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 36   Peter Daniel (c.1788-1864)
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Peter Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Peter Daniel might describe his life as follows.

I was born in St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County, about 1788. After my brother, Mabry Daniel, and I lost our mother, Sarah Daniel around 1800, we went to stay with my Aunt Martha Daniel who lived on the plantation she inherited from my grandfather Joseph Daniel after his wife, Mary, died in 1803. Martha, who never married, left me her land when she passed away in 1815. I added this to a neighboring little piece of property Mabry and I bought in 1809. Over the years I continued to add to my plantation that was just two or three miles north of present-day Danieltown.
Now that I could make a living with my own plantation, I married Elizabeth Parker. Little more than a teenager, she was a likely a daughter of John Parker and a granddaughter of another John Parker who had his plantation about 15 miles away on the Lunenburg County line. Elizabeth and I had 9 children.
Elizabeth died in the 1850s and never suffered the anguish of seeing 4 of her 6 sons leave to serve in the Confederate Army. Although they returned safely, I could not greet them. I died in 1864, a citizen of the Confederate States of America.
My descendants were still living in Brunswick County in the 21st Century.

More about Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel was born in St. Andrew’s Parish about 1788 and appeared first in county personal property tax rolls in 1806 at age 18.
Peter and his brother, Mabry Daniel, bought 51½ acres on the south side of Waqua Creek from James Pritchett in 1809 for £46. This land was bounded by that of Joshua Pritchett, Humphrey Garrett, Sarah Oldham, deceased, and their aunt Martha Daniel. This apparently was the beginning of the Peter Daniel plantation, to which he added hundreds of acres.
Martha Daniel, who never married, died in 1815, leaving her land to nephew Peter. Nephew Mabry Daniel received a sorrel mare and a cow and calf. The Census of 1810, incidentally, showed two young men living with Martha. One, aged 16 to 25, may have been Peter to whom she left her land.
On 2 March 1816 Rev. Stephen Jones united in marriage Peter Daniel and Elizabeth Parker. 

Who was Elizabeth Parker’s mother?
Elizabeth Parker’s mother was likely Ann, who was born about 1770. She appeared in estate accounts of Thomas Daniel in 1805, and bought two jugs from the estate of Benjamin Taylor in 1811.  As Ann Parker, she was taxed on one slave in 1806 and 1807. Although we have not been able to identify her husband, we are tentatively placing him as a son of John Parker, possibly John Parker.
Ann married 25 Oct. (bond) 1812 widower John Barrow whose 1st wife, Dianna Daniel, died in 1810.
The 1810 census for Brunswick County, which shows Nancy as 26 to 45 years of age, depicts 3 children in her household: two sons less than 10 years of age and a daughter 16 to 26.  Since the sons did not appear in the 1820 household of John Barrow one is likely John Parker, age 18-26, listed as a head of household in 1820. With him is a 16 to 18-year-old, whom we presume was his brother.
The young woman in Nancy’s household is likely Elizabeth Parker who married Peter Daniel in 1816. Her stepfather John Barrow witnessed the consent. Because Joseph Hicks testified the bride was of age, then meaning she was more than 21, we are placing Elizabeth’s birth about 1794. Consequently, she was the 16 to 26-year-old woman living in the household of Nancy Parker in 1810 and the 16 to 26-year-old female in the household of Peter Daniel in 1820.

Peter’s family
The Census of 1820 in Brunswick County depicts Peter living in a crowded household for a man married only 4 years. Peter is appropriately classified as 26-45 and his wife, 16-26. As we would expect, 3 children are 10 or under: two males, likely sons Pryor and Wesley, and one a female, likely daughter, Mary. A male age 16-18 and a male age 18-26 also appear. The latter may be field hands or half-brothers. One male more than 45 years of age is living with Peter and his wife. We do not now who he is.
The Census of 1850 incorrectly depicts Peter as 50 years of age. Enumerated with him is his wife, Elizabeth, aged 50, evidently also incorrect, and children, Peter, 17, Sidney, 14, and Rufus, 13. 
In 1860 at the time of the census, Peter was 72 years of age. Living with him then was his brother Mabry Daniel who, since the year 1800, had married and reared a family of his own. Apparently Mabry’s wife died and his children married, so in 1860, at age 70, he was living with his brother Peter. 

