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 38   James Elmore (c.1787-1883)
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James Elmore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Elmore might describe his life as follows.

Born in Charlotte County about 1787, I was just a tot when our family settled in Brunswick County around 1790. I grew up with Mary Elizabeth Pritchett, a neighbor’s daughter, whom I married 14 March 1807. 
Every 10 years we would get a visit from the census enumerator, always wanting more information. In 1810 they found us living in Lunenburg County, then the parents of two children.
During the War of 1812, I served in our local militia long enough to receive a pension many years later. 
In 1812 my father witnessed the deed when Mary and I sold 56 acres in Lunenburg County for $70.  Although we kept some land in Lunenburg until 1836,  “Polly,” as I called her, and I returned to Brunswick County in 1816 when Keziah Stamper sold us her farm. That’s where the 1820 counters enumerated us. 
The 1850 census-taker listed me, a planter, with real property of $1,525.  Ten years later I had land worth $4,000 and personal property—mostly our 13 slaves—valued at $8,000.
Our sons were too old to serve in the Confederate Army, but three grandsons did: John William Elmore, James Henry Elmore, and James Richard Elmore. We got real close to some Yankees, though. They raided our house and stayed overnight, presuming all our fighting men were at the front. I do not have space to relate all the details here, but let’s just say some of our locals snookered them into surrendering and we got back everything they stole.
The Census of 1870 reveals the economic effect of the Civil War. The value of my land was more than halved to $1,800 and my personal property declined to $700, mostly due to the loss of our slaves.  Polly reported to our 1870 visitors that she was 87. Yet she died before 1880 when I told the head counters I was 92 and had retired due to old age.  That was the last they saw of me. I died 21 September 1883.

James and Polly may have had other children.

Yankees invade Brunswick County
Near the end of the war, Yankees besieged Petersburg, that was only about one day away on horse. Union foraging expeditions would now and then single out a neighborhood looking for horses, food, or anything of value. One such foraging expedition invaded the Danieltown area, descending upon the home of James and Polly Elmore near Flat Rock Road. Taking what they wanted from his farm, they then chose to stay the night—unconcerned since all available Confederate troops would be defending Petersburg, or so they thought.
Capt. George David White was at his grandparent’s home recovering from a foot wound that he received at Gettysburg. When he heard of the Yankees in the area, he assembled 9 men including Claiborne Anderson Pope, Dr. Edwin Burwell Jones, William Thomas Mason, and Thomas Thweatt Jones. They mounted their horses and carried shotguns loaded with buckshot. According to Mr. Jones’ version of the story (there are different versions at this point) the path from the farm house to the public road was straight with trees bordering it on either side. Thus, the Yankees at the farm house could see only a small portion of the public road.
Captain White had his men ride up the road in a single file and in view of the Yankees at the farm house. When a man was out of sight beyond the farm road or path he would swing around through the woods on the side of the road opposite the farm house, and get in line again to ride by in view of the Yankees. Thus, seeing a continuous line of men on horseback, and the Yankees could not tell whether a dozen men or a hundred men were there.
After this had gone on for some time Captain White rode down to the Elmore house and asked to see the commanding officer, a Yankee major. Captain White told the major that he was surrounded and that he only had 4 minutes to surrender. The major consulted with his men, many of whom loudly declared that they preferred to fight it out. Captain White said later that at this point he became alarmed and his hair “stood on end.”
However, the major finally said that they would surrender. Captain White told him to have his men stack their weapons and march to the road. He had arranged with some farm hands to get the guns when the Yankees left the farm house, so that they would not be there should the Yankees change their minds. Captain White marched the Yankees up to the road where they learned that they had been tricked. Captain White said that the major was in tears as he listened to the comments from his fellow Yankees, especially those who did not want to surrender in the first place.

