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 828   John Hill (-c.1747)
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John Hill, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Hill might describe his life as follows.

The eldest son of James and Ann Hill, I grew up along Swift Creek in present-day Chesterfield County. After I married Elizabeth Pride, her father gave us 123 acres not far away on Deep Creek, 4 February 1726/7. 
Although we lived in what was then Henrico County, I owned 800 acres on the south side of Beaverpond Branch of Flat Creek across the Appomattox River in Amelia County where our only child, James Hill, would later settle. 
In 1736 I paid taxes on five levies, 225 acres in Henrico, and for registering one birth. 
In 1737 John Brown and one slave were working my Amelia County plantation.  A couple of years later Brown took me to court, but the justices dismissed a case when the “plaintiff absconded.” 
I was dead by 1748, but Elizabeth was still living when James made his will in 1765.

Death of John Hill
John Hill died by 26 Feb. 1747/8 when James Hill Jr. and William Pride Jr. sold to Edward Hill 247 acres originally patented by William Pride The elder Pride had conveyed this land in equal portions to John Hill and his son William Pride. John Hill’s widow, Elizabeth, relinquished her dower right. The name of John Hill fell from the Amelia County tax list after 1747.

Descendants of John Hill
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Hill (1726-1765),  
 John Hill (-c.1780),  
Abraham Hurt,  Ann (—) Hill,  Daniel Sturdivant,   
Robert Bolling,   Cuthbert Williamson,  Michael Hill Jr.,  
John Poythress,  
John Burton, Gent.,   Abraham Hurt,  Mary (—) Hurt,  Bartholomew Austin,  John Hurt,  John Gillintine,   Thomas Seay,  
John Turner,  Richard Jones,  
John Gillintine,   
Elizabeth Wingo,  John Wingo,  
Christopher Ford,   John Hubbard,   
Richard Phillips Sr.,  Isham Clements,   Anderson Hughes,  
Edmund Booker,   George Booker,   William Ford,  
Ambrose Hutcheson,  John Humphress Hill,  
Joel Hill,  Jacob Seay,   
William Hill,  Christopher Ford,   
John Hill,  
Moses Hill,  
Isaac Hill,  Robert Foster,  Benjamin Hendrick,  
Abner Parrott,  Samuel Ford,   Thomas Perkins Overton,   
Isaac Hill,  
Sarah Hill,  
Richard Hill,  
Priscilla Hill,  John Bell,  William Ford,  
 George Hill (-c.1772),  
Mary Clark,  
William Stone,   
Abner Greenwood,  Henry Clark,  Alexander Clark,  Ann Greenwood,  Mary Read,  George Hull,  Elizabeth Hull,  
Empernal Hill,  Henry Clark,  William Clark,  Mary —,  
Joseph Dameron,  
George Clark,  
William Clark,  
Dudley Clark,  
 Charles Hill (-1740),  
John Edwards,  John Dawson,  Matthew Talbot,  
Duncomb Hammond,  Richard Jones,  William Watson,   Alexander Gray,  
Charles Irby,  
 William Hill,  
William Watson,  
John Jennings,   Thomas Partridge,  Martha (—) Hill,  Robert Jennings,   Christopher Hudson,  William Jennings,   John Anderson,  Andrew McAdoe,  Robert Black,  
John Hill,  Martha Davis,  
John Hill,  
Davis Hill,  
William Hill,  
Sarah Hill,  Mitchell,  
Judith Hill,  
Elizabeth Hill,  Neal,  
Mary Hill,  Thurman,  
 James Hill of Louisa County,  
Bartholomew Stovall,   
Mary (—) Hill,  John Wright,  Thomas Wood,  James Hill,   

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