Peter’s farm north of Danieltown
The home where Peter and Elizabeth reared their 9 children was about two or 3 miles north of present-day Danieltown, and south of where Barrow’s Store Post Office was. A part of the Peter Daniel plantation was the land owned by his son Pryor Daniel, by Pryor’s son, Moses Rufus Daniel, and by Moses’ son Moses Leonard Daniel. The family cemetery on the “Pryor Daniel Farm” may even date from the time when Peter was buried during the Civil War. In fact, it may even date from the colonial period to when earlier members of the Daniel family owned the land. Peter Pelham Daniel died in 1923 and was likely the last person buried there. The old home that stood there when Mac Pritchett was a boy, but burned.
Peter’s wife, Elizabeth, died during the 1850s and probably was buried at the cemetery mentioned above. Also, their daughter Martha, named for Peter’s aunt Martha Daniel, died during this period and probably was buried there as well.

Peter’s death
Peter died 14 Oct. 1864 at the age of about 76 years. As the Civil War was in progress at the time, he died a citizen of the Confederate States of America. Peter’s will was dated 12 Oct. 1864 and was proved in the Oct. Court. Peter and Elizabeth had 6 sons who, according to family tradition, all fought in the Civil War. Yet records show only 4 participated. Their soldier-sons returned home after General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House in April 1865, but their father was not there to greet them as he died about 6 months earlier.
The will of Peter Daniel divided his estate among his 8 living children and the 3 children of his dead daughter Martha. 
Peter Wynne Hawthorne, Rev. Willis Harris Peace, and Benjamin L. Barrow inventoried and appraised Peter’s estate 9 Nov. 1864.  Possibly because the sons were away at war, the estate was not sold until 1888.

Descendants of Peter Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Pryor Daniel (1817-1875),  
 Wesley Daniel (c.1818-),  
Susan M. Robins,  Solomon Robins,  Alfred Robins,  Indiana J.C. Pritchett,   Mary A. Robins,  James J. Kennedy,  
Mary Daniel,   Andrew Daniel,   Lee Andrew Daniel,   
George W. Daniel,   George Richard Stone,   Moses Rufus Daniel,   
Henry B. Daniel,  
Anna M. Abernathy,  William C. Abernathy,   Rebecca Moore,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
John Edward Abernathy,   
Wesley C. Daniel,  Emma Virginia Johnson,   Rev. John W. Nicholson,  
Eva Eugenia Daniel,  Robert Buckner Abernathy,   
Henry Robertson Daniel,  Alice Lelia Samford,   Rev. A.W. Roten,  
Charles Wesley Daniel,  Fannie Louise Moore,  Charles G. Moore,  Maude L. —,  
Charles Coleman Daniel,  Thelma Laffoon,   
Wanda Daniel,  Derick Thomas,  
Connie Marie Daniel,  Roger Bailey,  
Ann Carolyn Daniel,  Randolph D. Roberts,  
Carol Roberts,  
Scott Wesley Roberts,  
Karry Adair Roberts,  
Doma Louise Daniel,  James G. Browder Jr.,  
Geneva Daniel,  George F. Robertson,  
Herman Edward Daniel,  
Herman Edward Daniel,  Bessie Inez Pritchett,   
Roy Thomas Daniel,  
Emma Louise Daniel,  Miles Aubrey Green,  
Clarence Hale Daniel,  Phyllis Lucy,  
Curtis E. Daniel,  Sallie E. Johnson,   Rev. W.J. Pruden,  
Leonard Elliott Daniel,  
