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 8   David Pritchett (1844-1922)
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David Pritchett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, David Pritchett might describe his life as follows.

I was born 8 October 1844 on our farm 1 mile south of present-day Danieltown and was only 2 when my father died. I went to grammar school, but had to spend most of my childhood helping my brothers run our farm.
My 3 older brothers enlisted in the Army, but because I was only 16 when the Civil War began, I stayed home to help Mother. Yet in desperate need for soldiers, the Army drafted me when I became 18. Disease was our true enemy. I survived typhoid fever, bronchitis, and dysentery.
My unit, the Brunswick Blues, was posted in South Carolina and as far south as Florida to fend off any attempt to split the South. Ordered back to Virginia, our unit was at the Battle of the Crater and I was among many to surrender at Appomattox. Back home, I was the man around the house, my brothers having married.
I attended Macedonia Methodist where Susan Louisa Daniel also went to church. We were distant cousins because her great-grandfather was my grandfather. I was 23 and she, 19, when Rev. Willis Harris Peace united us in marriage, 18 December 1867. I built us a home about 200 yards from Mother’s, where we reared 11 children.
I died of a stoke 23 January 1922 and was buried in the family cemetery. Although I never thought of myself as poor, each of my children inherited only about $23.

All of his sisters and brothers had a middle name, but no records show David’s middle name, if he had one.

Service during the Civil War
On 29 Oct. 1862 at Chaffin’s Farm below Richmond, Capt. John Joseph Jones enlisted David in the Brunswick Blues, 3rd Co. B. 59th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Confederate records at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., contain 14 muster roll cards for David, 9 marked “Present” and 5 marked “Absent,” for reasons of illness.
David went with the Brunswick Blues to South Carolina in 1863, when the 59th Regiment, serving as part of Gen. Henry A. Wise’s Brigade, was ordered to the South Carolina District to bolster General Beauregard’s defenses against an expected attack against Charleston where the war began. During this campaign, they went as far south as Florida. Henry Pritchett told the story that David paid $10 for a gingerbread cookie in Florida.
Lee summoned Wise’s Brigade back to Virginia where they participated in the Battle of the Crater 30 July 1864. David fought through this battle and The Retreat and was with Lee’s Army when he surrendered at Appomattox Court House 9 April 1865.
Tradition is that just before the surrender, David and a couple of other soldiers hid their rifles in a hollow log so they would not have to give them up. Even after they heard that Grant allowed them to keep their rifles, they did not go back to get them. David was paroled at Appomattox. His brothers Joseph and Moses had been captured previously and his brother William had been released from the Army.
Civil War Soldiers from Brunswick County, Virginia devotes a topic to the family and military experience of David Pritchett.  Learn more 
Roger Eppes Pritchett recalls his father singing the following song that his grandfather David used to sing:

My sweetheart and my brothers too were soldiers
The younger of the three
Was slain while fighting by the side of gallant Fitzhugh Lee.
Hooray, hooray, for the Sunny South we say,
We cherish with a mother’s pray
The boys who wore the gray.
One thought of his sweetheart he left in town
Happy, young and gay;
One thought of the mother he left at home,
Feeble, old and gray.
Then bidding farewell to the Stars and Bars,
He died as the sun went down.

David’s plantation
David eventually reassembled portions of his father’s plantation beginning with what he inherited. In 1867 David purchased from his sister Henrietta 61 acres of her father’s land for $185.65. Henrietta had married John Eddie Daniel that year and presumably did not need the land as John Eddie owned a large farm.
In 1877 he paid $420 to Sidney Manson Kennedy, administrator of his mother’s estate, for the 60 acres she formerly owned and in 1882 he purchased 22 acres inherited by his brother William Rufus Pritchett for $75. This acreage was bounded by the lands of David’s brother Joseph Washington Pritchett on the east, Thomas Daniel on the west and Edward Elmore, et al. on the south.
In 1884 David and Susan purchased still another tract of the original William Pritchett plantation from James Henry Jones for $125. How James H. Jones got the land is not known.

