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 64   William Pritchett (-1795)
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William Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born along Butterwood Creek in present-day Dinwiddie County, a grandson of Joshua Pritchett. In September 1755 I secured a patent for 62 acres on the south side of Butterwood Creek next to his son Joshua Pritchett Jr., who may have been my father. 
Ten years later I moved my family to Sturgeon Creek in Brunswick County after acquiring 492 acres for £140 in February 1765. My descendants still owned part of this plantation in the 21st Century.
I had been in the county only three years when the justices appointed me the surveyor of Flat Rock Road that ran through the northern portion of my plantation.  While the road has changed slightly down through the years, it runs essentially where I laid it out in 1768, that is, from present-day Warfield westward to Danieltown to the Lunenburg County line. I understand local residents still know it as Flat Rock Road.
In 1780 I gave portions of my plantation to sons William and Moses.
After the mother of my children died, I married Susanna Bagwell 21 August (bond) 1790.  Her father was Richard Bagwell who owned a neighboring plantation.
I made my will in 1795 leaving my land to grandsons, Moses Pritchett and Sterling Davis, and 10 shillings each to my four surviving children.

Land transactions
William acquired his Sturgeon Creek land from George Steagall. The deed described the tract as joining the head of Sturgeon Run near the church path, William Rives, Col. Nicholas Edmunds, Avents Creek, Durham, Richard Bagwell, a cart path, and Capt. Robert Briggs. Witnesses were John Lester, and Jesse Potts and his wife, Rebecca. 
In Aug. 1780, when William subdivided his plantation and deeded 100 acres to William and 150 acres to Moses, witnesses were Jesse Potts, Benjamin Kirkland and Hezekiah Davis. 
In 1782 Brunswick County taxed only 4 Pritchetts: William and his sons, William and Moses, and Joshua Pritchett, a son of John Pritchett

William makes his will
William Pritchett made his will 3 March 1795 leaving a modest estate of but two slaves.  They inventoried his estate 11 Feb. 1796 but because of certain provisions of his will it took several years to dispose of the estate. William is probably buried on his plantation.

Will of William Pritchett
3 March 1795
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I William Pritchett of the County of Brunswick and Parish of Saint Andrew being sick and weak in body but of sound in mind and memory knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. My soul I commit to God who gave it, in process of its happy resurrection through the merits of my blessed Redeemer my body I leave to be entered in a decent & Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned. And, my Worldly Estate it hat pleased God to endow me with I dispose of in manner and by the following. To wit; Imprimis I give and bequeath to my Beloved wife. Susanna Pritchett six painted Rush bottomed Chairs, sidesaddle, and one set Bed and Furniture which I had by her also all right & title which I may hereafter have to any of her Estate devised to her by her father Richard Bagwell to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM. I give to my beloved Wife Susanna Pritchett after paying my just bills & legacies hereafter mentioned, all my personal estate including moneys, Negroes, horses, cattle, hogs and during her life and after her decease. I give and bequeath the same to be equally divided among all my surviving children, their heirs to them, and their heirs forever.
ITEM. I give unto my son-in-law Hezekiah Davis during his present wife Mary’s life the plantation I now live on and said bounded as follows lying on the west side of Little creek and bounded as follows to wit: beginning at Sampsons Branch Thence up the said Branch to Potts line, thence forth along the said line to the said Creek and after their decease, I give & bequeath the said land to my Grandson Sterling Davis, son of Hezekiah & Mary Davis, to him and his heirs forever.
ITEM. All the remainder of any land including the plantation I now live on I leave to my beloved wife Susanna Pritchett during her live and after her decease, I give and bequeath that part lying on the west side of Little Creek to my Grandson Sterling Davis and the residue of all my lands I give and bequeath to me Grandson Moses Pritchett, son of William Pritchett, Junior, after my wife’s death to them and their heirs forever.
ITEM. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Anne Potts ten shillings to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Agnes Rawlings ten shillings to her and her heirs forever.
