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William Barrow, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Barrow might describe his life as follows.

Two men named William Barrow lived in Brunswick County. I was the illiterate one. The other William Barrow lived in the southern portion of the county, while I lived in the far northwest corner on Little Cedar Creek.
I am likely the son of Henry Barrow who held land on Little Cedar Creek and my wife was Priscilla Hawks. Wills remain for neither me nor my father and we may have died in nearby Dinwiddie County where most records have been lost.

We think the two men named William Barrow were unrelated. Our ancestor is undoubtedly the illiterate William Barrow of St. Andrew’s Parish. But first a bit about the other William Barrow.

The literate William Barrow
William Barrow of Fountains Creek, Meherrin Parish, is thought to be connected to the Southampton and Isle of Wight county Barrows as Fountains Creek is in the western part of Brunswick County.
In Meherrin Parish William Barrow witnessed deeds for John Smith Sr. in 1755 when Smith deeded land on the north side of Fountains Creek to 3 sons.  On 14 June 1764, when Smith sold 101 acres on Fountains Creek to Christopher Smith, Barrow was again a witness.  It was but 9 days later that Christopher sold this tract to Barrow. 
Edmund Wilkins sold 200 acres in Meherrin Parish on Fountains Creek on the road to Fort Christanna to William Barrow in 1769. 
Barrow had an 88-acre tract surveyed by 1771, which he secured with a patent in 1774.  William was evidently trustee for a new church building for in 1771 Peter Lee gave 2 acres on Jordan Road, “to the only use of the Public Worship of God forever” to Barrow and others.  The same William Barrow witnessed a deed for Henry Lee in 1774. 
William Barrow chose Amy Lee from among his Lee neighbors to marry. She was a daughter of William Lee and Rebecca Birchett. When Lee died in Brunswick County about 1760, he mentioned his daughter Amy and appointed William Barrow an executor (will dated 3 Aug. 1759  and proved 26 May 1761).
When James Read, who was a security for the estate of William Lee, made his will in Brunswick County in 1796, he mentioned his daughter Nancy Barrow,  undoubtedly by then the wife of one of Barrow’s sons.
A son of William and Amy Barrow, Daniel Barrow (30 Oct. 1753 - 14 Nov. 1819), served in the Revolutionary War from Brunswick County. 
William and Amy and their 9 children left Brunswick County for North Carolina and Kentucky after the Revolutionary War. Consequently, we believe all the Barrows of Brunswick County descend from my William Barrow and his brother John Barrow

More about our ancestor William Barrow
In 1768 William Barrow—my ancestor—was living in St. Andrew’s Parish on Little Cedar Creek near William Daniel who witnessed a deed with illiterate William Barrow for Joseph Peebles in 1769. 
When William Barrow witnessed a deed for James Elmore in 1773, Robert Read and an illiterate John Barrow were also among the witnesses. 
In 1768 one William Barrow voted for Nathaniel Edwards Jr. and Frederick Maclin for burgesses.  We do not know which one this was.
Although William Barrow is said to have married Priscilla Hawks, we have seen no evidence. The son named Dennis Barrow might suggest she was a Dennis.
William paid taxes on one poll in Brunswick County in 1782.  No William Barrow paid tax in Brunswick County in 1788, but a William Barrow paid on two white tithables in 1798. In 1800 both William Barrow and Willie Burrow appeared.  The Census of 1810 depicts William Barrow, William Barrow Jr., and Willie Burrow. 
No will is in Brunswick County for William Barrow so we do not know when he died.