Federal Census records
In 1870 David and Julia were the parents of David A., aged 1,  and by 1870 David was 11 and 5 daughters had joined the family.  David and Julia appeared still in 1910 with Henry and Vernon, then 25 and 23, in the household. 

New Hope Christian Church
David and Susan were members of the Rocky Run Methodist Church before they were married and continued as active members until after 1890, when they and some of their neighbors organized and established New Hope Christian Church. They built the first church building on an acre of land that David and Susan gave. From then on, David and most of his family belonged to the Disciples of Christ.
In 1892 David and Susan deeded an acre of land for the site of the New Hope Christian Church. David became a trustee of the new congregation and he and Susan and several of their children were charter members when the church was officially established in 1893. The other trustees were Cornelius Benjamin Waller, Edward A. Callis, and Madison Lafayette Laffoon.
Susan was a charter member of the Missionary Society and its first treasurer. A new New Hope Christian Church building was dedicated in 1926 at Danieltown, leaving the old church vacant for some years before being used by an African-American congregation.

David’s estate
David’s estate was inventoried and appraised 24 April 1922 by Peter Pelham Daniel the husband of David’s deceased daughter Cora, Millard Jackson Moore the husband of David’s daughter Ida, and Moses Leonard Daniel the husband of David’s daughter Lillie.
David’s son Aquilla was the administrator of the estate, partly perhaps because he had some training in business and accounting. At his death, David had $43.80 in his checking account in the Bank of Alberta. He held a check from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which no doubt was a Civil War pension check, and a certificate of deposit for $487.04 in the First National Bank of Lawrenceville. After the final accounting, each of his children received $22.95, while his widow received $101.21. These amounts are small due to the severity of the economic recession that followed World War I.

Mac Pritchett’s recollections
Mac Pritchett recalled, “I can scarcely remember my grandfather David Pritchett, for I was only years old when he died. I do remember going over to his house the day of the funeral. Deep snow covered the ground and the children stayed in the house and did not go down to the cemetery.
“I remember my grandmother Susan very well and used to spend a lot of time at her house. She had many things interesting to a boy. I used to go into her living room and play on her Victrola ‘Golden Slippers’ and many other old numbers. Beautiful red upholstered furniture was in the living room. I remember being fascinated by her mechanical apple peeler, her mantle clock that told the hour of the day, the day of the week, and the day of the month, the old hat rack that stood in the hall, the front porch railing, the white picket fence around the front yard, the work room with the fireplace and big black pots used for washing clothes, making soap, etc., the apple trees and pear trees that produced an abundance of fruit each year, the farm buildings such as the granary, the barns, the stables, etc. that aroused the curiosity of an inquisitive boy, and so on. It was grandma’s house, and that alone made it something special to a boy.
“Speaking again of the living room furniture with its red velvet upholstery, several pieces were pulled out of the house when it caught fire. I never saw any of it after the fire in the 1940s but in the early 1960s after Uncle Vernon died I looked around all of the buildings on the farm, hoping for some remembrance of Grandpa and Grandma. In the old building that was the granary, I found the remains of the old platform rocker. The upholstery had rotted out of it, one platform was missing, the springs were gone, and some walnut veneer had peeled off. I took what was left of it, knocked it apart, and brought it to Texas. I spent many months sanding each piece, replaced the veneer, made a new walnut platform, bought new springs, padding, etc. and rebuilt the chair. On it I placed a brass plaque that reads, ‘Susan Louisa Daniel 1848-1934.’ Susan and David probably bought it after they married in 1867.”

