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Robert Chappell married Sarah, but we do not know who her parents were or even what her surname may have been.
This topic is devoted to her family by her 2nd husband.

Descendants of Unknown
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah (—) Chappell Crawley (-c.1760),  
William Crawley,  David Crawley,  
Robert Chappell,   
William Coleman,  
William Green,   Christopher Hinton,  Thomas Booth,  William Watson,   
Lodowick Tanner,   William Green,   George Willson,   
William Crawley,  William Watson,   
Stephen Dewey,  
Elizabeth Anderson,   
David Crawley,  John Tucker,  Elizabeth (—) Crawley,  Miles Chappell,   John Clay,   Sarah (Chappell) Clay,   Benjamin Ward,   Isaac Johnson,  
William Crawley Ward,   Col. Abraham Green,   
William Crawley,  Claiborne Anderson,   
Abraham Green,   Abner Chappell,   
William Crawley Ward,   
Elizabeth Crawley,  Col. John Jones,   
William Glascock,  John Willson,   Henry Jones,   Thomas Jackson,  
Leonard Claiborne Jr.,   Richard Bland,  
Alexander Jones,  Mary Ann Winston,  Peter Winston,  Elizabeth Povall,  John Crawley,   Joshua Chaffin,   
John Winston Jones,  Harriet Boisseau,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
Mary Winston Jones,  George Washington Bonaparte Towns,  
James Boisseau Jones,  Ann Crawley Winston,  
Alexander Jones,  William Old Jr.,  
Elizabeth Jones,  John Mosby,  
Gustavus JV. ones,  Elizabeth Winston,  
Rev. David Crawley Jones,  Rebecca Ward Jones,   Benjamin Crawley,   Jonathan Crawley,   Benjamin Booth,  William Worsham,  
Sarah Kleinhoff,  
Dr. Benjamin Crawley Jones,  Elizabeth Quarles,  
Dr. Robert Edward Jones,  Mary Ann Ward Jones,  Mary Ann Jones,   Richard M. Jones,  
John Alexander Jones,  
Elizabeth Ann Jones,  Benjamin Ward Fitzgerald,   
Susanna I. Jones,  
Martha L. Jones,  
Mary E. Jones,  George Mayo,  
Sarah G. Jones,  
Rebecca Richardson David C. Jones,  
John Jones,  Richard K. Jones,  
Martha Ann Jones,  Thomas Simmons,   Drury Jones,  Dudley Glass,  
Nancy Crawley Jones,  Peter Winston,  Ann Crawley Jones Winston,  
Sarah Crawley Jones,  John Thompson,  
Susan Jones,  Peter Winston,  Peter Winston,  Elizabeth Povall,  
Catherine Crawley,  Benjamin Ward,   
Daniel Jones,   
William Fitzgerald,   
James Wingo,  
Martha Crawley,  
John Crawley,  
John Mann,  Alexander Jones,   Daniel Jones,   
Benjamin Crawley,  
Samuel Chappell,   William Chappell,   
David Crawley Jones,   Peter Robinson,  William Old,   
Elizabeth (—) Robinson,  Miles Cary,  
Abner Chappell,   Susannah Crawley,  
Jonathan Crawley,  Henry Holman Southall,   David Crawley Jones,   Joel N. Morgan,  William Worsham,  Ludson Worsham,  
Elizabeth Morgan,  
Virginia Amytis Crawley,  
William Adolphus Crawley,  
Jane Emeline Crawley,  William Harrison Davis,  John M. Duncan,  
Benjamin Franklin Crawley,  
Ann Elizabeth Crawley,  Henry Holman Davis,  
John Chappell Crawley,  
Morgan Crawley,  
Ann Crawley,  John Garland,  
John Finney,   Peter Garland,  
Abel Moore,  
Fanny Taylor Garland,  George Markham,   
Peter Leiper Garland,  
John Garland,  Christian Blair Boyd,   
Rev. Crawley Finney,  
Wilbur John Kilby,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Crawley - Revolutionary War Maj. William Fitzgerald - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Winston Jones - U.S. George Towns - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
George Towns - Georgia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. John Jones - Virginia Alexander Jones - Virginia
John Winston Jones - Virginia George Towns - Georgia
Alexander Jones - Virginia John Garland - Virginia

Names on the map
Towns County, Georgia, named for George Washington Bonaparte Towns  

Selected sources
Agnew, Jean. “Some Wards of Nottoway Parish, Amelia County and Their Connections.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982:5:408-413. • Focus on the family of Catherine Crawley and her husband Benjamin Ward.
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995, pages 232-253. • Family of Elizabeth Anderson and William Crawley.

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