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 32   Lt. Moses Pritchett (c.1758-1823)
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Lt. Moses Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lt. Moses Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1757-60 in what is now Dinwiddie County and moved to Brunswick County where I was made 1st lieutenant 24 November 1777 and 2nd lieutenant 27 November 1780.  The Brunswick County militia reportedly participated in several engagements during the Revolution and was at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered.
About 1783 I married Ann Scarbrough who was born about 1765, the daughter of William Scarbrough of Brunswick County. We lived on part of my father’s plantation about two miles east of Danieltown.
The county appointed me a constable 23 April 1798.  Of course, I appear on Brunswick County personal property tax rolls from when they began in 1782 to beyond 1800 when I had two horses and two slaves more than 12 years of age. 
“Nancy” and I had 7 children. Mary Elizabeth married James Elmore whose father, William Elmore, had land on Wildcat and Waqua creeks north of present-day Danieltown. George Daniel, who also had land on Wildcat Creek, was the father of Elizabeth Ann Daniel who married our son Joseph Samuel.
I was about 65 when I made my will 15 February 1823 and died at my home in Brunswick County a few days later. Nancy was living in 1837 when she sold some of the 38 slaves that she owned since at least 1830. She was presumably dead by 1838 when our son Edwin sold more of the slaves that had belonged to his mother. Nancy and I rest in the family cemetery.

When Ann’s sister Lucy Scarbrough married William Lloyd in Brunswick County 16 Oct. (bond) 1787,  Moses Pritchett was surety, suggesting that Moses and Ann were married by 1787. Some marriage records for the earlier period have been lost so no record of their marriage has been found.
The Census of 1820 enumerated Moses and Ann, both more than 45 years of age, with 5 males and one female. By the Census of 1830, Nancy was 50-60 and a son and daughter, both 20-30, were living with her. She had then 38 slaves. The 1840 census, of course, omits her name.

Moses’ will
Although Moses named his son Joseph executor, the Brunswick County Court would not permit him to serve because he was a minor, and appointed William Samford to act in his place.  As a legatee, Joseph received an equal share of certain slaves, one bed and furniture, and one cow and calf, half the tract of land on which he was living plus an equal share of all of the estate not specifically assigned to one of the children. Edwin received the other half of the land. The will was proved in court 24 Feb. 1823. 

