Ancestral Family Topic 336

 336   John Wilkes (-1778)
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John Wilkes, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Wilkes might describe his life as follows.

In the 4 December 1778 edition of our Colonial newspaper, the Virginia Gazette, Joseph Wilkes advertised the sale of my estate to take place at my plantation six miles below the New Kent courthouse. 
Because the records of New Kent County burned, I can relate nothing about my life. Four sons may have been John Wilkes, Joseph Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Benjamin Wilkes, the progenitors of the Wilkes of Virginia and Tennessee. They were all likely born in New Kent and migrated about the same time to Southside Virginia: John to Amelia, Joseph to Brunswick, Minor to Lunenburg, and Benjamin to Lunenburg and then, Charlotte.
I may have been the son of Joseph Wilkes of Blisland Parish who paid quit rents, a form of tax, on 250 acres in New Kent County in 1704.  Joseph married the daughter of Richard Wynne in 1734 and entered into an agreement with Richard the same year to work Richard’s 900 acres while he or his wife, Elizabeth, lived. Presumably after the death of Richard and Elizabeth, Joseph and his wife inherited the land. 
I am not related to John Wilkes Booth, the Lincoln assassin, although people wonder if I am.

We depict these 4 Wilkes men as brothers although evidence of such a relationship is inconclusive. Thomas Wilkes who died in Powhatan County in 1788 may be another brother (will dated 21 March 1788  and proved 19 June 1788).

Three parishes served New Kent County: St. Peter’s, Blisland, and Stratton Major. No Wilkes are in St. Peter’s or Stratton Major and the earliest mention of a Wilkes—Thomas Wilkes—was in the Blisland Parish Vestry Book in 1775. 

Minor family
We cannot identify the mother of these Southside Wilkes.
The name, Minor Wilkes suggests a connection to a Minor family. The family of Doodes Minor (c.1640-1694) was in Middlesex County, but nothing in the published genealogies of his family shows a connection to New Kent County or the Wilkes family. 
One Joseph Minor, a contemporary of Minor Wilkes, secured a patent to 1,325 acres on Dry Creek in Lunenburg County 25 July 1749,  and married Edith Cox 11 Oct. (bond) 1750.  Yet we have not found any connection between the Minor and Wilkes families once they reached Southside.

Connection to Burwell Bassett?
Joseph Wilkes named sons Burwell Bassett Wilkes and Thomas Burwell Wilkes. Burwell Bassett (1734- 4 Jan. 1793) was a prominent Virginian. The Bassett plantation, “Eltham,” was in Blisland Parish, New Kent County, near where the Wilkes family is thought to have originated. Col. Burwell Bassett, burgess and vestryman of Blisland Parish, served in the Revolutionary War. His wife was Anna Maria Dandridge, the sister of Martha Dandridge Custis, who married George Washington after the death of her 1st husband. 
We doubt a family relationship existed between the Wilkes family and the Bassets and Burwells, and can only conclude that Joseph named his sons in admiration only of his illustrious neighbors.
Some of the Wilkes family remained in New Kent County where a Wilkes plantation was 6 miles from the courthouse. Its resident was John Wilkes, a son of Thomas Wilkes. 

Connection to John Wilkes Booth?
Some have wondered if John Wilkes Booth, the actor and Lincoln assassin, is connected to the Wilkes family of Virginia. He is not.
John Wilkes Booth was a son of Junius Brutus Booth, also an actor, who came to America from England in 1821. His father named his son in admiration for John Wilkes, an Englishman who strongly influenced the development of the rights of free speech in Great Britain in the 18th Century. You can read more about John Wilkes in The History of the English Speaking Peoples (Churchill), Vol. 3.

Descendants of John Wilkes
Information about the children of John Wilkes, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Wilkes (c.1730-1800),  
Patience (—) Wilkes,  Patience Crenshaw,  
James Breedlove,  Cornelius Crenshaw,  
James Wallace,  Susannah —,  Robert Hammock,   
Henrietta Wilkes,  Elisha Gunn,   Willis Vaughan,   David Bates,  
James A. Gunn,  Elizabeth R. Wilkes,   
Spencer Gunn,  
Daniel Wilkes,  
Crafton,  Eliza Lipscomb,  Ambrose Lipscomb,  Unity —,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,   
John Crafton,  
Benjamin Wilkes,  Mary —,  
Polly Wilkes,  
John Wilkes,  
Sarah Wilkes,  Andrew Cole,  
Daniel Wilkes,  Elizabeth Craig,  Jane Montgomery,  
Elizabeth R. Wilkes,  James A. Gunn,   
Minor Wilkes,  Patsey Coarty,  
Jesse Wilkes,  
Henrietta Wilkes,  Yancy Bledsoe,  
Banister Wilkes,  Sarah (—) Wilkes,  
Sally Wilkes,  John Carr,   Catherine Royster,  
Joseph Wilkes,  Philadelphia Clay,  
John Wilkes,  Martha Cardwell,   
Banister Wilkes,  Elizabeth Cardwell,   
Mary J. Wilkes,  Tucker,  
