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 216   Richard Blanton II (c.1725-c.1806)
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Richard Blanton II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Blanton II might describe his life as follows.

A son of Richard Blanton of Spotsylvania County, I grew up near Fredericksburg. My father wanted me to be coexecutor of his will with Elizabeth, my mother. Then you could be only 14 to be an executor but, when he died in 1734, I was still too young.
When you go down the Rappahannock River to where my grandfather, Thomas Blanton, lived in Essex County, you have to go through Caroline County. In fact both Caroline and Spotsylvania used to be part of Essex. Anyway, Lawrence Anderson came across the Potomac from Maryland to Caroline County. That’s where I married his daughter Joanna Anderson 23 March 1749/50. We were both about 25 years old.
We lived in Spotsylvania until around 1785 when we settled in Cumberland County, about 10 miles from Amelia. Three sons died in Cumberland and the fourth, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Life in Spotsylvania
On 5 Feb. 1760 George Boswell leased 160 acres in Spotsylvania County to “Richard Blanton and Joanna, his wife, and James Blanton, his son” for 55 shillings yearly.  In 1761 Richard and Hannah Blanton, as she was sometimes known, sold 150 acres to Henry Martin for £26.5.  Richard and Joanna added 154 acres in Spotsylvania County 5 July 1762. 
When Richard and Joanna sold their 162 acres in Spotsylvania County to William Scott in 1763, Joanna’s brother David Anderson was among the witnesses.  With another one of Joanna’s brothers, George Anderson, Richard bought 150 acres from Stephen Tatum in 1771. 

Richard and Joanna come to Southside Virginia
Richard, Joanna, and 4 sons settled in Cumberland County about 8 miles north of present-day Farmville. Personal property tax records for Cumberland County charge James, Thomas, John, and David Blanton. Richard must have been living in the household of a son as he does not appear.
On 9 Nov. 1786 Richard and all 4 sons were in Cumberland County when they signed a petition expressing their opposition to the “Act for Incorporating the Protestant Episcopal Church.” The Revolution was over and what to do with property that had belonged to the Established Church was an issue. The Blantons wanted the House of Delegates to sell the Church property and leave the proceeds in Cumberland County. 
Richard died in Cumberland County before July 1806 when James, Thomas, John, and David Blanton, all of Cumberland County, deeded 150 acres in Spotsylvania County that had belonged to Richard Blanton and George Anderson to Lewis Anderson of Buckingham County. 

Descendants of Richard Blanton II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 David Blanton (c.1765-1823),  
 Capt. James Blanton (-c.1827),  
Charles Lee Sr.,  Delphia (—) Blanton,  
Elizabeth (McGehee) Wright,   
John Blanton,  Martha Blanton,  
Carey Blanton,  Shepard,  
Mary Blanton,  William A. Phillips,   
John Blanton Phillips,  
Martha Phillips,  
Mary Phillips,  
William Phillips,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  Richard J. Phillips,  
James Blanton,  Maria Smith,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  
John Blanton,  
Lucy Blanton,  
Sarah Blanton,  
Lt. Lawrence Blanton,  Capt. Jesse Woodson,  
Gilley Colley,  William Colley,  
Martha Blanton,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  Charles Mann,  
William J. Blanton,  Anna Maria Moseley,  
Julia A. Blanton,  William Colley,  
Mary Blanton,  
Louisa Blanton,  
Frances Blanton,  James N. Marshall,  
Dr. Hugh Lawrence Blanton,  Frances Camilla Blanton,   
Nancy Blanton,  Henry Amos,  
Sally Amos,  
James Amos,  
Polly Blanton,  
Rhoda Blanton,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  James Hamilton,  
 Thomas Blanton (1758-1846),  
William Fields,  
Drusilla Anglea,  Charles Womack,  
Mary Blanton,  Edward Burgess,  
Benjamin Blanton,  Martha C. Farmer,  
Susan Blanton,  John Wheeler,  
William Blanton,  
Sally Blanton,  Thomas Burgess,  
 John Blanton (c.1765-1807),  
Sarah Anglea,  Creed Taylor,  
Judith Blanton,  Abraham Charlton,  
Meredith Blanton,  Nancy Crisp,  John Crisp Sr.,  
Elisha B. Blanton,  Elizabeth F. Sanders,  John Sanders,  
Elisha Blanton,  Sally (—) Blanton,  
Zachariah Blanton,  
Richard Samuel Blanton,  Pollard,  
Charles William Blanton,  Mary Virginia Peters,  Dr. Benjamin C. Peters,  Ann Price,  
Nannie R. Wilson,  
John Blanton,  
Sarah Catherine Blanton,  
Susan V. Blanton,  William Lee,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Lt. Lawrence Blanton - War of 1812 Thomas Blanton - Revolutionary War
Meredith Blanton - War of 1812  

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