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 820   Robert Jennings (-1716)
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Robert Jennings, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert Jennings might describe his life as follows.

I may have been the son of John Jennings who arrived in New Kent County a generation before me. I and my wife, whom I married about 1695, were the parents of three sons who were born in St. Peter’s Parish around 1700. In 1704 we were living on 100 acres in the part of New Kent that became Hanover in 1721. 
I was a soldier in the Colonial Wars and a vestryman of St. Paul’s Parish from as early as 1706 to my death in 1716.  I was evidently an educated man, my sons and their children were literate, and I may have been a blacksmith because St. Paul’s Parish reimbursed me for “400 Great Nails” in 1709. 
Two sons remained in Hanover and the third, William, followed his children to present-day Nottoway County.

Robert’s military service was evidenced when he and two other soldiers of New Kent petitioned the House of Burgesses for payment of 400 pounds of tobacco that the former General Assembly owed them on 12 Dec. 1700. 
Robert may have been a vestryman of St. Paul’s Parish at its inception, but the first two years of the vestry book are missing. Robert attended the meeting of the vestry 2 Jan. 1715/6 and was dead by 22 July 1716 when John Anderson was elected a vestryman to replace “Mr. Robert Jennings, lately deceased.” 

Who was Robert Jennings’ father
John Jennings, Robert’s posited father, was born say 1640 and was a headright when William Pulliam was granted 334 acres in New Kent County 1 Jan. 1656/7. Of 7 headrights, the patent listed John Jennings and William Walker first.  These two individuals may have returned briefly to England at the expense of Charles Edmonds who listed 55 headrights when he obtained a patent for 2,750 acres in New Kent County 25 Feb. 1658/9. He listed “Jno. Jenings” and “Wm. Walker” next to each other on the patent.  Charles Edmonds obtained two patents for land in New Kent County with William Pulliam. Another John Jennings in early Colonial Virginia appeared several times in Virginia land patents and grants in Isle of Wight County as the “deputy escheater.”

Descendants of Robert Jennings
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Capt. Robert Jennings (c.1686-1758),  
Mary Garland,  Mary Allen,  
John Syme,  
John Garland Jennings,  
Capt. Robert Jennings,  Mary Ann Robinson,  John Robinson,  Sally Clement,  Dr. John Clement,  Mary Ann Latane,  
John Anderson,  
Mary Ann (—) Jennings,  James Overton,  
Robert Garland Jennings,  
Clement Anderson Jennings,  Sarah M. Branch,  Samuel Branch,   
John Robinson Jennings,  Frances S. Strange,  Robert Strange,  
Judith Sydnor Jennings,  George Reveley,  
William Reveley,  
John Reveley,  Martha A. Christian,  
George Francis Reveley,  Margaret Robertson,  David Robertson,  
Judith Reveley,  Joshua Thornhill,  Agnes B. (—) Thornhill,  
Frances Reveley,  
Robert Jennings Reveley,  Elizabeth Doss,  Overstreet Doss,  
Elizabeth Reveley,  Samuel Patterson,  
Jane Reveley,  Edward Hunter,  
Thomas Reveley,  
Francis Reveley,  
Mary Reveley,  
Catherine Reveley,  
Harriet Reveley,  
Mary Latane Jennings,  Maj. William Gaines,  Richard Gaines,  Mildred Hollinger,  
Elizabeth Carter,   
Mary Clement Gaines,  Thomas Friend,   Charles Hutcherson,  
William Gaines Friend,  Susan W. Morton,   
Sallie Burwell,  Ellen Goode,  
Joseph Bass Friend,  Sarah E. Hutcherson,  Catherine Jane Spencer,  
Isabella Carter,  Sharpe Carter,  Annie (Gregory) Smith,  
Catherine L. Friend,  William W. Watkins,  
Martha Ann Friend,  Peyton Rice,  
Robert Hutcherson,  
Richard Jennings Gaines,  Martha Watkins Venable,  Richard Nathaniel Venable,   
Eliza Watkins (Spencer) Bouldin,   Thomas Tyler Bouldin,   
Robert Francis Gaines,  Susan W. Edmunds,   
Betty Jennings,  
Sarah Jennings,  
Barbara Jennings,  
 John Jennings (1698-),  
Thomas Partridge,  
William Hill,   Mary (—) Jennings,  
John Snelson,  Thomas Partridge,  Robert Jennings,  
 William Jennings I (1702-c.1774),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Capt. Robert Jennings - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
George Reveley - Virginia William Reveley - Virginia
Richard Jennings Gaines - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Jennings of Hanover.” Historical Southern Families, 4:101-120. • Covers the families of Robert Jennings, his son William Jennings, and his son William Jennings.
Doughtie, Beatrice Mackey. Documented Notes on Jennings and Allied Families. Privately printed, 1961:389-397, 435-437, 577-599. • This portion covers the families of William Jennings and Robert Jennings.

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