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Mr. Swepson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Mr. Swepson might describe his life as follows.

In my time, Bibles came with pages to record births, deaths, and marriages, which the family of my son-in-law Thomas Carleton used in a Bible published in 1815 to record as much as they knew about his family. Although they did not mention my name, they did record that my daughter Sarah was born in Gloucester County 12 March 1726/7, and that Thomas was born in King and Queen County 30 October 1721.
Gloucester County where I lived is just across Poropotank Creek from King and Queen. Unfortunately, records for both counties are missing, so I can acquaint you with little about myself, not even my name.
My father was likely Thomas Swepson who was living in Precinct 9 of Petsworth Parish in 1708.  Spelling not being a long suit during the Colonial era, he was also likely the Thomas Simpson who held 280 acres in that parish in 1704. 
Nevertheless, I was undoubtedly the father also of Richard Swepson and a daughter who married John Jeffries—a son of Richard Jeffress who had 337 acres in King and Queen in 1704.  I know the names are a little different, but remember what I said about spelling. John was kind enough to name a son Swepson Jeffries for me.
From 1745 until 1759 Col. Lewis Burwell III of Gloucester acquired 10,690 acres on both sides of Butcher Creek in what is now Mecklenburg County.  Because overseeing plantations that huge required very talented men, he hired my son and both my sons-in-law to manage them for him.
Of course they all settled in Mecklenburg County on their own plantations. Richard and John were on Allen Creek and Thomas, on Horsepen Creek.

When Christopher Hudson, Joseph Freeman, and John Hyde processioned Burwell’s land in Sept. 1759, Swepson, Carleton, and Jeffries walked the boundary with them. 
Both Carlton and Swepson were executors of the Lunenburg County 1760 will of Francis Sanders, which John Jeffries witnessed. 

