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 676   Mr. Stone
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Mr. Stone, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Mr. Stone might describe his life as follows.

I was one of John Stone’s sons and the father of Richard Stone who appeared briefly in the records of Brunswick County before the area in which he was living was carved off to form Lunenburg County in 1746. Odds are my name was John, too. And judging from the names of my granddaughters and great-granddaughters, my wife’s name was Ann.
Four Stone men appear in the first recorded Lunenburg County tax list in 1748: John, Thomas, William, and Richard.
Thomas was possibly the Thomas Stone who “imported himself in the year 1740” and was later settled on Wildcat Creek just across the Lunenburg boundary in Brunswick County. John and William were likely my sons, too.

Richard Stone had 5 grandsons named John, helping to confirm his father was John.
Ann may have been the name of the mother of these men. Not only did 3 granddaughters carry this name, but also her son Richard had 7 granddaughters named Ann including Ann Stone Pulliam and Ann Stone Townsend.
Thomas Stone, who was living in the same tax precinct with John, Richard, and William Stone in 1748,  continued to appear as a single tithable in 1749, 1750, and 1751, then disappeared.  Thomas Stone, the son of Richard, and Thomas Stone, a son of William, appear first in 1764. 

Descendants of Mr. Stone
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Stone,  
John Winn,  Thomas Winn,  Robert Wade Sr.,  Robert Wade Jr.,  
Thomas Winn,  Thomas Winn,  Richard Stone,   Thomas Dupree,  
 John Stone (-1782),  
Samuel Wynne,  Thomas Wynne,  
William Petty Pool,  Robert Jones Jr.,  
John Winn,  John Cockerham,  
Robert Wade,  
Richard Stone,   Elizabeth (—) Stone,  
Philip Burrow Moore,  
John Winn,   
Ann Stone,  John Winn,   Richard Haggard,  Thomas Winn,  John Stone Jr.,   George Lewis,  
Peter Winn,  Letty Stone,   
Lucretia Winn,  William Hundley,  Anthony Hundley,  
William Hundley,  Nancy Stone,   
Willis Hundley,  Joyce Lark Taylor,   
Nancy Hundley,  Drury Stone,   
Martha Hundley,  Peter Winn,   
Lucretia Hundley,  Peter Townsend,   
Mary Hundley,  Joseph Epperson,  
Jenny Hundley,  
John Hundley,  
Mary Ann Winn,  James Winn,   
Littleberry Winn,  Mary Maynard,  
Jane Winn,  Richard Stone,   
Alexander Winn,   
Jerusha Winn,  Daniel Mark Gunn,   
Mourning Winn,  Sarah Jones,  
Richard Winn,  Thomas D. Beard,  
Ann Wilkes,   
Willis Hundley Winn,  Jane Townsend,  
Martha Winn,  Richard Stone Wilkes Jr.,   Ann Wilkes,   
William Jones Winn,  Tabitha Wilkes,   
Mary Ann Winn,  Doran,  Joseph Winn Townsend,   John Wilkes,   
Peter Winn,  Martha Hundley,   Polly Smith,  
Thomas Winn,  
Lucy Winn,  Stovall,  
John Hundley Winn,  
Jenny Winn,  
 John Winn (-c.1795),  
Daniel Winn,   
Col. William Wynne,   Thomas Wynne,   Martha Wynne,   
Ann Stone,   
Elizabeth Winn,  Allen,  
Mellinder Winn,  Thomas Stone,   
John Stone,  James Stone,  John Winn,   Ansel Cunningham,  Drury Stovall,  
John Winn,  Mary Lyell,  John Webb,  
Thomas Pinson,  John Stone,   Jane (—) Childs,  Nathan Childs,  
Keturah Winn,  Thomas Apperson,  David Apperson,  
John Stone,  
Samuel Snead,   Magdalene (—) Stone,  Joseph Dupree,  
Eusebius Stone,  Philip Combs,  Mary (—) Stone,  Thomas Vowell,  
John Elmore,   Jacob Davis,  
Elijah Stone,  Priscilla Moore,  Thomas Moore,  
Elijah Stone,  Rebecca Roberts,  
Nancy Stone,  Samuel Carpenter,  
Harriet Stone,  John Meanly,   
Joanna Stone,  Thomas Cox,  
Stephen Stone,  Joseph Goza,  Matthew Harris,  
Marable Stone,  
Jordan Stone,  Margaret Griffin,  
Martha F. Stone,  William G. Garey,  
Cecilia Stone,  Thomas Jones,  
Mary Stone,  William Stovall,  
Sally Stone,  Elisha Griffin,  
Susanna Stone,  Edmond Jones,  
Susanna Stone,  Thomas Farmer,  
Cpl. Hezekiah Stone,  
Mary (—) Stone,  Mary Pulliam,   Elijah Graves,  
Elizabeth Stone,  Nathaniel McLaughlin,  
Alexander Rudder,  
William Stone,  Mary (—) Stone,  
Richard Stone,   Daniel Winn,  John Winn,  John Stone Jr.,  James Pulliam,   Thomas Winn,  
George McLaughlin,  Elizabeth Stone,  
Richard Stone,  John Mason,  Samuel Snead,   
Drury Malone,  Cicely —,  Sarah (—) Stone,  Joseph Townsend,  
James Williams,  Drury Malone,  John Fisher,  David Williams,  
Daniel Wilkes,   John Locke,  
 Richard Stone (c.1725-1797),  
 William Stone (-1729),  
Sarah (—) Stone,  
William Stone,  
Thomas Bethel Jr.,  John Frayser,  