Sarah G. Wilkes,  
Ann E. Wilkes,  
John H. Wilkes,  
Banister Wilkes,  
William D. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth C. Wilkes,  
Amanda J. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Nathaniel Black,  
Ann Wilkes,  William Canady,  
Anne Wilkes,  Thomas Simmons,  
 Joseph Wilkes (c.1732-c.1784),  
David Meredith,  James Vaughan,  William Johnson,  
John Jones,  John Gholson,  
Henrietta (—) Wilkes,  
Burwell Bassett Wilkes,  
Susanna Cordle,  John Cordle,  Mary —,  William Cordle,  
Elizabeth Gunn,   
Charles Wilkes,  
Susanna Cordle Wilkes,  Phillip Pryor,   
Samuel Burwell Pryor,  
Dr. Samuel Burwell Pryor,  
Anna Mariah Powell,  
Dr. Anderson Rice,  
Ashton Gates Pryor,  
Edward Ripley Pryor,  
Charles Richard Pryor,  
Pocahontas Pryor,  
Samuel Burwell Pryor,  
William Latimer Pryor,  
Anna Maria Pryor,  
Rhoda Record Pryor,  
Maria A. Pryor,  
Mary A.E. Pryor,  
Susan C. Pryor,  
Philip W.B. Pryor,  
John Pryor,  
Dr. Charles R. Pryor,  Mr. W.P. Overton,  
Mary B. Wilkes,  Allen B. Drummond,  
John B. Drummond,  Harriet R. Northington,  John W.S. Northington,  Mary H. —,  
Asa G. Smith,  
James B. Drummond,  
Clara Virginia Travis,  Edward L. Travis,  Adeline A. —,  
William Thomas Drummond,  Mary Elizabeth Ellis,  DeWitt C. Ellis,  Martha Jane Delbridge,  
Minnie M. Drummond,  Henry L. Wall,  
Sallie Drummond,  Samuel L. Hale,  Joel Micajah Hale,  Mary L. Short,  
James B. Drummond,  
Hattie Drummond,  
Lucy Arianna Drummond,  Robert Rivers Wesson,  William Washington Wesson,  Martha Ann Norfleet Tatum,  
John Hugh Drummond,  
Edward L. Drummond,  
Helen S. Drummond,  Joseph H. Travis,  
William Charles Phipps,  Edward Vincent Sharp,  
Adeline A. Travis,  Robert H. Delbridge,  Thomas D. Delbridge,  Mary Lynch,  
Hattie B. Travis,  Timothy W. Clary,   
Ernest C. Clary,  Carrie Neise,  
Sallie Pinkney Clary,  William Franklin Drummond,   
Joseph T. Clary,  
Irene Clary,  
Willie Clary,  
Helen Clary,  
Willard T. Clary,  Lula C. Raney,  Flora (Joyce) Raney,  
William Bryant Clary,  
Mabin H. Clary,  Atwell Joseph Clary,   
Stanley Stith Clary,  Laura Wright,   Madeline Clary,  
Leonard P. Clary,  Dorothy Vincent,  
Helen Selena Clary,  Robert M. Barnes,  
Claudie H. Clary,  Edith Arleen Clary,  
Mary Minerva Travis,  
Emmer B. Travis,  
William R. Travis,  
B.C. Travis,  
Joseph H. Travis,  
Edward L. Travis III,  
William Drummond,  
Mary Drummond,  William L. Stanley,  John Stanley,  Bramley —,  
William E. Drummond,  Rebecca Jane Williams,   
Capt. John Blair McPhail,   
Mariah E. Drummond,  
Allen B. Drummond II,  Adelia S. Robins,  Mitchell Robins,  Susan J. —,  Rev. William H. Dameron,  
James Drummond,  
Mitchell P. Drummond,  Susan Lelia Drummond,   
Sallie G. Drummond,  
Minnie F. Drummond,  Thomas S. House,  Robert House,  Bettie —,  
Clarence Allen Drummond,  Gladys Spiers,  
Nora W. Drummond,  H.D. Spiers,  
Gertie Drummond,  
Ada Drummond,  Charles Rideout,  
Virginia A. Drummond,  Andrew J. Johnson,   
Mary Jane Drummond,  Newsome O. Wray,  William Anderson Wray,  Virginia B. Wright,  
Alethia O. Wray,  James M. Cannon,  
William Russell Wray,  Bennie Elizabeth Lewis,  Benjamin H. Lewis,  Bettie C. (Williams) House,  
Maudine Florence Wray,  Lurty M. Moore,  
Beulah R. Wray,  Herbert Morton Moore,  
William Drummond,  
Percival Love Drummond,  Susan F. Rideout,  David Rideout,  Susan —,  Anna J. Barnes,  John A. Barnes,  Martha Jane Washer,  Edna James Clary,   
Lena Rivers (Drummond) Moore,  
David B. Drummond,  Rosa Bell,  
William Franklin Drummond,  Sallie Pinkney Clary,   
Susan Lelia Drummond,  Mitchell P. Drummond,   
Ann Eliza Drummond,  
Georgianna C. Drummond,  Francis Marion Williams,  Green W. Williams,  Frances A.E. (Jackson) Drummond,  William P. Cole,   
Nannie Drummond,  
Martha Augusta Drummond,  John Anderson Short,  Henry Anderson Short,  Maryland R. Matthews,  Rev. William H. Dameron,  
Bessie R. Short,  
Nellie Short,  
Ruth Wilkes Short,  
Joseph Watson Short,  
Maria Elizabeth Short,  
William Anderson Short,  
William E. Drummond,  
Lelia F. Drummond,  William Early Johnson,   
Maud Lena Drummond,  William P. Cole,   Ashland Wiles Wray,  John Wesley Wray,  Dorothy Buckley,  
John Burwell Drummond,  
Hugh L. Drummond,  
Maria Louisa Drummond,  
Burwell Bassett Wilkes,  Martha Crawley Simmons,  Lucy Gray Feild,   
Sarah Elizabeth Wilkes,  
Burwell Bassett Wilkes,  
Charles H. Wilkes,  Capt. Francis E. Buford,  
Lucy Edmunds Wilkes,  William Alexander Madison,  
Wilkes Madison,  Janet Meldrum,  
Lucy Madison,  
John Patterson Madison,  Rebecca MacCorkle,  
Elizabeth Madison,  Archibald M. Hill,  
Randolph Madison,  
Lewis Madison,  
Sarah Wilkes,  Thomas Firth,  
Elizabeth Firth,  Randolph Rawlings,  
William Firth,  Nancy Crowder,  Sally Rawlings,  Henry Rawlings,  Patsy Buchanan,  Lindy Buchanan,  
Susannah R. Firth,  
Thomas Firth,  
Thomas B. Firth,  Lucretia Ann Wilkes,   