Emory Daniel,  Dorothy Hall,  
Anna Ruth Daniel,  Cecil Metts,  
Eva P. Daniel,  
Hubert Daniel,  
Herman H. Daniel,  Rena Jones,  
Herman H. Daniel,  
Carlyle Daniel,  
Sarah Daniel,  
Katherine Prince Daniel,  William Herbert Griffin,  
 Edgar Robinson Johnson (c.1852-1928),  
Joanna Elizabeth Bennett,  Lavinia Eugenia Thomas,  
Ernest Norborne Johnson,  Sallie Pat Epperson,   
Emma Virginia Johnson,  Wesley C. Daniel,   
Sallie E. Johnson,  Curtis E. Daniel,   
Lelia Ruth Johnson,  
Mattie Lane Johnson,  Nicholas Rosser Epperson,   
Charlie Crocker Johnson,  Etta M. Talley,  
Leonard Thomas Johnson,  Lottie Nicholson Abernathy,   
Edward Cuthbert Johnson,  Cornelia Gee,  
Albert E. Daniel,  
John G. Powell,  
Sarah A. Vaughan,   
Ada L. Daniel,  Charles Havens,  John Havens,  Lucy A. —,  
Lucy Havens,  
Sallie Havens,  
Bessie Havens,  
Dorothy Havens,  
Ada Havens,  
Henry Havens,  
Wesley Havens,  
George Havens,  
 Mary Jane (Daniel) Cole (c.1820-),  
John J. Cole,  
Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   Edward Ozmore,  Benjamin A. Stone,   
Moses B. Pritchett,   
Elizabeth G. Cole,  
William P. Cole,  Georgianna C. Drummond,   Maud Lena Drummond,   
Lucy A. Cole,  
John H. Cole,  Cora W. Eckles,  A.W. Eckles,  Ann Fitz Wilson,  
Martha J. Cole,  
Mary Ida Cole,  Tyree J. Barnes,   Rev. James C. Reed,  
Phoebe Cole,  George Morris,  Edward Morris,  Martha A. Midling,  Rev. John E. DeShazo,  
 Albert Daniel (c.1824-1875),  
Mary Cole,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   Hamlin Cole,  Martha Morris,  
Albert A. Pritchett,   
Susan Elizabeth Elmore,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Sidney Manson Kennedy,  Joseph W. Williams,  James Henry Jones,  William Thomas W. Daniel,   George Richard Stone,   Sydnor Daniel,   Samuel Barrow,  Edward Alexander Moore,   Benjamin L. Barrow,   Jack Harrison,  J.W. Murrell,  
Martha J. Daniel,  William Thomas W. Daniel,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
John Daniel,  
Mary Amelia Daniel,  Amelia F. Johnson,  Thomas Daniel,   Meade A. Laffoon,   
Odie Lee Daniel,  Oscar E. Barnett,  William Barnett,  Caroline —,  
Percy W. Daniel,  Mamie L. Laffoon,   Rev. W.J. Pruden,  
Fannie Bet Daniel,  John Early Williams,  Richard Jones Williams,  Virginia Ann Blanks,  Effie Sue Hampton,  James Wade Hampton,  
Richard Barrow Williams,  
Noland Rives Williams,  
Mamie Lee Williams,  
John Marvin Williams,  
Peter Harding Williams,  
Herbert Arnold Williams,  
Dorothy Sue Williams,  
Ruth Estelle Daniel,  Charles Benjamin Hanks,   
Peter Henry Daniel,  Mary Bell Daniel,   
John Powell,  
Thomas C. Daniel,  
Lucy J. Daniel,  
Gregory Daniel,  
Matilda J. Daniel,  
Marcus Claudius Daniel,  
Herman G. Daniel,  
 Martha (Daniel) Gunn (c.1825-1855),  
Samuel Harrison Gunn,  Freeman James Gunn,  Maria R. Bridgeforth,  
Lucy Ann Elmore,   
Capt. Robert Nathaniel Neblett,  Capt. Joseph W. Ellis,  
Audrey Virginia Elmore,   
Peter Henry Harrison Gunn,  Mary Thomas Carter Johnson,  Lewis Dickerson Johnson,  Lucy Ann Reames,  
Emma Theodora Gunn,  Thomas Hodges Rash,  Thomas Alexander Rash,  Rev. James L. Spencer,  Thomas Anderson Crafton,  
Thomas Hodges Rash,  Ollie Johnson,  Ann Sebra,  