Descendants of William Barrow
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Dennis Barrow (c.1788-c.1865),  
 Nancy (Barrow) Dunkley,  
Robert Dunkley,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
John Dunkley,  
 Sarah (Barrow) Tarpley,  
John Tarpley,  
Nancy W. Tarpley,  Rev. John Wesley Doyle,  Catherine H. Barrow,   
John Wesley Doyle,  Sarah Elizabeth Jolly,   
William Wesley Doyle,  Martha (—) Doyle,  
Ann Electra Doyle,  David Meade Stith,   
James Doyle,  Elizabeth —,  
 Jean (Barrow) Archer,  
John Archer,  
 Joseph Lewis Barrow (c.1791-1858),  
Mary Ogburn Rash,  
Mrs. John Havens,  Mary Jane Browder,   
Lt. Benjamin L. Barrow,  Lucy C. Barrow,   Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Lt. William Thomas Wynne,  
Weldon Kirk,  
Lovick P. Barrow,  Weldon Kirk,  
Marietta V. Barrow,  Thomas James Manson,  Capt. Joseph Richard Manson,   Charlotte Hawes Ashby,  
Lucy H. Manson,  
Joseph Manson,  
Florence E. Manson,  
George E. Manson,  
Kate Manson,  
William A. Manson,  
Sallie C. Barrow,  
Samuel L. Barrow,  Mattie Louisa Jones,  James Henry Jones,  Mary Agnes Burnett,  
Raymond Daniel,  
William Lewis Barrow,  
Benjamin C. Barrow,  
Edward Lewis Barrow,  
Robert Blackwell Jones,  Mrs. Susan (—) Gilliam,  Russell Hawthorne,  
Louisa Jane Peace,  Mary Frances Barrow,   Rev. James Jones,  
Mary Ella Wise Barrow,  
Edward Lewis Barrow,  Lizzie (Thompson) Taylor,  
Cora Lou Barrow,  
Wilbur Fiske Barrow,  
Frances Mary Barrow,  
Walter Lewis Barrow,  
Gertrude Wiles Barrow,  
Lucy Archer Barrow,  John Anderson Harman,  
Andrew Jackson Barrow,  Mary E. (—) Sydnor,  
Jane Barrow,  
Sarah Euphemia Barrow,  Robert Bruce Barrow,   
Mary Jane Barrow,  
Marcellus F. Barrow,  Thaddenia Ellington Walthall,  Edward Branch Walthall,  Permelia Ruth Denton,  
Franklin Barrow,  
William W. Barrow,  
Virginia A. Barrow,  
Charles S. Barrow,  Sophie Estelle Powell,  Robert Simmons Powell,  Ellen Virginia Huff,  
Beulah Barrow,  
Emory Powell Barrow,  Virginia Josephine Mecartney,  
Malvern Spencer Barrow,  Frances Washington Harris,  
Malvern Spencer Barrow,  Mildred Short,  
William Louis Barrow,  
Nellie Ann Barrow,  Paul Everman,  
Vivian Barrow,  Edward Harrington Brooks,  
Ellen Powell (Brooks) Blackwell,  
Nancy Carolynne (Brooks) Blevins,  
Edward A. Brooks,  Elizabeth B. Dixon,  
Charles Martin Barrow,  
Ellen Barrow,  James Henderson Thweatt,  Francis Fitzgerald Thweatt,   Bettie Westmore Rousee Baird,  
Eugene Francis Barrow,  
Olga Sheppard Barrow,  
 Thomas H. Barrow (c.1794-1856),  
Ann Morehead Dameron,  
Henry James Barrow,  Sarah M. Kelly,   
Elizabeth Dameron,  
Thomas M. Barrow,  
James E. Barrow,  
Henry Samuel Barrow,  Iva M. Hall,  Durham Hall,   Alice Durham Hall,  
Martha Morris Barrow,  
William Alexander Barrow,  
 John Barrow,  
Nancy Parker,  
Richard Rives,  John Parker,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Daniel Barrow - Revolutionary War James Doyle - Civil War
Benjamin L. Barrow - Civil War James Henry Jones - Civil War
Edward Lewis Barrow - Civil War Andrew Jackson Barrow - Civil War
Robert Simmons Powell - Civil War Emory Powell Barrow - World War I
Malvern Spencer Barrow - World War I Henry James Barrow - Civil War
William Alexander Barrow - Civil War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Emory Powell Barrow - Virginia  

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