Descendants of David Pritchett
Information about the children of David Pritchett, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 David Albert Pritchett (1869-1936),  
Marian Inez Moore,   
Howard Albert Pritchett,  
Rachael Frances Wolfe,  W.A. Wolfe,  
William Albert Pritchett,  Frances Jean Moore,  Jean K. Hallock,  
David Albert Pritchett,  Deborah Lee Curbo,  
David Scott Pritchett,  
Shea Curbo Pritchett,  
Elizabeth Jean Pritchett,  
Teresa Gayle Pritchett,  John Magsam,  Michael Anthony Pfeiffer,  Teri Gayle Pritchett Pfeiffer,  
Mildred Olive Pritchett,  
Rev. Herman Marion Reynolds,  
Virginia Rose Reynolds,  Robert Lincoln Nolan,  
Douglas Keith Nolan,  
Patricia Leigh Nolan,  Steven Wayne Suskin,  
Nancy Jean Nolan,  
Margaret Joyce Nolan,  
Joyce Marian Reynolds,  Frank Edward Coupal,  
Edward Taylor Coupal,  
Roger Herman Coupal,  
David Page Coupal,  Jo Ann Harvey,  
Carol Ann Coupal,  
James Kent Coupal,  
Dr. Roger Page Reynolds,  Ruth —,  
David Gilbert Pritchett,  Hallie B. Dalton,  William Dalton,  Olivia (Driskill) Dalton Morris,  
Peggy Sue Pritchett,  Earl Ray Stinnett,  James Gerald Pritchett,   
Lisa Carol Stinnett,  Daniel Dibble,  
Leta Vincent Pritchett,  Frederick Algie Cox,  
Stanley Christopher Daniel,   Fannie M. Abernathy,   
Frances Claudia Cox,  Jess Leroy Higgenbottom,  
Susan Leta Higgenbottom,  Eddie Jennings,  
Claudia Kay Higgenbottom,  Wilson F. Bryant Jr.,  
Kim Marie Higgenbottom,  Chris Landrum,  
Cora Inez Cox,  Raymond Rollins Crymes Jr.,  
Patricia Ann Crymes,  Allen Merman Wright,  
Alvin Gray Crymes,  Margaret Antoinette Coles,  
Janet Sue Crymes,  
Sheri Lynn Crymes,  Neil Elliott Pegram,  
Buddie Cox,  Betty Lee Corning Gunn,  
Kittrell Lynn Cox,  James Buttress Daniel,  Jimmie Elseasser,  
James Buttress Daniel,  Nicole Fomchenko,  
Courtney Elizabeth Daniel,  Nathan Shortridge,  
Edwin Gunn Daniel,  
Kevin Algie Cox,  
Dana Andrew Cox,  Kimberly Shell,  Roman Zava,  
Heather Nicole Cox,  
Hannah Christaine Cox,  
Marvin Glenn Pritchett,  Mary Settle,  
Marian Gertrude Pritchett,  Charles Hilary Jennings,  
Darlene Gertrude Jennings,  Lloyd Marvin Hinchee,  
Charles Hilary Jennings,  
Marian Joyce Jennings,  Frank Matthew Miller,  
Sadie Alice Pritchett,  Claude Swanson Dalton,  Mills Underwood Reed,  
Donald Mills Reed,  Margaret Elaine Shorter,  
Roger Eppes Pritchett,  Beatrice Alberta Toler,  
David Albert Pritchett II,  Judith Ann Graybill,  
Rebecca Ann Pritchett,  Bill R. Yeargo,  
Henry Adams Pritchett,  
James Pritchett,  Carrie Dorothy Bibb,  
Carolyn Lee Pritchett,  Carl Eugene Bumpas,  
James McKee,  
Jennifer Lynn Bumpas,  Donald Hall,  
Michael David McKee,  Darci Satterlee,  
Logan Reece McKee,  
James Douglas Pritchett,  Kaye Pearson,  Colby Barrett Pritchett,  Jackye Robertson,  Kyndall Marie Pritchett,  