Martha Frayser,  William Frayser,  
Thomas Duprey,  
Henry Hatcher,   
John Twitty,  
Elizabeth Childers,   Nicholas Hobson,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  Peter Ragsdale,  William Rhodes,  John Grigg,  
Rev. James Craig,   
William Stone,  
Richard Jones,  
James Jones,  
John Johns,  Peter Edwards,  David Pettus,  
Hannah Love,  Rev. William Shelburne,  William Love,  
Tabitha Neal,   Silas Shelburne,  
Mary Shelburne,  
Isaac Stone,  Rebecca Whitworth,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Asher Stone,  Frances Cox,   
Sally Craighead,  
Sally Stone,  Matthew Turner Walker,   
Polly Stone,  Willis Jones,  
Samuel Stone,  
Hannah Stone,  Robert B. Wilson,  
Susanna N. Stone,  Samuel Roff,  
William Stone,  Susanna Hutcheson,  
Mary Stone,  Silas Shelburne,  Rev. William Richards,  
William A. Stone,  Clarissa A. Pettus,  
Nancy Stone,  John Hutcheson,  
John Stone,  Elizabeth Hutcheson,  
Benjamin Stone,  
Matthew Jouett Rowlett,   John Boswell,  Anne (—) Stone,  
Frances Gordon,  
Cpl. Ashwell Stone,  
Ann Moon,  Gideon Moon,  
Banister Stone,  
Mary Stone,  John Herring,  
Thomas Stone,  
Mary (Nethery) Stone,  Thomas Nethery,  
John Stone,  
Thomas Stone,  
Susanna Stone,  James Baugh,   John Hutcheson,   
Asa Stone,  
Robert Wilson,  
Archibald Filbert,  
Thomas Pettus,  
Thomas Pettus,  
Elizabeth Walker Pettus,  John Pettus,  
Martha Pettus,  John Coleman,  Cluverius Coleman,  
Mary Pettus,  William Perkinson,  
Sarah Pettus,  James Johnson,  
John Pettus,  
Harriet Pettus,  Miles Jordan,  
Amy Pettus,  Samuel Tarry,  
Susanna Pettus,  Rowlett Perkinson,  
Matthew Pettus,  
William Pettus,  Betsy Ann Poindexter,  Philip Poindexter,  Sarah —,  
Horatio Pettus,  Mary Stevens Poindexter,  Philip Poindexter,  Sarah —,  
John Stone,  
Ashwell Stone,  
Elizabeth Stone,  
Mary Stone,  
 Thomas Stone (-1795),  
Phoebe Price,  Margaret Wells,  
William Daniel,   
William Brown,   Henry Lightfoot,  
Travis Elmore,  Jesse McKinney,  Patty McKinney,  
Easter Stone,  
Mary Stone,  Benjamin Mitchell,  
Richard Stone,  William Massey,  Elizabeth Threadgill,  John Threadgill,  Anabel —,  Delitha Gibbs,  
Thomas Stone,  
Jesse Stone,  Susanna Lightfoot,  Henry Lightfoot,  
Peter Stone,  Fanny Simmons,  
Peter R. Stone,  Ann J. Cole,  William Cole,  
Catherine Stone,  Laban Petillo,  Mary Smith,  
David Petillo,  
Robert Petillo,  
John Petillo,  
Jason Stone,  Sally Dixon,  Nancy Dixon,  
William Stone,  
Elizabeth Stone,  
Sally Ann Stone,  Hutchins Abernathy,  
John Stone,  Vicey Simmons,  
John Joseph Stone,  Martha A. Epperson,   
India V. (Abernathy) Thomas,  Williamson Thomas,  Lucy Frances (Delbridge) Abernathy,  Benjamin Delbridge,  Edward Randolph Abernathy,   
Jason Stone,  Elizabeth Elmore,   
Peter R. Stone,  Ann J. Cole,  William Cole,  Elizabeth Barrow,  John Barrow,  Dianna Daniel,   
Benjamin A. Stone,  John J. Cole,   
Sallie T. Cockerham,  Allan Cockerham,  Narcissa P. Green,  John C. Green,  Lucinda —,  
Mary Ann Elizabeth Stone,  James L. Cockerham,  
Missouri Stone,  
Lucy Ann Stone,  Benjamin F. Manly,   
 William Stone (-1749),  
Elizabeth (—) Stone,  William Stone,  Sarah (—) Stone,  
George Hill,   Henry Clark,   
Anne Stone,  William Manire,  
John Manire,  Betty Jackson,  William Jackson,  Joshua Hightower,  William Holloway,  
Elizabeth Manire,  
William Manire,  Andrew Johnston Jr.,  
Margaret Stone,  Lewis Hammond,  
Martin Hammond,  
Philip Stone,  
Elizabeth Stone,  Robert Taylor,  
Lucy Stone,  Henry Green,   
Joanna Stone,  
Henry Stone,  William Read,  
Katherine Stone,  Charles Connally,   
Sarah Stone,  Joseph Harper Jr.,  
Drury Harper,  
William Stone,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Winn - Revolutionary War Richard Winn - War of 1812
Hezekiah Stone - Revolutionary War Ashwell Stone - Revolutionary War
Benjamin A. Stone - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
William Stone - Virginia  

Selected sources
Cabaniss, Allen, “Winn and Stone of Virginia and Tennessee.” Historical Southern Families, 6:86-90. • Focus on the family of John Winn.
Meyer, Virginia M. and John Frederick Dorman. Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5. Order of First Families of Virginia, 1987:329-335. • Some have considered William Stone of York to be a descendant of Capt. William Stone, a Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. This genealogy demonstrates that he was not.

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