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 456   Thomas Carr (-c.1755)
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Thomas Carr, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Carr might describe his life as follows.

From among all the records of Colonial Virginia, I rate one mention. The tax list of Lunenburg County for 1752 has my name on it.  Other men on the same list lived along either side of the Staunton River and that is likely where I lived, too.
I may have been a son of John Carr and Catherine of Hanover County. Although its county records there are missing, church records reveal John was alive in St. Paul’s Parish in 1709 and dead in 1711 when “Mrs. Carr’s orphans” had his land.  Of his orphans, only Mary is known.  If I was a son of John Carr, then he named me for his father, Sir Thomas Carr of King William County.
On the south side of the Staunton is Halifax County where records of 1769 reveal that Thomas and William Carr were under the guardianship of John Carr.  These were probably my sons, all of whom had land on Bradley Creek, that flows from south of present-day Republican Grove into the Banister River.

Where did John live?
An analysis of the other names on the same list of tithes near John Carr shows they lived on both sides of the Staunton River on Straightstone Creek, Falling River, and Cub Creek. Consequently, Carr could have been living in Halifax County in 1752.
Thomas Carr left no trace of a will and John Carr became the guardian of William and his brother, Thomas Carr. We do not know for certain how John Carr was related to these two young orphans. Although he may have been an uncle, his children married not long before those of William and Thomas and so we have tentatively placed him as their older brother.
All 3 posited Carr brothers, John, Thomas, and William, appeared in 1782 and 1785 listings of Halifax County heads of households. They lived in the same vicinity and their names were near each other on the lists.

Attorney Thomas Carr
One Thomas Carr appeared in the records of Halifax County around 1760 but we doubt that he these boys’ father. By 1760 Prince Edward County had licensed several individuals to practice law there including: Paul Carrington in 1755,  Carrington’s brother-in-law Clement Read Jr. in 1757,  and Thomas Carr—who wrote his name T. Carr—in 1760.  Thomas Carr witnessed a 1760 deed in Lunenburg County with Clement Read,  and several deeds in Halifax County around 1760 with both Clement Read Jr. and Paul Carrington.  Yet for most of these deeds, the grantor was from Prince Edward County. We do not know where Thomas Carr lived or died.

Sir Thomas Carr
Sir Thomas Carr, who came from Scotland in 1680, had 4 sons: Maj. Thomas Carr (c.1678-1737), William Carr (c.1686), Robert Carr (c.1685-c.1713), and John Carr (c.1680-c.1710), who lived in Louisa, Spotsylvania, Hanover, and King William counties.

Descendants of Thomas Carr
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Carr,  
Nathaniel Hall,  John Milam,  William Sims,  Lorena R.—,  Mary (—) Carr,  William Hall Jr.,  Walter Coles,  Robert Wooding,  
Thomas Yuille,  John Smith,  James Glass,  
James Kersey,  Robert Lumpkin,  Thomas Bowman,  
Molly Carr,  Barnard Farmer,  
John Carr,  Jane Priddy,  George Priddy,  Penelope Davis,  
 Thomas Carr (c.1750-1808),  
Sarah Phelps,  John Phelps,  
William East,  Ambrose Hunt,  
Benjamin Moseley,   
Elizabeth Carr,  Austin Martin,  Rev. Hawkins Landrum,  
Nancy Martin,  Silas Addison Carr,   
William Martin,  Polly Abbott,   William Ridgeway,   
James Carr,  Agnes Light,  John Light,  
Jemima Carr,  William D. Moore,  
Temperance Carr,  James A. Neal,  
John Carr,  Sally Wilkes,   Catherine Royster,  
Fannie E. Carr,  Coleman Carr,  
William P. Carr,  Elizabeth Whitman,  Daniel Whitman,  
Nancy Carr,  Dudley Glass,  
Sarah Glass,  William Martin,  
Thomas S. Carr,  Sarah Ragland,  Thomas Ragland,  
 William Carr (c.1752-1835),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William P. Carr - War of 1812  

Selected sources
The Priddy Family Association, The Priddy Family in America, Elizabethtown, Kentucky: The Priddy Family Association, 1981:32-35, 145-148. • Includes family of Frances Priddy and Armistead Abbott, Elizabeth Priddy and Joseph Abbott, and Jane Priddy who married John Carr.

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