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 580   Hinchia Gilliam (-1737)
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Hinchia Gilliam, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Hinchia Gilliam might describe his life as follows.

A son of Hinchia and Fortune Gilliam, I was unmarried and living Isle of Wight County in 1718 when I sold 125 acres in Surry County to William Briggs and 150 acres to Henry Briggs Their sister was Faith Briggs whom I later took as my wife. All were children of Samuel Briggs who left £5 to daughter Faith Gilliam in his 1737 will. 
We lived in the part of Albemarle Parish, Surry County, that fell into Sussex County in 1754, and the births of our 4 youngest can still be found in that parish register.
I made my own will in Surry County 3 January 1736/7 leaving slaves to 2 daughters and plantation land to our 3 sons, all of whom were then minors. While she lived or remained a widow, Faith could use my estate, and I appointed her sole executor. She buried me a couple of months later.
Faith married Willard Roberts and went on to raise another family. Our son John went to live in Brunswick County while Hinchia and Ann stayed in Sussex.

Hinchia’s will
Here is an abstract of his will recorded 20 April 1737. 

Will of Hinchia Gilliam
3 January 1736/7
To my wife the use of my whole estate during her widowhood, if she marry before the children become of age the remaining part of my estate to be equally divided between my wife and children.
To my daughter Elizabeth Gilliam and my son Hinchia Gilliam, on Negro each.
To Hinchia this Plantation all the land belonging and my gun.
I give to my son John Gilliam, my land adjacent Myrick on Waqua [Creek] and one Negro.
To my daughter Ann Gilliam one Negro.
To my son Samuel my entry upon Crouches Creek.
To O’se [Hosea] Tapley my land on Roanoke River adjacent Siril [Cyril] Welche’s land—provided he pay my brother, John Gilliam, 20 pounds, 16 shillings, and brother John to keep the money for my three sons to be divided equally among them when they become of age.
Hinchia Gilliam

Descendants of Hinchia Gilliam
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth (Gilliam) Barker,  
John Barker,  
Susanna Barker,  
Rebecca Barker,  Benjamin Barker,  
Howell Barker,  
Hinchia Barker,  
Burwell Barker,  
Elizabeth Gilliam Barker,  John Bowles,  
Mary Barker,  Wyatt Cheatham,  
Sarah Barker,  William S. Shadborne,  
Mary Barker,  
Sarah Barker,  
Elizabeth Barker,  
 Hinchia Gilliam III (1729-1769),  
Amy Briggs,   James Hearn,  
Capt. James Jones,   
Amy Chappell,   
Lt. John Gilliam,  Samuel Tatum,  
Howell Chappell,   
John Gilliam,   
Hinchia Gilliam IV,  Robert Chappell,   James Craig,   
William Gilliam,  
Lucy Gilliam,  
 John Gilliam,  
John Pritchett,   William Pritchett,   Joseph Daniel,   
Thomas Briggs,   Colonel Stith,  Abraham Martin,  
Henry Edmunds,  
Giles Kelly,   Joseph Browder,   Richard Lamb,  Thomas Penn,  James Kelly,   Drury Bagwell,   Tarpley Oldham,   
Robert Daniel,   John Potts,   Susanna —,  William Walker,  Sarah —,  Hinchia Gilliam,   
John Pritchett,   Richard Bagwell,   William Pritchett,   Hezekiah Davis,   
 Anne (Gilliam) Jones (1731-),  
James Boisseau Jones,   
 Samuel Gilliam (1736-1767),  

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