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 876   Thomas Tinsley II (c.1665-1715)
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Thomas Tinsley II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Tinsley II might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1665, probably the son of another Thomas Tinsley—this one of New Kent County.
On 20 October 1689 the governor granted me 111 acres next to James Coghill in Rappahannock (later Essex) County on the south side of the river of the same name.  I still owned this tract in 1704. 
My name appeared in Essex County records from 1696, when I was about 30, to my death in 1715. I bought and sold land, served on juries,  inventoried the estate of neighbors, sued a neighbor, and administered the estate of Henry Arkill. A cobbler, I taught the Arkill sons to make shoes.
I married Sarah, likely Sarah Jackson. We were apparently the parents of 9 children, although my will of 1715 identified only 2 sons by name. I was dead by 22 February 1715/16 when Sarah swore that the court had the right will and they recorded it.  That same day, Sarah made a £100 executor bond, indicating about what my estate was worth. 
Essex County fined Sarah in 1719 and again in 1720 for not attending church. She was still alive in 1727 when a deed conveying land from my brother-in-law Thomas Jackson to our son Isaac Tinsley of neighboring King and Queen County mentioned land next to Sarah Tinsley.

Land transactions
On 26 April 1704 this Thomas Tinsley registered two patents to secure 2,400 acres in Essex County at a fork of the Mattaponi River.  In 1708 Thomas sold 100 acres on Beverly Run to William Daniel. Beverly Run—a fork of the Mattaponi—forms the boundary between present-day Caroline and King and Queen counties.
Via deeds of lease and release 16-17 Jan. 1712/13, Thomas and Sarah, both of whom made their marks on the instrument, sold 316 acres in St. Anne’s Parish to William Kilpin of Middlesex County.  Among the witnesses was Thomas Jackson. John Tinsley, Thomas’ posited brother, represented Sarah Tinsley in the transaction.
Thomas’ 2,400-acre tract was the subject of a series of peculiar land transactions. Thomas and Sarah would freely grant it to one or more individuals and they, in turn, would grant it to others. One couple in this consortium was Robert George of Middlesex County, who left part of this land to his son, John George of Caroline County.

Tinsley’s will
Undoubtedly anticipating that he would not live long, Thomas Tinsley prepared his will in Essex County 25 Nov. 1715, specifically identifying sons Thomas S. Tinsley and Philip Tinsley, leaving them a horse and a mare, respectively, and 82 acres. He left bequests to other sons and daughters, each less than 20 years of age, without naming them. To his will he appended his mark, as witnessed by James Jameson, Samuel Bizwell, Thomas Jackson, Thomas Dickinson, and James Coghill—his Essex County neighbor since 1704. 
Records regarding the Tinsleys are in Essex County until they created Caroline County in 1728. Records in these counties reveal that other sons were likely David, Edward, Isaac, William, Joshua, and Jacob. They evidently had daughters Mary and Ann.

