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 3578   Mr. Allen
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The 1715/6 will of Benjamin Watson, whose wife was Agnes, left clothes to his brother-in-law William Allen who was then married to Hannah. Since the will of Benjamin’s father, John Watson, mentioned no daughter Hannah, one must conclude that Benjamin’s wife was Agnes Allen. Although the term “brother-in-law” could then mean stepbrother, neither John Watson nor his wife married an Allen widow or widower.
This William Allen is likely identical to one who resided first in St. Peter’s Parish, worked several years in Charles City County where he married 2nd Mary (Hunt) Minge, and eventually left a will in Albemarle County.
We are tentatively placing Judith Allen the wife of Nowell Burton and Susanna Allen of St. Peter’s Parish who married his brother Hutchins Burton as sisters of William and Agnes Allen. The evidence is as follows.
Susanna and Hutchins Burton settled on Upham Creek near Agnes and Benjamin Watson and their son Hutchins married William Allen’s daughter Judith. It is also notable that the name Judith appears often in this family. In addition to Judith Allen who married Nowell Burton, the eldest daughters of both William Allen and Agnes Watson were named Judith and the Watson’s only son John named a daughter Judith. Consequently, were are suggesting that the mother of these children was Judith, surname unknown.
Although Susanna Allen is said to be a daughter of Samuel Allen, we think this is incorrect.  One Samuel Allen was in New Kent County, but he is a generation later. Indeed Hutchins named a son William Allen Burton, a significant indication of the name of Susanna’s father, or perhaps confirmation that Susanna was sister to William Allen.

