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 244   Richard Oliver I (-c.1810)
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Richard Oliver I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Oliver I might describe his life as follows.

I inherited land on both sides of Deep Creek from my father, James Oliver, who moved from Hanover County to Amelia (now Nottoway) County about 1755. During the Revolution I drove cattle to keep the Army fed. 
I married Mary Jennings, a daughter of Joseph Jennings, 27 January (bond) 1785,  and we were the parents of seven children. We evidently lived near my father-in-law because in 1794 Nottoway County appointed me surveyor of the road leading from Joseph Jennings’ ordinary to Henry Ferguson’s.  Henry Ferguson’s home was later “Eleven Oaks,” an ordinary owned by John Robertson. I owned 9 horses and 9 slaves more than 12 years of age in 1800. 
After my wife sued me for divorce, I put one-third of my estate in a trust to get her to withdraw her demands for alimony.
I owned 773 acres when I died, not long before 1810. My wife lived peaceably another 15 years, or so. Our son Richard went to Halifax County to live. Son John married into the very wealthy Carter family and his daughter was so well off that, to describe the wealth of others, people would say, “He’s as rich as Mrs. Lucy Jane Tuggle.”

In 1787 Amelia County listed Richard with farms of 100 acres and 450 acres.

The divorce
Mary and Richard evidently did not get along. Her father, in his will, asked his executors to obtain a divorce for her if Richard treated her badly.  A suit styled “Mary Oliver vs. Richard Oliver” had already been instituted in Nottoway County. In 1801 Richard conveyed one-third of his estate to a trust for the benefit of his wife, Mary, in return for her withdrawing an alimony suit. Trustees were Abraham Hatchett and John Robertson Sr. 

Richard and Mary die
In 1810 the estate of Richard Oliver in Nottoway County was listed with a widow, aged 26 to 45, 4 sons and 3 daughters.  In April 1812 Nottoway County ordered the division of his estate of 773 acres on both sides of Deep Creek. His widow, Mary, received 250 acres.  Mary only was living in her household in 1820. 

Will of Mary Oliver
21 March 1825
Nottoway County, March the 21, 1825.
I Mary Oliver of the County aforesaid, do make, constitute, and ordain this my last will and testament and revoke all other hereto for made by me.
And first it is my wish and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Secondly it is my will and desire that all the rest of my personal and perishable estate be equally divided between Mary Bass, my son George W. Oliver, my daughter Ermine J. Oliver, and my daughter Sarah J. Gallion.
It is my will and desire that my land shall be sold and one half of the money arising from the sale thereof I give unto my daughter Ermine J. Oliver to be laid out in the purchase of one or more Negroes. The other half of the money arising from the sale of my land I give and bequeath unto my three granddaughters, viz. Rebecca B. Hamlett, Mary A. Hamlett, and Phoebe Hamlett.
It is my wish and desire that each of my sons shall have a large family Bible of the best quality, viz. Robert B. Oliver, Richard Oliver, John B. Oliver, and George W. Oliver. And also each of my daughters to have a Bible of equal value to be kept as a memorial from me.
Given under my hand and seal this day and date above written.
Mary (X) Oliver

Mary’s will was recorded 4 Aug. 1825. 
Three powers of attorney in Nottoway County identify the family of her dead daughter Nancy. 

Recollections of a grandson
Richard’s grandson, Richard W. Oliver, composed a brief history of his family in 1915 that was published in Notes on Southside Virginia