Descendants of Thomas Tinsley II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas S. Tinsley (-c.1764),  
Margaret (—) Tinsley,  Margaret Vawter,  John Amos,  
Isaac Tinsley,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  Drury Allen,   
John Tinsley,  Sarah Parks,  
Joshua Tinsley,  
William Tinsley,  
 Philip Tinsley,  
Jacob Burrus,  William Tinsley,   
Johanna (—) Tinsley,  
Philip Tinsley,  Kesiah Stodghill,  
Ambrose Tinsley,  
Cornelius Tinsley,  Martha J. Blackwell,  Jesse Blackwell,  Rev. William Webber,   
James Tinsley,  
David Tinsley,  
Reaves Tinsley,  Nancy Shoemaker,  John Hines,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Joseph Smith,  
Sarah (—) Tinsley,  
Ann Tinsley,  John Davis,  William Davis,  
John Tinsley,  
Nathaniel Tinsley,  
 David Tinsley,  
John Green,  
Thomas Jackson,   George Eastham,  Catherine (—) Tinsley,  
 Edward Tinsley (c.1705-1782),  
 Joshua Tinsley (-c.1754),  
Joseph Berry,  Elizabeth (—) Tinsley,  
 Isaac Tinsley (c.1708-1777),  
Margaret Rucker,  Peter Rucker,  
Thomas Jackson,   
James Hurt,  Ephraim Rucker,  
Alexander Walker,   Isham Clements,   Richard Phillips,  
James Tinsley,  Nancy James,  
Phillip Tinsley,  Joannah —,  Ann —,  
Elizabeth Tinsley,  Joshua Chaffin,  John Chaffin,  
Martha Giles,   
Tinsley Chaffin,  
Betsy Tinsley Chaffin,  Charles Ford,   
Nancy Chaffin,  Thompson Scott,   Thomas W. Webster,  
Dr. George Chaffin Scott,  Mary Ann Fore Baldwin,  George Baldwin,  
Edward Scott,  
John Chaffin,  Elizabeth Booker,   
Jane Chaffin,  John Jeter,   Thomas W. Webster,  
Emily E. Jeter,  John W. Ellis,  
Col. John Tinsley Jeter,  Elizabeth (Laurence) Newman,  
Anne Watkins (McAshan) Guerrant,  Elizabeth Agee,  Nehemiah McAshan,  William Guerrant,  Ann Tinsley Jeter,  Capt. Emile Aloysius Carmouche,  
Jarrett Allen Jeter,  Mary Elizabeth Worsham,  Mary Finney,   Daniel Worsham,   
Mary Jane Jeter,  
Daniel Worsham Jeter,  
Hannah Finney Jeter,  James Richard Jeter,   
Elizabeth Tinsley Jeter,  James Richard Jeter,   
Willa Ann Jeter,  
Martha Allen Jeter,  
Sarah Tinsley,  William Ford,  
William Ford,  
Charles Ford,  Betsy Tinsley Chaffin,   
Sally Ford,  Daniel McElroy,  
Rev. David Tinsley,  Catherine Byrd,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Mary Ransom,  William Rice,  
Tabitha Tinsley,  John Morton,   
James Tinsley,  Mary —,  Mary Graham,  
Maider Tinsley,  David Tanner,  
Ransom Tinsley,  Sarah Elizabeth Foster,  Robert Foster,  Sarah Jones,  
William Tinsley,  Susannah Morton,  Richard Morton,  
Angelica Tinsley,  Foster,  
Thomas Tinsley,  Ona Foster,  Thomas Foster,  Sarah Wright,  
David Tinsley,  
Capt. Isaac Tinsley,  Mary Ann Morton,  
Isaac Tinsley,  Elizabeth Goulding,  
Golding Tinsley,  
James Tinsley,  
Capt. Isaac Tinsley,  
Martha Tinsley,  Anthony Foster,  
 Mary Tinsley (1703-),  
John Pendleton,  Phillip Pendleton,  Isabella Hurt,  
William Pendleton,  Elizabeth Tinsley,   
 daughter Tinsley,  
John Goff,  John McDaniel,  
Margaret Goff,  George McDaniel,  
Nancy McDaniel,  David Tinsley,   
Sarah McDaniel,  Joshua Tinsley,   
John McDaniel,  Margaret Rucker,   Lucy Rucker,  
William McDaniel,  
George McDaniel,  Mary —,  
Margaret McDaniel,  Reuben Rucker,   
Phillip Burford,  
Frances McDaniel,  William Tyree,  Jacob Tyree,  
Winnie McDaniel,  Thomas Edwards,  
Phoebe McDaniel,  Terry,  
Lucy McDaniel,  James S. Tinsley,   
 William Tinsley,  
Joshua Tinsley,  John Tinsley,  
Philip Tinsley,   Dolly Estes,  Elizabeth (—) Tinsley,  William D. Tinsley,  Elizabeth S. Tinsley,  Thomas Tinsley,  
John Long,  
John Scott,   John C. Sutton,  Francis Scott,  
 Jacob Tinsley (-1765),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Tinsley - Revolutionary War Nathaniel Tinsley - Revolutionary War
Thompson Scott - War of 1812 John Chaffin - War of 1812
John Jeter - War of 1812 Emile Aloysius Carmouche - Civil War
Isaac Tinsley - War of 1812 Golding Tinsley - Revolutionary War
James Tinsley - Revolutionary War Capt. Isaac Tinsley - Revolutionary War
William McDaniel - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Maj. Joshua Chaffin - Virginia Emile Aloysius Carmouche - Louisiana

Selected sources
Gottschalk, Katherine Cox and Maj. John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, “The Pendleton Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):646-780. • Includes the family of Elizabeth Tinsley and William Pendleton.

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