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 76   William Elmore (c.1760-1835)
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William Elmore, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Elmore might describe his life as follows.

The Lunenburg County tax ledger itemized me in my father’s household first in 1776, showing I was born in 1759 or 1760.  A few years later our family moved to Charlotte County where Rev. Thomas Johnston officiated when I married Susannah Butler, daughter of John Butler, 20 July 1785. 
Susan, as her name sometimes appeared, and I sold out in Charlotte and went to Brunswick County in 1791, settling on Wildcat Creek. This was where my Grandfather Tarpley had lived, and we later bought part of the old plantation from his heirs. In 1800 we purchased a piece of the William Pritchett farm east of Danieltown. Mary Elizabeth Pritchett, one of his pretty granddaughters, took our son James as her husband in 1807.
The census takers counted Susan in my household in 1820, but she was gone by the time they came back in 1830. Although I named only 2 daughters in the brief will I made in 1835, census records show Susan and I had 10 children.
When I died, I owned a bed and furniture, a gun, a pair of fire irons, a Bible, a chest, and 77 acres, valued 20 June 1835 at $99.12½. 

Identifying all the children of William Elmore has been made difficult as he named only two in his will. Analyses of facts surrounding the Elmores of Brunswick County, concludes that they all descended from William.

Land transactions
The 1787 personal property tax list of Charlotte County charged William with one horse, mare, colt, or mule. William remained for a time in Charlotte County buying 120 acres on Horsepen Creek from James Arnold Sr. in 1788. 
By 1791, however, William moved to Brunswick County where he got about 130 acres on Wildcat Creek next to and south of property that his grandfather James Tarpley bought from John Blackwell in 1746.  Bartholomew Dameron sold him the tract.  William was of Brunswick County when he sold his Horsepen Creek lands to his brother James Elmore—120 acres in 1793 and 100 acres in 1794. 
James and Susannah sold their Wildcat Creek tract to James Byrne of Petersburg in 1797 and bought property near Danieltown from the estate of William Pritchett, deceased, in 1800.  William paid taxes that year on two horses and one slave more than 12 years of age. 
His grandfather James Tarpley left a large tract of land on Waqua Creek near Danieltown to his heirs. On 2 Nov. 1816 William bought a 117-acre piece of the land from his cousins who had inherited it.  Thomas Browder bought 40 acres of this property from James and Susan, as they now referred to her, 22 Dec. 1821, leaving James with 77 acres. 

William’s Will
William survived Susan a few years and on 17 Feb. 1835, made up the following simple will. 

Will of William Elmore
17 February 1835
I do hereby desire and request that my Estate after paying my debts be equally divided and given to my two daughters Susan Elmore and Elizabeth Stone.
This is my last will and testament given the seventeenth day of February one thousand eight hundred & thirty-five.
William Elmore
William Kirk
James Elmore Jr.
George G. Walker

Robert Turnbull was county clerk during the March Term 1835 when the witnesses proved his will. William’s son-in-law Jason Stone bought the furniture and land. 