My grandfather was Richard who was born at Culliton’s, this side of Kies. His father’s name was James, who was born in Hanover. I think my grandfather’s mother was Green (a relative of General Green). My grandfather Richard married a Jennings. He was the youngest of his father and died comparatively young. He had brothers whose names I don’t remember. Asa, Isaac, and Charles were nephews of my grandfather, I think. Charles went to Roanoke and became wealthy. Raised and ran horses. His son, Yelverton, followed this business to New Orleans. This was his only son. He had two grandsons, Charles and Dick. One of his daughters married Dr. Kent.
My great-grandfather got large land holdings in Mecklenburg and Halifax, and the Olivers in those counties are his descendants. My grandfather’s children were:
1. Robert, went south to Florida, married in Virginia, and was grandfather to Thomas B. and Robert Oliver. His son James came back to Virginia, married his cousin Barrett, settled in Amelia and lost his life falling from an oat stack near Mannboro.
2. Richard, moved to Halifax. Married here in Nottoway; left children in Halifax.
3. John Billups Oliver, married Miss Carter, sister of Sharpe [Carter] and Mrs. Colonel John H. Knight and Dr. Josephus Carter, went to Mississippi. He lived near Jeffress’ Store and his children were: Lucy Jane, who married Dr. R.B. Tuggle, Charles H. Oliver, who married Miss Ingram, from Missouri, and whose only child was J. Collier Oliver. The latter married Jane Robertson, who, I think, was the daughter of Booker Epes’ overseer.
4. George W. Oliver, married Hannah Ann Jennings, a daughter of Micajah, who lived on Little Nottoway River, where Henry Archer Jennings lived in my time. His children were:
(1) R.W. Oliver, (2) M.J. Oliver, deceased, who married first Craddock, and second, Robertson, a daughter of Major Daniel Robertson (at head of Fitzgerald’s Mill Pond). (3) Joseph Thomas Oliver, deceased, married Mary Jennings, a daughter of Joseph Jennings, of Lunenburg, and left children. (4) George W. Oliver, married—[illegible] Gallagher, of Prince Edward, and had family in Lynchburg. (5) Mary J. Oliver, married W.J. Burton, of Halifax, and left descendants. (6) Pattie B., married William G. Overton, of Chesterfield, and left children. (7) Susan J., married Robert B. Oliver, now living at my father’s place near St. Marks. (8) Nancy B., married Baker Townsend, of Lunenburg, and has descendants.
Daughters of my grandfather, Richard Oliver:
1. Mary, married Bass and moved to Halifax.
2. Ermine, married Barrett of Amelia (grandmother of T.B. and R.B. Oliver).
3. The youngest sister married Hale Gallion, of Lunenburg; she had a son named Richard, who had son named Emmett, now in Washington.

