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 4700   Col. John Flood (-1685)
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Col. John Flood, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Col. John Flood might describe his life as follows.

I came to Virginia in the Swan in 1610 and was employed for some time by Rev. Alexander Whitaker at Charles City.
Fortunately, I survived the vicious morning slaughter of 347 colonists by Powhatan chieftain Opechancanough 22 March 1622/3. To speed the settlement of estates, the Virginia Company ordered an accounting of the living and dead. When they surveyed my home at Jordan’s Journey in January 1624/5, I was living with my wife, Margaret, who came in the Supply in 1620, with her husband William Finch, and their daughter, Frances Finch. Our son, William Flood, was just three weeks old. 
Our provisions included 30 bushels of corn and two bushels of peas and beans. In the yard was a pig and 20 chickens and ducks. I was armed with 3 guns, 10 pounds of shot, a half-pound of gun powder, and a coat of male. Jordan’s Journey was on the south bank of the James across Bailey Creek from present-day Hopewell, Virginia.
Margaret and I had three children before her death. My second wife, Fortune Jordan, a sister of Col. George Jordan, and I had one child, Walter Flood.
Though I knew the Powhatan well and could speak their language, I was shocked when a second uprising of 17 April 1644 left 500 of our colonists dead. By 1646 we reduced the Powhatan to small tribes dependent on our support and the burgesses restricted their chieftain, Necotowance, and his messengers to communicate with the English at only Fort Henry or at my home.  In 1646 the House of Burgesses made me the official Indian interpreter for the Colony with an annual salary was 4,000 pounds of tobacco. 
For many years I served in the House of Burgesses at Jamestown, and was also a county justice. I died in 1658.

John Flood represented Westover, Flowerdew Hundred, Weyanoke (1631/2), and James City (1643, 1645-46, 1652, 1656) in the Virginia House of Burgesses,  and was a justice of Charles City County 25 Feb. 1639/40. 
John married 2nd Fortune Jordan, sister of Col. George Jordan who left a will in Sussex County naming “cousins [nephews]” Thomas Flood and Walter Flood.   See their family [4682.2]

Land grants
John got a patent for 2,100 acres next to Capt. Henry Browne in that part of James City County that became Surry County in 1638 in consideration of having transported 42 individuals to the Colony.  Among his headrights were Margaret, Frances Finch, and John Flood Jr. John would re patent 1,100 acres of this tract in 1650.  On 20 March 1638/9 John Bradston assigned his 350-acre patent to “John Fludd of Westover plantation,”  and a lease granted John Flood 1 March 1652/3 added an unspecified number of acres to his holdings. 
Thomas Pawlett of Westover sold Flood 50 acres in Charles City County next to John Clay 2 Oct. 1634. 

His death
John was living in June 1658 but was dead by 14 Nov. 1658 when his son Thomas sold William Jennings, “all land in his occupation which he formerly held by lease from his father, Col. John Flood.” 
Col. Jordan was “trustee of the [now-lost] Will of Coll. John Flood, deceased” 29 Oct. 1670,  and by then his widow was the wife of James Mills.

Walter Flood, the carpenter
Some connection likely exists to Walter Flood, a London carpenter, who left a will mentioning an estate in Virginia (will dated 16 Jan. 1635/6 and proved 22 Jan. 1635/6). 

Descendants of Col. John Flood
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Flood (c.1624-),  
 Thomas Flood (-1670),  
 Jane (Flood) Cary,  
John Cary,  Thomas Cary,  Susanna Limberry,  
Mary Cary,  Nathaniel Harrison,   
Thomas Cary,  
 Walter Flood (c.1656-1722),  
Jane Flood,   
Ann Browne,   
Nathaniel Harrison,   William Browne,   
John Flood,  Mary Blunt,   
Jane Flood,  
Mary Flood,  
Walter Flood,  Sarah (—) Flood,  
John Flood,  Thomas Hamlin,  
Fortune Flood,  William Blackburn,  
Elizabeth Flood,  Nicholas Edmunds,   
Fortune Flood,  
Mary Flood,  
Ann Flood,  William Cocke,  William Cocke,  
Thomas Hamlin,  
William Clinch,  
Ann Cocke,  Col. Nathaniel Edwards,  
Mary Cocke,  John Spratley,  
William George,   John Cocke,  
John Spratley,  Ann Pettway,  John Pettway,  John Judkins,  James Jones,  
Walter Spratley,  
William Spratley,  Ann Faulcon,  Nicholas Faulcon,  
Mary White,  
John Spratley,  Sally Hart,  Martha Gray Hart,  
Walter Spratley,  Susan Blow,  
William Hartwell Spratley,  Margaret Warren,  Dolly (Evans) Hamlin,  
Benjamin Spratley,  Susanna Sebrell,  Nathaniel Sebrell,  
Mary Spratley,  
Walter Spratley,  Elizabeth Shackleton,  Richard Shackleton,  
Henry Spratley,  
Benjamin Spratley,  
Elizabeth Spratley,  
Nathaniel Spratley,  Lucy Cocks,  
Thomas Spratley,  Ann Holdsworth,  
Rebecca Young Spratley,  Edwin Delk,  
Peter Thomas Spratley,  Margaret S. Wilson,  Mary Wheadon Gilbert,  
Lewis Meredith Spratley,  Wilson,  
William Hamlin Spratley,  Sally B. Pierce,  
Ann Spratley,  Jacob Faulcon,  James Bryant,  Charles Judkins,  
John Faulcon,  Jane Faulcon,  Mary Kennon Cocke,   Martha (Ruffin) Edwards,   Thomas Edwards,   
Ann Faulcon,  Rowland Holt,  
Walter Faulcon,  
Mary Ann Faulcon,  John Faulcon Jr.,  
Jacob Faulcon,  
Elizabeth Spratley,  
William Hamlin,  Thomas Harris,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
John Flood - Virginia Peter Thomas Spratley - Virginia

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