Descendants of William Elmore
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Elmore) Pritchett (c.1786-),  
Edmund W. Pritchett,   
 James Elmore (c.1787-1883),  
 Nancy (Elmore) Tarpley (c.1790-),  
Henry Tarpley,  James Tarpley,   
Rebecca Hill,  
Susan Ann Tarpley,  James M. Barnes,  
Martha Tarpley,  George Walker,  
 Sally (Elmore) Browder (c.1794-),  
Urias Browder,  
George E. Browder,  Judith R. Hawthorne,  Susan Browder,  
Mary Jane Browder,  Joseph Lewis Barrow,   
Nancy R. Browder,  Needham W. Nolley,  
Anna J. Nolley,  
George Mansfield Nolley,  
Mary F. Nolley,  
Marcus E. Nolley,  
Rebecca A. Nolley,  
Needham M. Nolley,  Ophelia Wynn,  
Urias Browder,  Susan M. Matthews,  
Mary Ann R. Browder,  
Sarah Elizabeth Browder,  Edward Thomas Walthall,  
John A. Browder,  
William T. Browder,  
Harriet L. Browder,  
Charles Browder,  
Martha Ann B. Browder,  
 Edward Elmore (c.1799-1876),  
Susan (—) Elmore,  Thomas Turner Elmore,   
James Elmore,  
 William Elmore (c.1801-),  
Susan K. Barnes,  
 Susan Elmore (c.1803-),  
 son Elmore (c.1805-),  
 Elizabeth (Elmore) Stone (c.1807-c.1867),  
Jason Stone,   Littleberry Orgain,  
Susan R. Stone,  
Louisa Stone,  Samuel Hammock,  
B. Adolphus Hammock,  Rena Moore,  
Narcissa E. Stone,  Peter L. Faris,  William A. Faris,  Parkey Ann Palmer,  
Capt. Reps Connelly,  
Mary E. Faris,  
Louisa R. Faris,  James S. Kennedy,   
Sarah Ann Faris,  Peter Henry Daniel,   
Adalene H. Faris,  John E. Kennedy,   
John William Stone,  Anna Marion Parrish,  Joseph H. Parrish,  Jane —,  
John James Hazlewood,  
Susan Alice Stone,  Thomas Henry Laffoon,   Mr. Miller,  
Susie O. Laffoon,  
Mamie L. Laffoon,  Percy W. Daniel,   Rev. W.J. Pruden,  
Willie A. Laffoon,  
Lucy A. Laffoon,  
Charles M. Laffoon,  
Bessie M. Laffoon,  
George Richard Stone,  Charles H. Bradshaw,  
Sarah Antoinette Elizabeth Richardson,  Richard Amos Richardson,  Mary Ann Dunkley,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
George Addison Stone,  Sallie (—) Jones,  
Charles Richard Stone,  Susie Jones,  
Mary Catherine Stone,  John William Smith,  George William Smith,  Maria Cheely,  
Alvin Smith,  Lola Claire Wesson,   
Gracelle Smith,  
Ann Elizabeth Stone,  John Edward Elmore,   
Willis Winfree Stone,  Mary Elizabeth Elmore,   
Lillie Richardson Stone,  Thomas Frederick Duane Jr.,  Thomas Frederick Duane,  Mary Elizabeth Young,  
 Anderson Elmore (c.1809-1893),  
Pulcheria E. Moore,  Francis Moore,  Elizabeth —,  
Henrietta S. Williams,   
Albert A. Elmore,  Ann Rainey E. Thomas,  Robinson C. Thomas,  Sarah Rainey,  
Capt. William Thomas Wynn,  
Susan P.W. Elmore,  Smith,  Kintie Smith,  John William Elmore,   
Asa E. Elmore,   
Madeline F. Elmore,  Augustus Gill,  
Elmore Gill,  
John Gill,  
Jackman Gill,  Leta Wright,  
Ila B. Gill,  James Willour,  
Richard Gill,  Green,  Frances Doud,  Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower,  Col. Gordon Moore,  
Josephine Lutz,  
Sallie Rainey Elmore,  Andrew Johnson Croom,  William Henry Croom,  Virginia Anderson,  
Lawrence Andrew Croom,  Dora Westerfield,  
Virginia Pearl Croom,  Leon M. Hassan,  
Caroline May Croom,  Hance Wesley Burrow,  Hance Wesley Burrow Jr.,  Maude Johnson,  
Corry Henry Croom,  Mary McMillan,  