Descendants of Mr. Swepson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Sarah (Swepson) Carlton (1726-1795),  
Thomas Carlton,   
 daughter (Swepson) Jeffries,  
John Jeffries,  William Phelps,  Amos Hix,  
Swepson Jeffries,  Sarah —,  Wilkerson Bottom,  Isabella (Lewis) Goode,  Howell Lewis,  Isabella Willis,  Bennett Goode,   
William Lewis,  
Elizabeth Jeffries,  Thomas Burnett,  
Swepson Jeffries,  Elizabeth Coleman,  Cluverius Coleman,  Sarah Minor,  
Mary Jeffries,  
Elizabeth Jeffries,  
Massey Jeffries,  
Robert Jeffries,  
James Jeffries,  
Sarah Jeffries,  Edmund Bugg,  
Martha Jeffries,  William Burnett,  
Henry Burnett,  
Jane Burnett,  Whoberry,  
Achilles Jeffries Burnett,  
Jane Jeffries,  Brackett Barnes,   
Lucy Jeffries,  John Brown,  Mary (—) Brown,  
Achilles Jeffries,  Susanna P. Williamson,  Cuthbert Williamson,  
John L. Jeffries,  Rebecca Richards,  
Susanna B. Jeffries,  Miles T. Crowder,  
Dr. Howell Lewis Jeffries,  Martha B. Boyd,  Tabby Bolling Walker,  Francis Boyd,  
Anna Matilda Nelson,  William Nelson,  Martha —,  
Charles Lewis Jeffries,  Lucy Berry,  
Dr. Richard Jeffries,  Sarah Hamner,  George B. Hamner,  
Achilles Jeffries,  Elizabeth Smith,  Eli Smith,  
Mary (Mason) Wall,   
Michael Wall,  
John Mason Jeffries,  
William Swepson Jeffries,  
Rebecca Mason Jeffries,  James Augustus Wall,   
Sarah Jeffries,  
Ann Swepson Jeffries,  William A. Tomlinson,  
John Jeffries,  
Ann (—) Jeffries,  
Susanna Jeffries,  Daniel Hix,  
Ann Jeffries,  Thomas Norment,  
Jane Jeffries,  James Norment,  
Thomas Jeffries,  Mary Richardson,   Robert Boyd,   
Richard Jeffries,  Jane Whitehead,   Prudence (Hogan) Russell,   Burnell Russell,   
Benjamin Whitehead Jeffries,  Nancy Evans,  
Nancy Jeffries,  Vinson Garner,  
David H. Jeffries,  
 Richard Swepson (-1787),  
Samuel Phelps,  William Phelps,  
Philemon Holcomb,  Thomas Carleton,   James Zachary,  
John Cox,  
Richard Witton,  Jane (—) Swepson,  Andrew Paterson,  Peter Field Jefferson,   
Mary (Mallory) Tabb,  Capt. John Tabb,  
Capt. Richard Swepson,  
Joel Smith,  
Elizabeth Swepson,  Benjamin Whitehead,  Jeremiah Tanner,   Joseph Crowder,  
Richard Swepson,  Samuel Pettus,  James Coleman,  
Eleazer Clay,   
Richard Whitehead,  Edward Dobyns,  
Jane Whitehead,  Richard Jeffries,   
Elizabeth Whitehead,  Clark Taylor,  
Leonard Taylor,  John Oliver,  
Sarah Whitehead,  James Coleman,  Cluverius Coleman,  
Elizabeth C. Coleman,  Thomas Neal,  Francis Moore Neal,   
Benjamin Whitehead Coleman,  Mary C. Coleman,  
Jane Swepson Coleman,  Benjamin Jones,  
Mary Ann Coleman,  Robert Speed,  
Swepson Whitehead,  
Nancy Whitehead,  John Gayle,  
Polly Whitehead,  
Susanna Whitehead,  
William Whitehead,  
Ann Swepson,  Alexander Boyd,  Samuel Young,  
Rev. John Cameron,   
William Boyd,  Frances Bullock,  
Capt. Robert Boyd,  Sarah Anderson Jones,  Tabitha Walker,   
John Richard Boyd,  Panthea Burwell,  Lewis Burwell,  Anne Spotswood,  Rev. John Cameron,   
Christian Blair Boyd,  John Garland,   
Lewis Alexander Boyd,  
Ann Swepson Boyd,  Thornton,  
Richard Swepson Boyd,  
Matilda Spotswood Boyd,  Davis,  
Harriet Goode Boyd,  
John Early Boyd,  
Robert James Boyd,  
Armistead Goode Boyd,  Ann V. Hendrick,  William Hendrick,  
William Henry Boyd,  Susan S. Davis,  John Davis Sr.,  
Panthea Elizabeth Boyd,  Burwell,  
Alexander Boyd,  Matilda Burwell,  Rev. John Cameron,   
James Boyd,  Lucy Ann Lyne,  
David Boyd,  Elizabeth Ott Durrell,  
John Boyd,  
Jane Anderson Boyd,  John Davis Hawkins,  
Ann Boyd,  William Hawkins,  
Mary Frances Boyd,  Dr. Joseph Warren Hawkins,  
Susannah Boyd,  
Sarah Swepson,  Leonard Sims,  
Jane Swepson,  John Young,  
Thomas Swepson,  
Susanna Swepson,  John Davis Jr.,  Rev. John Cameron,   
John Swepson,  
William Mallory Swepson,  Elizabeth I. Speed,  Ann E. Redd,  
Charity Ann Swepson,  Alexander M. Hepburn,  
George W. Swepson,  
Robert Redd Swepson,  
Martha A. Swepson,  
Mary E. Swepson,  
Lucy Swepson,  Leonard Sims,  John James Speed,  
Charity A. Swepson,  John Davis,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Achilles Jeffries - Revolutionary War Capt. Richard Swepson - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Achilles Jeffries - Virginia John Mason Jeffries - Virginia
William Swepson Jeffries - Virginia Lewis Burwell - Virginia

Names on the map
Boydton, Mecklenburg County, named for Alexander Boyd  

Selected sources
Hill, William B. “Alexander Boyd of Mecklenburg County and His family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(1):189-201. • Family of Alexander Boyd and Ann Swepson.
“Richard Boyd Family Bible.” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy. 32:297-298 (1985). • Family Bible of John Richard Boyd and Panthea Burwell.

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