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 584   Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I (c.1666-1734)
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Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1666, a son of John and Margery Gilliam, and was living in the household of my stepfather, Henry Briggs, 1682 to 1685. 
I was married to Fortune by 3 April 1690 when I sold land we owned in Charles City County to Robert Bolling.  We were eventually the parents of 6 sons and 4 daughters.
The governor granted me 1,610 acres in present-day Sussex County beyond the 658 acres I owned in 1704, giving me 2,268. In 1712 a Surry County grand jury indicted me for skipping church, which was then a crime. 
I made my will in Surry County 13 January 1733/4 naming wife, Fortune, and identifying 4 sons and 2 daughters. Besides giving them their own plantations, I let Charles, Walter, and Thomas Gilliam have the 40 acres on the north side of Nottoway River where we liked to fish, hoping they would share it.
Fortune’s will of 20 May 1744 named no daughters but sons Charles, William, Thomas, and Walter.  Our grandson Burwell Gilliam reported to Rev. Willie of Albemarle Parish that Fortune died 20 October 1753,  and they recorded her will in newly-created Sussex County 13 May 1754. By the way, he pronounced his name Wylie.
Since my sons could not agree on who should pay the taxes on our fishing spot, Robert Jones obtained a grant for it in 1755 and he conveyed it to Thomas Gilliam, only. 

Neither Hinchia nor Fortune appear to have named all their children in their wills. We know Hinchia omitted William Gilliam, for his wife’s will names him, and he left out John Gilliam, identified by the will of his brother Hinchia. Apparently omitted from both wills were Martha Gilliam and Amy Gilliam, identified as sisters of William Gilliam.
Published genealogies identify Hinchia’s wife as Fortune Flood, daughter of Walter Flood and Ann Browne. Yet the 1704 will of William Browne in 1704 still describes her as Fortune Flood and the will of Walter Flood makes no mention of her. 
A close examination of the early records of Surry County reveals no one who could be the father of Fortune Gilliam. She perhaps came from Charles City County where they sold some land.
Hinchia was a militia sergeant in Capt. William Browne’s Company in 1701. 

Hinchia in tithable lists
Hinchia was living in the household of Patrick Lashley in 1688 and appeared in his own household in 1689, 1691, and 1693.  Joel Barker was living with him in 1690.  In 1694 nephew Francis West was living with Hinchia in the precinct above Sunken Marsh. Hinchia was again listed as a tithable in 1695-1700.  Abraham Evans Jr. was in his household in 1697 and Benjamin Walker, in 1701. 

Land transactions
In 1701 Hinchia Gilliam and Capt. Nathaniel Harrison got a patent for 658 acres on the south side of main Blackwater Swamp,  but Hinchia bought out Harrison’s share later that year.  Hinchia alone got 348 acres on Blackwater in 1701 that he and Fortune soon sold to William Hunt.  This left Hinchia 658 acres in Surry County upon which he paid quit rents in 1704. 
Gilliam got 550 acres in Surry County on the east side of Cypress Swamp 16 June 1714.  Hinchia Gilliam of Surry County received a patent of 620 acres on Raccoon Swamp and his own land in Dec. 1714,  but was Hinchia Gilliam of Isle of Wight County when he sold 150 acres on Cattail Swamp to Henry Briggs and 125 acres to William Briggs 1718-9.  In 1732 Gilliam got two patents: 40 acres on the north side and 400 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River. 

Hinchia’s will
Here is an abstract of Hinchia’s will recorded 20 Nov. 1734. 

Will of Hinchia Gilliam
13 January 1733/4
To my son Hinchia Gilliam, the Plantation where he now lives with all the land adjoining.
To son Walter Gilliam, the Plantation where he now lives with 200 acres to be taken out of my land next to Raccoon Swamp. If he die without issue to go to my son, Thomas Gilliam.
To son Charles Gilliam, the Plantation where he now lives and 100 acres on the North side of a Branch between his Plantation and mine for his life, at his death to his son, Charles Gilliam.