Descendants of James Elmore
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James W. Elmore (1809-),  
Martha Barnes,  
Mary Augusta Elmore,  James Richard Gunn,  Freeman James Gunn,  Maria R. Bridgeforth,  
Samuel Harrison Gunn,   John B. Gunn,   Augusta (—) Gunn,  
Sarah W. Gunn,  John E. Gunn,   
James H. Gunn,  
Fannie Gunn,  
John William Elmore,  Agnes Ann Lambert,  John A. Lambert,  Nancy H. Hanks,  
Capt. Joseph Jones,  
Dorothy C. Thomas,  Robinson C. Thomas,  Sarah Rainey,  Susan P.W. (Elmore) Smith,   Albert A. Elmore,  Kintie Smith,  
Martha Ann Hawkins,  Thomas Hawkins,  
Asa E. Elmore,  Susan P.W. (Elmore) Smith,   
Sidney Robinson Elmore,  
Alfred W. Elmore,  Lucas W. Wynn,  
Charlotte A. Elmore,  R.H. Moody,  
Andrew C. Elmore,  
Dorothy Rainey Elmore,  Zollicoffer Lewis,  
Benjamin Elmore,  
William H. Elmore,  Lelia A. Connelly,  T.B. Connelly,  Lucie E. Watkins,  
Joseph B. Elmore,  Bessie E. Matthews,  
Lillie May Elmore,  
Mary Agnes Elmore,  
Newton Elmore,  
Audrey Elmore,  
Laura Agnes Elmore,  T.B. Connelly,  Urias Connelly,  Martha C. —,  
Ann R. Elmore,  Charles C. Connelly,  John H. Connelly,  Sue —,  
Ruth A. Elmore,  
Gracie May Elmore,  
Thomas B. Elmore,  
Branch Elmore,  
Lucy Ann Elmore,  Samuel Harrison Gunn,  Freeman James Gunn,  Maria R. Bridgeforth,  Martha Daniel,   
Mary Louisa Elmore,  William Robert Hanks,  Thomas R. Hanks,  Nancy Reece,  
Marietta Hanks,  John A. Lambert Jr.,  
Nancy May Hanks,  
Benjamin Thomas Hanks,  Nannie A. Matthews,  John R. Matthews,  Catherine R. Hanks,  
Bettie Raney Hanks,  
George L. Hanks,  
Willie Jones Hanks,  
Willis H. Hanks,  
Susan Elizabeth Elmore,  Albert Daniel,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   Thomas C. Robertson,  Thomas C. Robertson,  Mary Hammonds,  Mary Hammonds,  
James Henry Elmore,  William G. Carrington,  
Sarah Frances (Barnes) Saunders,  Edward Barnes,  Frances —,  
Joseph Henry Elmore,  Mattie Daniel,  Joseph Daniel,  
Joseph M. Elmore,  
William Elmore,  
Claude Harris Elmore,  
James Madison Elmore,  
Emmett Edward Elmore,  Susan A. Roberta Gunn,   
Ophelia E. Elmore,  Algenon Sidney Gunn,   
Marinda Frances Elmore,  Thomas Henry Daniel,  Thomas Edward Daniel,  Margaret Jane Cheely,  
Thomas Henry Daniel,  
Albert A. Elmore,  Mary Eliza Tucker,  William Tucker,  
Julia Etta Elmore,  Ernest Henry Daniel,   James Benjamin Ozmar,  Heartwell B. Ozmar,  Parthenia King,  
Joseph Arthur Ozmar,  
Beatrice (Ozmar) Gauldin,  
James Edward Ozmar,  
Cornelia Elmore,  Richard H. Parrish,   Rev. James Jones,  
Thomas H. Harris,  William Harris,  Elizabeth —,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Sally Jane Elmore,  Samuel S. King,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   Alexander King,  Mildred T. —,  
Capt. Wiley Green Coleman,   
Adelia Lee King,  George Washington Williams,  Nathaniel Hicks Williams,  Susan P. Wray,  
James Edward King,  Martha Ann Lynch,  Sallie (—) Lynch,  