William T. Firth,  Mattie —,  
Mary N. Firth,  
Thomas J. Firth,  
Louisa A. Firth,  Robert P. Whyte,  
Martha Firth,  
Sarah Firth,  Isham Rainey,  
Rebecca Firth,  Henry Abernathy,  
Mary B. Firth,  Howell Dugger,  
John Firth,  John Firth Abernathy,  
Betsy Wilkes,  
Nancy Wilkes,  James Owen,  
Thomas Burwell Wilkes,  Sarah Gunn,   
Julia B. Wilkes,  Robert Page,  
Polly B. Wilkes,  Thomas Osborne,  
William Albert Gallatin Wilkes,  Nancy Hodge,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  James Gilliam,  
Henrietta Wilkes,  Giles Page,  
Thomas Burwell Wilkes,  
Maj. Joseph Wilkes,  Mary Green Jackson,  Ephraim Jackson,  Lucretia Tucker,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
Martha J. Wilkes,  John S. Pennington,  
Colson T. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Jackson Wilkes,  John Wray,  
Mary Green Wilkes,  Thomas Lanier,  Abea Atkins,  
Julia Gilliam Wilkes,  Heartwell Rawlings,  
Hannah B. Wilkes,  Wilkins H. Edwards,  
Lucretia Ann Wilkes,  Thomas B. Firth,   
John Wilkes,  Elizabeth Stegall,  
Benjamin Wilkes,  Anna Patton,  
Mary (Coleman) McMahen,  
Narcissus Jane Wilkes,  
John Wilkes,  
Benjamin Jefferson Wilkes,  
William B. Wilkes,  
James E. Wilkes,  
Julia Ann Wilkes,  Ezekiel Owen,  
Albert H. Wilkes,  
Mary Elizabeth Wilkes,  I.N. Smith,  
Benjamin Wilkes,  
Thomas Jefferson Wilkes,  Elizabeth J. —,  
John Wilkes,  Polly Halliburton,  
Marcus S. Wilkes,  Mary Flowers,  
Rev. Thomas Wilkes,  Ruth Jane Sessums,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Archibald House,  
James Sessums Wilkes,  Laura F. Doyle,  Newson Doyle,  Josephine Hays,  
Joseph Wilkes,  
Howard S. Wilkes,  
William S. Wilkes,  Barfield,  
Burwell Wilkes,  Sarah Harris,  
Benjamin Wilkes,  Belle Nickson,  
Ruthie Jane Wilkes,  William Robley,  John A. Jones,  
Betsy Ann Wilkes,  Rev. Dan A. Ross,  
Mary Wilkes,  Barville,  
Joseph W. Wilkes,  Naomi Barnett,  Rebecca Jane Kirkpatrick,  Lucy Ann Robley,  
Martha F. Wilkes,  Willie Sammons,  
John William Wilkes,  Emily J. Mitchell,  
Mary M. Wilkes,  John H. Sammons,  
Naomi T. Wilkes,  J.W. Sammons,  
Ann Elizabeth Wilkes,  Percy C. Wilkes,  William Wilkes,  
Henrietta Wilkes,  H.A. Sammons,  
Joseph Thomas Wilkes,  
Elizabeth J. Wilkes,  
Finley Wilkes,  
Isabella Jane Wilkes,  Allen Kenny,  
Benjamin McLin Wilkes,  
Emily Mary Wilkes,  Tim Jackson Kenny,  
Charles C. Wilkes,  
Alice C. Wilkes,  W.C. Needham,  
Mattie J. Wilkes,  George Drake,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Jeremiah Mitchell,  
Polly Wilkes,  Britt,  
Sally Wilkes,  Murray,  
Frances Wilkes,  Littleberry Baugh,  Rev. Hubbard Saunders,  
Martha Davis,  Rebecca Ann Hagood,  
Elizabeth B. Baugh,  Frederick A.G. Peebles,  Allen Green Peebles,   Elizabeth Stainback,  Dudley Britain Peebles,  Robert R. Rawlings,   
Indianna S. Peebles,  Frederick Emile Lewis,   
Capt. David Thomas Poynor,  
Sarah E. Lewis,  William Samuel Lucy,   
Willie Heath Lucy,   Robert Byrd Lucy,   
Lula Maude Lucy,  John William Peebles,   
William F. Lucy,  Cora Rideout,  
Flossie Lee Lucy,  Epps Moore,  
Edna Louise Moore,  Raymond Painter,  
Crawley Moore,  
Horace Davenport Lucy,  Alice Nora Rideout,  Florence May (Pearson) Short,  
John Cleveland Lucy,  Murtis Sue Lucy,   
Richetta Elizabeth Lucy,  
Welford Ordway Lucy,  
Karl Davenport Lucy,  
Mary Ethelyn Lucy,  
George Willis Lucy,  Mary Harrison Thomas,  David Carson Thomas,  
Claude Harrison Lucy,  Evelyn Elizabeth Bottom,  
Raymond Lucy,  Ruth Heus,  
Garland Lucy,  Nora Alice Arrington,  
Agnes Lucy,  Willie Thomas Jackson,   
Indiana E. Lucy,  
Florence Mason Lucy,  Dabney Hudson,  
Curthberth Lawrence Lucy,  
Milton M. Lucy,  Mary Merland Pearson,  
Joseph J. Lewis,  
Robert E. Lewis,  Lula S. Harrison,  Robert W. Harrison,  Sarah A. White,  
Luther Lewis,  
James Andrew Lewis,  Grace Louise Ramsey,  
Robert F. Lewis,  
Wesley Lewis,  
Edna L. Lewis,  
Lillian T. Lewis,  
Essie B. Lewis,  Urban Gibbs Browder,   
Lizzie Lewis,  
Virgie Lewis,  
Lucy Ella Lewis,  Stone,  
William F. Lewis,  Sallie Spiers,  
Charles Lewis,  
Willie Lewis,  
Emmett Lewis,  
Annie Lewis,  
Leander Lewis,  
James Lee Lewis,  Lucy Ann Wray,  John Wesley Wray,  Dorothy Buckley,  
James Lee Lewis,  
Everett A. Lewis,  
Ethel Virginia Lewis,  
Fannie Sue Lewis,  Willie Hampton,  
Willie Lewis,  
Joseph Wray Lewis,  Mildred Maude Peebles,   
Gilbert Lewis,  
Eva Lewis,  Milton Humphrey,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  Hubert Humphrey,  
Iola Lewis,  William H. Anderton,  
Electra F. Lewis,  Robert Lee Epperson,   
Willie Ashton Epperson,  
Robert Shelton Epperson,  
Clinton Lewis Epperson,  Frances Louise Taylor,  George Edward Taylor,  Frances Kelly,  Elvira M. (—) Epperson,  
Herbert Epperson,  
Otha Epperson,  
Otelia Epperson,  
Blanche (Epperson) Haizlip,  
Thelma Epperson,  