Descendants of Richard Oliver I
Information about the children of Richard Oliver I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Billups Oliver (1793-1872),  
Jane Carter,  Sharpe Carter,  William Carter,  Raleigh Carter,  
John Gallion,  William Carter,  
Lucy Jane Oliver,  Dr. Richard Baxter Tuggle,  Charles Hingston,  
Dr. John Cameron,   
Susan Lacy Tuggle,  Sharpe Carter,  Judge Charles Frederick Goodwyn,  
Richard Tuggle Goodwyn,  Sallie Brockenbrough Aylett,  Col. W.R. Aylett,  
Peterson Goodwyn,  Emily Lucas,  
Lucy Oliver Goodwyn,  Landon Jackson,  
William Wirt Goodwyn,  Amabel Trask,  Mary (—) Trask Chandler,  
Vermona Goodwyn,  
Camilla Goodwyn,  
Rosamund Goodwyn,  
Kendall Goodwyn,  
Natalie. Goodwyn,  
John Billups Oliver Goodwyn,  
Mary Powell Goodwyn,  Rev. Christian R. Kuyk,  
Wilfred Lacy Goodwyn,  Lydia Harris,  
Susan Lacy Goodwyn,  
Indiana Davies Goodwyn,  Sparrell A. Wood,  
Bettie Harrison Goodwyn,  John McSparran,  
Lanetta Mason Goodwyn,  Gordon Gillette Harris,  
Richard Wilfred Tuggle,  Clara Norton Vass,  James Cumming Vass,  Eleanor Hawkins Smith,  
Richard Eggleston Hardaway,   
Richard Baxter Tuggle,  Martha Nelson Berkeley,  William R. Berkeley,  Martha Nelson,  
Susan Brooke Tuggle,  Maxwell Kevan Duncan,  John Duncan,  Sallie Branch,  
Florence Lacy Tuggle,  Harry Stanard Beverley,  Robert B. Beverley,  Virginia (Epes) McCormick,  
Eleanor Thornton Tuggle,  R.M. O’Ferrall,  Charles Triplett O’Ferrall,  
Lucy L. Tuggle,  Dr. Richard Adams Epes,   
Douglas Longstreet Tuggle,  Susie Armstrong,  Edward Armstrong,  Sallie Irby,  Walter Allen Watson,   
John Billups Tuggle,  Daisy Moore,  Lucy Lee Joyner,  Rev. Francis Joyner,  
Marie Vass Tuggle,  William W. Wingo,  
James Wilfred Tuggle,  Mary Irvin Watkins,  Henry C. Watkins,  Grizel Myers,  
John Billups Oliver Tuggle,  Lucy Mason,  Henry Mason,  Virginia Epes,  
Indiana Everett Tuggle,  Samuel D. Davies,  Dr. John B. Davies,  
Camilla Presley Tuggle,  Robert Grammer Thornton,  Richard Thornton,  Priscilla Grammer,  
Charles Haynie Oliver,  Bettie F. Ingraham,  John C. Ingraham,  
John Collier Oliver,  Jane Robertson,  Booker Epes,  
 Robert B. Oliver,  
James J. Oliver,  Sarah F. Barrett,   Henrietta Copeland,  
Mary E. Oliver,  
James R. Oliver,  
Robert B. Oliver,  Susan Jennings Oliver,   
Thomas Barrett Oliver,  
Charles D. Oliver,  
 Richard Oliver II (c.1790-1850),  
 George Washington Oliver (1800-1879),  
Hannah Ann Jennings,   
Richard W. Oliver,  
Micajah Jennings Oliver,  Mollie Craddock,  Kate Robertson,  Maj. Daniel Robertson,  
George Hawks,  
Joseph Thomas Oliver,  Mary Jennings,  Joseph Jennings,  
George Washington Oliver,  Gallagher,  
Mary J. Oliver,  W.J. Burton,  
Martha Beasley Oliver,  William G. Overton,  
Susan Jennings Oliver,  Robert B. Oliver,   
Nancy Billups Oliver,  Baker Townsend,  
 Mary Elizabeth F.L. (Oliver) Bass (c.1800-1889),  
Elam Bass,   
Mary Ann Walthall Bass,  John Adams Holloway,  
P.J. Shaver,  
Sarah Francis Bass,  Craddock,  
Richard Edward Bass,  
Ermine Jane Bass,  
George Washington Bass,  
John G. Bass,  Mary Jane Gallion,  Richard M. Gallion,  
Emily J. Bass,  Robert Wade,  
Robert Benton Bass,  
Alexander Campbell Bass,  
Virginia Haseltine Bass,  
 Ermine J. (Oliver) Barrett (-1854),  
Sarah F. Barrett,  James J. Oliver,   
 Sarah J. (Oliver) Gallion,  
Hale T. Gallion,  Aramenta Dome White,   
 Nancy Billups (Oliver) Hamlett,  
James Hamlett,  
Rebecca Bley Hamlet,  Jordan Anderson,   
Richard F.W. Hamlett,  
Robert H. Hamlett,  
James L. Hamlett,  
Mariah Antoinette Hamlett,  
Phoebe W. Hamlett,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Billups Oliver - War of 1812 Micajah Jennings Oliver - Civil War

Legislators - colonial and state
John Adams Holloway - North Carolina  

Selected sources
Miller, Dr. Joseph Lyon, M.D. The Descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of “Barfield,” Lancaster County, Virginia. Harrisonburg, Va.: C.J. Carrier Company, 1997, p. 79-81. • Has information on Jane Carter who married John Billups Oliver.
Tuggle, Vivian S. The Tuggle Family of Virginia—Thomas Tuggle of Middlesex County, Virginia, and His Descendants 1630-1967. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1970. • Includes the families of Nancy Penick who married Thomas Tuggle and Lucy Jane Oliver who married Dr. Richard Baxter Tuggle.

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