Precious King,  Ernest P. Moore,  
Eula Cornelia King,  Robert Wiley,  
William H. King,  Rebecca A. Kidd,  William F. Kidd,  Frances —,  
Samuel Mark King,  Carrie Bell Spence,  Benjamin James Spence,  Elizabeth Ellen Wray,  
Emmett King,  Mary Bottoms,  
Robert King,  Nettie Jones,  Cora Lee Spence,  William Henry Jones,  
John Anderson King,  Florence Elizabeth Kidd,  
Charles D. King,  
Betsy King,  
Martha King,  
Susie King,  
George King,  
Frank T. King,  
Matilda E. Elmore,  Richard J. Barnes,  William Barnes,  Frances —,  
Anderson Elmore,  
Edward E. Elmore,  
Marcus C. Elmore,  Mary F. Robertson,  W.H. Robertson,  
Ida Elmore,  
Charles Elmore,  
Alonzo Elmore,  
 John T. Elmore (c.1813-1885),  
Jane E. Wilkes,   
James Richard Elmore,  Martha C. Matthews,  Lewis Matthews,  
Capt. Thomas James Taylor,  
James Edgar Elmore,  Delia Ann Bowen,  Henry Bowen,  
Minnie P. Elmore,  Clarence Powell,  
Dorothy Ann Powell,  John Samuel Thomas,  Lynwood Cheatham,  
Clifton Powell,  
Mary Lou Elmore,  James E. Hudson,  
Sue Livie Elmore,  John W. Milton,  Frank Curlen,  
George Elmore,  Sallie Pendergraff,  
Bernard E. Elmore,  Thelma O’Dell Elmore,   
Bernard E. Elmore,  
Lawrence Edward Elmore,  Louise Hancock,  
Ruby Elmore,  Y.C. Radford,  James L. Kendricks,  
Thelma Elmore,  Abernathy,  
Hector Lee Elmore,  Henrietta Jane Bowen,  
James Henry Elmore,  Nannie Rodell Flowers,  
Alice Mae Elmore,  Leo Herman Daniel,  
Ruth Elizabeth Daniel,  Robert Emory Powers,  Rawlings,  
Bryant Daniel,  
Maxie Daniel,  
Hartwell Daniel,  
Herman Marvin Daniel,  Mozelle Mabe,  Arthur Vernon Walker,  Mattie Fauline Jackson,   
Rhodie Daniel,  Weeks,  
Mary Etta Daniel,  
Annie Lee Elmore,  Sam M. French,  Z.L. French,  Lucy —,  Laura Parrish,  
Myrtle French,  Marion Stone,  
Carl Randy Stone,  
Mabel Esther Elmore,  William Albert French,  Lloyd Tanner,  Wiley Tanner,  Olivia Jones,  William Henry Tanner,  
William Albert French,  
Mrs. R.T. Powell,  
Mrs. James Townsend,  
Mrs. Jaspar Edwards,  
Mrs. Gilbert French,  
Victoria Elmore,  W. Richard French,  
Lucy French,  Dwight D. Higdon,  
Almeta Elmore,  Linwood Powers,  
Elson Powers,  
Joyce Powers,  
Shelby Jean Powers,  
Thelma O’Dell Elmore,  Bernard E. Elmore,   
Edith Elmore,  Marshall Hudson,  Troy Edwards,  
Hector Austin Elmore,  
Minnie Elmore,  C.P. Spindler,  
Florence Elmore,  
Mary Elizabeth Minor Elmore,  Richard S. Kennedy,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   William B. Kennedy,  Lucretia Parrish,  
Beriah Benjamin Tucker,  Robert H. Tucker,  Harriet E. Harrison,  
John E. Kennedy,  Adalene H. Faris,   
James S. Kennedy,  Louisa R. Faris,   
Margaret L. Kennedy,  Andrew Richard Lewis,   
Maggie Raney Lewis,  John B. Bishop,  
Maude M. Lewis,  
Minnie F. Lewis,  
Lee Andrew Lewis,  Ada Lee Callis,   
Alice Lewis,  
Lou Carter Lewis,  
Oleander Lewis,  
Della Lewis,  
Edward N. Lewis,  
Lottie J. Lewis,  
Hattie Olis Lewis,  
