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 398   William Penick (1694-1750)
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William Penick, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Penick might describe his life as follows.

I was baptized in St. Peter’s Parish, Hanover County, 25 August 1694, the son of Edward and Elizabeth Penick.  My wife is said to be Judith Pate, likely the daughter of Jeremiah Pate, who was baptized in St. Peter’s Parish 24 July 1703. 
We settled in Amelia County where I was taxed on myself and “Tom and Hannah Negroes” 1745-47,  and on my son Jeremiah and Hannah in 1749. 
We were probably living on 250 acres on the north side of Buffalo River in present-day Prince Edward County that had been surveyed for Thomas Terry in 1740, but to which I did not receive a patent until 10 August 1759. 
I made my will, which I failed to date, leaving my 250 acres to our eldest sons provided they buy 125 acres for the younger two. I gave Hannah to Judith and Jenny, Sam, and Tamer, undoubtedly the children of Tom and Hannah, to our three daughters.  I was dead by June 1750 when John Nash taxed the Widow Penix on Jeremiah and Hannah. 

William’s will was proved 17 Aug. 1750.  Hannah’s children were evidently less than 12 for they were not tithables in 1750.

Will of William Penick

Will of William Penick
To my son Jeremyah Penix 125 acres with the plantation whereon I now live, being half the land I hold. Also one Negro boy Chester.
To my son Edward Penix 125 acres being the lower part of my land. Also one Negro to be bought.
My sons Jermyah Penix and Edward Penix shall give £15 apiece to my two youngest sons Will’m and Cha’s Penix to help them purchase 125 acres apeace.
To my som Will’m Penix one Negro to be bought.
To my son Cha’s Penix one Negro to be bought.
To my daughter Jarushe Penix on Negro garl Jeney, likewise a father bed and furniture.
To my daughter Judah Penix one Negro boy sam, likewise a father bed and furniture.
To my daughter Elizabeth Penix one Negro garl Tamer, likewise a father bed and furniture after he mother’s decease.
To my beloved wife Juday Penix my plantation and one Negro wench Hannah during her life. All the remainder of my personall estate to my wife Judah Penix.
My beloved wife Judah Penix and my son Jeremyah Penix executors.

Charles sold the 125 acres he inherited from his father to his brother Jeremiah 19 Dec. 1771,  who deeded the entire 250 acres that had belonged to their father to John Holcomb 13 Aug. 1787 before he left for Kentucky. 

Descendants of William Penick
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Jerusha (Penick) Price (-1808),  
Pugh Price,   
 Jeremiah Penick (c.1735-),  
Mary Ann Price,   
 Edward Penick (c.1735-1758),  
 Judith Penick,  
 Elizabeth Penick,  
 William Penick,  
Judith Walker,   
 Charles Penick (c.1740-1798),  
Agnes Clark,  Agnes Peek,  
Robert Penick,  
Patsey Penick,  John Ransome,  
Elizabeth Comer Penick,  Henry Perkins,  
Charles Penick,  Elizabeth Fore,  
Nancy Penick,  Meshack Boaz,  
Daniel Price Penick,  
William Penick,  Lucy R. Price,  
Joseph Pate Penick,  
Agnes Penick,  William Venable,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Charles Penick - War of 1812 Joseph Pate Penick - War of 1812

Selected sources
Priest, Lyman W. The Penick Family: Descendants of Edward Penick/Penix/Pinix of St. Peter’s Parish New Kent County, Virginia. Verona, Va.: McClure Printing Company, Inc., 1982:9-45. • Begins with Edward Penick and William Penick and includes the families William Penick who married Judith Walker, and William Penick who married Mourning Fowlkes

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