Florence Electra Epperson,  Ernest Edwin Roberson Jr.,  
John H. Lewis,  
Martha F.E. Peebles,  William Birthright,  
William A. Peebles,  Capt. David Thomas Poynor,  
Joseph Littleberry Peebles,  Capt. Wiley Green Coleman,   
Louisa M. Hagood,  Randolph Hagood,  Jane Elizabeth Peebles,  John H. Hagood,  William R. Hagood,  
Sarah J. Peebles,  
John William Peebles,  Lula Maude Lucy,   
Josie Lee Peebles,  William Early Johnson,   
James Frederick Peebles,  Lucy Ellen Royster,  
William Leonard Peebles,  Lillian Spivey,  
Bertha Mae Peebles,  John Atkins Gregory,  
Mary Elizabeth Peebles,  Harry Hall Smith,  
John Maxey Peebles,  Ruby Tucker,  
Rev. Joseph Samuel Peebles,  Mildred Reid,  
Mildred Maude Peebles,  Joseph Wray Lewis,   
George Edward Peebles,  Lucille Clary,   
Herbert Mallory Peebles,  
Lawrence Aubrey Peebles,  Marie House,  
Joseph E. Peebles,  
Horace E. Peebles,  
James Baugh Peebles,  Helen J. Weaver,  Flavius Harrison Weaver,  Josephine Augusta Wesson,  
Leonard Matthews Peebles,  Eugenia Haywood Pearson,  
Nancy W. Baugh,  Dudley Britain Peebles,  Allen Green Peebles,   Polly H. Smith,  
Frances J. Peebles,  James J. Epperson,   Mary J.F. Peebles,  
William Edward Peebles,  Susan E. Taylor,   
Joseph W. Peebles,  Capt. Richard W. Jones,  
Thomas A. Peebles,  
James Freeman Peebles,  
Eudora A. Allen,  John D. Allen,  Mary Ann —,  
William Smith Peebles,  Eliza Isler,  
Myra Peebles,  Dr. Hugh Yelverton,  
John Isler Peebles,  Elizabeth Ann Rainey,  
Charles Wesley Peebles,  Clyde Lois Moseley,  
William Smith Peebles,  Sarah Frances Palmer,  Dr. Charles L. Palmer,  Luci —,  
Marion Wooten Peebles,  Dorothy Everett Holton,  
John Dudley Peebles,  Patsy Tunstall,  
Taylor Lamar Peebles,  
Bessie Douglas Peebles,  Howe,  
Irma Louise Peebles,  Fox,  
Carlotta Alice Peebles,  Pleasants,  
Charles Wesley Peebles,  Henrietta Harrison,  
James Edward Peebles,  Wyche Jarratt,  
Ida Elizabeth Peebles,  John Richard Grizzard,  
Fitzhugh Lee Peebles,  Ethel Brownson,  
Kate Irene Peebles,  Dr. William E. Kramer,  
Daisy Peebles,  
Littleberry B. Peebles,  
Benjamin W. Peebles,  
Elizabeth D. Peebles,  
Minah Wilkes,  Benjamin Rawlings,  Henry Rawlings,  
Rebecca E. Rawlings,  Mary R. Rawlings,  Rebecca F. Rawlings,  
Frances Rawlings,  Edgecomb Suggett,  
B.B. Suggett,  
Ann E. Suggett,  
Littleton Suggett,  Mary J. Weed,  
Louisa Suggett,  William J. Davenport,  
Watkins Suggett,  
Helen Suggett,  John Egan,  
Virginia C. Suggett,  Samuel Holmes Smith,  
Henrietta Rawlings,  Gray Finch,  
Mary Ann Finch,  James Dicks,  
Edward Dicks,  
Ladora Dicks,  
James Dicks,  
Sarah Dicks,  Alexander Dewar,  
Emma Dicks,  Mr. Barnes,  
Mary Alice Dicks,  Charles Smith,  
Florence Dicks,  James Albert Davenport,  
William Gray Dicks,  
William J. Finch,  Martha J. Smith,  
John W. Finch,  Lucy J. Botts,  
Emily Gray Finch,  Charles McNamee,  
Lucy Susan Finch,  William J. Davenport,  
Sam Davenport,  
Benjamin H. Finch,  Sarah A. Pickens,  
Sally Jane Finch,  John Wesley Macassey,  
Robert R. Rawlings,  Mary D. Peebles,  Allen Green Peebles,   Elizabeth Stainback,  
Joseph B.W. Rawlings,  Martha E. Kelly,  David Kelly,  Martha Woodruff,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Mary Jane Ezell,  Buckner Davis Ezell,  Mary Ann Patric May,  Dr. William Robert Ezell,  
Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  Capt. Wiley Green Coleman,   
Mary Elizabeth Rawlings,  James Buckner Ezell,  
Mary (—) Rawlings,  
Prof. Albert H. Walker,  
Mary Ezell Walker,  
Jean Walker,  
Lilah Octavia Walker,  Homer Sargent,  
Bassett L. Rawlings,  Wiley Green Coleman,   
Mary Lilly Taylor,   
Laura O. Ellis,  William J. Ellis,  Catherine —,  Sarah Elizabeth (Pearson) Tillar,  Sterling C. Pearson,  Elizabeth B. Pearson,  Sarah E.G. Buckner,  
Robert M. Rawlings,  
Mary Emma Rawlings,  William Henry Valentine,  
Mary Lillie Valentine,  William Abner Moseley,   Stella Gregory,  
William Bassett Valentine,  Norma Aunspaugh,  
Dr. Thomas Henry Valentine,  Mattie Dora Moseley,   
Carrie Emma Valentine,  Richard Albert Delbridge,  Albert Adolphus Delbridge,  
Lula Virginia Valentine,  Dr. Samuel Herod Moseley,   
Salena James Valentine,  Harvey Bartimeus Moseley,   
Fannie B. Valentine,  Leonard W. Kidd,  Thomas Emmett Kidd,  Lucy Moore,  
Lottie Claire Valentine,  Dr. William Thomas Moore,  Charles Benjamin Moore,  Mary Bramley Pearson,  
William Edward Rainey,  Allen Rainey Jr.,  Cornelia Baker,  
Mary Marion Moore,  Emory R. Minnick,  J. Alfred Butts Jr.,  
Dr. William Thomas Moore,  Carol Ione Mansfield,  
Charles Coleman Moore,  Jane Lee Moseley,  
Herbert Edward Valentine,  Annie Laurie Boone,  
Lewis Randolph Valentine,  Mattie Moore Kidd,  
Rebecca Elizabeth Valentine,  Grady Garland Harris,  R.C. Harrelson,  
Lille J. Rawlings,  
Walter Oscar Rawlings,  
Albert Sidney Rawlings,  Irene Rebecca Delbridge,  Albert Adolphus Delbridge,  Lucretia Georgia Ellen Taylor,  Gilberta Warren,  