Sarah Jane Elmore,  William Henry Wynne,  Patrick Henry Wynne,  Amanda A. Wilkes,   
Benjamin B. Hall,  
Susan F. Elmore,  
Ann Miles Elmore,  William Robert Grant,  William Grant,  Elizabeth —,  
James Edward Grant,  Kate E. (—) Grant,  
Martha C. Elmore,  Robert L. Laffoon,  W.J. Laffoon,  Jane —,  
Margaret J. Elmore,  
 Ann R. (Elmore) Manly (1814-1863),  
Henry Manly,   
 Mary Susan (Elmore) Daniel (1816-1897),  
Pryor Daniel,   
 Sarah (Elmore) Callis (1822-),  
Thomas Howard Callis,  
Elizabeth Ann (Daniel) Pritchett,   
Elizabeth Maria Callis,  William L. Hall,  Amos Hall,  Margaret —,  
Capt. Joseph Jones,  
Sarah E. Hall,  
Levi Woodbury Abernathy,   Thomas Turner Elmore,   
Lucy A. Callis,  
Thomas J. Callis,  Ann A. Pritchett,  Julia Anna Pritchett,   
William A. Callis,  Virginia Moore,  
Lizzie May Callis,  James Robert Lewis,  James Hiram Lewis,  
Annie Belle Callis,  Charles Matthews,  
Thomas Lemuel Callis,  Jessie L. Howerton,  Richard Ocatvius Howerton,  Dollie W. Cheely,  
Dorothy Callis,  James S. Hollings Sr.,  
James S. Hollings Jr.,  
Lucy Ann Callis,  
Ada Lee Callis,  Lee Andrew Lewis,   
Clyde A. Lewis,  
Darrell Lewis,  
Willie R. Callis,  
George Gregory Callis,  Annie Crafton,  
Mildred Callis,  Urso,  
William R. Callis,  
Olivia Callis,  Williams,  
Ruth Callis,  Eastwood,  
Agnes Callis,  Vick,  
Bessie Callis,  William Douglas Moore,  
Gracie Joyce Callis,  Collin Bernard Elmore,   
Calvin Burksell Elmore,  Virginia Eloise Moore,  
Collin Eldred Elmore,  Doris Daly,  
Grace Joyce Elmore,  Dobrick,  
Edward A. Callis,  Rosa Ellen Floyd,  
Robert Fletcher Floyd,  Martha Carrington,  
Irene Connie Callis,  
Fletcher Callis,  
Robert E. Callis,  
Mary E. Callis,  McDowell Floyd,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Charles Floyd,  
Edward J. Floyd,  
Emma H. Floyd,  
Carrie Floyd,  
Sterling Hite Callis,  Martha Jane Laffoon,   
Sallie Bet Callis,  William Branch Daniel,  
Nora Alice Callis,  Joseph G. Mayton,   
Allen Wilbur Callis,  Elizabeth Pettus,  
Annie H. Callis,  Lemuel T. Williams,  William A. Lynch,  
Russell Williams,  
Thelma Williams,  Creath,  
Willie W. Callis,  
Nell Callis,  Cox,  
Glenwood Howerton,  
Samuel Oslin Callis,  Emily Frances Daniel,  Thomas T. Daniel,  Virginia C. Smith,  
 Edward G. Elmore (c.1827-),  
Desdemona V. Robins,  
George Elmore,  
Roschell Elmore,  Percival Smith Abernathy,   
William A. Elmore,  
Mary Elmore,  
David E. Elmore,  
Audrey Virginia Elmore,  Samuel Harrison Gunn,  Martha Daniel,   Lucy Ann Elmore,   
David Lee Gunn,  Nanny Bell Braugh,  
Rosa Reed Gunn,  Charles William Gibbs,  
Edna B. Gunn,  
Ann Della Gunn,  James H. Goodwyn,  
Thomas Harrison Gunn,  
Nannie Jones Gunn,  Cyrus Gravenor,  
Lottie Virginia Gunn,  Grayson L. Fleshood,  
Percy Nicholson Gunn,  
M. Moses Elmore,  
 Lucy Jane (Elmore) Gunn (1829-1901),  
John B. Gunn,  Freeman James Gunn,  Maria R. Bridgeforth,  
Benjamin H. Nash,  Clay Drewry,  John M. Tucker,  
