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 232   Travis Guthrey (-c.1818)
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Travis Guthrey, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Travis Guthrey might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Cumberland County to Thomas and Sarah Guthrie. My wife was Ann Hill, a daughter of Thomas Hill of Cumberland County. Before the Revolution several of her brothers moved to Halifax County and we joined them.
One of my descendants concluded that I did not fight in the war because I was not rugged. Anyway, one of my blankets was impressed for use of the Halifax County militia before they left with General Greene’s army for Guilford, North Carolina. 
We lived on Bates Branch 5 years before settling on Spider Creek where I eventually acquired at least 670 acres 2 or 3 miles northeast of Republican Grove.
Ann and I had 7 sons and at least 4 daughters. Halifax County counted me head of a household of 10 “whites” and 2 “blacks” in 1782 and we had added another “white” by 1785.  Our home was 20’ by 16’ and we had a barn the same size. 
I was still living in 1815 when I parceled out my plantation to 4 sons and a son-in-law, but was dead by 1818 when the inventory of my estate was recorded at the courthouse. 

Travis buys and sells land
In 1773 William Hill sold Travis about 200 acres on Bates Branch in Halifax County,  which he and Ann sold to Joseph Mullins before buying about 130 acres on the branches of Childrey Creek from John Chisum.  William Dean sold them a neighboring 100 acres in 1779 and they got 440 more acres on Spider Creek from Joseph Collins in 1792. 
Travis Guthrey sold his son Thomas Guthrey “a tract of land in Halifax Co. on Spider Creek, and on which the said Thomas Guthrey now lived, containing 136 acres” 12 April 1799.
Guthrey, a qualified voter in Halifax County in 1800,  sold land to sons and sons-in-law: 50 acres to Brackett Owen in 1801, and 110 acres each to Samuel, Elijah, James, and Dennett Guthrie in 1815. 

Descendants of Travis Guthrey
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Guthrey,  
 Samuel Guthrey,  
Betty Barrow,  
Beverly B. Guthrie,  Martha Guthrie,  
 James Guthrie (c.1783-1851),  
 Thomas Guthrey,  
 William Guthrey,  
Nancy Davis,  
 Elijah Guthrey (c.1791-),  
Polly Woolsey,  Gartney Vaughan,  
William Guthrey,  
Nicholas Guthrey,  
Elijah T. Guthrey,  
Robert A. Guthrey,  
Paul Guthrey,  
Ellen Guthrey,  
 Dennett Hill Guthrey (1784-1861),  
Sarah Smallman Hart,  Ambrose Hart,  Betty —,  
Elijah Thomas Guthrie,  
William Watson Guthrie,  Martha Sparrow,  
Christopher Conwell Guthrie,  
James Travis Guthrie,  Lula Hairston,  Mary Penn,  
Eppa Dennett Guthrie,  
Perlina Jennings,  Nancy Katherine Franklin,  
Katherine Elizabeth Guthrie,  James Henry Brown,  
Nancy Hill Guthrie,  James Henry Brown,  
 Elizabeth (Guthrey) Owen,  
Barnett Brackett Owen,  
 Mary (Guthrey) Lane,  
Absalom Lane,  
 Frances (Guthrey) Milner,  
Thomas Milner,  
 Sarah (Guthrey) Clay,  
Frederick Clay,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Eppa Dennett Guthrie - Civil War  

Selected sources
Guthrie, Laurence R. American Guthrie and Allied Families, 2 vols., Chambersburg, Pa.: The Kerr Printing Company, 1933. • Comprehensive work on many Guthrey/Guthrie families including Thomas Guthrey, Travis Guthrey, James Guthrey, and Wesley H. Guthrie.

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