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 508   Mr. Laffoon
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Matthew and Nathaniel Laffoon arrived in Lunenburg County together by 1759 when they secured a patent to 400 acres on the upper fork of Great Creek 10 Aug. 1759.  This Ancestral Family Topic is devoted to these Lunenburg County Laffoon brothers who may have originated in James City County where John Laffoon paid quit rents on 75 acres in 1704.  Although the records from that county are now missing, Blisland Parish served James City and its vestry book reveals that an indigent John Laffoon lived there in 1725-28,  Mary Laffoon was under the care of the vestry in 1748,  and Sarah Laffoon cared for and buried Sarah Taylor in 1758 and kept Mary McCormick in 1770.  Sarah Laffoon, possibly the same one, was under the care of the St. Peter’s Parish in 1779.

Descendants of Mr. Laffoon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Matthew Laffoon (-1789),  
 Nathaniel Laffoon (-c.1808),  
Stephen Caudle,  John Calton,  
Edward Ragsdale,  
Rev. James Craig,   
Nathaniel Laffoon,  Thomas Harding,  
Polly Merryman,  Mary Chambliss,  
Jeremiah Laffoon,  Lucretia Parrish,  James Parrish,  
Mary A. Laffoon,  James Dixon,  
Lucretia Dixon,  
James M. Laffoon,  Ann E. Winn,  
John Laffoon,  
John Mathis,  
Mary Ann (—) Laffoon,  Jesse Laffoon,   Elizabeth Parker,  
James Inge,  William B. Moore,  Ann Inge,  
William Laffoon,  Martha Winn,  Freeman Winn,  
William Winn,  Martha Winn,  Joseph B. Moore,  
Joseph Laffoon,  
Martha Laffoon,  
Parks Laffoon,  Emily Thomason,  Banister Thomason,  
Jugurtha A. Laffoon,  
Sarah A. Laffoon,  
Virginia Emmaline Laffoon,  Edward Mason Moore,   
Leonidas Parks Laffoon,  Harriet Anna Paulina Samford,   
Francis Adolphus Laffoon,  
Mary Laffoon,  
Thomas Laffoon,  Sarah F. Matthews,  
Robert Matthews,  
Susan W. Skinner,  
William Lewis Laffoon,  
Emma Jane Nolley,  
Annie Etta (Hines) Ogburn,  James Heartwell Ogburn,  
Sallie Ann Laffoon,  William B. Barlow,  
Louis Barlow,  
James Herbert Barlow,  
William S. Barlow,  
Lillie Belle Barlow,  Murphy Gee Daniel,  Carter Jones Daniel,  
Lavlette Daniel,  
William Carter Daniel,  
Marie Daniel,  
Charles Murphy Daniel,  
Horace Wright Daniel,  Dorothy Marie Isbell,  John Gordon Isbell,  Ethel Gertrude Simmons,  
Jerry Lee Daniel,  
John Rutledge Barlow,  
Calvin Archer Barlow,  
Bessie Mae Barlow,  
Ruth Virginia Barlow,  
Leonard Hall Barlow,  
Robert Irving Laffoon,  Hannah Elizabeth Winn,  
Mary Blanche Ogburn,  James Heartwell Ogburn,  Annie Etta Hines,  
Ellen Nora Laffoon,  Lewis Lehman,  
William Elton Laffoon,  Carrie J. Baird,  Frederick Baird,  Mary E. Jane —,  
Irene Laffoon,  Grady Roy Rawlings,   
William Levis Laffoon,  Dorothy Ann LaRue,  
Minnie Jane Laffoon,  William Emmett Browder,   
Pernell Garland Lafoon,  Evelyn A. Ogburn,  James Heartwell Ogburn Sr.,  Annie Etta Hines,  
Loretta Robertson,  
Bernice Estelle Lafoon,  James Ernest Wesson,   
Lila Lafoon,  
Clyde A. Lafoon,  
Etta Lafoon,  
Hazel Lafoon,  
Edna Lafoon,  Leonard Abernathy,   
Doris Lafoon,  
Mallory Lafoon,  
Miles Lafoon,  
P.G. Lafoon,  Nina Bagley Bragg,  
Nanna Clara Laffoon,  Alonza Wilkins Laffoon,   
Joseph Robert Laffoon,  Martha Ida Moore,  
Carrie Green Laffoon,  
Nannie Drue Laffoon,  
Maryland Lucas Laffoon,  
Linda Myrtle Laffoon,  
Alonza Wilkins Laffoon,  Nanna Clara Laffoon,   
Carrie M. Rawlings,   
Lucy Genette Laffoon,  James C. Potts,  
Ann E. Laffoon,  Cornelius F. Daniel,   
George W. Laffoon,  Maria Reedy Susan Daniel,   
Meade A. Laffoon,  Mary Amelia Daniel,   
Minnie Jane Laffoon,  
Daniel Foster Laffoon,  
Cora N. Laffoon,  
Lee A. Laffoon,  
Mary F. Laffoon,  Mack C. Daniel,   
Martha Jane Laffoon,  Sterling Hite Callis,   
Adeline R. Laffoon,  John Franklin Havens,  
Carrie Havens,  Blackwell J. Mayton,   
William Bertie Havens,  Bessie Virginia Waller,   
John Havens,  Lizzie Louis Hanks,   
Susan C. Laffoon,  
Thomas Henry Laffoon,  Susan Alice Stone,   
Mary E. Laffoon,  Freeman J. Winn,  
James L. Laffoon,  Martha Ann Morgan,  
Indiana Laffoon,  
Maria Laffoon,  
Madison Lafayette Laffoon,  Mary Virginia Gunn,   
William G. Laffoon,  Rebecca J. Winn,  
Martha Laffoon,  James Dixon,  
Alexander Laffoon,  Catherine Johnson,  
Ann Laffoon,  
Elizabeth Laffoon,  Lewis Matthews,  Martha Potts,  
Eveline Laffoon,  David Epperson,  
Rebecca Laffoon,  William Matthews,  
Lucy Laffoon,  Anderson Jason Moore,   
Dorothy Laffoon,  Asa Moore,   
Susanna Laffoon,  Randolph Stegall,  
Jesse Laffoon,  Catherine Winn,  Thomas Winn,  
Daniel Laffoon,  Nancy Gee,  
Ann Laffoon,  
John Laffoon,  
Jeremiah Laffoon,  
William Daniel Laffoon,  Indianna Skinner,  
Jesse George Laffoon,  Mary C. Skinner,  Martha Moore,   
John Laffoon,  Maria J. Reese,  Polly C. (—) Reese,  
Mary Laffoon,  
Margaret Laffoon,  Robert Mayton,  
Grace Laffoon,  Potts,  
 William Laffoon (-1744),  
Thomas Boatright,  Grace (—) Laffoon,  Evan Shoemaker,  William Lawless,  William Barker,  
William Pryor,  John Dennis,  James Cocke,   
William Harding,   William Pryor,  
David Staples,  
Mary Laffoon,  Richard Caudle,  
William Caudle,  Frances Hardaway,   Martha (—) Hall,  James Hall,  
John Caudle,  
Charles Caudle,  
Susanna Caudle,  
Ann Laffoon,  John Caudle,  Sampson Caudle,  Joshua Draper,  Thomas Ball Jr.,  
William Pryor,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Nathaniel Laffoon - Revolutionary War Jugurtha A. Laffoon - Civil War
William Lewis Laffoon - Civil War Cornelius F. Daniel - Civil War
William G. Laffoon - Civil War Robert Mayton - Revolutionary War

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