Descendants of Lt. Moses Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Pritchett III (1787-1856),  
Susan Davis,  Hezekiah Davis,   
Elizabeth Pritchett,  John C. Tucker,  
Martha Pritchett,  
Johanna Pritchett,  Edward J. Pritchett,   
Elizabeth M. Pritchett,  Enos W. Parrish,  
Anderson Parrish,  
Georgianna Parrish,  
Sarah E. Parrish,  
 Mary Elizabeth (Pritchett) Elmore (1786-c.1875),  
James Elmore,   
 Asa J. Pritchett (1795-),  
Lucretia Briggs,   
Martha T. Thweatt,  Martha T. (—) Thweatt,  
James Madison Pritchett,  
Melchizedek Pritchett,  
Martha Pritchett,  
Joseph Pritchett,  
Mary Pritchett,  
Virginia Pritchett,  
Clavinda Pritchett,  
Henry C. Pritchett,  
Jemima Pritchett,  
 Martha M. (Pritchett) Epperson (1799-1862),  
James Epperson,  
Martha A. Epperson,  John Joseph Stone,   
Lucy Jane Stone,  James Benjamin Abernathy,   
Sarah E. Stone,  
Indiana Stone,  
Mary Matilda Lee Stone,  Levi Woodbury Abernathy,   Willis Harris Peace,   
Ann Verena Stone,  John Richard Browder,   
Henry M. Epperson,  Permelia Ann Scoggin,  William Mallory,  
Capt. Archibald B. Goodwin,  
Ellen J. Epperson,  
William Z.T. Epperson,  Celia B. Goodwin,  Mac Goodwin,  Alene —,  
Pamplia Epperson,  
Pattie B. Epperson,  
Nicholas A. Epperson,  Ada B.S. Goodwin,  
Norborne S. Epperson,  
Henry M. Epperson,  
Vina Belle Epperson,  
Nicholas G. Epperson,  
Nicholas A. Epperson,  
Irene Epperson,  
Henry Ashton Epperson,  Kate —,  
Wilder W. Epperson,  
Permelia A. Epperson,  
Milton S. Epperson,  
Indie E. Epperson,  
Mattie Epperson,  
Nicholas Hardaway Epperson,  
Nancy Jane Taylor,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Miles Curtis Taylor,  Sally Taylor,  Rev. Joshua Featherstone,   
John William Pritchett,   
Herbert Miles Epperson,  Fannie Browder,  Mamie Browder,  Virginia Ella Gibbs,  Benjamin D. Browder,  
Virlinda Brown,  Louis Patrick Brown,  Virlinda Frances Wilkinson,  
Browder Hardaway Epperson,  
Janie L. Epperson,  Lester Wade Brown,  
Virlinda P. Epperson,  
Fannie Sterling Epperson,  
Florence Epperson,  Henry Clay,  
Louis Epperson,  Frances Abernathy,   
Pattie Lee Epperson,  John Utley,  
Norene Epperson,  Bryant C. Marshall,  
Gracie Lou Epperson,  
Ida Jean Epperson,  Art Tatum,  
Nicholas Rosser Epperson,  Mattie Lane Johnson,   
Inez Epperson,  Cleaton,  
Thomas Burnell Epperson,  
Nannie Ella Epperson,  Andrew E. Lucy,   
Mary Lou Epperson,  Gregory David Abernathy,   
Sallie Pat Epperson,  Ernest Norborne Johnson,   
Ella Gray Johnson,  David Burke,  
Edgar Hardaway Johnson,  
Ernest R. Johnson,  
Miles Stuart Johnson,  
Richard Hardaway Epperson,  
Robert Sterling Epperson,  
James William Epperson,  
James E. Epperson,  
Jane E. Lewis,   
William A. Sledge,  
Susan R. Epperson,  David J. Epperson,   
Capt. Samuel Wilkins Hawthorne,  Cornelius Tacitus Allen,   
Capt. John Blair McPhail,   
Almeda F. Epperson,  Albertis Jones Vaughan,   
George Ira Vaughan,  Victoria Dixon,  
Robert Edward Vaughan,  Susie L. Brown,   
Lenora Olivia Vaughan,  Ernest Parrish,  
William Ashton Vaughan,  Mary Lou Brahm,  
James Albertis Vaughan,  Cornelia Laffoon,  
David Oscar Vaughan,  
Vernon Virginius Vaughan,  Ethel Bland,  
Jesse Milton Vaughan,  Benys Bell Abernathy,   
James Henry Epperson,  Eva Lundy Phillips,  Benjamin Henry Phillips,  Sallie F. Harrison,  Rev. Thomas Thweatt Jones,   
John D. Epperson,  Nina Anderton,  Richard Anderton,  Nannie —,  
William Benjamin Epperson,  Lucy —,  
Annie Epperson,  
Robert E. Epperson,  
Emma L. Epperson,  
William H. Epperson,  
Mary Jane Epperson,  Smith Harrison,  
Ida F. Harrison,  Archer G. Goodwyn,  
Sally Epperson,  William H. Robinson,  John Joseph Stone,   
William Epperson,  
 Edwin Pritchett (c.1807-),  
Jane Thomas Daniel,   
 Joseph Samuel Pritchett (c.1800-1845),  
 Susan W. (Pritchett) Coleman (1811-),  
John B. Coleman,  
Winfield Scott Coleman,  
Cornelia Ann Hawks,   
Winfield Scott,   
John H. Coleman,  
Mary Susan Coleman,  James H. Maitland,  
Robert A. Coleman,  
Joseph W. Coleman,  Ida A. Miles,  Isham Miles,  Geneva Ernestine Miles,  Henry E. Coleman,   
Virginia Eugenia E. Coleman,  
Martha Lou Coleman,  Wilson Guy Bridgeman,  
Leonard Earley Coleman,  Cora P. Townsend,  
Florence Coleman,  
Sallie Jones Coleman,  
George Edward Coleman,  Myrtle Susan Cheely,  
George Edward Coleman,  Virginia Ann Cotton,  
Watson J. Sturt,  
George Edward Coleman,  
Robert Scott Coleman,  
Thomas Dale Coleman,  
Martha A. Coleman,  William H. Handy,  
Julietta C. Coleman,  Charles H. Hawks,   
William B. Hawks,  
Charles B. Hawks,  
Mary Sue Hawks,  Hendrick F. Marcuson,  
Peter Algernon Hawks,  Olive Marie Fraher,  
Irma Hawks,  
Ina Mae Hawks,  
Emmett W. Hawks,  
Emmett McC. Coleman,  
Nannie B. Brough,  James A. Brough Sr.,  Martha —,  
James E. Coleman,  Irene Gunn,  Zilla Grayson,  
Benny Coleman,  
Blanche Coleman,  
Nannie May Coleman,  
Pearl Coleman,  
James Lee Coleman,  
Grayson Coleman,  
Leonard Coleman,  
Henry E. Coleman,  Geneva Ernestine Miles,  Isham Miles,  Mary F. Ogburn,  Ida A. Miles,  Joseph W. Coleman,   
Georgetta Coleman,  Johnny Rook,  
Mary Lucille Coleman,  Alton Newman Moody,  
Kate Harlow Coleman,  Marion Graves,  Fred Buckley,  
Irene Coleman,  J.C. Range,  
Emmett M. Coleman II,  Mary Gay,  
Robert Miles Coleman,  
Roy Lee Coleman,  Lottie Orange,  
Richard Henry Coleman,  Jessie Hazel Daniel,   
Georgetta Coleman,  Willie Lucy,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Moses Pritchett - Revolutionary War Henry M. Epperson - Civil War
Nicholas Hardaway Epperson - Civil War James E. Epperson - Civil War
David J. Epperson - Civil War Benjamin Henry Phillips - Civil War
Winfield Scott Coleman - Civil War Charles H. Hawks - Civil War
Emmett McC. Coleman - Civil War  

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