Sandra Kaye Pritchett,  Chris McGowan,  
Scott Johnson McGowan,  
Blake Andrew McGowan,  
Dylan Elise McGowan,  
Ronald Alan Pritchett,  Lisa Taylor,  
Taylor Lauren Pritchett,  
Austin William Pritchett,  
 Susan Virginia (Pritchett) Daniel (1870-1958),  
Lee Andrew Daniel,   
Elizabeth Archer Manly,   
Sarah Ann (Pritchett) Daniel,   
Thaddeus Daniel,   
Annie Mae Daniel,  Walter L. Parham,   Rev. J.E. Brooks,  
Etta Virginia Parham,  
Amorette Virginia Daniel,  Marvin Hill Abernathy,   
Virginia Lee Abernathy,  James Carlton Courter Jr.,  
Susan Lee Courter,  Charles Spurgion Morrison Jr.,  
James Carlton Courter III,  
Patty Hill Courter,  
Hilda Mae Abernathy,  Edgar Earl Jackson,  Charles C. Laubach II,  
David Earl Jackson,  
Maury Hamilton Jackson,  
Glenville Lee Daniel,  Iva Harris Perkins,  
Thaddeus Franklin Daniel,  
 Indie Lee (Pritchett) Daniel (1872-1947),  
Amanda Daniel,   Lee Andrew Daniel,   Rev. Jacob Walters,  
Stanley Christopher Daniel,  Fannie M. Abernathy,   
Leta Vincent (Pritchett) Cox,   
Lou Carter Daniel,  William W. Pair,  Robert Drury Pair,  Martha Annie G. Phillips,  William Robert Pair,  
Willie Carter Pair,  
Ethel Lee Pair,  
Margaret Elaine Pair,  
Stanley Neal Pair,  
Lucille Pair,  
Ethel Lee Daniel,  Harvey M. Cox,  Christine Powell,  Willie Powell,  
Vashti Pritchett Daniel,  Curtis Lorenza Snead,  Norman Minor Snead,  Mary Frances Hazlewood,  
Frances Snead,  John W. McMillan,  
Virginia Lee Snead,  John B. Lewis,  
Calvin Snead,  Frances Marker,  
Sarah Rose Snead,  Robert Eugene Dosier,  
Joseph E. Snead,  Betty Daugherty,  
 Alice Smith (Pritchett) Daniel (1874-1963),  
Alexander Pryor Daniel,   Rev. John P. Givens,  
Joseph Alexander Daniel,  Bessie Traylor,  
Joseph Alexander Daniel,  
James Meredith Daniel,  
Jeanne Daniel,  Welch,  
Mary Susan Daniel,  Herbert J. Weaver,  
Etta Virginia Daniel,  Andrew M. Bolling,  Richard Bolling,  Fannie —,  
Jesse Bolling,  
Shirley Bolling,  
Evelyn Bolling,  
Inez Bolling,  
Hazel Bolling,  
Wallace Bolling,  
Moses Willard Daniel,  Mabel Estelle Hastings,  George W. Hastings,  Julia Bank —,  Rev. W.G. Forbes,  
Mary Imogene Daniel,  Ross Alfred Echols,  Lenny T. Echols,  Lillian —,  
Julia Alice Daniel,  Lynn,  
Everett Daniel,  Audrey Slayton,  
George A. Daniel,  Martha Ann Mayton,  Lois (—) Daniel,  
Anne Evelyn Daniel,  Guy Vincent Hancock,  R.C. Hancock,  Carrie Ola —,  Rev. J.L. King,  
Alton Hancock,  
Raymond Daniel Hancock,  
Earl Hancock,  
Haynie Allen Daniel,  Ruby Palmore,  James Palmore,  Georgia Rebecca Hudgins,  
Pansy Allen Daniel,  Worthington S. Cox,  
Rebecca Alice Daniel,  Robert Emile Behring Jr.,  
 Cora Louisa (Pritchett) Daniel (1876-1909),  
Peter Pelham Daniel,   Rev. John P. Givens,  
Preston Pelham Daniel,  Amorette Virginia Daniel,   