Blanche Annie Croom,  Elton Lee Branson,  
Andrew John Croom,  Opal Bigger,  Elizabeth Douglas,  
Captoria V. Elmore,  Edgar Johnson,  A.M. Brantly,  
Willie Elmore,  Walter Roland Croom,  
Wilbur W. Croom,  
Albin Croom,  
Mack E. Croom,  Linnie Bell Fullilove,  
William R. Croom,  Julia —,  
James E. Elmore,  Indianna V. Johnson,   
Capt. William Francis Elmore,  
Dr. John H. Winfree,  
John Waverly Maddux,  Capt. John Joseph Jones,  
Mary Augusta Williams,   Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,   
James Henry Elmore,   Robert Anderson Elmore,   
Richard Gregory Elmore,  Sarah Agnes Bacon,  James Gilliam Bacon,  Fannie Lee Stainback,   
Richard Fenton Elmore,  
William Aldrich Elmore,  Minnie Wiley Robertson,  Minnie Garland Faris,  Benjamin Tomlinson Robertson,  
Sarah Lee Elmore,  William Durall Roberts,  
Harvey Wilson Elmore,  Virginia King Roberts,  Madora Alice Brooks,  Wingo Roberts,  
Lizzie Lee Elmore,  
William Tignal Elmore,  Tignal Williams,  
Mary Jane Elmore,  George Adams Smith,  Richard Smith,  Prudence Adams,  
William W. Tally,  Elizabeth —,  
Capt. John Joseph Jones,  
Roberta Ann Elizabeth Vaughan,  William Henry Vaughan,  Mary W. Griffin,  
Harriet E. Smith,  Johnnie R. Barnes,  
Ida P. Smith,  John L. Jean,  
George E. Smith,  Martha Ann Tomlinson,  
Mary Lou Smith,  James Leonard Edmonds,   
Hattie Sue Smith,  
George Barham Smith,  Josephine Moore,  
Helen Prudence Smith,  John Shafter Whitby,  
Ida Elizabeth Smith,  Lonnie Ellis Edmonds,   
Frank Adams Smith,  Lucy Conner,  
Elizabeth Elmore,  Peter James Williams,  Joseph Williams,  Sarah William,  William W. Talley,  Agnes Thweatt (Manson) Trotter,  
Capt. John Joseph Jones,  
Harriet J. Blanks,  William J. Blanks,  Sarah P. Mitchell,  
Mary P.E. Williams,  James Peter Blanks,  
Sgt. Robert Anderson Elmore,  Robert Everard Meade,   
Capt. John Joseph Jones,  
James Merritt,  Capt. William Meade Feild,   
Virginia Charlotte Thomas,  Robinson C. Thomas,  Sarah Rainey,  Rev. John Gregory Claiborne,   Albert A. Elmore,   John William Elmore,   
Alice Lelia (Samford) Daniel Yerby,   
Robert E. Elmore,  Mattie R. —,  
Gertie Elmore,  
Charlotte E. Elmore,  
Gladys L. Elmore,  
Ida Mae Elmore,  Thomas Henry Johnson,  Sarah Frances Thomas,  Thomas George Washington Johnson,  
Melvin Lovelan Johnson,  Jennie Mae Williams,  
Calvin Thomas Johnson,  Mary Dawson,  
Lula Virginia Johnson,  Charles Clarence Abernathy,  
Ruby Frances Johnson,  Chris Rickers Crafton,  
Livie May Johnson,  
Shelton Chiles Johnson,  
Benjamin Childs Elmore,  Lottie Williams,  
Ella Elmore,  
Frank Williamson Elmore,  Lelia L. Hawthorne,  Allen H. Hawthorne,  Virginia Hardy Barrow,  
Marian Virginia Elmore,  Edward Riley Gwynn,  
Thelma Hardy Elmore,  
Anne Sherrod Elmore,  Raymond Haskins Hawthorne,  
Frances Graham Elmore,  Elwood Mortenson Haynie,  
Lelia Hawthorne Elmore,  Richard Henry Owens,  
James Albert Elmore,  Lily T. Stewart,  
Sallie Elmore,  Charles Baker Palmer Jr.,  Charles Baker Palmer Sr.,  Amelia Randolph Harrison,  
Margaret Elmore,  John E. Murphy,  
Betty Elmore,  Drewry B. Hutcheson,  
Wilbur Thomas Elmore,  Cora Coleman,  Thomas H. Coleman,  
Wilbur Thomas Elmore,  
Marjorie Coleman Elmore,  Charles Monroe Heartwell Jr.,  
