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Edward Penick, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Penick might describe his life as follows.

My family lived in St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent County, where two sons were baptized, Edward in 1686 and William in 1694. Our minister, who recorded these baptisms, noted that my wife was Elizabeth when Edward was baptized, but made no mention of his mother when William was baptized, which was not unusual.
St. Peter’s Parish was run by a group of vestrymen who appointed a clerk to take down what happened at their meetings. My name, which he often written as Penix, appeared in processioning orders or returns in 1689, 1708, and 1715.  A processioning return was just a report from a couple of neighbors that they had confirmed the boundaries of landowners in their neighborhood, which was required every four years, or so. A tax list made in 1704 shows that I owned 200 acres. 
I was in poor shape 11 April 1721 when the vestry, “ordered that the church wardens see what necessity Edwd. Penix is in and allow him what they shall think fit.”  In that condition, I might not have lived much longer.
Since Colonial county records of New Kent no longer remain, I can tell you nothing more about me.

Descendants of Edward Penick
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Edward Penick (-1734),  
Esther (—) Penick,  
John Penick,  Mary Mallory,   
Charles Knight,   Miller Woodson,  
Judith Penick,  John Fowlkes,   
Thomas Penick,  Keziah Owen,   
Phoebe Penick,  William Crews,  
John Penick,  Sarah Johns,   
Thompson Penick,  
William Penick,  Sally Bailey,   
Jesse Penick,  Nancy Phillips,   
Jane Penick,  Edward Jackson,  
Henry M. Penick,  Sarah Chappell McGehee,   
Lucy Penick,  John Wilkerson,  
Martha Penick,  Daniel Owen Rowlett,  William Rowlett,   
Owen Penick,  
John Penick,  Prudence Rowlett,   
Edward Penick,  Polly Jennings Hamblin,   
Nancy Ann Penick,  George Washington Pulliam,   
John Penick,  
Judith Penick,  William Holt,  Jemima Rowlett,  John Rowlett,   
Jane Penick,  Thomas Richardson,  
Mary Penick,  John Hudson,  
Thompson Penick,  
William Penick,  Mourning Fowlkes,   
Anne Penick,  Alexander Bruce,   
Jane Penick,  
Nathaniel Penick,  William Penick,  Judith —,  Judith Pate,  
Prudence Fowlkes,   
Elizabeth Fowlkes,  Thomas Fowlkes,  
Tabitha Rudd,   
George Penick,  
Joseph Penick,  James Burnley,  
 William Penick (1694-1750),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thompson Penick - War of 1812 William Holt - War of 1812
Thomas Richardson - War of 1812 Thompson Penick - War of 1812

Selected sources
Priest, Lyman W. The Penick Family: Descendants of Edward Penick/Penix/Pinix of St. Peter’s Parish New Kent County, Virginia. Verona, Va.: McClure Printing Company, Inc., 1982:9-45. • Begins with Edward Penick and William Penick and includes the families William Penick who married Judith Walker, and William Penick who married Mourning Fowlkes

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