Dossie Virginia Williams,  
Harvey McCadden Daniel,  Mildred Irene Rapier,  
Lois Virginia Daniel,  George Bayer,  
Paul Harvey Daniel,  Susan Andrea Johnson,  
Lillie Lucille Daniel,  Joe B. McCool,  
Dorothy Mae McCool,  Roy Hudson,  
Mabel Virginia Daniel,  Susan Virginia (Pritchett) Daniel,   George T. Wilkerson,  R.T. Wilkerson,  M.O. —,  Rev. T. Sloan Guy,  
Bernard Thomas Wilkerson,  Edith Talbott,  
Selma Lee Wilkerson,  Henry Gale Jr.,  
Willie Thurman Wilkerson,  Ann Moses,  
James Allen Wilkerson,  
Esther Lee Daniel,  Abner Young Wilkerson,  George T. Wilkerson,  
Lt. Col. Abner Lee Wilkerson,  Dorothy Manning,  
Richard Sidney Wilkerson,  Dorothy Manning,  
Doris Rose Wilkerson,  Louis Byers,  
 Ida Elizabeth Gregory (Pritchett) Moore (1878-1961),  
Millard Jackson Moore,   Rev. Jacob Walters,  
William Tignal Elmore,   
Susan Elizabeth Moore,  James William Callis,  David Franklin Callis,  Bettie Lee Ragsdale,  
Rachael Odelle Callis,  Willie Gray Weigand Jr.,  Willie Gray Weigand Sr.,  Etta Sisk,  
James William Callis,  Anita Elizabeth Perry,  J.W. Perry,  Barbara Hines,  Idaleen Christenson Reynolds,  Martin Reynolds,  Josephine Christenson,  
Myles Moore Callis,  Maxine Perkins,  H.M. Perkins,  Adelaide —,  
Millard Harris Moore,  Lucy Myrtle Burton,  
Hazel Devine Moore,  Teberious A. Ferguson Jr.,  Teberious A. Ferguson Sr.,  Margaret Tyree,  
Millard Harris Moore,  Frances Brooks,  Charles William Brooks,  Hazel Dawson,  
Thomas Earl Moore,  
Harold Glenn Moore,  Peggy Lewis,  Andrew William Lewis,  Willie Page,  
Nancy Lee Moore,  Richard Brian Green,  Harry George Green,  Martha Hart,  
Hugh Augustus Moore,  Sarah Pauline Newton,  
Dixie Anne Moore,  Charles Edward Anderson III,  Bert Walker Anderson,  Peggy Thompson,  
Hugh Augustus Moore, D.V.M.,  Susan Eddy Bailey,  Clayton Eddy Bailey Jr.,  Rosamond Wittington,  George Fralin,  George Howard Fralin,  Illie Belle Hogan,  
Polly Newton Moore,  Benjamin Harrell Mixon Jr.,  Benjamin Harrell Mixon Sr.,  Ruth Thorson,  
Susan Pritchett Moore,  James Franklin Aycock,  Frank Lafayette Aycock,  Christine Franklin,  
Jackson Osborne Moore,  
Ruth Wynn Moore,  Bernard Hobson Raney,  Charles Buckner Raney,  Corrine Alice Singleton,  Beulah Raney,  James J. Brown,   
Dorothy Gladstone Raney,  Rev. Cecil Robert Taylor,  John Taylor,  Cleo Roberts,  
Virginia Arline Raney,  Dr. Andrew Epes Harris,  Andrew Epes Harris,  Louise O’Neal,  
Ruth Raney,  Stephen Greene Cowan III,  Rev. Stephen Greene Cowan Jr.,  Margaret Elizabeth Morgan,  
Vernon Gifford Moore,  
Marion David Moore,  Jewel Theda Guthrie,  Chastain C. Guthrie,  Mollie Price,  
Curtis Barrow Moore,  Nellie Mae Brown,  Charles Cabell Brown,  Alice Mabel McDermott,  
Curtis Barrow Moore,  Daphine Smith,  Charles Roland Smith,  Carrie Martin,  