The remainder of my land 340 acres to my wife, Fortune Gilliam and at her death to my son, Thomas Gilliam. To my three sons, Charles, Walter, and Thomas Gilliam, 40 acres on the North side of Nottoway River a fishing place and not to molest or deprive each other of privileges.
To son Charles Gilliam 200 acres adjacent Benjamin Harrison and Nathaniel Phillips.
Daughters Priscilla and Lydia Gilliam …

Descendants of Capt. Hinchia Gilliam I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Hinchia Gilliam (-1737),  
 Walter Gilliam (-1758),  
Abel Mabry,   Charles Mabry,   
Drury Gilliam,  Sarah Magee,  Ralph Magee,  
Sampson Collier,  
John Collier,  
Winifred Gilliam,  Benjamin Collier,  
Rebecca Collier,  
Sally Collier,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Edwin Cooper,  
James Cooper,  
Sarah Gilliam,  William Bradley,  Carter Gilliam,   
Walter Gilliam,  Elizabeth Barham,  Robert Barham,  
Hannah (—) Barham,  
Ephraim Gilliam,  
Marcus Gilliam,  Frances (—) Gilliam,  Frances Stuart,  William Stuart,  
Thomas Davis,  Lewis Adkins,  
William Gilliam,  
Drury Gilliam,  
Nathaniel Gilliam,  
Arthur Gilliam,  Elizabeth (—) Gilliam,  
Temperance Gilliam,  
William Gilliam,  
 Thomas Gilliam (c.1705-1790),  
David Hines,  James Adams,  John Baker,  
Mary (—) Gilliam,  James Upchurch,  Edward Tabor,  Elias Morgan,  Richard Blow,  
Selah Sowerby,   
Charles Champion,  
Thomas Gilliam,  Sarah Williamson,  Arthur Williamson,  
Polly Gilliam,  Capt. Stith Tucker,   
Betsy W. Gilliam,  John Gurley,  
Sally Gilliam,  
Susan Gilliam,  
Julia Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  Robert Tucker,   
Susanna Gilliam,  
Martha Gilliam,  
Lucy Gilliam,  Richard Johnson,   
William Johnson,  
John Gilliam,  Lucy Clements,  
Judy Gilliam,  John Rochell,  
Mary Gilliam,  William Butts,  
Jeremiah Gilliam,  
Thomas Clements Gilliam,  
James Gilliam,  
 Charles Gilliam (c.1700-1767),  
Mary Jones,  Arthur Jones,  Prudence (—) Jones Webb,  
Martha (—) Gilliam,  
William Magee,  Martha Magee,  Ralph Magee,  
Charles Gilliam,  James Jones,   
Mary (—) Gilliam,  Elizabeth (—) Gilliam,  Thomas Johnson,  James Mason,  
John Gilliam,  
Phoebe Gilliam,  
Jordan Gilliam,  Ann Betts,  Banister Betts,  
Charles Gilliam,  
Edmund Gilliam,  Sarah (—) Gilliam,  
Susanna Gilliam,  
Anna Gilliam,  
Sarah Gilliam,  
David Gilliam,  
Charles Gilliam,  
Burwell Gilliam,  
Agnes Gilliam,  
Martha Felts,  Sally Gilliam,   Mary Magee,   Rebecca Magee,  Thomas Moore Pritchett,  Mary Gilliam Hutchins,   Martha Longbottom,  
Gray Hutchins Gilliam,  
Lydia Gilliam,  Howell Hutchins,  
Mary Gilliam Hutchins,  
Fortune Gilliam,  Henry Sowerby,  
Drury Magee,  Ralph Magee,  
Mary Magee,  John Magee,  Agnes Gilliam,   Anne Magee,  Henry Felts,  William Felts,  Richard Felts,  Mary —,  
Gilliam Magee,  Elizabeth Gilliam,   Anselm Gilliam,   
Hinchia Knight,   Matthew Clanton,  
Matthew Magee,  
