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 BR   Edmund Browder (c.1655-1739)
Although I am not a descendant of Edmund Browder, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic BR to his family.

Edmund Browder, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edmund Browder might describe his life as follows.

I lived on Gravelly Run about six miles southwest of present-day Petersburg in Dinwiddie County. Of course, it wasn’t Dinwiddie County then because Robert Dinwiddie, for whom the county was named, didn’t hold the office of lieutenant governor until 1750. Then it was Charles City County. I paid taxes in Surry County 1682 and 1683. 
Very few records remain from Charles City County. Once in 1693 Charles Goodrich sued me, but when the sheriff failed to bring me to court, the justices awarded Goodrich an attachment against the sheriff for 630 pounds of tobacco.  Then if a sheriff failed in his duties, he paid the fines. Good for me, and Goodrich, the court later dismissed the suit. 
Each year Colonial landowners paid the king a tax—called quit rents. Only the full tax ledger of 1704 remains and that year I paid on 100 acres in Prince George County.  I forgot to mention something. Since the Charles City courthouse, which was across the James, was inconvenient, Virginia created Prince George County from the part of Charles City County south of the James in 1703.
The few remaining records for that county show they paid me 100 pounds of tobacco for killing a wolf and 75 pounds of tobacco for serving three days as a witness in 1738.  We got paid in tobacco because the king wouldn’t let us use money. I served on a jury in 1718. 
My wife was Elizabeth. Although I wrote a will naming all my children, it burned with others during the Civil War. I was dead by 1739 when a sliver of a minute book shows the court ordered it recorded. As far as anyone now knows, we were the parents of the four Browder men who lived on Gravelly Run a generation later.

After the court dismissed the suit against Browder, they placed a judgement against Charles Culliford, who Goodrich represented, for 24 shillings. 
Browder was neither a headright nor received any land by grant. He evidently purchased or was given the land he owned.

Land transactions
In 1711 Edmund bought 129 acres from Henry Randolph next to James Cocke, William Mayes, John Golightly, and Solomon Crook,  which Edmund sold to John Phillips 13 Feb. 1720/1. 
When Edmund sold 50 acres on the south side of Blackwater Swamp to Thomas Gregory 7 Aug. 1721, Elizabeth, his wife, appointed Lewis Green Jr. her attorney to relinquish her dower right. Witnesses to her relinquishment of dower included Edmund Browder Jr. and Elizabeth Browder, possibly the wife of son George Andrew Browder or John Browder. 

His will is proved
At a court held at Fitzgeralds 12 Feb. 1739/40, the will of Edmund Browder was proved by Theophilus Feild, a justice and one of the witnesses.  No will for Edmund remains—only this minute book reference. Consequently we do not know who all his children. The following 4 men are presumed to be his sons as they had land on Gravelly Run in Prince George (now Dinwiddie) County near their posited father.

Other Browders in Southside Virginia
The loss of records in Prince George County and Dinwiddie County precludes determining how the Browders of those counties are connected. The 1782 personal property tax list in Dinwiddie County includes the following unidentified Browders: Thomas Browder, and Richard Browder. 
By 1800 the following paid taxes in Dinwiddie County: David Browder, Richard Browder, George Browder, William Browder, Jones Browder, John Browder, John Browder Jr., Harman Browder, Thomas Browder Jr., Isham Browder, Joshua Browder, William Browder with son Jeremiah Browder, and Littleberry Browder
Paying taxes in Brunswick County in 1800 were the following: George Browder with no white males more than 16, Urias Browder, who married Sally Elmore, with one, and William Browder with one.
Charged in 1800 in Mecklenburg County were William Browder, James Browder, and William Browder Jr. 