ITEM. I give and bequeath to my Son Moses Pritchett ten shillings to him and his heirs forever.
ITEM. I give and bequeath of my Son William Pritchett ten shillings to him and his heirs forever.
Lastly I do appoint my beloved Wife Susanna Pritchett Executrix and Drury Bagwell Executor of this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking & making null and void any former Wills heretofore by my name. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this third Day of March 1795.
William Pritchett

William Roberts who married Frances Bagwell, Jeremiah Hampton, and Samuel Bagwell witnessed the will.
The last will and testament of William Pritchett, deceased, was proved at the Brunswick County Court 29 Sept. 1795.

Susanna, the widow
On 6 Jan. 1798 Susanna bought from her brother Drury Bagwell land bounded by that of their father, Richard Bagwell, Joseph Daniel, William Major, and Henry Hampton. Drury was moving to Campbell County.
William’s widow, Susanna, married 2nd Humphrey Garrett 28 Oct. 1799, and third James Vaughan, 8 Jan. 1807.

Chancery court lawsuit
On 30 May 1804 Moses Pritchett and others sued his stepmother and her husband, Susanna and Humphrey Garrett, demanding a report of accounts of the estate of William and the court so ordered. 
Many descendants of William Pritchett Sr. brought another suit 22 Feb. 1830 to induce the John Word Phaup, administrator of the estate of James Vaughan, Susanna’s third husband, to sell slaves Jack, Lucy, and Billy and distribute the proceeds in 4 equal parts to the children of Mary Davis, the children of William Pritchett, the children of Moses Pritchett, and Jeremiah Potts and Ann Potts. Agnes was not a party to the suit as she had died by 1830.
The plaintiffs were the following: Jeremiah and Ann Potts, James Elmore and Mary Elmore, William Pritchett, Asa J. Pritchett, James W. and Martha M. Epperson, Joseph Samuel Pritchett, Susan W. Pritchett, Edmund W. Pritchett, Moses Pritchett, Sterling and Nancy Ogburn, Sarah A.E. Pritchett, Peter Davis, Thomas G. Davis, William F. Davis, Sterling Davis, Wood and Elizabeth Burge, and Nancy Davis.

Descendants of William Pritchett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Pritchett (c.1750-1813),  
Sarah Davis,  
Edmund W. Pritchett,  Mary Elmore,   Rev. Aaron Brown,   
John H. Lewis,  Devereaux Jarratt Claiborne,   Susan M. Pritchett,   
Nicholas W. Pritchett,  Martha Moore,  
Mary L. Pritchett,  Richard J. Person,  
Susan M. Pritchett,  
Levi Woodbury Abernathy,   
William Henry Williams,  Vashti Virginia Abernathy,   
Susan Elizabeth Abernathy,   Vashti Virginia Abernathy,   
Edward J. Pritchett,  Johanna Pritchett,   John Henry Pritchett,   
Ann E. Pritchett,  Benjamin Featherston Abernathy,   
William Mormon Abernathy,  Martha Ann Daniel,   
Capt. Thomas James Taylor,  
Zachary Sabat Griffin,  George R. Blick,  Jacob Morton Flournoy,  Isham Edward Trotter,  
Georgianna A. Abernathy,  Samuel Norman Harrison,  Robert W. Harrison,  Sarah A. White,  
