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 72   Mr. Daniel (-c.1790)
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Although Peter and Mabry Daniel are known to be sons of Sarah Daniel and grandsons of Joseph Daniel, the identity of their father has not been precisely determined. He was likely dead by 1790 since Sarah’s youngest son was born about 1788. No record of his death is in Brunswick County. Although he and Sarah may have been living in Dinwiddie County when he died, personal property tax records for 1782, which list only Christopher Daniel and Thomas Daniel, reveal no evidence of an estate. 

The Gilliam and Mabry connection
Established in Sussex County were the families, Mabry and Gilliam. The Gilliam family originated with John Gilliam and the Mabry family with Francis Maybury who married Gilliam’s daughter. Both families had a presence in present-day Greensville County and into Brunswick County.
It is undoubtedly from the Mabry family that Mabry Daniel derived his name. Mabry named a son Gilliam Daniel indicating a connection to this family, too. Because Sarah was the only child of Joseph Daniel with descendants named Mabry and Gilliam, they evidently entered the family through her husband suggesting that he was a Gilliam or Mabry descendant.
Sarah’s husband would have been born say, 1730-40. Except Hinchia Mabry, all second generation Mabry men left wills and only son Daniel Mabry briefly held land on Rocky Run and Red Oak Creek, very near Waqua Creek.
It is more likely Sarah’s husband was connected to John Gilliam, a Waqua Creek neighbor. Mabry’s daughter Ann Daniel named a son John G. Callis further suggesting this connection to John Gilliam.
Sarah’s husband may have been a son of Thomas Daniel who lived near the family of Joseph Daniel on Waqua Creek. After Thomas died intestate, his widow Susanna and only known son, Robert, deeded land to John Gilliam. Could Susanna have been Susanna Barker, a daughter of Elizabeth Gilliam?
Possibly Sarah never married and the father of her sons was a Gilliam, perhaps even John Gilliam or his son. Yet the birth of illegitimate children would have initiated court action, of which none has been found.

