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Although I am not a descendant of Henry Browne, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic BH to his family.

Henry Browne, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Browne might describe his life as follows.

I was born in England of prosperous and influential parents. Why else would the king have appointed me to the very prestigious Council of State? This body advised the governor and served as the upper body of the government. The lower body was the House of Burgesses consisting of two elected representatives from each county. 
The governor and the Council of State also served as the General Court so we would convene now and then with our judicial caps on. We rendered some fine decisions that no one will ever know about because the records of nearly all cases, particularly ones I was involved in, burned in Richmond in April 1865.
Frankly, we on the Council looked after the interests of the Virginia aristocracy. Of course that included me as a wealthy planter with thousands of acres of land. Mr. Richard Kemp, one of the other councillors, called me “an honest, plain man but of small capacity and less power.”
My wife was Ann whose sister, Bridget, married Bridges Freeman. We had a son, Berkeley, who left no heirs, and Mary who married William Browne.
Wanting to be sure my family was provided for, I put all my property into a trust for their benefit in 1652. Yes, we had trusts even then.

We know little of Henry Browne, a member of the Council of State (1634-41, 1642-61). He was “one of his Majesties Councell of State,” when he secured a patent to 2,450 acres on the Appomattox River beginning at the “4 Mile Tree” and ending in a swamp to the westward of Capt. John Flood
When Capt. Browne patented 2,250 acres in James City County 14 July 1637, his headrights including his wife, Mrs. Ann Browne.  Capt. Henry Browne, Esq., secured a patent to 900 acres in James City County 25 Feb. 1643/4. 
On 10 March 1652/3 placed his property in trust for “natural love and affection to his wife, Ann Browne, and his children.” 
A Surry County deed of 1695 reveals that William Browne was son and heir of Mrs. Mary Browne, the only heir of Col. Henry Browne deceased.  Consequently, any sibling of their daughter Mary, who married William Browne, died without heirs.
Although we do not know the identity of Henry’s wife, Ann Browne, her sister was Bridget Freeman, wife of Bridges Freeman. Henry and Ann had only two children.

Descendants of Henry Browne
Information about the children of Henry Browne, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Berkeley Browne,  
 Mary (Browne) Browne,  
William Browne,  
Elizabeth (—) Meriwether,  Nicholas Meriwether,  
William Browne,  Jane Meriwether,  Nicholas Meriwether,  Elizabeth —,  
Nathaniel Bacon,  Robert Hill,  
Capt. William Browne III,  Mary Clements,  Francis Clements,  Elizabeth Meriwether,  
Col. William Browne IV,  Sarah Edwards,   Ann Cocke,   
Dorothy Jordan,  Josias Jordan,  
William Browne,   Henry Browne,   
William Browne V,  Elizabeth Ruffin,   
Sarah Edwards Browne,  John Tucker Bowdoin,  
Sally Elizabeth Courtney Bowdoin,  Gen. Phillip St. George Cocke,  John Hartwell Cocke,  
Benjamin Browne,  
Mary Browne,  William Eaton,  
Thomas Eaton,  Rebecca (—) Eaton,  
Mary Eaton,  Allen Jones,   William Wright,  
William Eaton,  Rebecca Cocke,   
Ann Browne,  
Elizabeth Browne,  
Rebecca Browne,  
Henry Browne,  
Henry Browne,  Elizabeth (Rogers) Hartwell Bolling,  John Hartwell,  Stith Bolling,  Robert Hill,  Benjamin Clements,  
Jane Browne,  Lemuel Cocke,  
Henry Cocke,  Catherine Holt,  Sterling Hill,  
Catherine Cocke,  
David Cocke,  
Henry Cocke,  
Lemuel Cocke,  
Elizabeth Cocke,  
Richard Cocke,  
Lemuel Cocke,  Ann Irby,   
Thomas Cocke,  Elizabeth Willis,  John Willis,  Mildred Smith,  
Betty Cocke,  Samuel Lucas,  Henry Cook,  
Anne Cocke,  John Heath,  Augustine Willis,  
Sally Cocke,  
Elizabeth Browne,  
Anne Browne,  James Cocke,  Elizabeth Wray,  
Martha Cocke,  Beverley Randolph,   
Elizabeth Cocke,  Col. James Innes,  
Robert Innes,  
James Innes,  
Anne Browne Innes,  Peyton Randolph,  
Martha Browne,  
Henry Browne,  Hannah Edwards,   
Henry Browne,  Elizabeth Willoughby,  
Henry Browne,  
William Browne,  
George Browne,  
Sarah Browne,  John Ruffin,  
Hannah Browne,  John Hamblin,  
Mary Browne,  Stephen Henry Hamblen,  
William Browne,  Anne Taylor,  William Taylor,  Lucy —,  William Randolph,  
Mary Browne,  
Henry Browne,  
Hannah Edwards Browne,  
William Taylor Browne,  
Anne Browne,  
Benjamin Edwards Browne,  
William H. Browne,  
Lucy Browne,  Frederick Power,  
Elizabeth Browne,  Col. Abraham Green,   
Cain Mann,  Joseph Royall,   
John Bevill,   William Jennings Burrus,  
Mary Browne Green,  Anthony Rives,   
Elizabeth Green,  Allen Stokes,  Maj. Samuel Elam,  
Sarah Edwards Green,  Lewis Burwell,  
Henry Browne Green,  
Susannah Green,  
Rebecca Browne,  John Edmunds,  
Anne Browne,  
Jane Browne,  Henry Lound Edloe,   
Elizabeth Browne,  William Chamberlayne,  William Gray,  Thomas Foster,  John Clements,  John Harris,  
Lucy Gray,  
Etheldred Gray,  Capt. William Drew,  
Henry Browne,  
Jane Browne,  Capt. Robert Spencer,  
Thomas Jordan,   
Ann Browne,  Walter Flood,   
Priscilla Browne,  River Jordan,   
Thomas Blunt,   
William Thomas,  
Henry Thomas,  Mary Blow,  Martha (Kinchen) Jerrell,  Thomas Jarrell,  
William Thomas,  Lucy Gurley,  
Ann Thomas,  James Exum,  
Elizabeth Thomas,  
Mary Thomas,  William Exum,  
Sarah Thomas,  William Barham,  
Francis Fowler,  Antonia (—) Fowler,  
Capt. Roger Smith,  
John White,  
 Ann (—) Browne Swann,  
Henry Browne,   
Thomas Swann,  Berkeley Browne,   
 Bridget (—) Freeman,  
Bridges Freeman,  
Thomas Freeman,  Frances Bennett,  
Bennett Freeman,  Ellis Baker,  
Jane Evelyn,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin E. Browne - Revolutionary War Abraham Green - Revolutionary War
Maj. Samuel Elam - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
William Browne - Virginia Francis Clements - Virginia
William Browne - Virginia William Eaton - North Carolina
Augustine Willis - North Carolina Col. James Innes - Virginia
Henry Browne - Virginia Francis Fowler - Virginia
Thomas Swann - Virginia Bridges Freeman - Virginia

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Henry Browne Thomas Swann
Bridges Freeman  

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