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 46   Dennis Barrow (c.1788-c.1865)
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Dennis Barrow, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Dennis Barrow might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1788 in Brunswick County, Virginia. My father was William Barrow whose plantation on Little Cedar Creek north of present-day Danieltown was next to one belonging to William Daniel.
My first wife was Armon (Brown) Daniel, the widow of William’s son George Daniel. Armon brought four children to the marriage and we had several of our own.
Armon died after 1820 and I took Nancy H. Moore as my second wife in 1825. We had four children including Julia Anna who married Luther Napoleon Manly.
In 1860, at age 73, I was living with my daughter Mourning Biggs and her family.  I died probably soon after the Civil War.

Rev. Peter Wynne united in marriage Dennis Barrow and Armon Daniel 2 Nov. 1808 with John Archer as surety. 
The 1810 census depicts Dennis with Armon’s 4 children, and several children of their own.  The Census of 1820 enumerated Dennis and Armon, both aged 26-45, with 9 children: 3 boys and 4 girls under aged 10 and one boy and one girl, aged 10-16.
When Dennis married Nancy H. Moore in Lunenburg County 27 Dec. 1825, Edward W. Parker was surety and Rev. John Wesley Doyle united them in marriage. 
The Census of 1850 showed Dennis, age 63, with 5 children in his household, Nancy evidently being dead. Thomas was 32, Elizabeth 22, Lucy 17, Julia 14, and Susan 11. Living with them was Mary Barrow who mayy have been a third wife.  Since Dennis and Nancy married in 1825, it is likely some of their children left the house before this census.

Descendants of Dennis Barrow
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Barrow (c.1818-1852),  
 Jeremiah Barrow,  
 Priscilla Barrow,  
 Charity Barrow,  
 Catherine Mourning (Barrow) Biggs (-1894),  
William R. Biggs,  Sterling Biggs,  Nancy Howerton,  
Mary Biggs,  
Richard A. Biggs,  
Emeline Biggs,  
Ida O. Biggs,  
 Elizabeth Barrow (c.1828-),  
 Lucy A. (Barrow) Floyd (1833-1888),  
George J. Floyd,  Preston Bishop,  
Laura J. Floyd,  John James Slaughter,  Rev. J.O. Moss,  
Lucinda Ann Manly,   
George Slaughter,  Martha M. —,  
Robert Slaughter,  Lizzie Skinner,  
Goldie Slaughter,  Robert Anderton,  
Walter D. Slaughter,  Mattie Mae Burnett,  
Herbert Slaughter,  
Lola Slaughter,  John Sidney Turner,  
 Julia Anna (Barrow) Manly (c.1835-1892),  
Luther Napoleon Manly,   
 Susan M. Barrow (c.1839-),  

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