Miles Magee,  
Drury Magee,  Phoebe Gilliam,  Mary Magee,  David Magee,  Evans Mabry,   
Nancy Magee,  
John Magee,  Milly Rogers,  
Jordan Magee,  
Miles Magee,  
William Magee,  
Elizabeth Magee,  
Hinchia Gilliam,  
Susanna Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Gilliam Magee,   Anselm Gilliam,   
 Priscilla Gilliam,  
 Lydia Gilliam,  
 William Gilliam (-1764),  
Robert Wynne,   Martha Thrower,  Tabitha (—) Thrower,  Edward Thrower,  
Lewis Green,  John Passmore,  
George Mabry,   
Martha (—) Gilliam,  
Theodorick Bland,   Micajah Perry,  Wallis,  
Capt. William Gilliam,  
Mildred (—) Gilliam,  Mary Lucas,  Charles Lucas,  Mary Evans,  Benjamin Evans,  
John Gilliam,  Seymour Powell,  
Mary (—) Gilliam,  Hinchia Pettway,   John Hamilton,  Joel Mabry,   
William Gilliam,  
Susanna Parham,   Thomas Parham,   Elizabeth Briggs Mason,   
Samuel Gilliam,  Winifred Stuart,  
Charles Gilliam,  John Camp,  William Mason,  
Selah D. Gilliam,  Jesse Coe,  
Samuel Gilliam,  Martha Hunt,  Thomas Hunt,  
Thomas Hunt Sr.,  Wilkins Jones Hunt,  
Dorothea Gilliam,  Edward Pegram,  
Mary Lucas Gilliam,  
Reuben Gilliam,  
Thomas Booth Gilliam,  
Lucy Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  William Mason,   Lawrence Smith,  
Gilliam Booth,  
Mary Mason,  Thomas Spencer,  
Elizabeth Briggs Mason,  
Rebecca Mason,  
Sarah Mason,  
Martha Gilliam Mason,  
William Mason,  
John Mason,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  Thomas Parham,  
James Banks,  
Susanna Parham,  
Thomas Parham,  
John Banks,  
William Banks,  
James Banks,  
Elizabeth Banks,  Manning,  
Mary Banks,  Gabriel Smith,  
Amy Gilliam,  Lewis Tyus,   John Gilliam,   
Francis Dancy Tyus,  
Lewis Tyus,  
Hannah Tyus,  Green Wynne,  John Wynne,  Agnes (—) Wynne,  
William Tyus,  
Nancy Tyus,  Isaac Adams,  
Frances Tyus,  John Thomas,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   
Mary Tyus,  Joshua Lundy,  
Amy Gilliam Tyus,  Hugh Hall,  
Rebecca Tyus,  
John Tyus,  
James Edwards,  
John Fox,  
Gilliam Fox,  
Jane Gilliam,  Robert Jackson,  Gilliam Jackson,  John Echols,  
Margery Gilliam,  Richard Hill,   
Robert Bolling,   Thomas Chambers,  
Bolling Starke,   
Thomas Hill,  
William Mason,  
Rebecca Hill,  Nicholas Long,  
Richard H. Long,  
Rebecca Long,  Curtis Lynn,  Curtis Land,  
John Junius Long,  
Margaret Long,  Thomas Telfair,  
Sarah R. Long,  James Rembert,  
Frances Elizabeth Long,  Alfred B.C. DuBose,  
Eugenia A. Long,  Lock Weems,  
Capt. Green Hill,  Mary Booth,  George Booth,  Mason Harwell,  Allen Sturdivant,  
Green Hill Booth,  Thomas Booth,  
William Hill,  
Martha Hill,  
Henry Hill,  Elizabeth —,  William Parham,  
Henrietta Elizabeth Hill,  Smith Parham,  
Richard Hill,  Mary Jones,   
Berryman Jones Hill,  
Sarah Hill,  Edwards,  Francis Irby,  
John H. Edwards,  
Margaret Irby,  Fowlkes,  
Mary Irby,  Vaughan,  
Hannah Irby,  
Catherine Irby,  
Jane Irby,  