Alice Mae Moore,  Robert Harris Hillsgrove,  Robert Hillsgrove,  Harriet Maxfield,  
Cora Katherine Moore,  Eugene Dillard McDermott,  George Robert McDermott,  Hethie A. Merry,  
Elizabeth Anne McDermott,  Eugene Carden Tweedy,  Benjamin F. Tweedy,  Lillian V. Carden,  
 Joseph Everett Pritchett (1881-1929),  
Bessie Nesbit,  James William Nesbit,  Jennie Morgan Hamilton,  
Joseph McGarvey Pritchett,  
Irene Hunt,  
William Loftus Pritchett,  Jeanette Brown,  
Lillian Patricia Pritchett,  Paul H. Chambliss,  
Virginia Louise Pritchett,  Walter C. Vehorn,  
 Lee Aquilla Pritchett (1882-1883),  
 George Aquilla Pritchett (1883-1970),  
Mary Lucy Daniel,   Moses Rufus Daniel,   Mary Susan Vaughan,   Rev. Lloyd C. Moore,  
Susan Louisa Daniel,   
Blackwell J. Jones,  
Rev. W.G. Forbes,  Rev. A.W. Roten,  Thomas Parham,   Walter L. Parham,   Sydnor Parham,   Margaret Inez Pritchett,   
Daisy Mae Pritchett,  
Susan Virginia Pritchett,  Egbert Hurt Whitlow,  Charlie Whitlow,  Belle Cook,  Rev. Miles Austin,  
Barbara Jean Whitlow,  George Edward Morgan,  
Egbert Hurt Whitlow,  
William Aquilla Pritchett,  
Lois Elizabeth Robins,  Rev. W.G. Forbes,  
Elizabeth Marie Pritchett,  James Dale Bimson,  
William George Pritchett,  Betty Lynn Appler,  
 Henry McCaddin Pritchett (1885-1929),  
 Moses Vernon Pritchett (1887-1960),  
Moses Rufus Daniel,   
Moses Willard Daniel,   George A. Daniel,   
 Lillie Mae (Pritchett) Daniel (1889-1935),  
Moses Leonard Daniel,   Rev. D.M. Austin,  
Lula Inez (Pritchett) Pritchett,   
Grace Elizabeth Daniel,  Bryce Anderson Hancock,  Rev. J.L. King,  Vincent Guy Hancock,  Anne Evelyn Daniel,   
Herman Bryce Hancock,  Patricia Ann Bagley,  
Tamela Ann Hancock,  John Malcolm Murray,  
Jill Murray,  
Ann Murray,  
Millicent Arlene Hancock,  Jon Dean Coffman,  Dana Coffman,  Rev. Nathaniel Bernard Habel,  James Gerald Pritchett,   
Wendy Darlene Coffman,  
Tracy Carol Coffman,  Rowsey,  
Leonard Paul Daniel,  
Elnor Pritchett Daniel,  Benjamin Carter Hancock,  
Joyce Loretta Hancock,  Ernest Garland Carter,  Marvin L. Carter,  
Brenda Yvonne Hancock,  Everett Jacob Daniel,   
Wayne Webb,  
Winston Benjamin Hancock,  Kay Shields,  
Richard Winston Daniel,  Minnie Brooking Nelson,  
Richard Winston Daniel,  
Rebecca Margrave Daniel,  
Joseph Leonard Daniel,  Mary Alice Loftis,  Lois Constance Cook,  
Joseph Leonard Daniel,  Sherrie Kay Wright,  
Richard Michael Daniel,  
Raymond Earl Daniel,  
Dorothy Lynn Daniel,  

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Glenville Lee Daniel - World War I William Pair - World War I
Abner Lee Wilkerson - World War II James William Callis - World War II

Legislators - colonial and state
Marvin Hill Abernathy - Virginia Thaddeus Franklin Daniel - Virginia

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