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 320   Joshua Pritchett (c.1672-)
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Joshua Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joshua Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

Pritchett, a variation of ap Richard, means “son of Richard” in Wales, where my ancestors lived. I was only a child when Henry Walthall paid my fare to Virginia in return for me working a few years as a servant for his mother, Mrs. Anne Morris, the widow of William Walthall and Rev. Richard Morris. 
By 1704 I owned 50 acres of my own upon which I paid a tax, called “quit rents.” My first little plantation may have been on Butterwood Swamp near Jupiter Branch in present-day Dinwiddie County where I was granted 884 more acres from 1716 to 1738.  I was Joshua Pritchett Sr. when I deeded 50 acres in Bristol Parish to Henry Willson for £8.10 on 30 September 1725.  Since I could not write, I marked the indenture with an X.
Most records of Prince George and Dinwiddie counties no longer remain so no will identifies my children. Mary and I lived in Bristol Parish where Rev. George Robertson baptized two of our sons, William and John, in 1722. We were undoubtedly the parents also of Joshua Jr., Caleb, and Aaron who were born before the parish register began in 1720. If we had daughters, their names have been lost.
By February 1739/40 I was too old to plant tobacco so the vestry exempted me from the burden of paying the parish levy. 
John Pritchett and William Pritchett, who settled in Brunswick County, were undoubtedly my grandsons.

“Joshua Prichard, servant to Mrs. Anne Morris … is adjudged to be thirteen years of age,” 18 Dec. 1685. 
Not until 2 May 1705 did Charles Evans submit the name of Joshua Pritchett and 3 others to secure a patent to 176 acres in Charles City County. 

Joshua was processioning land along Butterwood Road with his neighbor Thomas Nunnally in 1735,  and by 1739 Joshua Pritchett Jr. and Caleb Pritchett were processioning land in the same precinct—between the Chapel Road and Butterwood Road from Stony Creek to the extent of the county.  Consequently, they are likely sons of the elder Joshua Pritchett.
Aaron, too, is undoubtedly another son. It is notable that the name Moses appears later in the Pritchett family.

Pritchetts of Dinwiddie
The 1782 personal property tax rolls of Dinwiddie County for 1782 included Aaron Pritchett, Francis Pritchett twice, James Pritchett, Jeremiah Pritchett, Jesse Pritchett, John Pritchett, Joshua Pritchett, and Peter Pritchett.  The 1800 tax rolls of Dinwiddie County included Peter Pritchett twice, Caleb Pritchett, Jeremiah Pritchett, Drury Pritchett, Frances Pritchett, and William Pritchett.

Descendants of Joshua Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joshua Pritchett,  
Martha (—) Pritchett,  Catherine (—) Pritchett,  
Thomas Nunnally,  John Gilliam,   
Martha Pritchett,  Drury Mayes,  Matthew Mayes,  Elizabeth —,  
Daniel Mayes,  
Hannah Hill Dupree,  Drury Mayes,  Joshua Prichard Mayes,  
Matthew Mayes,  Frances Brown,   Martha Pritchett Mayes,   
Joshua Pritchett,  Joel Mayes,  Frances Pritchett,  
 Caleb Pritchett,  
Frances (—) Pritchett,  
Susanna Pritchett,  
 Aaron Pritchett,  
Ann (—) Pritchett,  
John Pritchett,  
 John Pritchett (1716-),  
 William Pritchett (1719-),  
 son Pritchett,  
James Pritchett,  Susanna (—) Pritchett,  
Capt. James Pritchett,  Elizabeth Goodwyn,  Matthew Goodwyn,  
David Smith,  
Peter Pritchett,  James Pritchett,  Caleb Pritchett,  Mabry Daniel,   James Daniel,   Lindsey Daniel,  William R. Daniel,   Daniel Pritchett,   James Epperson,   Asa J. Pritchett,   John Pritchett,  Moses Pritchett,   
John G. Rives,  
James M. Pritchett,  
Mary E. Archer,   
Martha F. Graves,  Henry Graves,  
Anne Harrison Pritchett,  John H. Cocke,  Calvin E. Parrish,  
Ann Elizabeth Cocke,  A.R. Redus,  
Lucy Parrish,  
Marion Parrish,  
Martha W. Pritchett,  Richard Samuel Jones,   
Theophilus Pritchett,  
Julia E. Pritchett,  John G. Rives,  Robert H. Patillo,  
Henrietta Pritchett,  Curtis,  
Thomas Baker Pritchett,  Mary F. Harrison,  
Richard Hobbs Pritchett,  Martha Wells,  Julia (—) Pritchett,  
Dr. Matthew G. Pritchett,  Mary Williams,  
Jacob W. Pritchett,  
Mary Louisa Pritchett,  William B. Jackson,  Elizabeth Jackson,  James William Pritchett,   William J. Jackson,  
Marion Pritchett,  Earle Gaines,  H.L. Glover,  
James William Pritchett,  Elizabeth Jackson,  William B. Jackson,  Sarah Jane Caroline McDaniel,  
Dorcas Mary Pritchett,  Clarence Crenshaw,  
Matthew Evant Pritchett,  
Julia M. Pritchett,  
Elizabeth Camilla Pritchett,  James J. Dial,  
Ammie Pritchett,  William Walter Barr,  
John C. Pritchett,  Elizabeth Whitfield,  Gen. Nathan B. Whitfield,  Margaret Buxton Waddill,  
Marian Elizabeth Pritchett,  J.R. Gates,  
 Lt. John Pritchett (-1797),  
John Pritchett,  
Elizabeth Thorp,  Joseph Thorp,  
Nancy Pritchett,  Thomas Davis,  
Joseph Thorp Pritchett,  Winifred Williams,  
John William Dominal,  
Hardy Pritchett,  
Elizabeth Pritchett,  John Turner,  
Joshua Pritchett,  
John Pritchett,  Martha Mayes,  
James Pritchett,  

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