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 44   Archibald Manly (c.1805-c.1885)
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Archibald Manly, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Archibald Manly might describe his life as follows.

Called “Archer,” I was born about 1805 in St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick County, likely a son of John Meanly who died when I was just a youth. Since I could read and write, I must have had some schooling. Mother and I were living in the household of my half-brother James Meanly in Brunswick County in 1810 and 1820, but moved to Lunenburg County after Mother married John Hammock in 1825.
Lunenburg is where I met and married Ann Elizabeth Hampton, who was about 5 years my junior. Rev. Joshua Featherston officiated at our wedding 9 April 1829.  By 1840 we were the parents of Luther Napoleon, Mary Catherine, and Elizabeth Archer. Mother, who was living with us in 1840, helped rear the children. Mary Catherine was living in Mother’s household in Lunenburg in 1850, but by 1860 my stepfather had died and Mother returned to live with us.
Not only did I farm during my lifetime, I was also a carpenter and miller. I never owned slaves, but did employ Eliza and Richard Walker, “Free Negroes,” as they were called, in 1860.
Ann Elizabeth died shortly after 1860, probably during the Civil War while our son was serving in the Army, and I married Julia Harper Mayton, daughter of David Mayton and Elizabeth Grant, 18 January 1865.  “Harper” as she was called, was born about 1833, the older sister of my son-in-law, William R. Mayton. The Rev. Willis Harris Peace, a Methodist minister, performed the marriage ceremony.
The 1880 census has me as 74, and I probably did not live to be much older. Although Julia lived near Mt. Zion Methodist Church with Edward Manly after my death, she joined New Hope Christian Church at Danieltown in 1895 and attended church there for the rest of her life.

Although Featherston reported that he conducted Archibald’s marriage ceremony 9 April 1829, Archibald’s marriage bond was dated 28 April 1829. James S. Peace, husband of Mary Manly and brother of Rev. Willis H. Peace, was surety for the marriage bond.

Ann Elizabeth Hampton was likely a great-granddaughter of William Hampton.
Living with Archibald’s family in 1840 was a woman between 50 and 60 years of age. Although she had remarried by then, this was very possibly his mother, helping to take care of her grandchildren.
In 1850 Archibald, a farmer, and Ann Elizabeth, aged 45 and 40, were living in Brunswick County, with Luther N. 17, Elizabeth 12, and Susan 19.  Mary, aged 15, was living in Lunenburg County with her grandmother in the home of John and Mary Hammock, aged 83 and 68.
By 1860 Archibald, a miller, and Ann Elizabeth, ages 54 and 56, had moved just across the line into Lunenburg where their household included their daughter Elizabeth Archer Manly 20, Edward B. Manly 25, Susan Manly, age 30, and Archibald’s mother, Mary P.. Hammock, aged 85. We do not know who Edward and Susan were. 
In 1870 Archibald, now a 64-year-old carpenter, and Julia were living in Red Oak District of Brunswick County, with Mary Maiden, a seamstress, aged 75, possibly Julia’s grandmother.  The family name, incidentally, appears to have been changed from Maiden to Mayton during the early part of the 19th century. Mary, being three-quarters of a century old, retained the earlier spelling.
The Census of 1880 reported Archibald and Julia still living in Red Oak District, with Archibald keeping a mill, which may have been Neblett’s Mill or the Dixon Mill near the Brunswick-Lunenburg line. 

Another Archibald Meanly
On 7 April 1764 the churchwardens of Henrico Parish ordered Archibald Meanly, a poor child, to be bound out as an apprentice.  He is possibly the man of this name who served during the Revolutionary War,  paid tax in Charles City County in 1782,  and was living in Henrico County in 1810.

Descendants of Archibald Manly
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Luther Napoleon Manly (c.1833-c.1896),  
 Mary Catherine (Manly) Mayton (c.1835-1912),  
William Robert Mayton,  Rev. H.T. Montgomery,  
David Mayton,  Elizabeth Grant,  Rev. John Doyle,  
Capt. John Blair McPhail,   
Edward Benjamin Mayton,   
Adolphus Napoleon Mayton,  Martha Drew Hammonds,  Siller K. Hammonds,  Susie F. Edmonds,  
Thomas Lee Mayton,  Cora Jane Reames,  Thomas Pleasants Reames,  Elizabeth James Booth,  
Lottie Lee Mayton,  George A. Ragsdale,  
Percy McKinley Mayton,  Vada Earl Spruill,  Julian Lee Mayton Sr.,  
Mamie Bell Mayton,  James Leonard Blanks,  
Bessie May Mayton,  Willie Marshall Cox,  
William Adolphus Mayton,  Mary Magdelena Lunsford,  
William Adolphus Mayton,  Mary Frances Verser,  
Gladys Mayton,  
Judy Mayton,  
Joyce Mayton,  
Marcus Creed Mayton,  
Bloomy M. Mayton,  Lula B. Daniel,   
Harvey Mayton,  
Lena Mayton,  Ned Milan,  
Daisy Mayton,  Herbert Beck,  
Russell Sandy Mayton,  Anna Virginia Daniel,   
Lucy Mayton,  
Essie B. Mayton,  
Joseph G. Mayton,  Nora Alice Callis,   Rev. W.J. Pruden,  
May Mayton,  Jesse S. Dalton,  
Sadie Mayton,  John W. Ragsdale,  
Blackwell J. Mayton,  Carrie Havens,   Rev. George E. Owen,  
Eugene Mayton,  Hattie Sue Hanks,   
Gracie Mayton,  Maynard Bottom,  
Stanley Mayton,  Minnie Lee Robertson,  Jack Robertson,  Carrie —,  Rev. John O. Moss,  Marvin Mayton,  
William Andrew Mayton,  Mary Kennedy,  
Susan Julia (Pritchett) Jackson,   Edward Reece Jackson,  
Lonnie Mayton,  Sadie —,  
Sterling Archer Mayton,  Rosa Mary Reames,  Thomas Pleasants Reames,  Elizabeth James Booth,  Alice Rebecca Reames,   Cora Jane Reames,   John William Pritchett,   
Bertha Mayton,  
Mary A. Mayton,  
Willard F. Mayton,  
Elsie M. Mayton,  
Lunette Mayton,  
Ruth Mayton,  
Lewellyn Johnson Mayton,  Alice Rebecca Reames,  
Thomas William Mayton,  
Harry Preston Mayton,  Dora Elizabeth Jackson,   
Katherine Harris,  Pvt. John H. Harris,  
Oscar R. Mayton,  
Irene C. Mayton,  
Allie J. Mayton,  
Everett W. Mayton,  
Lewellyn J. Mayton,  
Myrtle V. Mayton,  
Elizabeth V. Mayton,  
Walter Mayton,  
Edward Benjamin Mayton,  Elizabeth Gee Simmons,  John H. Simmons,  Laura J. Burrow,  
Mary Mayton,  
Cecil Mayton,  E.H. Titmus,  
Mary Alice Mayton,  Lucius Smith Daniel,   Rev. J. Carson Watson,  
Bill Mayton,  
Everett W. Mayton,  Ora Evelyn Simmons,  D.W. Simmons,  Laura —,  
Waverly Mayton,  
Isadora Bell Mayton,  
 Elizabeth Archer Manly (1837-1927),  
Lucinda Ann Manly,   
Marshall Hawthorne,  Andrew Daniel,   
Lee Andrew Daniel,   Susan Virginia Pritchett,   

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