Arthur S. Rawlings,  Nellie M. Seward,  Joseph W. Seward,  Laura A. House,  
Hubert Sidney Rawlings,  Florence Virginia Ford,  
Edith Rawlings,  Robert Pegram Buford Jr.,  
James Warren Rawlings,  Mable Virginia Moseley,   
Richard Camp Rawlings,  Mary Willie Fleshood,  
Alma Rawlings,  David Stokes,  
James B. Rawlings,  
Louise Rawlings,  Rev. Howard Wilson,  
Robert Walter Rawlings,  Lula V. Phillips,  John James Madison Phillips,  Balzora Wyche Pearson,  
Mary Florence Rawlings,  
Horace S. Rawlings,  
Grady Roy Rawlings,  Irene Laffoon,   
James H. Rawlings,  Mary Shearin,  
Ann E. Rawlings,  Samuel M. Kirkland,   
Addie —,  
Robert E. Kirkland,  Agnes B. Kirkland,  James Thomas Kirkland,  Agnes Elizabeth Bennett,  
Mary E. Kirkland,  
Louisa J. Kirkland,  Isaac W. Delbridge,  Thomas D. Delbridge,  Mary Lynch,  
Clifford Delbridge,  
Annie L. Delbridge,  
Samuel Dennie Delbridge,  Wavie Clary,  William H. Clary,  Ann E. —,  
Robert B. Delbridge,  
Thomas W. Delbridge,  
Ludie B. Delbridge,  
Joseph A. Delbridge,  
Vergie W. Delbridge,  
Veda P. Delbridge,  
Samuel A. Kirkland,  
James Willie Rawlings,  Sarah F. Nance,  Isham L. Nance,  Susan —,  James R. Nance,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Capt. Wiley Green Coleman,   
Frances A. Sadler,   
William E. Rawlings,  Martha A. Epperson,   
Thomas G. Rawlings,  Ladore Etta Matthews,  Charles Matthews,  Elizabeth Jane Hagood,  
Otis Ruff Rawlings,  Minerva Jane Justice,  George Washington Justice,  
James A. Rawlings,  Dorothy Hastings,  
Lelia Elizabeth Rawlings,  Robert Lee Daniel,   
Ladora Daniel,  Elvin Laffoon,  
Caroline Daniel,  Claude Stembridge,  
Margaret Daniel,  Mack Goodwyn,  
Blanche Daniel,  Dudley Lewis,  
Alfred Madison Daniel,  Nellie Hewett,  
Dennis Daniel,  Maude Link,  
Robert Lee Daniel,  
Carrie M. Rawlings,  Alonza Wilkins Laffoon,   
Etta Laffoon,  Melvin Ogburn,  
Willard Laffoon,  Eola Mason Samford,   
Thelma Laffoon,  Charles Coleman Daniel,   
Elnor Louise Laffoon,  Lloyd B. Maitland,  
Ida Elizabeth Laffoon,  Elson B. Maitland,  
Alonza Laffoon,  
James Watson Rawlings,  Edna Ragsdale,  
Hettie Rawlings,  Franklin Dewey Daniel,   
Sarah F. Rawlings,  
Susan Ida Rawlings,  
Elizabeth Jane Rawlings,  
James R. Rawlings,  
Robert R. Rawlings,  Mary Armistead King,  Armistead King,  Elizabeth P. Harris,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   Henry Clay Rawlings,   John Joseph Rawlings,   
James Armistead Rawlings,  
Lenora Adelaide Rawlings,  Charles D. Humphreys,  
Minnie Ella Rawlings,  Miles Taylor,  Edward Lee Taylor,  Sallie J. Turner,  
Virginia Iola Rawlings,  
Mary Jane Rawlings,  Napoleon Bonaparte Taylor,  John W. Taylor,  Elizabeth J.W. Buckner,  
Pocahontas A. Taylor,  A. Judson Thomason,  James H. Thomason,  Eugenia Saunders,  
Mary Eugenia Thomason,  
Napoleon B. Thomason,  
Clara B. Thomason,  
Minnie L. Thomason,  
Charles Rawlings,  Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  
Sarah S. Moore,   Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Indie Susan Rawlings,  Augustus Thomas Allen,  William E.A. Allen,  Margaret F. Tudor,  
Cora A. Rawlings,  Bob Hudson,  
Hattie S. Rawlings,  Isaac W. Finch,  William Penn Finch,  Nancy A. Smith,  
Maggie Ruth Finch,  Albert Spatig,  
Lillian Finch,  Grover Walton,  
Edward W. Finch,  Connie Glidewell,  
Ethel Finch,  
Sally Finch,  S.J. Brinkley,  
Charles Edward Rawlings,  Beulah M. Williams,  James Reuben Williams,  Martha Josephine Tatum,  
Robert Rawlings,  
Wiley Green Rawlings,  Wiley Green Coleman,   
Henry Clay Rawlings,  Henrietta F. King,  Armistead King,  Elizabeth P. Harris,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Sarah Virginia Minor Rawlings,  John James King,  Armistead King,  Elizabeth P. Harris,  
Mary L. Baird,  
Charles Benjamin King,  Frances Waterman,  Mamie Beatrice Moore,  Mary Bramley Pearson,  Charles Benjamin Moore,  
William Skelton King,  
Charles Milton King,  Lucy Tunstall,  
Norene Beatrice King,  Frederick Paige Butler,  
Sarah Mabel King,  Clyde E. Delbridge,  
Rev. James Skelton King,  Virginia Frances Walton,  Presley Junius Walton,  Mattie Pearl Mitchell,  
Thomas J. King,  Mabel Thomas Floyd,  
Mary Elizabeth King,  Samuel Kemp Moody,  
Arabella Gertrude King,  Willie Pierce Stanley,  John David Stanley,  Lucie M. Floyd,  
Sallie Maryland Stanley,  
Willie Belle Stanley,  Grover James Jones,  Charles W. Jones,  Julia A. Clary,   
John Benjamin Stanley,  Melvin Simpson Williams,  
Georgia M. Rawlings,  
Joseph W. Rawlings,  Martha A.G. Harris,  
Amanda Jane Rawlings,  Augustus Caesar Woodruff,  Gray W. Woodruff,  Sarah Ann Newsome,  Ann E. Hubbard,   
Henrietta Virginia Rawlings,  Edward Alexander Moore,   
Mary Ophelia Moore,  
Martha S. Moore,  George W. Kidd,  Bart Kidd,  Virinda Jones,  
Eddie Amanda Moore,  Charles Henry Williams,  William Henry Harrison Williams,  Mary Elizabeth (Nanny) Williams,  
