians who carried the name. Although the name William Clement appeared without an “s,” Isham often appeared as Clements.
Isham’s surety for the marriage bond was Alexander Walker.
Southam Parish processioning records make several mentions of Clements Mill Road, first in 1751, and of Clement’s and Cox’s Mill in 1763. 

The sale of Isham’s estate was recorded in 1803. 
The living children of Isham Clements appearing in that chancery suit were Thomas and Nancy Branch, Moses and Mary Overton, Elizabeth Phillips, James and Lucy Hillsman, George and Fanny Owen, Joseph Clements, Isham Clements, Thomas and Martha Woodson, and Judith Bryan. 
The order of distribution identified also the children of Sarah (Clements) Philips and William Clements, who were then dead.

Death at Clements Mill
After William Daniel died on the Powhatan side of Clements Mill in 1793, Vincent Markham, coroner, held an inquisition that concluded he died of an accidental fall off the mill dam. 

Land and taxes
Amelia County tithable lists are complete except the 1758-61 period. Isham appeared first as a tithable in 1762 suggesting he was born about 1740-45.
Isham bought from 17 acres from John Clement in 1772,  a neighboring 198 acres from Josiah Seay for £250 in 1777,  and 144 acres “whereon is a mill known by the name of Clement’s mill” from John White in 1784. 
Isham was in partnership with Henry Cox whose 1790 will mentioned his bond. 

Sarah’s death
Sarah died 30 Sept. 1821, “age 78, leaving about 200 descendants.”  On 5 April 1822 the court recorded the account of the sale of her estate,  and appointed Moses Overton administrator of her estate. 

Descendants of Isham Clements
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Harwood (Clements) Booker Overton (1765-1847),  
Edmund Booker,   Mary Pride,   
Rev. John Skurrey,  Moses Overton,   
William Lovell,  John Harper,  
Samuel Winston,  William Clements,   Joseph Clements,   William Worsham,   Richard Phillips,  Matthew Robertson,   Parham Booker,   
Moses Overton,   
Edmund Booker IV,  
Joseph P. Booker,  
Edith Cobbs Booker,  
Sarah M. Booker,  Joseph Woodson Jr.,  Rev. Thomas Pettus,  
Elizabeth S. Booker,  
Jane Davis Booker,  William Branch,   
Isham Clements Booker,  Elizabeth Evans Jeter,   
 Nancy (Clements) Branch (1769-),  
Thomas Branch,   Rev. Jesse Talley,  William Clement,   
John Booker,  Thomas Branch,   
William Branch,  Jane Davis Booker,   
 Judith (Clements) Bryan,  
Banister Bryan,  William Clement,   
Samuel Delaney,  Mary Delaney,  David Delaney,  Richard Eggleston,  
 Sarah (Clements) Phillips,  
John Phillips,   John Booker,  
Peter Talbott Phillips,  
Richard Phillips,  
Elizabeth Phillips,  Wills,  
Sarah Phillips,  Thomas Osborne,  
Lucy Phillips,  
Mary Phillips,  
Nancy Phillips,  
 Elizabeth (Clements) Phillips,  
Richard Phillips,   
Elizabeth Phillips,  Thompson Fowlkes,  Benjamin Hawkins,   
Lucy Phillips,  Laban Neal,  
Mary H. Phillips,  Sterling Smith,  Owen Smith,  
Nancy Phillips,  Jesse Penick,   
Sally Phillips,  Richard Marshall,  
 Richard Phillips (-1793),  
William Hillsman,   Elkanah Crenshaw,  James Seay,   John Skipwith Harris,  Isaac Tinsley,   John Hill,  George Ham Jr.,  
Lucy Southall,  John Clement,   Francis Clement,   John Tabb,   William Hillsman,   George Booker,   William Clement,   Richard Jones,  Thomas Tabb,  
Sarah Southall,  
John Phillips,  Sarah Clements,   
Richard Phillips,  Elizabeth Clements,   
William Phillips,  Mary Easley Winfrey,  
Thomas Phillips,  
Peter T. Phillips,  Anne Skip Magdalene Harris,   
Barney Phillips,  
Elizabeth Tolbert Phillips,  Richard Allen,  
Tabitha Phillips,  
Richard Holt,  
Idare Holt,  
Lucy Holt,  Turner Clarke,  
Tabitha Holt,  Henry Farley,  
 Isham Clements (-1850),  
Samuel Ford,   Pinketham Davis Booker,   John Wiley,   William Powell,  John Jeter,  Thomas Pride,   
Sarah C. Rudd,  John Rudd,  Agnes Clarke,  
Mariah Clarke Clements,  Littleton Owen,  
Granville Franklin Clements,  
Elizabeth Booker Clements,  Alexander Coleman,  
John Rudd Clements,  
William B. Clements,  
Paulina S. Clements,  
Nancy Clements,  
Isaac Newton Clements,  
Agnes Clarke Clements,  
Patrick Henry Clements,  
Parthenia Clements,  
Francis Clements,  
 William Clements,  
Mary Clarke Craddock,   
Peyton Cox,  
John Carter,  James Hillsman,   John Wiley,   Samuel Ford,   Pinketham Davis Booker,   
Rebecca Clements,  
Henry Clements,  
Hardnall Clements,  
Sarah Clements,  
Ann Eliza Clements,  
 Lucy (Clements) Hillsman (c.1776-),  
James Hillsman,   
 Frances (Clements) Owen,  
George Owen,  
 Joseph Clements,  
Susanna Haille Woodson,  Joseph Woodson,  Luke West,  
Mayo Clements,  Jane Mullins,  James Mullins,  Martha Brown,  
Mary J. Clements,  
Elizabeth Clements,  
Susan J. Clements,  Thomas J. Williamson,  
Louisa Williamson,  
Missouri Williamson,  
James E. Williamson,  
Robert A. Williamson,  
William T. Williamson,  
Amanda Williamson,  Mary Amanda Williamson,  
John B. Williamson,  
William E. Clements,  
William E. Clements,  
 Martha M. (Clements) Woodson,  
Thomas Woodson,  Jesse Woodson,   Hughes Woodson,   

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