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 752   Richard Moore (-c.1720)
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Richard Moore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Moore might describe his life as follows.

I appeared in what is today Greensville County by 12 May 1717 when Thomas Cocke sold me 200 acres on the northwest side of Rocky Run and the south side of the Nottoway River.  The next year Thomas Avent deeded me 120 acres on Otterdam Swamp in Lawnes Creek Parish, in what was then Surry County, for 5 shillings. 
I may have been the Richard Moore living just west of the present-day city of Portsmouth in 1704. That’s about 50 miles east of my new home. Records for that area are missing, so I cannot say for sure.
Alice and I were the parents of at least three sons whom we reared near present-day Moores Creek, named of course for me. We can tell they were our sons because after my death Richard and William Moore sold land that had belonged to me. John Moore, who held land in Brunswick County next to Richard Kimball, named two of his children Alice and Richard for his folks.
I made no will and was dead by 23 November 1720 when Alice Moore appeared as the administratrix of my estate. She was the wife of Charles Kimball by 16 August 1727 when they delivered my estate accounts. 

More about Richard Moore
The 200 acres Richard purchased in 1717 was part of 390 acres belonging to Thomas Cocke.  The Avant purchase was part of 400 acres on Otterdam Swamp next to John Roberts that Avant got in 1716. 
We have been unable to identify Richard’s wife, Alice.

Richard Moore of Nansemond
The only Richard Moore with land in the Colony in 1704 held 250 acres in Nansemond County.  This was undoubtedly the Richard Moore who, with William Weldon, received a patent for 250 acres near Bennett Creek just west of the present-day city of Portsmouth in Upper Norfolk County 23 April 1646. Both Richard and Thomas Moore appeared as headrights.  Nansemond records are burned and the remaining tithable lists of Surry County up to 1703 do not identify Richard Moore.

Moores of Surry
One Thomas Moore, who was 27 in Oct. 1670 when he made a deposition about a horse he bought from Thomas Clay, held 400 acres on Blackwater Swamp in Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, in 1666.  With William Sherwood, he was security for the orphans of Peter Bagley,  and in 1682 his name appeared with many others in the estate accounts of George Jordan
John Moore was a tithable in Lawnes Creek in 1683.

Charles Kimball
Charles Kimball, an official Indian interpreter,  joined William Byrd on his two expeditions to run the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina in 1727. 
Among his land patents were 325 acres on the south side of the Little Creek of Three Creeks 22 Feb. 1724/5,  and 550 acres on the south side of the Roanoke River in Brunswick County 13 Oct. 1727. 
No wife relinquished her dower right in 280 acres that Charles Kimball sold to John Duke 9 March 1739/40.  Kimball was a resident of North Carolina when he bought 450 acres on the south side of the Roanoke River in Brunswick County from James Matthews 3-4 June 1741. 

Descendants of Richard Moore
Information about the children of Richard Moore, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Moore,  
John Roberts,  
Thomas Avent,  Mary (—) Moore,  Gilbert Hay,  
John Moore,  William Johnson,  William House,  
 William Moore,  
Peter Poythress,  
Susanna (—) Moore,  Joseph Kimball,  Manoah Brown,   
Thomas Tucker,  
John Duke,  William Ward,  
 John Moore (-c.1753),  
John Roberts,  
 William Moore (-1744),  
Mary Roberts,  
Elizabeth (—) Moore,  
Susanna Moore,  Francis Epes,  William Epes,  
William Epes,  
Daniel Epes,  
Francis Epes,  
Richard Epes,  
Sarah Epes,  
Elizabeth Moore,  Maj. Edward Pettway,  
Mary Pettway,  
William Pettway,  Sarah Boisseau,   
Elizabeth Pettway,  William Lewis,  
Molly Pettway,  Samuel Greenhill,  Catherine Claiborne,  David Greenhill,  George Washington,  Peter Randolph,   
Archer Jones,   
Catherine Greenhill,  Francis Jones,   
Martha Greenhill,  Robert Lewis,  Charles Lewis,  
Sarah Greenhill,  Thomas Worsham,   
Mary Petway Greenhill,  Philip Jones,   
David Greenhill,  Elizabeth C. Hudson,   
Samuel Greenhill,  
Elizabeth P. Greenhill,  Richard Mohorn,  
Philip Whitehead Greenhill,  Jane Pegram,  
Paschal Greenhill,  
William Greenhill,  
Sally Pettway,  Edmund Hobbs,  Frederick Hobbs,  Katherine —,  
John Pettway,  Fanny Biggins,  Sarah (Hulme) Biggins,  
Branch Mitchell,   
Phoebe Pettway,  Robert Pettway,   
James Pettway,  
Robert Pettway,  Ann Bell Harwood,   
William Pettway,  Franky Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Pettway,  
Edward Pettway,  
Robert Pettway,  
Edward Pettway,  
Susanna Pettway,  Edward Pettway Jr.,  
John Pettway,  Elizabeth Smith,  John Smith,  
William Pettway,  
Edward Pettway,  
Herbert Pettway,  
Robert Pettway,  Frances Wilkinson,  Joel Wilkinson,  
Thomas Pettway,  
Elizabeth Pettway,  Lewellyn Worsham,  Jones Williams,  
Ludwell Worsham,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  Presley Hinton,  
Mary Worsham,  Philip Williams,  
Lucy Jones Worsham,  Edward Travis,  
Robert Pettway,  
Mary Moore,  Robert Pettway,  
Ann Pettway,  Isaac Mason,  
Richard Lanier,   
Mary Ann Mason,  
John Mason,  
Elizabeth Mason,  Henry Hartwell Marable,  
Selah Pettway,  Peter Lee,  
Robert Pettway,  Phoebe Pettway,   
William Moore,  John Verell,  
Epes Moore,  Halcot Pride,   Priscilla (—) Mitchell,  
Martha Moore,  
Ann Moore,  
Lucy Moore,  Richard Raines,   
Frances Moore,  Edward Epes,   Timothy Rives,  
Elizabeth Epes,  
William Epes,  
Patty Epes,  
Susanna Moore,  John Verell,  James Greenway,  
William Hines,  
William Verell,  Tabitha (—) Verell,  William Dunn Sr.,  
John Verell,  Martha (—) Verell,  
Elizabeth Verell,  
James Verell,  
Martha Verell,  

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Moores Creek, Greensville County, named for Richard Moore  

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