Elizabeth Ann (Daniel) Pritchett,   
John E. Gunn,  Sarah W. Gunn,   
Algenon Sidney Gunn,  Ophelia E. Elmore,   
Irene G. Gunn,  Preston B. Ozmar,  James Benjamin Ozmore,  Mattie M. Wray,  
Mary Louise Ozmar,  
Preston B. Ozmar,  Ethel Braswell,  
Raymond Sidney Ozmar,  
Wallace E. Ozmar,  
Sadie E. Ozmar,  
James Sidney Gunn,  Josie Freeman,  
Dorothy Gunn,  Rowland B. Daniel,   
James Wilson Gunn,  
Joseph A. Gunn,  Marian Daniel,   
Thomas Beryl Gunn,  Marion Burnett Gibbs,  
John Madison Gunn,  
George E. Gunn,  
John J. Gunn,  
Annie B. Gunn,  John B. Daze,  
Lemuel Gunn,  Alpha Gunn,  
William Thomas Gunn,  Mary Elizabeth Ferris,  
Peter Thomas Gunn,  Mattie D. Matthews,  
Mattie O. Gunn,  
Norban Franklin Gunn,  Agnes L. Bottom,  
Bessie Gunn,  William E. Barnett,  
Lester Gunn,  
Thelma Gunn,  
Louise E. Gunn,  
Iola Gertrude Gunn,  William Foster Daniel,   
Pearl B. Gunn,  Richard H. Edmonds,  George Edmonds,  Lucy —,  
George Washington Lee Gunn,  Linda May Robertson,  
Louellen H. Gunn,  
William H. Gunn,  
Leonard Harrison Gunn,  Mattie Bottom,  
Raymond B. Gunn,  
Harvey N. Gunn,  
Mary T. Gunn,  
Freling Gunn,  
George G. Gunn,  
Mary Virginia Gunn,  Madison Lafayette Laffoon,   
Burwell Lafayette Laffoon,  Ella N. Daniel,   Isabel Martin,  Thomas Martin,  Mattie Dixon,  
Burwell Lewis Laffoon,  Dorothy —,  
James Madison Laffoon,  Betty —,  
Mary Magdalene Laffoon,  William Penn Martin,  
Huldah O. Martin,  L.J. Hurt Jr.,  
W. Price Martin,  Bertha Meadow,  
Deland Martin,  
Wanda Martin,  David Arthur,  
Pauline Martin,  Watson Nance,  
William Nance,  Shirley Walker,  
Elmer Nance,  Janice Ayers,  
Walter Lewis Nance,  Brenda Arrington,  
Thomas M. Martin,  Virginia Karnes,  
Carolyn Martin,  Meadow,  
Janet Martin,  Wayne Peggins,  
Penn Martin,  
Delores Martin,  
Nina Martin,  
Calloway H. Martin,  Marcelene Soward,  
Philip Martin,  
Ralph Martin,  
Mattie V. Martin,  Francis Gilkerson,  
T. Carl Gilkerson,  Jennifer Warren,  
Donald M. Gilkerson,  Carole Martin,  
David O. Gilkerson,  
Magdalene Martin,  Jack Montgomery,  
Kent Montgomery,  
Lucy Ann Laffoon,  
Richard Jesse Laffoon,  Bessie Mae Nolley,  James Jordan Nolley,  Rebecca Jane Singleton,  Edith Couch,  
Katherine M. Laffoon,  Charles Honesty,  
Harold S. Laffoon,  
Virginia R. Laffoon,  Kennedy,  
Martha A. Laffoon,  Barney Lythgae,  
Dorothy Laffoon,  Edward Burke Sr.,  
Mabel Claire Laffoon,  Ed Woodson,  
Peggy Louise Laffoon,  Roger Glenn Daniel,   
Lillian V. Laffoon,  Hawley M. Legge,  
Vincent Legge,  
Eugene Legge,  
Ethel V. Legge,  
Douglas Legge,  Alice Raney,  
H. Kelly Legge,  Courtney Thompson,  
Fred Laffoon Legge,  Ann Wallace,  
Otis M. Laffoon,  Mary Lee DeCarr,  
Mary Florence Laffoon,  Eugene Cornwall Jr.,  
Lloyd Clifton Laffoon,  Clarence Drew,  
Rosalie M. Laffoon,  John Lewis Clary,   
Audrey Louise Laffoon,  James Kramer Sr.,  
Clifton Laffoon,  Patricia Shoop,  