Rufus Alexander Rash,  Mary Keasler,  
Early Anderson Crafton,  
Peter Harris Crafton,  Sallie May Hanks,   
Sallie Mumford Crafton,  John J. Vaughan,  
Haynie William Crafton,  Elsie Harrison,  
Richard Stanley Crafton,  
Mary Sue Crafton,  
William Crafton,  
Dora Gunn Crafton,  Rochel Price,  Clarence Steward,  
Ruth Elizabeth Crafton,  Ross Bowman,  
Repps Barrow Crafton,  Deane Powell Ailstock,  
Viola Gunn,  George Edward Dupriest,  John F. Dupriest,  Susan Kirk,  Rev. W.B. Jett,  
William Edward Dupriest,  
Mary Sue Dupriest,  
Walter Douglas Dupriest,  
Mildred Flynn Dupriest,  
Katherine Bell Gunn,  Ralph Lorenzo Lewis,  Rev. James L. Spencer,  
Mary Carter Lewis,  Lafayette Monroe Gunn,   
Myrtle Belle Lewis,  
Katie Arlene Lewis,  Edward Miller,  Edward Brett Parsons,  
Emory Wilson Lewis,  
Viola Lewis,  Roy M. Steele,  Thomas Allen,  
Ralph Lloyd Lewis,  
Cornelia Ann Lewis,  
Frances Louise Lewis,  
William Edward Lewis,  
Wilbur Price Lewis,  
Ruth Estelle Gunn,  Charles William Vaughan,  Willis F. Vaughan,  Rev. Charles F. Comer,  
Mary Frances Vaughan,  
Charles Maxie Vaughan,  
William Harrison Vaughan,  
Harry Raymond Gunn,  Annie Mae Crowder,   Martha Daniel,   Sydnor Daniel,   Rev. J.A. McKaughan,  
Repps Harrison Gunn,  Mary Elizabeth Nunnally,  
Everett Graham Gunn,  
Lucille Gunn,  
Repps Wesley Gunn,  
Dora Inez Gunn,  
Edward Harrison Gunn,  
Mary Elizabeth Gunn,  
Florence Peters Gunn,  
Mary Frances Gunn,  Patrick Blinco Allen,  
Charles Blinco Allen,  
Carter Gunn,  
Flora Gunn,  
George Arthur Gunn,  
Gertrude Gunn,  
Charles Gunn,  Devon (—) Gunn,  
Frances Gunn,  
James Freeman Gunn,  
Virginia Alice Johnson,  Rev. J.D. Hanks,  
Lillian May Gunn,  Obediah Judson Brown,  
Wesley Alfred Johnson Gunn,  Emma Williams,  Olivia Moran,  Mae (West) Montgomery,  
Virginia Gunn,  Jackson Robertson,  
Louise Gunn,  Eddie Vaughan,  Charles Wesley Grangette,  
Grace Gunn,  
Elizabeth Gunn,  Willie Harris,  
Leonard Atkinson Gunn,  Emma Williams,  
Wilbur Jones Gunn,  Thelma Becker,  
Carlton Gunn,  Gwendolyn —,  
Willard Jones Gunn,  Mattie Ella Crowder,   
Lafayette Monroe Gunn,  Mary Carter Lewis,   
Myrtle Francis Gunn,  Harry Bernard Ferguson,  Cleveland Ferguson,  Norma Miles,  
Lafayette Monroe Gunn,  Margaret Virginia Ellis,  Katherine Atkinson,  
Audrey May Gunn,  Orris Dewey Garton Jr.,  
Mildred Ann Gunn,  Richard Landes Boyer,  
Vivian Alease Gunn,  
Roy Robbins Gunn,  
Edith Myrtle Gunn,  William Snead,  
Margaret Alice Gay Snead,  Lloyd Hildred Scott,  
Lillian Elizabeth Mae Snead,  
Marilyn Snead,  
Samuel Lewis Gunn,  Maude Louvenia Sherman,  
Lillian Mae Gunn,  Thomas Howard Boyer,  
Samuel Louis Gunn,  Theresa —,  
Kenneth Freeman Gunn,  Viola May Crump,  Betty (—) Gunn,  
Gertrude Gunn,  Carmen Guadadno,  
Elsie Gunn,  
Lewis Gunn,  
Nora Lavinia Gunn,  
Martha Jane Gunn,  
 Elizabeth Ann (Daniel) Barnes (c.1829-),  
John J. Barnes,  
Louisa Henrietta Barnes,  
Tyree J. Barnes,  Mary Ida Cole,   
Susan J. Barnes,  
Walter S. Barnes,  Martha A. Turner,  James Turner,  Mary F. Thompson,  
Margaret E. Barnes,  
Richard K. Barnes,  Mary E. Mann,  W.T. Mann,  Ann E. Gunn,  Rev. T.W. Sydnor,  
Edward H. Barnes,  