Annie May Harrison,  Lafayette Bishop,  
William L. Harrison,  Annie —,  
William Stuart Abernathy,  Mary Elizabeth Williams,  John L. Williams,  Sarah A.J. Ellis,  Carrie Bell Fleshood,  Francis Fleshood,  Lucretia Elizabeth Gibbs,  
Ernest Raney Abernathy,  Edna Victoria Lucy,   
J. Marks Abernathy,  
E. Herman Abernathy,  
Odell S. Abernathy,  
W. Heartwell Abernathy,  
Eloise Abernathy,  
Sarah Elizabeth Abernathy,  Harvey Smith Vaughan,  George Henry Vaughan,  Sophia Lois Harrison,  
George Calvin Vaughan,  Carnelia Rose Smith,  
Leroy Smith Vaughan,  Velma Mae Thomas,  
Mary Elizabeth Vaughan,  Bela A. Harcas,  
Janet Western Vaughan,  
Margaret Ann Vaughan,  Charles Raymond Beasley,  
Gladys Elizabeth Abernathy,  
William D. Abernathy,  Hattie Virgie Snead,  S.A. Snead,  Eva —,  
Benys Bell Abernathy,  Jesse Milton Vaughan,   
Frank Hobson Abernathy,  Annie Gertrude Lucy,   
Herbert Lee Abernathy,  Eva Royall,  Timothy Duane Royall,  Viola Slaughter,  
Wortham Fleshood Abernathy,  Mildred Elizabeth Johnson,  Hugh Johnson,  Sadie —,  
J. Marks Abernathy,  Edna Leigh Anderson,  
Robert Lee Abernathy,  
Mary Etta Abernathy,  Robert Edward Harrison,  Robert W. Harrison,  Sarah A. White,  
Verna W. Harrison,  Henry Channing Michael,  
Lavenia Harrison,  
Lula B. Harrison,  Henry T. Harris,  
Ernest W. Harrison,  Alta M. Browder,  
Georgiana E. Harrison,  Herbert D. Sadler,  
Richard Lee Harrison,  David Cumbia,  
Robert Wesley Harrison,  Ruby Browder,  
James Mormon Harrison,  
Elton Mallory Harrison,  
Sarah F. Abernathy,  
Jarratt Abernathy,  
Lavinia Abernathy,  
Benjamin James Abernathy,  Martha Leigh Michael,  George Emmett Michael,  Martha Ann Elizabeth Leigh,  Sarah Frances Dugger,  Henry T. Dugger,   Elizabeth Frances Michael,  
Lewis Turner Abernathy,  
James Oliver Abernathy,  Willie Browder,   
Mattie Rowena Abernathy,  William Allen Cumbia,  John H. Cumbia,  Winifred R. Thompson,  
Winifred Cumbia,  
William M. Cumbia,  
Harriet Ruth Cumbia,  Alger E. Turner,  
Edward M. Cumbia,  
Mary A. Cumbia,  
Annie E. Cumbia,  
Norfleet Cumbia,  Ann Wilkerson,  
William Allen Cumbia,  
Levi Woodbury Abernathy,  
Virginia Ann Daniel,   
Mary Matilda Lee Stone,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Maggie Lee Abernathy,  Richard Emmett Matthews,  Elizabeth Jane Hagood,  Charles Matthews,  James Winn,  
Martha Pearl Abernathy,  O.F. Cain,  
Lester Wood Abernathy,  Annie Mae Browder,  
Fannie P. Abernathy,  
Harvey Baine Abernathy,  Hattie W. Williams,  Gracie L. Willis,  
Marvin Hill Abernathy,  Amorette Virginia Daniel,   
Lizzie Reddick Abernathy,  Henry Osie Williams,  
Lillian Stone Abernathy,  
Lottie Nicholson Abernathy,  Leonard Thomas Johnson,   
Matilda Mayson Abernathy,  Francis Thompson,  
Edward Randolph Abernathy,  
Maj. F.W. Smith,  
Lucy Frances Delbridge,  Benjamin Delbridge,  
John Joseph Stone,   
Charles Pickett Abernathy,  Susan Elizabeth Abernathy,   
