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 4   Henry McCaddin Pritchett (1885-1929)
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Henry McCaddin Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry McCaddin Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Red Oak District, Brunswick County, 12 January 1885 and was 17 when I joined New Hope Christian Church, Danieltown, in 1902. I grew up working Papa’s farm where we produced both flue-cured and fire-cured tobacco, and feed and food crops.
I enrolled in the College of the Bible at Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, in 1906, where my brother Everett was a year ahead of me. But when Papa’s health began to fade, I had to leave school after the third year to help Vernon manage the farm.
Beginning in mid-1911, I penned love letters to Lula Inez Pritchett. We were very distant cousins, descendants, respectively, of brothers William Pritchett and John Pritchett of Brunswick County. We corresponded weekly for a year and a half until 19 December 1912 when Rev. D.M. Austin, minister of New Hope, united us as husband and wife.
After we married, my father sold me about 100 acres on the south side of the original William Pritchett plantation dating from 1765. I later added about 8 acres I got from Richard Gregory Elmore to move the farm boundary back from the house. This is the farm on which our 5 children were born 1914-1930.
Our fifth child was on the way in December 1929 when I developed appendicitis. Not operated on in time to avoid complications, I died at Johnson-Willis Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, 5 December 1929, at just 44 years of age.
I was only the second or third person buried in New Hope Cemetery. In my obituary are the words, “In the sorrowing throng that attended the burial service all eyes were dimmed with tears and the ministers were too touched for words over the untimely death of their comrade who fell wearing the whole armor of God … Husband, father, brother, son has gone, the voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.”

At the end of this topic is a large collection of letters that Henry sent Lula, and a few that she sent him.

The source of Henry’s name
We do not know where his name Henry came from, unless they named him for his uncle Peter Henry Daniel. His middle name is said to have been the name of been Rev. Hugh McAden, a Methodist minister, who preached in the Mecklenburg-Brunswick area for many years, whom Henry’s father admired. Because Rev. Hugh McAden supported American Independence, the British Army burned his home and neighboring buildings and confiscated his livestock.
Rev. McAden, the minister to the John Pritchett family, conducted the wedding of John Pritchett and his 2nd wife, Susanna Blackwell, and he united John’s son Armistead Castle Pritchett to Mary Minerva Neblett 15 Dec. 1830. In 1834 he baptized A.C.’s son John William Pritchett. The 1880 census of Brunswick County shows Rev. McAden living in Meherrin District.
Mac Pritchett always believed that the minister’s name would have been McCaddin, for that is how he had always written his middle name and how he believed his father wrote his name. Mac later thought that Henry Pritchett’s middle name was McAden and that his mother, perhaps not seeing the correct spelling, misspelled his name—his birth certificate shows McCadin, with only one d. Mac’s cousin Harvey McCadden Daniel spells the name with a different variation.
After Mac’s death, a note Henry Pritchett sent to Lula Pritchett before they married was discovered, which revealed his name as McCadin—precisely what she put on her son’s birth certificate.

A son’s recollection
Mac Pritchett recalled, “I know that Papa always regretted that he could not finish at the College of the Bible. Papa worked in New Hope Christian Church for the rest of his life. He served the church in many capacities and was a faithful and devout Christian. I can still recall one night when I was a small boy and Papa and I were at a meeting at church. I remember some discussion going on when Papa stood up and talked for a while. I remember the very seats in which we were sitting. After the meeting was over, a member came up to Papa and said, ‘Henry, that was the greatest sermon I have ever heard given in this church.’
“He often told me about his recollections of his years in Lexington, and his experiences of living in Kentucky. He thoroughly enjoyed his years at the college that then was part of Transylvania University.
“Henry had a brilliant mind and a charming personality. I can only compare him to a shooting star that appears in the firmament with gleaming brilliance for a short time and then is gone.”