William Lee Barnes,  
 Peter Daniel (c.1831-),  
Sally Petro Crowder,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Clifton Edmonds,  
Peter Blinco Daniel,  Mollie Parham Daniel,   
Rev. John W. Nicholson,  
Joseph Herbert Daniel,  Odessa Lee Lewis,   Rev. W.W. Reynolds,  
Mary M. Daniel,  J.F. Gordon,  Frank Gordon,  Elizabeth Moss,  Rev. J.M. Anderson,  
Silas Edward Daniel,  Mabel Elizabeth Sadler,  Samuel Dromgole Sadler,  Susan Matilda Brewer,  Rev. N.B. Foushee,  
Susie L. Daniel,  Russell Edward Lewis,  Benjamin H. Lewis,  Bettie C. (Williams) House,  
Herman H. Daniel,  Viola Kelly,  
Arthur Daniel,  Lina Johnson,  
Carrie Daniel,  Grier,  
 Sydnor Daniel (c.1836-c.1881),  
Elizabeth Jane Cordle,  David F. Cordle,  
Matilda Elizabeth Daniel,  
Josephus Sonk Crowder,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Mary Sydnor Crowder,  John Brame,  
John Sydnor Brame,  
Lillie Crowder,  
Fannie Elizabeth Crowder,  Charles Richard Williams,  
Claude Gibson Williams,  
Richard Ellis Williams,  
Joseph Elbert Williams,  
Horace Burnette Williams,  Jo Anna Moore,  
Vivian Elizabeth Williams,  
Lelia Virginia Crowder,  
Mattie Ella Crowder,  Willard Jones Gunn,   Rev. E.V. Carson,  
Georgia Marie Gunn,  John Lee Wells,  
Lois Matilda Gunn,  Wellford Reade Dowdy,  Aubrey Thurston,  Otho Paul Dunnaway,  
Helen Reames Gunn,  Starkey Hare Jr.,  
Julien Crowder Gunn,  Joyce Slagle,  
James Willard Gunn,  Jane Ernestine Dupriest,  
Mary Evelyn Gunn,  Joe Edmunds,  Dennis Walden Maiden,  
Jessie Viola Crowder,  Samuel Matthew Webster,  S.A. Webster,  Palena —,  
Marjorie Owen,  Earl W. Canter,  
Annie Mae Crowder,  Harry Raymond Gunn,   
Mabel Ephtha Crowder,  Wilbur C. Legg,  Frank Legg,  Millie —,  
Crowder Legg,  Louise White,  
Dorothy J. Legg,  R.A. Moody,  
Avon Bryan Crowder,  
George Calvin Crowder,  Carrie Lee Moore,  
Benjamin Franklin Daniel,  Preston Pelham Daniel,   
David Sydnor Daniel,  Ida Beale Reames,  Thomas Pleasants Reames,  Elizabeth James Booth,  Rev. J.M. Anderson,  
Fannie Sydnor Daniel,  
R. Everett Daniel,  Mrs. Adams,  Ruth Berry Lee,  
Peter Pelham Daniel,  Cora Louisa Pritchett,   Rev. John P. Givens,  
Luther Pryor Daniel,  Susan Virginia Daniel,   
Algenon Cephas Daniel,  
Mary Nina Inge,  James Inge,  Mary C. —,  Rev. George E. Owens,  
Pearl Stainback Daniel,  B.H. Bowen,  
Ruby Cross Daniel,  David Kreider,  
Etta Jane Daniel,  W.B. Puckett,  Phyllis Puckett,  
 Rufus S. Daniel (c.1837-),  
Anna Gifford,  Sally (—) Gifford,  Rev. James L. Spencer,  
Charles J. Daniel,  Lovina L. Johnson,  Rev. J.E. DeShazo,  
Lelia S. Daniel,  William F. Slaughter,  Robert Slaughter,  Fannie R. Brooks,  Rev. T.W. Sydnor,  
Fanny Daniel,  
Virginia Daniel,  
Lafayette Daniel,  
McCadden Mattie Daniel,  
Gertrude Daniel,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry B. Daniel - Civil War Herman H. Daniel - World War II
Albert Daniel - Civil War Richard Jones Williams - Civil War
Peter Henry Daniel - World War I Samuel Harrison Gunn - Civil War
Lafayette Monroe Gunn - World War II Peter Daniel - Civil War
Sydnor Daniel - Civil War Josephus Sonk Crowder - Civil War
Rufus S. Daniel - Civil War  

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