Alexander Irby,  
Richard Irby,  
Martha Irby,  
Hannah Hill,  Thomas Hunt,  
Richard Hill,  
Thomas Hill,  
Polly Hill,  Parham,  
Richard Stith Parham,  
Sarah Hill,  William Ruffin,   
Capt. James Smith,  
Thomas Ruffin,  
Robert Ruffin,  
Hannah Ruffin,  Marmaduke Norfleet,  James Gee,  
Sarah L.G. Ruffin,  William Rhodes,  
Rebecca Ruffin,  Jordan,  
William Gilliam Hill,  
Hannah Hill,  Ephraim Parham,  
Ruth Dunn,  
Henry Hill,  
Howell Hill,  
William Gilliam Hill,  
Mary Hill,  
Frances Gilliam,  Thomas Evans,  
 John Gilliam (-1738),  
Sarah (—) Gilliam,  
Francis West,   John Person,  
Cornelius Loftin,  John Battaile,  John Davis,  
Anselm Gilliam,   
John Gilliam,  Edward Clanton,  
Ann (—) Gilliam,  John Hargrove,  Nathaniel Clanton,  William Clanton,  
Ann Mason,  David Mason,  Isaac Mason,   
Mason Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  
Anne Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  Lucy Gilliam,   
Elizabeth Gilliam,  
Hinchia Gilliam,  
Howell Gilliam,  
Hinchia Gilliam,  Mary Johnson,   Anselm Gilliam,   Burwell Gilliam,   
Thomas Tatum,  
John Gilliam,  Mary Clanton,  John Clanton,  Amy (—) Clanton,  
Moses Johnson Gilliam,  
Temperance Gilliam,  Clepper,  
Hinchia Gilliam,  
Lemuel Gilliam,  
John Gilliam,  
Thomas Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  Turney,  
Frances Gilliam,  DeLoach,  
Avery Gilliam,  Snyder,  
Lucy Gilliam,  
Mary Gilliam,  James McClenny,  
Sarah Gilliam,  David Barrow,  
Lucy Gilliam,  
Margaret Gilliam,  Jones,  
Edna Gilliam,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  
Burwell Gilliam,  Ann Johnson,   Waddell Johnson,   
Martha Gilliam,  William Folks,  
Frankie Gilliam,  Gale,  
William Gilliam,  
Ann Gilliam,  William Johnson,  Norwood,  
Rebecca Gilliam,  Alley,  
Moses Gilliam,  
Miles Gilliam,  
Wyatt Gilliam,  
Adams Gilliam,  
Levi Gilliam,  Elizabeth (—) Gilliam,  Elizabeth Newsom,  Thomas Newsom,  
Priscilla Gilliam,  Jesse Jordan,  Matthew Parham,  
John Jordan,  
Benjamin Jordan,  
Lucy Gilliam,  John Wilborne,  
Temperance Wilborne,  Charles Travis,  
Anselm Gilliam,  
Harris Gilliam,  
Levi Gilliam,  Frances (—) Gilliam,  
Sally Gilliam,  Collins Johnson,   
Sarah Gilliam,  
Amy Gilliam,  Henry Freeman Jr.,  
Sarah Freeman,  William Hearn,  James Hearn,  Jane —,  
Freeman Horn,  
Rebecca Horn,  
Richard Horn,  
Richard Horn,  Susanna Hill,   
Edmund Horn,  
Harman Horn,  Prudence Knight,  
Robert Horn,  Rebecca Ezell,  Morris Ezell,  Jesse Ezell,  
Arthur Freeman,  Mary Jones,  
Martha Freeman,  
Prudence Freeman,  Robert Jones,  
Henry Freeman,  
Frankie Freeman,  
Mary Freeman,  
Lucy Freeman,  
Mary Gilliam,  John Rochell,  Isham Gilliam,   
Hinchia Rochell,  Jemima Atkinson,  Amos Atkinson,  Sarah Judkins,  
Robert Rochell,  
Sally Rochell,  Benjamin Barham,  
Elizabeth Rochell,  Magee,  
Susanna Rochell,  John Dunn,  
George Rochell,  
