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 822   James Pulliam
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James Pulliam, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Pulliam might describe his life as follows.

According to Jennings family records, Mary and I were the parents of Mary Jane Pulliam who married William Jennings in Hanover County 24 January 1724/5.  Frankly, though, Mary Jane Hardesty who assembled this information after the Civil War, could have been making it up to serve what Mr. Watson called, “Mrs. Hardesty’s fortune schemes.” 
Mary, if that was her name, and I lived in Hanover where few county records remain for the time I was living—if I lived at all. No land grant mentions me and if I had owned land, my name would have appeared in the vestry book of St. Paul’s and in the 1704 list of all Virginia landowners. Yet it does not.

We have been unable to identify Mary, the wife of James Pulliam. It is possible that Mary Jane Pulliam was a daughter of William Pulliam.
See the topic on William Jennings for more about the Jennings’ estate controversy and Mrs. Hardesty’s “fortune schemes.”

Descendants of James Pulliam
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary Jane (Pulliam) Jennings (1704-c.1765),  
William Jennings,   
 William Pulliam (-c.1720) of New Kent County,  
Edward Garland,  
Elizabeth (—) Pulliam,  
John Jennings,  Robert Jennings,   William Walker,  
Charles Edmonds,  Henry Gooch,  William Webb,  
Edward Pulliam,  Edmund Pulliam,  James Pulliam,  William Pulliam,  
Edward Garner,  William Clarke,   
William Pulliam,  Nathaniel Dickenson,   John Clement,  Edward Sims,  Benjamin Brown,  John Hill,  
William Pulliam,  William Pulliam Jr.,  Zachariah Pulliam,  
John Pulliam,  Agnes Allen,   
James Pulliam,  
Anne Pulliam,  
Benjamin Pulliam,  Thomas Tate,  
Mary Bruce,  George Bruce,  Margaret (—) Pulliam,  
Ann (—) Hester,  
Mary Willis Pulliam,  Rose,  
Barnett Pulliam,  
Sgt. John Pulliam,  Elizabeth Wilson,   
Benjamin Ragland Pulliam,  William Marshall,  
Joseph Pulliam,  John Pulliam,   John Ragland,  Andrew Wade,  Nicholas Meriwether,  
 Thomas Pulliam of Louisa County,  
Jean Ray,  
Nancy Pulliam,  
Mary Pulliam,  
Jean Pulliam,  
Winifred Pulliam,  
 William Pulliam (-c.1774) of Amelia County,  
James Pulliam,  Joseph Pulliam,  William Pulliam,  
Jacob Garrett,  John Mitchell,  Moses Overton,   Aaron Overton,  
Ambrose Beasley,  William Hurt,  
Zachariah Pulliam,  
Elizabeth Pulliam,  
Hannah Pulliam,  John Glenn,  John Glenn,  
William Glenn,  
John T. Glenn,  
James R. Glenn,  
Archibald H. Glenn,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
Barnett Pulliam - North Carolina  

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