William Edward Williams,  Lynda Grey Abernathy,   Maggie Talley,  
Elbert Williams,  
Charles Ernest Williams,  Lucille Sawyer,  
Thelma Lois Williams,  Edwin Douglas White,  Eugene Karnes,  
Randolph Mark Williams,  Emily Jones,  
Mable Williams,  Jennings Rideout,  
Shelton Williams,  Sallie Jennings,  
Elizabeth Williams,  L.H. Hicks,  
Dorothy Williams,  Edward Newman,  
Forrest B. Williams,  Helen Jennings,  
Earl Williams,  Elizabeth Coleman,  
Flossie Williams,  William C. Leslie,  
Sallie Moore,  
Hattie Moore,  
William Mortimer Rawlings,  
Robert Larkin Rawlings,  Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  
Mary A. Dunn,  John H. Dunn,  Susan M.J. —,  
James Calvin Rawlings,  
John Joseph Rawlings,  Caroline E. King,  Armistead King,  Elizabeth P. Harris,  
William Mortimer Rawlings,  
Lelia Rawlings,  
Carrie Lee Rawlings,  Willie Lee Edwards,  
Maggie Atwell Rawlings,  
John Joseph Rawlings,  Fannie Mae Waitt,  
Martha Elizabeth Rawlings,  Robert D. Williams,  William Henry Harrison Williams,  Mary Elizabeth (Nanny) Williams,  
Cecil Hope Williams,  Edith Virginia Daniel,   Myrtle Muncie,  
Myrtle D. Williams,  
Dr. William Douglas Williams,  Dorothy Kelly,  
Robert Williams,  Blanche Major,  
Eugenia Williams,  W.J. Roberts,  
Mary V. Williams,  
Mable Clara Williams,  
Florence G. Williams,  
May Louisa Rawlings,  
Phillip Henry Rawlings,  Lucy Ella Taylor,   
Lilly Estella Rawlings,  Virginius Wilkes Rawlings,   
Joseph Pleasant Rawlings,  
Phillip Lewis Rawlings,  Grace Mills,  
Laura Ann Gilliam Rawlings,  Benjamin Watkins Leigh Taylor,   Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Edward Alexander Moore,   Norborne Thomas Taylor,  
Ada Emmaline Taylor,  John Jackson Wesson,  William Washington Wesson,  Martha Ann Norfleet Tatum,  
Lola Claire Wesson,  Alvin Smith,   
James Ernest Wesson,  Bernice Estelle Laffoon,   Doris Hale Merricks,  
Shelton Jack Wesson,  Irma Archer,  
Myrtle Lee Wesson,  Marcus E. Britton,  
Laura Ada Wesson,  Clarence Parrish,  
Herbert T. Wesson,  
William Watkins Wesson,  Meredith King Wampler,  
Eloise Wesson,  Woodrow Ellis,  
Florine Wesson,  Fletcher B. Mitchell,  
John Mortimer Taylor,  Sarah Georgetta Justice,  George Washington Justice,  Rebecca Ann Johnson,  
Curtis Watkins Taylor,  Bettie Lee Seward,  Joseph W. Seward,  Laura A. House,  
James Ernest Pleasant Taylor,  
Joseph Cortez Taylor,  Mary Evelyn House,  
George B. Rawlings,  Nancy F. Howell,  Spencer Howell,  Elizabeth M. Talley,  Caroline R. (—) Rawlings,  Rosena Rawlings,  
Nancy Rawlings,  William F. Hubbard,  
Emily J. Hubbard,  Leroy Tucker Rawlings,   
Leroy Tucker Rawlings,  
William A. Rawlings,  Ashley Mitchell,  
Della Rawlings,  William Edwin Goodrich,  George C. Goodrich Sr.,  Mary H. Green,  
Dr. George Gay Goodrich,  
Eula Hubbard Goodrich,  William Ross Miles,  John Miles,  Martha Wyche Ross,  
Julia Daniel,  
William Edward Goodrich,  
Eugene Maxey Goodrich,  
Sarah Jeanette Goodrich,  
Mary Goodrich,  Joseph William Palmer Jr.,  
James LeRoy Goodrich,  
Della Elizabeth Goodrich,  
Dr. Eugene Hubbard Rawlings,  
Fannie Belle Powell,  Dr. Robert Simmons Powell,  Ellen Virginia Huff,  
William T. Hubbard,  
Ann E. Hubbard,  Augustus Caesar Woodruff,  Gray W. Woodruff,  Sarah Ann Newsome,  
Elizabeth Coleman,  
Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  
Amanda Jane Rawlings,   
Elizabeth F. Rawlings,  Wiley Green Coleman,  
Capt. Wiley Green Coleman,  James Ruffin Seward,  
Joyce Ann Shearin,  
Joseph Lawrence Coleman,  Sallie Rodwell,  Mollie Nowell,  
John Monroe Coleman,  Willie Phelps,  
Charlotte Daniel Coleman,  John J. Nicholson,  
Wiley Green Coleman Jr.,  Lucy Fleming,  
Mary Elizabeth Coleman,  
Louisa M. Coleman,  John T. Blailock,  Robert B. Moore,  Susan A. Rawlings,   
John H. Blailock,  
Wiley Green Blailock,  
Ann E. Coleman,  
William H. Coleman,  
John L. Coleman,  
Mary Rawlings,  George W. Beasley,  
Martha A. Rawlings,  Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,   
Martha Althea Sara Lee Rawlings,  George Washington Wesson,  Capt. Green Wesson,  Nancy Delbridge,  Isaac Wesson,  Sally Nanny,  Sarah Elizabeth High,  Martha E. Wesson,  Thomas Clay Baird,  
Thomas Dawson Wesson,  Sarah Elizabeth Wesson,  Carolyn (High) Ingram,  James Ruffin Seward,  Elizabeth Caroline Wesson,  
Aden Lafayette Lynch,  Robert Nathaniel King,  
Ella Green Wesson,  Napoleon Bonaparte Taylor,  William Nay Murat Taylor,  Alpha Ann Elizabeth Bishop,  
James Washington Taylor,  Jennie Elizabeth Edmondson,  
William Pleasant Taylor,  Mary Augusta Lawrence,  
Isla Green Taylor,  William Edward Taylor,  
Henry Marvin Taylor,  
George Napoleon Taylor,  Sarah D. Waller,  
Nancy Thomas Taylor,  Glenn W. Hockaday,  
George Washington Wesson,  Fannie Sumner Drewry,  
Julian Hubbard Wesson,  
Frances Willard Wesson,  Harold J. Padden,  