Mary Elizabeth Elmore,  Willis Winfree Stone,   
Magnita Lane Elmore,  John Benjamin Clarke,  E.A. Clarke,  Emma —,  
Kenneth Elmore Clarke,  
Emma Virginia Clarke,  William Reid Vaughan,  Lemuel Reid Vaughan,  Roberta Ann Smith,  
Bertie Mae Clarke,  
Nita Lane Clarke,  Harry Tucker Fleshood,  
Else Rebecca Clarke,  
Mildred Love Clarke,  
Henry R. Elmore,  
Thomas Turner Elmore,  Capt. John Joseph Jones,  
Rosa Geneva Harrison,  Smith Harrison,  Harriet Ann Turbeville,  
James Pryor Daniel,   Octavius Alexander Harrison,  Robert Thomas Bishop,  
Thomas Milton Elmore,  Mary Richie Short,  
Thomas Milton Elmore,  Mary Norfleet Whitehead,  
Elizabeth Harrison Elmore,  Edward Carter Feild,  
Richard Turner Elmore,  Jewell Maness,  
Albert Carson Elmore,  Emeline Hardy Hurt,  Romulus Lewellyn Hurt,   Pauline McHenry,  
Edith Malcolm Elmore,  Richie Curtis Saunders,  
Thomas Llewellyn Elmore,  Laura Hurt,  
Albert Carson Elmore,  Elizabeth Maddox,  
Thornton Hurt Elmore,  Marjorie Field Hardy,  
Earl Wiley Elmore,  Emily Campbell,  
Katherine Elmore,  William Nelson Eddy,  
George Leonard Elmore,  Hattie Hardy,  A.A. Hardy,  Mildred Bolling Feild,   Bess Smith,  
Mary Octavia Elmore,  Lemuel Heartwell Peebles,  Lemuel Heartwell Peebles,  Susan Elizabeth Haskins,   
Rosalyn Haskins Peebles,  John Goodman Arthur,  
Thomas Milton Peebles,  Elizabeth Williams,  
Lemuel Heartwell Peebles,  Lucy Christine Pruitt,  
Martha Octavia Peebles,  
Alice Estelle Elmore,  
William Emory Elmore,  Ellen Alice Turnbull,  Robert Turnbull,  Mary Louise Harrison,  Edward Randolph Turnbull,   
Mary Louise Elmore,  Joseph Byrd Barkley,  
Alice Lacey Rawlings,  Joseph Dossie Barkley Sr.,  William Turner Sledge,  
Jane Turnbull Elmore,  Dr. Robert E. Gibson,  
Clarence Vernon Elmore,  Jennie Bourdon Zehmer,  Charles Henry Zehmer,  Frances Thweatt,  
Frances Genevieve Elmore,  Mason Anthony Clift,  
Alice Fitzgerald Elmore,  Willard Boisseau,  
Clarence Vernon Elmore,  Myrtis Bassett,  
Charles Harrison Elmore,  Elsie V. Satterwhite,  
Martha Susan Elmore,  Lynn Warren Smith,  Thomas A. Smith,  Mary Ann (Williams) Tomlinson,  
Alice Dorothy Smith,  John Anderson,  William Martin,  
Mabel Lynn Smith,  Benjamin Bibb,  
Annette Harrison Smith,  Ernest Ulrich Weidmer,  
Thomas Asbury Smith,  Sarah Randlette,  Helen Mae Miller,  
Margaret Sue Smith,  Charles Haywood Sherrod Jr.,  
Bernice Elaine Smith,  Joseph Hill Winfrey,  
Florence Louise Smith,  William Hogg Carr,  
Harry Bernard Smith,  Anne Collier Orgain,  Robert Orgain,  
Harrison Cabell Elmore,  Mabel Claire Saunders,  
Jean Harrison Elmore,  Wayland Estes Horton,  
Vivian Saunders Elmore,  Harold S. Wall,  
Lucille Chastine Elmore,  Charles Southall Rives,  
Mildred Rose Rives,  John Y. Richardson,  
Charles Elmore Rives,  Nell Flannery,  
Virginia Rives,  William B. Wankel,  David P. Wilkinson,  
Richard Montgomery Elmore,  Capt. William Thomas Wynn,  
Adolphus C. Elmore,  Eudora Alice Johnson,  Sarah Frances Thomas,  Thomas George Washington Johnson,  
Thomas Otis Elmore,  Gracie Taylor,  
Hattie Eolin Elmore,  Appelles Berkeley Samford,  Urban Stanfield Samford,   Lelia Susan Thomas,  
Alice Lelia Samford,  Henry Robertson Daniel,   William I. Yerby,  
Frances May Samford,  Marvin Chambliss,  