Edward H. Abernathy,  
Thomas Benjamin Abernathy,  Lucy C. —,  
Sidney Jones Abernathy,  Fannie Mason Michael,   
Annie Ruth Abernathy,  Otis Lee Lewis,   
Marguerite Abernathy,  Bernard Gillette,  
Lynda Grey Abernathy,  William Edward Williams,   
Edward Thomas Abernathy,  Annie Pearl Kirkland,  
Lela M. Abernathy,  
William M. Abernathy,  
Walton James Abernathy,  Lucy Belle Abernathy,   
Nellie Abernathy,  
Lucy Abernathy,  
Pauline Abernathy,  Lemuel Anderson Daniel,   
Ruby Abernathy,  
Leonard Abernathy,  Edna Laffoon,   
Lawrence Abernathy,  
Lucy Ella Abernathy,  John Wesley Delbridge,  
Percival Smith Abernathy,  
Roschell Elmore,   
Logan Smith Abernathy,  Elizabeth Sue Elmore,   
George Washington Abernathy,  Sadie Mertilla J. Abernathy,   
Gregory David Abernathy,  Mary Lou Epperson,   
Gayle Abernathy,  Louise Gertrude Brown,  
Nicholas David Abernathy,  Pattie Lou Taylor,   
Hardaway Abernathy,  Mavis Smith,  
Gregory David Abernathy,  
Nellie Abernathy,  Fred Hyde,  
Herbert Abernathy,  Christine Williams,  
Dolly Abernathy,  
Gracie Abernathy,  William Jennings Moore,  
Mary Abernathy,  Sidney Whitlock,  
Hattie L. Abernathy,  
Lucy Belle Abernathy,  Walton James Abernathy,   
John Wesley,  
Cameron Burnett Abernathy,  Eva Virginia Samford,  Urban Stanfield Samford,   Lelia Susan Thomas,  
Cornelia Ann Abernathy,  Alexander Silkirk Lewis,   
James Benjamin Abernathy,  Lucy Jane Stone,   
Joseph Benjamin Abernathy,  Rena E. Fittz,  
Hugh B. Abernathy,  Essie Fraher,  
Irene Abernathy,  George Albert Hyde,  George Albert Hyde,  
George Albert Hyde III,  
Brenda Sledge Hyde,  
Frances Abernathy,  Louis Epperson,   
Martha Elizabeth Abernathy,  Luther Edward Hazlewood,  John James Hazlewood,  Anna Marion (Parrish) Stone,  
Lucy Ann Hazlewood,  Ernest N. Freeman,  
Herbert Hazlewood,  
Indie James Hazlewood,  Malcolm Bernard Skelton,  
Wilfred Hazlewood,  
Edna Elizabeth Hazlewood,  Ira L. Britt,  
James Henry Abernathy,  Eva Hines,  
James Norborne Abernathy,  
Stuart Moore Abernathy,  
Alfred Wyles Abernathy,  Martha Jane Fittz,  
Robert Buckner Abernathy,  Eva Eugenia Daniel,   
Alfred Tudor Abernathy,  Carrie Whitlow,  Mary Martin,  
Roger Wyles Abernathy,  Marie Long,  
Alma Abernathy,  Herbert Anderson,  
Louise Abernathy,  Marvin Lewis,  Herbert Anderson,  
Vida Abernathy,  Herbert Anderson,  
Mattie Lou Abernathy,  John Myles Cole,  
Leonidas Hardy Abernathy,  Rosa Carrie Hazlewood,  
Emory Morris Abernathy,  Mary Boykins Harris,  
Virginia Hale Abernathy,  Frederick Shepherd Nanny,  Leroy O. McCubbin,  
Lucy Abernathy,  
Sadie Mertilla J. Abernathy,  George Washington Abernathy,   
Clara Leigh Abernathy,  Howard B. Rogers Jr.,  
James Riggan Abernathy,  Mable Adcock,  
George Marks Abernathy,  Eva Bray,  
Janie Annette Abernathy,  Thomas Macon Clary,   
Glen Wooten Abernathy,  Sarah Nichols,  
Vivian Mertilla Abernathy,  Johnny Lee Floyd,  
Brattie Stone Abernathy,  Annie S. Fittz,  
Lloyd Abernathy,  
