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Thomas Lygon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Lygon might describe his life as follows.

I undoubtedly descend from a military companion of William “The Conqueror.” The only son of Richard Lygon, I appear in the records first in 1414 as a commissioner of King Henry V for Worcester. Not only did I inherit the Lygon estates in Worcestershire, my marriage to Joan Bracy, the only child and heir of William de Bracy and his wife, Isabel, brought me the estate of Madresfield. 
Madresfield Court had belonged to the de Bracy family since before 1100, but the records kept at Madresfield begin in only about 1250. It is a moated Elizabethan house containing about 100 rooms at the foot of the Malvern Hills, on the Severn River, about two miles from the town of Great Malvern. In 1967 it was the home of Sir William Lygon, Member of Parliament and Eighth Earl Beauchamp. You can tour Madresfield Court today—if you call ahead.
Joan and I were the parents of William and Thomas Lygon. 

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Descendants of Thomas Lygon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Lygon,  
Elizabeth Arundel,  Rainsford Arundel,  Joan Colshill,  Sir John Colshill,  
 Thomas Lygon (c.1425-1507),  
George Lygon,  Richard Lygon,   
William Lygon,  
Richard Lygon,  
William de Warren,  Isabella de Vermandois,  
William de Bracy,  William de Warren,  Robert de Bracy,  
Robert de Bracy,  
William de Bracy,  
Robert de Bracy,  
William de Bracy,  James Butler,  Joan Bracy,  
William de Bracy,  
William Lygon,   

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European Notables
Sir William Lygon Member of Parliament  

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