Berkley Chiles Samford,  Rebecca Pearson,  
Marshall Thomas Samford,  Edith Hague,  
Urban Stuart Samford,  Vernell Breeden,  
Eola Mason Samford,  Willard Laffoon,   
Eugene Erastus Samford,  Ethel Baird,  
William Joseph Samford,  
Virginia Sarah Samford,  Robert Martin Thompson,  
Robert Price Samford,  
Olin Robertson Elmore,  Mary Alice Taylor,  
Wrennie Chiles Elmore,  Emma White,  
Virgie May Elmore,  
Annie Sarah Elmore,  
Mable C. Elmore,  
Lillian Alice Elmore,  Bush Hux,  
Edgar Wiles Elmore,  Christine Cranwell,  
Martha Ann Frances Elmore,  Sgt. Roland Fletcher Connelly,  Ira Connelly,  Mary Jane Rebecca Jennings,  
Nellie Connelly,  George W. Johnson,  
William F. Connelly,  
Fletcher McEnery Elmore,  Martha Susan Bennett,  Benjamin M. Bennett,  Susan A.E. Ragsdale,   
Edith T. Elmore,  Edward Neblett Samford,  
Wilton Pruden Elmore,  Elvin Shapard,  
Fletcher Leigh Elmore,  Kathleen Prince,  
Lawrence Preston Elmore,  Isla Chambliss,  Rosa Blailock,  Ernest Chambliss,  
Eleanor Sue Elmore,  A. Garland Johnson,  
Maggie V. Elmore,  Roy Hudnot Green,  
Anderson Benjamin Elmore,  Audry Griffin,  
Mary Etta Elmore,  Edward Boswell Traylor,  Benjamin Davis Clayton,  
Hugh Penn Nolen,  
Elizabeth Virginia Traylor,  William M. Woodson,  
Joseph Nathaniel Traylor,  Sallie Belle Jones,  
Lillie May Traylor,  Cornelius Earl Tomlinson,  
John Marvin Traylor,  Helen Elizabeth Goodwin,  
Edward Clayton Traylor,  
Helen Eva Traylor,  Joseph D. Camp,  Thomas Horton Jones,  
James Bascom Traylor,  Bernadine Pope,  
Elizabeth Sue Elmore,  Logan Smith Abernathy,   John William Pritchett,   
Virginia Bell Abernathy,  Jesse B. Aycock,  
Marie Abernathy,  
Acree A. Abernathy,  Mary O. Jones,  
Shelton Abernathy,  
Charles Lee Elmore,  Mary Louise Mason,  William Thomas Mason,  Mary Prince Green Wynn,  
Mary Baldwin,  
Mary Mason Elmore,  
Charles Edward Elmore,  Mary Sophronia Virginia Thomas,  
Charlotte Virginia Elmore,  Henry Hunt Dickinson,  
William Edward Elmore,  Betty Lou Fishback,  
John Edward Elmore,  Ann Elizabeth Stone,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
George Mansfield Nolley - Civil War Edward Thomas Walthall - Civil War
John A. Browder - Civil War Peter L. Faris - Civil War
John W. Stone - Civil War John James Hazlewood - Civil War
George Richard Stone - Civil War George William Smith - Civil War
Thomas Frederick Duane - Civil War Albert A. Elmore - Civil War
Richard Gill - World War I William Francis Elmore - Civil War
George Adams Smith - Civil War Peter James Williams - Civil War
Robert Anderson Elmore - Civil War Thomas H. Coleman - Civil War
Thomas Turner Elmore - Civil War Richard M. Elmore - Civil War
Roland Fletcher Connelly - Civil War Fletcher Leigh Elmore - World War I
Lawrence Preston Elmore - World War I William Thomas Mason - Civil War

Selected sources
Elmore, William E., The Trunk of an Elmore Tree. Privately published, 1992. • Very well-done account of this family. Mr. Elmore corresponded with William McCaddin Pritchett while preparing this document. Includes family of Thomas Elmore, and his descendants including Peter Elmore, Peter Elmore, James Elmore, William Elmore, and James Elmore.

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