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 68   William Daniel (c.1740-1786)
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William Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Daniel might describe his life as follows.

I was already living in Brunswick County when I got 92 acres on Waqua Creek between Little Cedar and Little Wildcat creeks. Drury Stith surveyed the parcel for me between June 1764 and June 1765 and I finished the land patent process 10 July 1767. 
My parents and grandparents lived in that part of Prince George that is now Dinwiddie County. Yet we cannot identify them because the Union Army burned the courthouse.
When Virginia instituted personal property taxes in 1782, I had one slave. 
I was “sick and weak of body” when I made my will 28 January 1786 leaving my wife, Ann, three slaves—Jacob, Sue, and Lydia—and my 150-acre plantation on Piney Branch where she could live. I did not bother mentioning my daughters, but did provide for my five sons.  Ann was dead by 1799.

We have yet to identify Ann. Although William’s will identified 5 sons and mentioned no daughters—he apparently had at least one. “Friends,” John Rogers and William Barrow were executors.
William Daniel was of Brunswick County when Thomas Stone of Brunswick County sold him 125 acres next to Caleb Lindsey in 1765.  Presuming he was then about 25, he was born about 1740.

Records of William in Brunswick County
William cast his two votes for Nathaniel Edwards Jr. and Thomas Stith at the election for burgess 2 Dec. 1768.  His posited brother Thomas Daniel voted for the same two gentlemen.
John Marshall and Henry Morris were securities for the collection of tithables in St. Andrew’s Parish for the year 1762. Thomas Jackson, the acting collector, failed to account for the tithes properly, threatening Marshall and Morris with bankruptcy. In response, several hundred parishioners, including William Daniel, voluntarily released the two men from their obligation in 1773. 
William appeared also on the rolls of 1783 and 1784. A deed of 1783 shows William Daniel living near William Barrow and that Thomas Stone was still a neighbor. 

William Daniel’s will

Will of William Daniel
28 January 1786
To my wife Ann, I lend to her the land & plantation where I now live; also lend to her Negroes Jacob, Sue & Liddia, as also all my stock & household goods, during her life or widowhood; at her death or marriage the land & plantation of 150 acres on the southwest side of Piney Branch I give to my youngest son Ellick, but should he died without heir, it to return to my son George; at my wife’s death or marriage, all my estate to be divided among my children then alive.
To my son John & my son Drury, 67 acres on the northeast side of Piney Branch; should either of them died without heir, the surviving one to have the hold; [sic] also sd John & sd Drury are to pay £8 VA to my sons James & George.

William’s death
William was dead by 25 Sept. 1786 when his will was first presented.  On 23 Oct. John Wright and his nephew Thomas Daniel proved the will.
The court summoned Ann Daniel 28 June 1790 to see if she would administer the estate, and when she refused, the court ordered the sheriff to take administration 28 May 1792. 
Not until 6 July 1792 did John Gilliam, Hezekiah Davis, and Henry Hampton appraise William’s estate. Although Sue no longer appeared in his estate, Jacob and Lydia did.  They recorded the inventory 27 Aug. 1792. 
In 1798 Ann Daniel, Ellick Daniel, and George Daniel deeded 90 acres in Brunswick County to Joseph Maclin and 60 acres to Isaac Oldham.  The 1788 and 1798 personal property tax lists of Brunswick County include Ann Daniel. Since she did not appear in the 1799 tax list, she was likely then dead.

Descendants of William Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 George Daniel (c.1775-1807),  
 James Daniel,  
 John Daniel,  
 Drury Daniel,  
Isaac Oldham,  
 Alexander Daniel,  
Theophilus Harrison,  
 Ann (Daniel) Potts,  
George Potts,   

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