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 466   Thomas Hill II (-1773)
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Thomas Hill II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Hill II might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Spotsylvania County, the eldest son of another Thomas Hill and, like him, I was illiterate. My wife was Barsheba Abney, a daughter of our neighbor Dennett Abney. After 1750 we moved to Cumberland County where the tax register for 1760 lists me next to Thomas Guthrey
I made my will in Cumberland County 6 October 1770 remembering my wife, Barsheba, and our nine children, and was dead by 25 October 1773 when the witnesses proved my will in court. 
Although our sons Joseph and Dennett remained in Cumberland, John, Thomas, William, and James, along with their sister Ann, who married my neighbor’s son Travis Guthrey, moved to the Catawba Creek area of Halifax County

We have yet to find where in Cumberland County Thomas lived. Nor do we know when he purchased the 100 acres he owned at his death.
Thomas and his sons lived in Southam Parish where processioners returns of 1773 placed Thomas and John neighbors to Thomas Guthrey, James Southall, James Brown, Joseph Calland, and Jesse Sanders. Although not then a landowner, Dennett was present when the boundary of his father’s farm was walked,  in a precinct between Col. Bolling’s Road, the Main Ridge Road, Buckingham Road and the county line. 

Descendants of Thomas Hill II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Hill,  
Abraham Abney,   Benjamin Vaughan,  Robert Brumfield,  
 Dennett Hill,  
 Sarah Hill,  
 Mary Hill,  
 Thomas Hill III,  
Dennett Abney,   
Ann (—) Hill,  Godfrey Piles,  
 William Hill,  
Thomas Spraggins Jr.,   
Joseph Mayes,  Margaret —,  Robert Brumfield,  
Travis Guthrey,   
Dorcas (Abney) Mayes,   
Dennett Hill,  
 Joseph Hill (-1773),  
Joanna Read,  
Daniel Allen,   
Thomas Hill,  
William Hill,  
Elizabeth Hill,  
Joyce Hill,  
Joseph Hill,  
 James Hill,  
Abraham Prewett,  Alexander Troop,  
Ann Cason,  
Godfrey Piles,  William Nance,  
Susanna Hill,  John Proctor,  
Cason Hill,  Susanna (—) Hill,  
Thomas Hill,  Lydia Scurry,  
Joseph Hill,  
John Hill,  
Nancy Hill,  James Caldwell,  
Sarah Hill,  Thomas Scurry,  
James Hill,  Frances Chappell,   
 Ann (Hill) Guthrey,  
Travis Guthrey,   
Joseph Smith,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Dennett Hill - Revolutionary War  

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