Descendants of Mr. Allen
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Agnes (Allen) Watson Mosby,  
Benjamin Watson,   
Robert Mosby,  Sarah Woodson,  Edward Mosby,  John Mosby,  Martha Womack,  James Hambleton,  
John Bolling,  Samuel Bugg,  Agnes (—) Pulliam,  
Mary (—) Mosby,  William Mosby,  Benjamin Clarke,  Josiah Mosby,  Elizabeth Ann Mosby,  
 William Allen (-1752),  
Hannah (—) Allen,  
Mary (Hunt) Minge,  Robert Minge,  William Hunt,  
Joshua Fry,  
Hutchins Burton,   William Mayo,   
Field Jefferson,   
Judith Allen,  Hutchins Burton,   
Samuel Allen,  
Hannah Allen,  Scruggs,  
William Scruggs,  
Finch Scruggs,  
Joyce Allen,  John Easley,  Joel Chandler,  
Ann Allen,  Spears,  
William Hunt Allen,  Elizabeth (—) Allen,  
Philip Allen,  
John Allen,  
John Allen,  Bethania Thomas Neville,  James Neville,  
George Hilton,  
Jesse Allen,  
Samuel Allen,  
Mary Allen,  
Valentine Allen,  Ann Arnold,  
Susanna Allen,  William Sublett,  
Martha Sublett,  John Weatherford,  
Valentine Sublett,  Margaret (Caldwell) Brent,  John Brent,  
Mary Hunt Sublett,  John Dudgeon,  
Ursula Sublett,  Edward Day,  
Celia Sublett,  
George Allen Sublett,  Isabel Akin,  
William Allen Sublett,  Sally Akin,  
Susanna Sublett,  Jesse Lowe,  
Nancy Sublett,  
Abraham Sublett,  Polly Smith,  
Philip Allen Sublett,  
Field Sublett,  
George Hunt Allen,  Mary Ballard,  
Elizabeth M. Allen,  Cottrell,  
Mary Allen,  Glover,  
Martha Allen,  John Chambers,  
Ann Allen,  
John Allen,  Elizabeth Bugg,  
Sarah Allen,  
William Allen,  
Judith Allen,  Hill Winfrey,   
Lucy H. Allen,  
Mary Allen,  
Philip Allen,  Elizabeth Coleman,  Daniel Coleman,  
 Judith (Allen) Burton,  
Nowell Burton,   
 Susanna (Allen) Burton,  
Hutchins Burton,   
Benjamin Watson,   
 Richard Allen (-1725),  
Benjamin Woodson,  Nowell Burton,   Thomas Williamson,  Tarleton Woodson,   William May,  
Elizabeth (—) Allen,  
 Edmund Allen (-1760),  
Jane Christian,  John Clarke,  James Christian,  
Joseph Mayo,   Thomas Williams,  
Joseph Watson,   
Julius Allen,  
Julius Allen,  
Martha Allen,  
David Allen,  
Lewis Buckner Allen,  
John Allen,  Susanna Watlington,  John Watlington,  
Charles Allen,  
Achilles Allen,  Polly —,  
Elizabeth M. Allen,  Nathaniel Hunt,  
John Hunt,  
Allen Hunt,  
Littleberry Allen,  Elizabeth (—) Allen,  Micajah Woody,  
Edmund Allen,  
Landrum Allen,  
Martha Allen,  
Richard Allen,  
Ann Allen,  Turner,  
Frances Allen,  Wade,  
Fleming Allen,  Patsy Allen,  
Littleberry Allen,  Jane Austin,  
Sarah Allen,  John Bows,  
Jenny Allen,  
Isham Allen,  Agnes Elmore,   
Christian Allen,  
 Mary Allen,  
James Allen,  John Shoemaker,  
Elizabeth Allen,  
Mary Allen,  
 Samuel Allen,  
Judith Allen,  
 James Allen (1702-1771) of Hanover,  
Daniel Allen,  
Anne Anderson,  William Macon,  
Dorcas Allen,  Matthew Sims,  
John Sims,  
James Allen,  Elizabeth Sims,  Richard Woodson,   
John Watson,   
Joseph Allen,  
Sgt. John Allen,  Ann Sims,  
James Allen,  
Sarah Allen,  Benjamin Howlett,  
Lucy Sims Howlett,  
William Philip Howlett,  
John James Howlett,  
Mary Ann Howlett,  
Sims Allen,  Sarah (—) Whitehead,  
Lucy Sims Allen,  
Nancy Allen,  Martin Rowlett,  
Benjamin Sims Allen,  Keziah Chambers,   Elizabeth Hudson,   
Charles Allen,  Elizabeth Chambers,   
Mary Allen,  William Womack,  
John Womack,  
Green Womack,  Ann McBride,  John Archibald Womack,  
David Womack,  
Henry Womack,  
Tignal Womack,  Nancy Meadows Rudder,  Samuel Rudder,  
Allen Womack,  Sally Womack,  Charles Womack,  
John Womack,  Morley,  
Allen Watson Womack,  Catherine W. Stone,  Arabella W. Carter,  
Archer Womack,  Ann Faris Flournoy,  Thomas Flournoy,  
Benjamin Womack,  
Capt. James Watson Womack,  Sarah Chambers Allen,   
Elizabeth Womack,  Baker Davidson,  
Lillius Dillon Womack,  Elizabeth L. Womack,  Sarah Calhoun,  Adam Calhoun,  
Mary Womack,  Samuel Baldwin,  
Nancy Womack,  Andrew Elliott,  Charles Anderson Raine,  
William Womack,  
Martha Womack,  Charles Womack,  
Elizabeth Allen,  Archer Allen,   
Sarah Allen,  Joseph Watson,   
Martha Allen,  Francis Smith,   
James Allen,  Judith Watson,   
Margaret Calhoun,  Adam Calhoun,  
Ann Allen,  Samuel Watson,   
Daniel Allen,  Nancy —,  Blake Baker,  
Christopher Allen,  
Daniel Allen,  
Elizabeth Allen,  Philip King,  
Anne King,  
Daniel Allen,  Ann Harrison,  Joanna (Read) Hill,  Joseph Hill,   
Anna Allen,  Charles Anderson,   
Sarah Allen,  Samuel Snoddy,  
Charles Allen,  Mary Venable,   
Frances Allen,  John Richardson,  
Anna Richardson,  
Dora Richardson,  
Martha Richardson,  
Elizabeth Richardson,  
John Allen Richardson,  
Daniel Richardson,  
Anne Allen,  
Martha Allen,  
Anna Allen,  
Anne Allen,  Turner Richardson,  
Richard Allen,  Elizabeth Dunoho,  
Sarah Allen,  Ellis,  
Benjamin Allen,  Elizabeth Austin,  
James Allen,  Elizabeth Jeter,   
Elizabeth Allen,  Peter Phillips,  
Elizabeth Phillips,  Coleman,  
Benjamin Allen Phillips,  Harriet Hazlegrove,  
Bowsy Phillips,  
William A. Phillips,  Mary Blanton,   
James Phillips,  
Susan Phillips,  Ransome,  
Martha Phillips,  
Mary A. Phillips,  James Gills,  
Sarah Phillips,  Hill,  
Peter T. Phillips,  Mary Jane Allen,  
Lucy Anne Phillips,  
Benjamin Allen,  
William Allen,  
Mary Austin Allen,  
Susan Anderson Allen,  
Sarah Allen,  
Ann Anderson Allen,  Henry Rives,  
Asenath Allen,  William England,  
 William Allen II (1671-1713) of York,  
Ralph Flowers,  
William Bayley,  
William Allen I,  John Allen,  Mr. Thomas Allen,  
Judith (—) Bayley,  
John Hudson,  Ann —,  
Ann (—) Allen,  
Hudson Allen,  
William Allen,  
Mary Allen,  Robert Brown,  
Ann Allen,  John Chapman,  
Ann Chapman,  Thomas Wade,  
Walter Chapman,  
John Chapman,  
Hudson Chapman,  
Allen Chapman,  
Elizabeth Chapman,  Brown,  
Mary Allen Chapman,  Goodwyn,  
William Chapman,  
Mary Carver,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Allen - Revolutionary War Lillius Dillon Womack - War of 1812
Benjamin Allen - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Nathaniel Hunt - Virginia James Allen - Virginia
John Womack - North Carolina John Archibald Womack - North Carolina
Allen Womack - Virginia  

Names on the map
Weatherford Memorial Baptist Church named for John Weatherford  

Selected sources
Allen, Cameron. The Soblett (Sublet) Family of Manakintown King William Parish, Virginia. Detroit: The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Inc. 1994 • Includes the family of Susanna Allen and William Sublett.
Allen, Henry T. “Allen.” The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society. 28:17-88 (1930). • Family of William Allen.
“Will of James Allen of Hanover County, 1771.” The Virginia Genealogist. 46:254-257 (2002). • Will of James Allen.

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