Ruby Abernathy,  
Edward Wilson Abernathy,  
Richard Fittz Abernathy,  
Annie Pruden Abernathy,  Andrew E. Lucy,   
Mable Abernathy,  Willie T. Utley,  
John Utley,  
Earl Utley,  
Emory Utley,  
Keith Utley,  
Annie Utley,  Bryant Edwards,  
Willie T. Utley,  Aubrey Moseley,  Benjamin Jordan Moseley,  Della G. Moore,  
Angelica M. Pritchett,  Benjamin Sadler,   
George Sadler,  
Alexander Sadler,  
Frances A. Sadler,  James Willie Rawlings,   
Marion Benjamin Sadler,  Mrs. Elizabeth M. (—) Vick,  
Lucy E.G. (Pearson) Bradley,  Jesse Bradley,  
William M. Sadler,  Nomie Doyle,  
Mary Elizabeth Sadler,  Thomas Edward Whitlock,  Edward W. Whitlock,  Martha A. Pearson,  
Leonard Benjamin Whitlock,  Sallie Elizabeth Jackson,   
Grace V. Whitlock,  
Mable S. Whitlock,  Col. Byrd Selden,  
Fannie Bell Whitlock,  
Thomas Edward Whitlock,  Sarah Bryant,  
Joseph S. Sadler,  Jesse Freeman Sadler,   
Sarah P. Pritchett,  Thomas A. Sadler,   
Agnes C. Pritchett,  Charles A. Sadler,   
Laura Virginia Sadler,  Thomas H. Lambert,  John A. Lambert,  Nancy H. Hanks,  
Joel W. Lambert,  
Mildred Elizabeth Sadler,  Peterson Keys,  John William Harris,  Willson Harris,  Mary —,  William Goode Talley,  
Capt. Everard Meade Feild,   
William A. Harris,  
Rebecca B. Harris,  
Laura A. Harris,  
David Peterson Harris,  
William E. Harris,  
George W. Harris,  
William A. Harris,  
James H. Harris,  
Willis A. Sadler,  
Frances Sadler,  
Martha Pritchett,  Thomas H. Kennedy,  
Ashton Kennedy,  
Julia B. Pritchett,  William L. Davis,  
John Henry Pritchett,  Alzariah L. Ross,  
Rosa (—) Pritchett,  
Mary Virginia Pritchett,  James R. Blick,  Armstrong Blick,  Elizabeth —,  
Henry J. Pritchett,  Susan Elizabeth Pritchett,   Albert Marcellus Orgain,  John J. Blick,  
Moses Pritchett,  Martha Ceeley,  Merritt Ceely,  Wilson B. Ceeley,  
William Pritchett,  Sallie Pharr,  
Elizabeth Pritchett,  Daniel Looper,  
Silas C. Looper,  Mary Turner,  
Robert B. Looper,  
William F. Looper,  
Lawrence Looper,  Emma Hester,  
Jack M. Looper,  Hattie Hester,  
Samuel Matt Looper,  Leader Simmons,  
Joseph Annason Looper,  Mennie Hester,  
Nathaniel Merritt Looper,  Mary Simmons,  
Henry Arthur Looper,  Dora Friddle,  
Jesse W. Looper,  Ida Bruce,  
Edward W. Looper,  
Martha Pritchett,  Moses Bridges,  Jerry Hall,  
Sarah Pritchett,  Jim Green,  
Mary Pritchett,  Marion Hall,  
Ann Pritchett,  John Edwards,  
John Pritchett,  Rachel Looper,  
John Henry Pritchett,  
Nathaniel D. Pritchett,  
Martha Pritchett,  
Mary Pritchett,  
David Pritchett,  
Josiah Pritchett,  
Josiah Pritchett,  Nancy Sheppard,  William Sheppard,  
Elias Pritchett,  Nancy King,  Wiley King,  Melissa Cox,  
Mary Pritchett,  
William Moses Pritchett,  
Mattie Pritchett,  
Texanna Pritchett,  
James Pritchett,  
Rena Pritchett,  Talbert Batson,  
Lena Pritchett,  
Nina Pritchett,  John Freeman,  
Jesse Pritchett,  
Arthur Pritchett,  
Biddy Pritchett,  Solomon Looper,  
Ann Pritchett,  