George Drewry Wesson,  Shirley Vincent Clements,  Blanche Grayson,  
Harrison Rawlings Wesson,  Dorcus Brownell Freeman,  
Mildred Marilyn Wesson,  Ashby Lee Lewis,   
Lawrence Washington Wesson,  Edith Porter Moore,  Dorothy Ogburn George,  
Nannie H. Wesson,  
Walter J. Wesson,  
Joseph Wilkes Wesson,  Regie Vaughan,  
Walter Paul Rawlings,  Lucy Q. Taylor,  George Washington Taylor,  Evelyn G. Hawkins,  
Eva Maud Rawlings,  Russell Carpenter,  Joseph Putnam Carpenter,  Sarah Elizabeth Tatum,  
Virginius Wilkes Rawlings,  Lilly Estella Rawlings,   
Bertha Rawlings,  Edmund Cleveland Temple,  Edmund Roderick Temple,  Martha Elizabeth Temple,  
Bernard Marvin Rawlings,  Bernice Atkinson,  Ruth Hundley,  
Leon Nicholas Rawlings,  Hilda Mitchell,  
Ruby Wilkes Rawlings,  
Lloyd Taylor Rawlings,  Frances Valentine,  
Phillip Rupert Rawlings,  Cornelia Bailey,  
Randolph Rawlings,  
Sarah B. Rawlings,  Henry Barnett,  
 Minor Wilkes I (c.1735-1811),  
 Benjamin Wilkes (c.1736-1795),  
Elizabeth Mann,  Catlett Mann,  Mary (Mann) Lawton,  John Mann,  
Clement Read,   Thomas Reed,  
Minor Wilkes,  
Jesse Wilkes,  Ruth Bailey,  David Bailey,  
Capt. Thomas Scott,  
Richard Wilson,  
John B. Wilkes,  Elizabeth Wilkes,   
Thomas B. Wilkes,  Ann E. Hammer,  
Daniel T. Wilkes,  
James H. Wilkes,  Elizabeth Robards,  
Clement B. Wilkes,  
Jane Wilkes,  Sanborne B. Woodson,  Angeline (—) Woodson,  
Ann Woodson,  
Elizabeth Jane Woodson,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Thomas C. Spencer,  
William Wilkes,  Sally Simms Claybrook,  Josiah Claybrook,  
Josiah Claybrook Wilkes,  
William Minor Wilkes,  Elizabeth Foster,  Josiah Foster Jr.,  Elizabeth Webb,  Judith Foster,  John Hatchett,  
Sallie Sims,  Martha Bailey,  
Minor Wilkes,  
Judith A. Wilkes,  Ezekiel B. Farrar,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Woodson,  
William Baker Farrar,  
Charles H. Farrar,  
Sarah Frances Farrar,  
Sarah Wilkes,  David W. Hunter,  
Benjamin F. Wilkes,  Elizabeth C. Lacey,  
James A. Wilkes,  
Julie Wilkes,  
Mary F. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth M. Wilkes,  
Amanda R. Wilkes,  
Susan P. Wilkes,  
John B. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth V. Wilkes,  
Richard S. Wilkes,  
Paulina M. Wilkes,  Paul M. Fore,  
William A. Fore,  
Silas B. Fore,  
James H.C. Fore,  
Daniel Witte Fore,  
Paul E. Fore,  
Burwell Baylor Wilkes I,  Elizabeth Josephine Carter,  
Elizabeth Paulina Wilkes,  
Mary E. Wilkes,  Andrew H. Drake,  
Clarence L. Drake,  
Willa Wilkes Drake,  
Charles F. Drake,  
Mary Ewing Drake,  
William H.H.C. Wilkes,  
Jonathon C. Wilkes,  Virginia Little,  
Clay Singleton Wilkes,  
Jonnie C. Wilkes,  
Benjamin F. Wilkes,  Missouri Little,  
William Burwell Wilkes,  
Arthur Fleming Wilkes,  
Annie Cora Wilkes,  
Maggie Boyd Wilkes,  
Henry Clay Wilkes,  
John Clarence Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Abigale Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Cassanna Julia Wilkes,  
Inez Caster Wilkes,  William A. Green,  
Burwell Baylor Wilkes II,  Elvira E. Heffner,  John C. Heffner,  
John Burwell Wilkes,  Laurana Jenkins,  
Walter Benjamin Wilkes,  
Henry Herman Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Louise Wilkes,  Henry Hill,  
Burwell Baylor Wilkes III,  
Claud Cecil Wilkes,  
Adrian Heffner Wilkes,  
Jesse Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Martha Wilkes,  Jacob A. Duncan,  
Jonathon Wilkes,  
William Wilkes,  
George Washington Wilkes,  
Sarah Wilkes,  George Foster,  Rev. Thomas Johnston,  
Sally Hankins,  Elizabeth Foster,  
Richard Foster,  
Benjamin Wilkes Foster,  Cicely J. Foster,  
William Foster,  Sarah Nunnally,  
Elizabeth Mann Foster,  Richard Singleton Foster,  
Judith Wilkes,  Thomas Barrett,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  Daniel Wilkes,   
Benjamin Wilkes,  Mary King Williams,  
Richard Ambrose Lipscomb Wilkes,  Judith Harris,  Edmund Harris,  Rhoda Arnold,  
Rev. William Harris Wilkes,  Mary K. Amis,  Zurelda Amis,  Elizabeth Jane (Martin) Johnson,  
Isora Wilkes,  Charles Williamson,  
Richard Wilkes,  
Alice Wilkes,  W.R. Peebles,  
Mary Wilkes,  T.E. Anderson,  
Franklin C. Wilkes,  Ann Everard Duval,  
Ann Eliza Wilkes,  Thomas J. Stone,  
Richard Sparks Wilkes,  Elvira Ophelia Moore,  
Benjamin L. Wilkes,  
George W. Wilkes,  
Josephine C. Wilkes,  
James H. Wilkes,  
John Summerfield Wilkes,  
Martha V. Wilkes,  
Elizabeth Wilkes,  John B. Wilkes,   Elisha D. Prewitt,  
Mary K. Wilkes,  William M. Orr,  
Sarah D. Wilkes,  Mark Prewitt,  
William Brown Wilkes,  Sarah Ann Short,  
Mary Elizabeth Wilkes,  James D. Shell,  
William Lafayette Wilkes,  Helen M. Bond,  
Sarah Daniel Wilkes,  Capt. Joseph Love,  
Washington Lafayette Jefferson Wilkes,  Jane Crockett Love,  
John Love Wilkes,  
Mary K. Wilkes,  Cornelius B. Abernathy,  
Sue Aida Wilkes,  William A. Henderson,  