Descendants of Mr. Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mabry Daniel (c.1785-),  
Rebecca Laffoon,   Rev. John Neblett,  
Jane Robertson,  
Mary Daniel,  Matthew Parrish,  
Jane Parrish,  
Peter Parrish,  
David Parrish,  
Ashley Daniel,  Louisa J. Robinson,  Ann Robinson,  
John Daniel,  
Bettie Daniel,  
Theophilus Daniel,  Rev. H.T. Montgomery,  Martha Susan Robinson,  Joshua Robinson,  Frances —,  
Henry Rash,  Sandy Daniel,  
John Edward Daniel,  Mary Elizabeth Robinson,  
Henry Ashton Daniel,  Lila Grey Cox,  
Mary Elizabeth Daniel,  Robert Cox,  Joe Reese,  
John Edward Daniel,  Clara Hudgins,  
Frances Grand Daniel,  Ben Mayton,  Charles Russell Cox,  
Samuel H. Daniel,  Mary E. Thompson,  
Helen Virginia Daniel,  Samuel Reese,  
Willie Rufus Daniel,  Virginia Ida Parrish,  
Annie May Daniel,  Charles M. Harris,  
Etta Daniel,  
George Thee Daniel,  Lula May Edmonds,  Lee Edmonds,  Lucy —,  
Richard Lewis Daniel,  Virginia Gill,  Joe Gill,  Mary —,  
Laura E. Daniel,  
Theophilus Henry Daniel,  Rosa Lee Reese,  Joseph Reese,  Mary Hatchell,  
Blinco Belle Daniel,  Forehand,  
Mary Virginia Alice Daniel,  Robert Anderson Reese,  Frederick Goderre,  Charlie Elmore,  Preston Craven,  
Theophilus Linwood Daniel,  Mary Lou Edmunds,  
William Henry Daniel,  Mary Etta Cox,  
Pattie Lee Daniel,  
Lena Vain Daniel,  Leroy Huth,  
Annie Sue Daniel,  William Roswell Forehand,  
Daisy Irene Daniel,  William Wheeler,  Jones,  
Fitzhugh Lee Jackson Daniel,  Fannie Adams Cox,  
Ruth Dell Daniel,  Harry Adkins,  
Frederick Oliver Daniel,  Gladys Mae Harrell,  
John Washington Jordan Daniel,  
Rosa Estelle Daniel,  Paul Oram,  
Amy Daniel,  
Gilliam Daniel,  Elizabeth Ann Vaughan,  Everett Vaughan,  John H. Vaughan,  
Sterling Williamson Moore,  Tabitha Braswell,  
Elizabeth Ann Daniel,  
Mary Susan Daniel,  
Sarah G. Daniel,  James Edward Smith,  
A. Emma J. Daniel,  Samuel J. Vaughan,  
Thomas H. Daniel,  Rowena Moseley,  
Robert B. Daniel,  Martha Ann Rebecca Lundy (Shell) Butler,  Edmund W. Shell,  Martha Jackson,  George W. Butler,  
Matthew Daniel,  Elizabeth D. Clark,  Henry Clark,  
Lucy Day,  
Martha Ann Daniel,  William Mormon Abernathy,   
Matthew M. Daniel,  Sarah —,  Mary Jane (Williams) Callis,  Sterling J. Williams,  Martha E. Moore,  Ashton Warner Callis,  
John Henry Daniel,  Alice Crawley Pritchett,   
Ernest Russell Daniel,  Sallie A. Thomas,  Indie L. Pritchett,   
Frances Daniel,  
Rebecca Daniel,  
William H. Daniel,  
Laura Daniel,  
Hubbard Daniel,  
Lucy Daniel,  
Ann Daniel,  Henry Callis,  
John G. Callis,  John A. Orgain,  
Martha F. Williams,  Joseph Williams,  Nancy Ann Cordle,  
James Monroe Callis,  Maggie Ola Smith,  Thomas A. Smith,  Mary Ann (Williams) Tomlinson,  
Josie Callis,  Charles P. Morton,  
Nannie L. Callis,  
Bettie A. Callis,  
Pattie Callis,  John H. Jones,  
John Callis,  Russell Callis,  
Carrie Callis,  John Kelly Lucy,   
Ruth Callis,  James Willis Lucy,   
Aurelia Callis,  Jesse C. Reeves,  
George W. Callis,  John F. Callis,  Nancy —,  
Emily F. Williams,  Joseph Williams,  Elizabeth Ann Singleton,  
George A. Williams,  Littleberry Williams,  Susan —,  
Indiana E. Callis,  
Sarah A. Callis,  
Lelia Virginia Callis,  
Pamelia Callis,  
Rebecca J. Callis,  
William H. Callis,  
Mattie S. Williams,  Sterling J. Williams,  Martha E. Moore,  
Nora E. Callis,  J.G. Smith,  
Maggie E. Callis,  Frank Thomas,  
Steven W. Callis,  
Anna M. Callis,  
Ann E. Callis,  
Roberta Callis,  
Ashton Warner Callis,  Mary Jane Williams,  Sterling J. Williams,  Martha E. Moore,  
Robert J. Callis,  Agnes V. Pritchett,   
James S. Callis,  
George S. Callis,  
Howard S. Callis,  
Laura V. Callis,  
Henry Daniel,  
Frances Daniel,  John W. Day,  
Matilda A. Day,  William D. Parrish,  
Benjamin R. Day,  
John W. Day,  Frances Elizabeth Williams,  Thomas R. Williams,  Elizabeth M. Harrison,  
Rebecca J. Day,  
 Peter Daniel (c.1788-1864),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Theophilus Daniel - Civil War Sterling J. Williams - Civil War
John G. Callis - Civil War George W. Callis - Civil War
William H. Callis - Civil War William D. Parrish - Civil War
Benjamin R. Day - Civil War John W. Day - Civil War

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