Descendants of Edmund Browder
Information about the children of Edmund Browder, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Browder,  
Robert Bolling,   
Rev. George Robertson,   
John Epes,  Isham Epes,  
John Scoggin,  Elizabeth (—) Browder,  Joseph Crook,  
Robert Glidewell,  Morris Vaughan,   Ann Hawks,  
Edmund Browder,  Robert Walker,   
Anne (—) Browder,  
Darius Browder,  Nancy Jane Crump,  
John Browder,  Frances Richardson,  
Deborah Browder,  
Silvia Browder,  White,  
Molly Browder,  Clark,  
Eunice Browder,  John Wilson,  
Lois Browder,  John Chiles,  
Mason Browder,  
John Browder,  Mary (—) Browder,  
John Merrimoon,  
Charles King,  William Burrow,  Benjamin Wheeler,  Robert Gee,  William Browder,  Isham Lucy,  Robert Gee,  Robert Simmons,  
Alexander Walker,   
Mason Browder,  
Frederick Browder,  Richard Gaines,  Elizabeth (—) Browder,  Henry Perkins,  
 John Browder (-1814),  
John Browder,  Dianna (—) Browder,  
John Browder,  Elizabeth Dyson,  John Dyson,  
Joshua Browder,  Elizabeth —,  
William Browder,  Margaret (—) Browder,  
William House,  
Samuel Harwell,  
Margaret Browder,  
Susanna Browder,  
John Browder,  
Arthur Browder,  
George Browder,  John Roberts,  
Ann Browder,  
Joseph Browder,  
Susanna Kelly,   
Drury Stith,   
John Marshall,  Henry Morris,  
Colin Campbell,  William Connelly,  John McKinney,  Thomas Johnson,  William Murrell Johnson,  
Rev. Aaron Brown,   William M. Johnson,  William Johnson,  James Barnes,  Robert Lucy,  
Thomas Fowlkes,  Thomas S. Maclin,   
Sarah Browder,  James Barnes,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   
Joseph B. Barnes,  Katherine P. Kelly,   
Mary Ann Barnes,  James Fletcher Fields,  
John Henry Barnes,  Virginia Catherine Williams,  
Mary Jane Barnes,  James Wisener,  Thomas Goodrum,  
Nancy Katherine Barnes,  George Chisom,  
Lucy Ann Barnes,  
Sarah Frances Barnes,  Rufus Smith,  
James William Barnes,  Margaret Katherine Guy,  
David Alexander Barnes,  Martha Louise Little,  
Naomi Barnes,  John Fisher,  
Rebecca A. Barnes,  James Fisher,  
Benjamin Barnes,  Nancy Kelly,   
Sarah A. Barnes,  
James W. Barnes,  
Martha A. Barnes,  
Benjamin D. Barnes,  
Susanna Browder,  Ingram Collier,   Edmund Collier,   
Jacob Payne,  
Mary Kelly Browder,  Robert Lucy,  
Catherine Abernathy,  
Mariah Lucy,  James Smith,  
Joseph Sterling Lucy,  
John Browder,  Susanna Miller,  Jacob Miller,  
Elizabeth Browder,  David Hampton,   
Ermine Browder,  William Kennedy,  Rev. Aaron Brown,   
Joseph Browder,  Frances Johnson,  William M. Johnson,  
Sally A. Browder,  
William Joseph Browder,  Mary Elizabeth Scoggin,  Robert Scoggin,  Elizabeth E. Williams,  
Maryland T. Ellis,  John Ellis,  Elizabeth Ellis,  
Mary Frances Browder,  Rives,  
Susan Elizabeth Browder,  
William Emmett Browder,  Mattie Tisdale,  
Minnie Jane Laffoon,   
James R. Browder,  
Susan E. Browder,  
Mattie A. Browder,  
Emmett Browder,  
Edward C. Browder,  
Robert Henry Browder,  Annie Madora Stone,  Elbert Everett Stone,  Mary Susan Elmore,  
Effie L. Browder,  H.C. Mann,  
Edward Preston Browder,  
Annie Mae Browder,  W.S. Vaughan,  
Clifton Browder,  
Waverly Henry Browder,  
Mary Florence Browder,  J. Bernice Bowles,  
Olivia B. Browder,  
Mattie L. Browder,  J.W. Hardy,  
Harvey Everett Browder,  
John Richard Browder,  Virginia E. (Delbridge) Harrison,  Benjamin Delbridge,  Lucy Walton,  James Jones Harrison,  
Nancy R. Delbridge,  
Ann Verena Stone,   
Ethel Stone Browder,  John William Harrison,  
Leon Browder,  
Jesse Browder,  
Joseph Browder,  Elizabeth (—) Browder,  
Caleb Petecord Browder,  Mary W. Scarbrough,   
Rhoda Browder,  
Martha Browder,  
Ann Browder,  
Richard Browder,  Mary Thompson,  Dr. James Thompson,  
Susannah Browder,  John Thacker,  George Timmons,  
Mary Thacker,  
Nancy Thacker,  
David Thacker,  
Elizabeth Timmons,  
Susan Timmons,  
Martha Timmons,  
John Browder,  
Charles Browder,  
Littleberry Browder,  
David Browder,  
Mary Browder,  
Thomas Browder,  
Winifred Browder,  
David Browder,  Mary Pegram,  
Mary Cousins,   William Cousins,   Anne Walthall,   
Mary Browder,  Anthony Sydnor,  
William Browder,  
Jeremiah Browder,  Susanna Clements,  
Mary Browder,  Jesse Browder,  Thomas Penticost,  
Martha Browder,  Isham Browder,   
Thompson Browder,  Tabitha Johnson,   
Nancy Browder,  Thomas Williams,  
Heartwell W. Williams,  
Edward Williams,  
Lewis Williams,  
Mary T. Williams,  
Nathan Williams,  
Jones Williams,  
Wilmuth Browder,  
 George Andrew Browder,  
Robert Bolling,   
Thomas Bonner,  
Elizabeth (—) Browder,  
Mary Browder,  
Jean Browder,  
Priscilla Browder,  
Winifred Browder,  
 Edmund Browder (-1771),  
Robert Bolling,   Martha (—) Browder,  
Benjamin Dyson,  William Dyson,  Joseph Rowlett,   
George Robertson,   
Handstess Browder,  
James Browder,  
William Browder,  
 William Browder,  
Robert Bolling,   
Dorothy (—) Browder,  Henry Warne,  
Sarah Browder,  
Amy Browder,  
 Isham Browder (-1785),  
Agnes Tatum,   
Talitha Cox,  John Cox,  
Isham Browder,  
Martha Browder,   Richard Browder,   
Talitha Cox Browder,  Isaac Thrasher,  Isaac Clark,  
Martha Nowlin,  
Mary Browder,  Richard Thrasher,  
Nancy Thrasher,  
Nancy Washington Browder,  Cloud Thrasher,  William Fears,  
Augustine B. Fears,  
Augustine C. Browder,  Elizabeth —,  
Milton A. Browder,  
Talitha Browder,  Nathaniel Roach,  
Isham C. Browder,  
Ann E. Browder,  
Augustus Browder,  
Elizabeth Browder,  Luke Palmer,  
Martha Browder,  Clement Whittmore,  
Talitha Whittmore,  
Martha Amanda Whittmore,  
Nancy Whittmore,  
William Whittmore,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
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Joseph Browder - War of 1812 William Joseph Browder - Civil War
John Richard Browder - Civil War Caleb Petecord Browder - War of 1812
Charles Browder - Revolutionary War Jesse Browder - Revolutionary War

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