Ruth Ethel Laffoon,  George Washington Brown,  George Robert Brown,  Malissa Earl,  
Margaret O. Brown,  Joseph Thomas Russell,  
Sidney Edward Brown,  Pamela Henderson,  
Otis Lee Brown,  Frances Young,  
Sidney K. Laffoon,  Margaret Jenkins,  
Sidney Ann Laffoon,  Nazario,  
Margaret Louise Laffoon,  Greene,  
Herbert Lee Gunn,  Mary Etta Daniel,   
Lucy Victoria Gunn,  Cornelius Benjamin Waller,  Garrett Waller,  Mary Ellen Morgan,  
Lucy Ellen Waller,  Thomas C. Perkins,  
Ella Perkins,  Joe Raney,  
Bennie Perkins,  Edna Chatham,  
Mary Elizabeth Waller,  Marcus Perkins,  
Fannie L. Waller,  Benjamin F. Parrish,  
Bessie Virginia Waller,  William Bertie Havens,   
William Havens,  Vivian Traylor,  
Louise Havens,  Leonard Foster,  
Elsie Havens,  John Howerton,  
Maxie B. Havens,  
Susie G. Waller,  Arthur Ratcliff Daniel,   
Arthur Ratcliff Daniel,  
Fred Harold Daniel,  Elizabeth Byrd Austin,  Rev. Miles Austin,  
Essie Daniel,  Robert Lee King,  
A. Harris Daniel,  Phyllis Rankin,  
Dorothy Daniel,  Rev. Carl G. France,  
Bertha Virginia Waller,  Robert Ernest Rooks,  
Virginia Rooks Jennings,  
Lessie Waller,  Quinton Clarke,  John Benjamin Clarke,   
Edwin B. Clarke,  
Doris Clarke,  Russell Riles,  
Curtis Benjamin Waller,  Willie Lee Daniel,   
John Garrett Waller,  Edna Pryor Daniel,   
Susan A. Roberta Gunn,  Emmett Edward Elmore,   David Pritchett,   
Emmett Edward Elmore,  
Herman Bassett Elmore,  Indie Brimm,  
J. Burrell Elmore,  Mattie Mae Wray,  
Collin Bernard Elmore,  Gracie Joyce Callis,   
Lucy Elmore,  
Jeff Madison Elmore,  Annie Vivian Daniel,  Thomas E. Daniel,  Luther E. Cheely,  
Hinton Austin Elmore,  
Ethel Elmore,  Willie C. Wyatt,  
Walter Edward Elmore,  Lillie Bell Wray,  
Robert Lee Elmore,  Catherine Alma Sharpe,  
Mark Hinton Elmore,  Mamie G. Dixon,  
Eugene Elmore,  Eva Bowden,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Elmore - War of 1812 John A. Lambert - Civil War
John William Elmore - Civil War William Robert Hanks - Civil War
James Henry Elmore - Civil War Richard H. Parrish - Civil War
Samuel S. King - Civil War Nathaniel Hicks Williams - Civil War
William F. Kidd - Civil War Benjamin James Spence - Civil War
James Richard Elmore - Civil War James Henry Elmore - World War I
William Henry Tanner - Civil War Bariah Benjamin Tucker - Civil War
Richard S. Kennedy - Civil War William Henry Wynne - Civil War
William Robert Grant - Civil War William L. Hall - Civil War
Robert Fletcher Floyd - Civil War John B. Gunn - Civil War
Raymond Sidney Ozmar - World War II  

Selected sources
Elmore, William E., The Trunk of an Elmore Tree. Privately published, 1992. • Very well-done account of this family. Mr. Elmore corresponded with William McCaddin Pritchett while preparing this document. Includes family of Thomas Elmore, and his descendants including Peter Elmore, Peter Elmore, James Elmore, William Elmore, and James Elmore.

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