Henrietta Pritchett,  Enoch Hood,  
John Hood,  Martha Freeman,  
Hamilton Hood,  Nancy Caroline Heaton,  
Henry Wilson Hood,  Emma Lola Tripp,  
William Merritt Hood,  Amanda Eppes,  
Martha Hood,  Allen Banks,  
Moses Hood,  
John Pritchett,  Armon Brown Daniel,   
Sarah A.E. Pritchett,  
Elizabeth M. Pritchett,  
Nancy Pritchett,  Sterling Ogburn,  Heartwell Ogburn,  John Ogburn,  William Sanford,  Nancy —,  
 Mary (Pritchett) Davis (c.1750-c.1812),  
Hezekiah Davis,  
Mary Stiles,  John Stiles,  Benjamin Davis,  
Mary Belcher,  Morris Belcher,  
Robert Rudd,  
John Pritchett Jr.,  
Elizabeth Davis,  Wood Burge,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   Wood Jones,  Judith (—) Burge,  Peter Winfield,  
Nancy Davis,  Davis Ezell,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   Benjamin Ezell,  Sally Davis,  
John E. Davis,  Frances Collier,  Charles Collier,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
Sterling Davis,  Rebecca Caudle,  Rev. Hubbard Saunders,  
Peter Davis,  
Nancy Davis,  
Thomas G. Davis,  Rebecca (—) Davis,  
Caleb B. Davis,  Mary Ann Parker,  
William Davis,  
John E. Davis,  
Sterling Davis,  
Peter Davis,  
Thomas Davis,  
William F. Davis,  
 Lt. Moses Pritchett (c.1758-1823),  
 Agnes (Pritchett) Rawlings (c.1760-),  
Mark Rawlings,  Col. Frederick Maclin,   
 Ann (Pritchett) Potts (c.1761-),  
Jeremiah Potts,   
 Richard Bagwell (-1790),  
Ann (—) Bagwell,  David Hampton,   Henry Hampton,   John Flood Edmunds,   
Richard Parr,  John Haymes,  
William Hampton,  Athanasius Robertson,  James Fisher,  Thomas Stith,  John Drew,  Richard Willis,  
Drury Bagwell,  
Samuel Bagwell,  Catherine Brown,  
Susanna Bagwell,  William Pritchett,   Humphrey Garrett,  Humphrey Garrett,  Hannah —,  James Vaughan,  
Hannah Garrett,  Henry Chunn,  Sylvester Chunn,  
Frances Bagwell,  William Roberts,  
Keziah Bagwell,  Robert Stamper,  
 Jesse Potts,  
William Rives,  John Parker,   William Pritchett,   
Rebecca (—) Potts,  
Nathaniel Potts,  Elizabeth Dixon,  
John Potts,  Susanna (—) Daniel,  Thomas Daniel,   
Solomon Potts,  Elizabeth Daniel,   
Jeremiah Potts,  Ann Pritchett,   
George Potts,  Ann Daniel,   
Elizabeth Buckner,  
Stephen Potts,  Molly Potts Kirkland,  
Jesse Potts,  Elizabeth (—) Potts,  
Elizabeth Potts,  William Peebles,  
Ann Potts,  Richard Cates,  
Patsy Potts,  William Hampton,   
Peter Potts,  Gracey Broadway,  Polly Reese,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Mormon Abernathy - Civil War John L. Williams - Civil War
George Emmett Michael - Civil War John H. Cumbia - Civil War
Levi Woodbury Abernathy - Civil War Edward Randolph Abernathy - Civil War
Percival Smith Abernathy - Civil War George Albert Hyde Sr. - Civil War
Marion Benjamin Sadler - Civil War Thomas H. Lambert - Civil War
John William Harris - Civil War Willis A. Sadler - Civil War
John Henry Pritchett - Civil War John Pritchett - War of 1812

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