Levi Rochell,  Sally Lewis,  Mary (—) Judkins,  Mildred (Gilliam) Hill,   
Robert Rochell,  
Nathaniel Rochell,  
John Rochell,  Judith (—) Rochell,  
Benjamin Rochell,  
Lucy Rochell,  Joseph Williamson,  
Selah Rochell,  Philip Harwood,   
Jemima Rochell,  Mildred (Gilliam) Hill,   
Mary Rochell,  Charles Knight,  
Hinchia Knight,  
Temperance Knight,  John Magee,  Cary Magee,  Ralph Magee,  
Mildred Gilliam,  John Hill,   
William Malone,  
Mary Hill,  Sturdivant,  
Sarah Hill,  Green,  
Ann Hill,  Williams,  
Burwell Hill,  
John Hill,  
Elizabeth Hill,  Spain,  
Tabitha Hill,  Webb,  
Susanna Hill,  Richard Horn,   
Lucy Hill,  Newman,  
Rebecca Hill,  Shadrach Horn,  Thomas Horn,  Lydia (—) Horn,  
Isham Gilliam,  John Wilborn,  
John Mason,  Priscilla Loftin,  William Loftin,  
John Joyner,  
Anne Gilliam,  
Margery Gilliam,  
Martha Gilliam,  
Burwell Gilliam,  Mary Ann Miller,  
Priscilla Gilliam,  
Anselm Gilliam,  Martha Johnson,   Sarah (Johnson) Clark,   
Lucy (—) Newsom,  
Carter Gilliam,  Elizabeth Green Hancock,   
Rebecca Gilliam,  Thomas Wrenn,  
Martha J. Gilliam,  James Butts,  Richard C. Gilliam,  
Richard Gilliam,  Elizabeth Reese,  
Henry Reese Gilliam,  Charlotte Turner,  Charlotte (—) Turner,  
Joseph Gilliam,  
Stephen Gilliam,  
Robert Gilliam,  Milley Turner,  
Martha Gilliam,  John Williamson,  
Matthew Gilliam,  Betsy Barrett,  
Tabitha Gilliam,  Jacob Newsom,  Thomas Newsom,  
Gilliam Newsom,  
Littleberry Newsom,  Mary Howard,  Henry Howard,  
Gilliam H. Newsom,  
Robert Newsom,  Melissa Slade,  
Alexander Newsom,  
Elizabeth M. Newsom,  Drewry,  
Isham Newsom,  Sarah Newsom,  Joseph Newsom,  Patience (—) Jones,  
Jacob Newsom,  Polly Barham,  
Lucy Newsom,  Thomas Porter,  
Lydia Gilliam,  David Pennington,  
Leah Pennington,  
Tabitha Pennington,  
Hinchia Pennington,  
Ned Pennington,  
Jane Green Pennington,  
Sarah Gilliam Pennington,  
Nelson Pennington,  
Temperance Pennington,  
Mary Pennington,  
 Martha Gilliam (-1769),  
Richard Hill,   Margery (Gilliam) Hill,   
 Amy Gilliam (-1763),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edward Pegram - War of 1812 Reuben Gilliam - War of 1812
Smith Parham - War of 1812 Hinchia Knight - War of 1812
Jacob Newsom - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Spencer - Virginia Joshua C. Lundy - Virginia

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Rochelle of Surry.” Historical Southern Families, 2:214-216. • Family of Mary Gilliam and John Rochell.
“Hill and Hunt Family Bible Records.” Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly. 21:11-12 (1983). • Family Bible belonging to Richard Hill and Mary Jones.
“Sussex County Superior Court Suit.” The Southside Virginian. 7:119-125 (1989). • Chancery suit 1818-1834, which identifies the heirs of Margery Gilliam and Richard Hill, instigated when the line of Green Hill and Mary Booth died out.

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