Ella Jane Wilkes,  Joe B. Tomlinson,  
William Lafayette Wilkes,  Annie F. Wade,  
Sarah Wilkes,  Henry King,  
Unity K. Wilkes,  
Minor C.M. Wilkes,  
 Alexander Rawlings,  
Sally Taylor,  
Jacob R. Rawlings,  Jacob Rice,  Jones Parrish,  
Susan A. Rawlings,  Robert B. Moore,  Edward Moore,  Catherine —,  
Louisa M. (Coleman) Blailock,   
Sarah S. Moore,  Charles Rawlings,   
Edward Alexander Moore,  Henrietta Virginia Rawlings,   
Rev. Nicholas Rawlings,  Martha A. Rawlings,   
William Rawlings,  Nancy C. Harris,  John H. Dunn,  
Emily Lanier,  
William Alfred Rawlings,  Mary E. Dugger,   
Cary Ann Rawlings,  George W. Gray,  
Philip H.H. Rawlings,  
Rosa R. Rawlings,  Reuben Joseph Delbridge,  
James Rawlings,  
John L. Rawlings,  
Christianna Elizabeth Rawlings,  William T. Clarke,  
Richard R. Rawlings,  
Horace Hilliard Rawlings,  Indianna Edward Williams,  
Robert R. Rawlings,  
Leroy Tucker Rawlings,  Emily J. Hubbard,   
 James M. Taylor (c.1810-),  
Lucy G. White,  
Mary Lilly Taylor,  Bassett L. Rawlings,   
John Taylor,  
Susan E. Taylor,  William Edward Peebles,   
James Ernest Taylor,  
William Pleasant Taylor,  
Benjamin Watkins Leigh Taylor,  Laura Ann Gilliam Rawlings,   
Lucy Ella Taylor,  Phillip Henry Rawlings,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Daniel Wilkes - War of 1812 Burwell Bassett Wilkes - Revolutionary War
Phillip Pryor - War of 1812 Samuel Burwell Pryor - Civil War
Charles R. Pryor - Civil War John B. Drummond - Civil War
Asa G. Smith - Civil War Joel Micajah Hale - Civil War
William Washington Wesson - Civil War Joseph H. Travis - Civil War
Thomas D. Delbridge - Civil War William Bryant Clary - World War I
William E. Drummond - Civil War William Anderson Wray - Civil War
Green W. Williams - Civil War Henry Anderson Short - Civil War
John Wesley Wray - Civil War Burwell Bassett Wilkes Jr. - Civil War
Charles H. Wilkes - Civil War Benjamin Wilkes - War of 1812
Marcus S. Wilkes - Civil War Joseph Wilkes - Civil War
Howard S. Wilkes - Civil War John William Wilkes - Civil War
Frederick Emile Lewis - Civil War William A. Peebles - Civil War
Joseph Littleberry Peebles - Civil War Flavius Harrison Weaver - Civil War
Joseph W. Peebles - Civil War Thomas A. Peebles - Civil War
James Freeman Peebles - Civil War Edward Dicks - Civil War
James Dicks - Civil War Joseph B.W. Rawlings - Civil War
Bassett L. Rawlings - Civil War Albert Adolphus Delbridge - Civil War
John James Madison Phillips - Civil War Horace S. Rawlings - World War I
James Willie Rawlings - Civil War George Washington Justice - Civil War
Robert R. Rawlings Jr. - Civil War Edward Lee Taylor - Civil War
Napoleon Bonaparte Taylor - Civil War James H. Thomason - Civil War
Charles Rawlings - Civil War Isaac W. Finch - Civil War
John James King - Civil War John David Stanley - Civil War
Edward Alexander Moore - Civil War William H.H. Williams - Civil War
William Mortimer Rawlings - Civil War Robert Larkin Rawlings - Civil War
John Joseph Rawlings Sr. - Civil War Robert D. Williams - World War I
Benjamin W.L. Taylor - Civil War William Edwin Goodrich - Civil War
John Miles - Civil War William T. Hubbard - Civil War
Augustus Caesar Woodruff - Civil War Wiley Green Coleman - Civil War
George Washington Wesson - Civil War Julian Hubbard Wesson - World War I
Harrison Rawlings Wesson - World War II Lawrence W. Wesson - World War II
Joseph Putnam Carpenter - Civil War Minor Wilkes - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Wilkes - Revolutionary War Richard Sparks Wilkes - Civil War
John Summerfield Wilkes - Civil War Capt. Joseph Love - Civil War
George W. Gray - Civil War Philip H.H. Rawlings - Civil War
Reuben Joseph Delbridge - Civil War James Rawlings - Civil War
Robert R. Rawlings - Civil War James Ernest Taylor - Civil War
William Pleasant Taylor - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Phillip Pryor - Virginia Harvey Bartimeus Moseley - Virginia
Richard Ambrose Wilkes - Tennessee Richard Wilkes - Tennessee

Names on the map
Pryor Street, Dallas, Texas, named for Mayor Samuel Burwell Pryor  

Selected sources
Crews, Lillian, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Comprehensive work on the Wilkes and Stone families, including John Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard Stone.
Lemons, Nova A. “Dr. Samuel B. Pryor, Early Prominent Dallas County Resident.” The Dallas Journal. Dallas Genealogical Society. XLVIII:1-11 (June 2002). • Family of Wilkes descendant Dr. Samuel Burwell Pryor.
Lillian Crews, Wilkes Records 1216-1984, published privately (1987). • Family of John Wilkes, including my ancestors Minor Wilkes, Minor Wilkes, and Richard H. Wilkes.
Wilkes, Charles Fred. “Wilkes Burial Ground - ‘Charlie’s Hope,’ Brunswick County, Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 15:135-6 (1971). • Burying ground of Burwell Bassett Wilkes.

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