Here is Henry’s obituary:

H.M. Pritchett, fourth son of David and Susan L. Pritchett, departed this life December 5, 1929. Henry was born in Brunswick County, Virginia, January 12, 1885. When he completed the school course in this county he attended college at Lexington, Kentucky, to prepare for the Ministry. Illness of a younger brother called him home, after which he turned to farming as a business.
On December 19, 1912, he was married to Miss Lula Inez Daniel, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pritchett of Alberta.
To this union were born four children, William McCaddin, Margaret Inez, David Dawson and James Gerald. Besides his wife and children he leaves an aged mother, three brothers and five sisters to mourn their loss. D.A Pritchett, M.V. Pritchett, and G.A. Pritchett., Mrs. Lee A. Daniel, Mrs. A.P. Daniel, Mrs. M.J. Moore, Mrs. I.L. Daniel and Mrs. M.L.Daniel.
His father, one sister, Mrs. P.P. Daniel and one brother, J.E. Pritchett having preceded him to the grave.
On December 1, 1929, he was stricken with an acute attack of appendicitis and was rushed to Johnson-Willis Hospital, Richmond, Virginia, where an operation was performed. He rallied from the operation and was improving but relapsed dying almost instantly.
He was laid to rest in the church yard at New Hope where he had been for thirty years a faithful member. The burial service was conducted by D.M. Austin and the W.G. Forbes, his pastor.
Active pall-bearers were D.A. Pritchett, Luther Pritchett, Stanley Daniel, Leonard Daniel, J.W. McDowell and Preston Daniel.
In the sorrowing throng that attended the burial service all eyes were dimmed with tears and the ministers were too touched for words over the untimely death of their comrade who fell wearing the whole armor of God.
Some men were born great, some achieve greatness, whole some have greatness thrust upon them.
If to labor with his hand for fellow man—to help the sick and needy if that makes a man great, Henry was truly great. His hands so still in death were such beautiful hands because they bore the marks of service for others.
The entire community grieves over its great loss, but we look forward with the Christian’s faith to the blessed reunion on the Resurrection Morn.
Husband, father, brother, son has gone, the voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled. The boon his love had given and though the body slumbers here the soul is safe in Heaven.
At the crystal river brink, some sweet day, by and by, Oh! The loved ones watching there. By the tree of Life so fair, we shall come their joy to share, some sweet day. Bye and bye.
You, my loved one have shown me God.
Your kiss upon my cheek has made me feel the Gentle touch of Him who leads me on.
The memory of your smile when young, reveals His face, as mellowing years come on apace;
And when you went before, you left the gates of Heaven ajar
That I might glimpse, approaching from afar, the Glories of His Grace.
Hold (papa) my hand, guide me along the path,
That, coming I may stumble not nor roam,
Nor fail to show the way that leads us—Home.

The Census of 1930 lists Mrs. Henry M. Pritchett on Blackstone Road with her 5 children in the household. 

Descendants of Henry McCaddin Pritchett
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Devontayvian Copeland,  Lamont Copeland,  
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 David Dawson Pritchett (1918-1973),  
Marjorie Lindsey Browder,  Charles E. Browder,  Katherine Roberts,  
Charles David Pritchett,  Gretchen M. Bittner,  Robert Bittner,  Julie —,  
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 James Gerald Pritchett (1926-2002),  
James Atkins Sculthorp,   
 Lula Henryetta (Pritchett) Johnson (1930-),  
David Pritchett,   
William Furlow Johnson,  William C. Johnson,  Zelma Shippey,  
Linda Margaret Johnson,  Michael Thomas Bishop,  
Jolee Lyn Bishop,  Jo Ann Ferguson,  Lillie Elizabeth Pritchett,   Bruce Lee Beamer Jr.,  
Alyssa Lee Beamer,  
Paul Michael Bishop,  
Tempa Lyn Johnson,  Derek Bruce Lane,  
Chance Derek Lane,  
Tera Lyn Lane,  
Bruce William Johnson,  
Lillie Mae Pritchett,   Moses Leonard Daniel,   

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
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