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 DR   Richard T. Daniel (c.1824-1872)
Although I am not a descendant of Richard T. Daniel, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic DR to his family.

Richard T. Daniel, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard T. Daniel might describe his life as follows.

I married Susan A.R. Matthews in Lunenburg County 21 December (bond) 1841.  The Census of 1850 enumerated me and Susan, both age 26, with children, Virginia 8, Cornelius 6, Latinus 4, and Louanna, age 2. 
I was a miller until my death in June 1872 with heart trouble. Susan Daniel died 28 June 1887.

Richard T. Daniel of Brunswick County, whom we have not identified, might have been a son of Thomas Daniel who died in Charlotte County and whose sons, Hezekiah and Richard, returned to Brunswick County to live.
The Census of 1860 listed Richard and Susan with 6 children in their household. 

Descendants of Richard T. Daniel
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary J.F. (Daniel) Lewis (1843-1907),  
William Stuart Lewis,   
Rosa J. Lewis,  
Martha Susan Lewis,  Theodorick A. Wray,  William Anderson Wray,  Virginia B. Wright,  
Ellen Lewis,  Robert A. Edmunds,  Effie E. Lewis,  
 Cornelius F. Daniel (c.1846-1887),  
Ann E. Laffoon,   
 Richard Madison Daniel (c.1847-),  
Virginia Ann Lewis,   
James R. Daniel,  Martha Ada Lewis,   
William Foster Daniel,  Iola Gertrude Gunn,   
John Jefferson Daniel,  Nannie Mae Daniel,   
Lonnie Gregory Daniel,  Brelia Alice Daniel,   
Ella N. Daniel,  Burwell Lafayette Laffoon,   
Jesse Oscar Daniel,  Lillian Matthews,  
Robert Lee Daniel,  Lelia Elizabeth Rawlings,   
Walter A. Daniel,  Fannie Lee Callis,  
Arthur Ratcliff Daniel,  Susie G. Waller,   
Bena Etta Daniel,  B.E. Traylor,  
Franklin Dewey Daniel,  Hettie Rawlings,   
 Luanna E. (Daniel) Edmunds (c.1848-),  
Adolphus S. Edmunds,  James R. Edmunds,  Mary —,  
 James E. Daniel (c.1860-),  
 Sarah J. (Daniel) Matthews (c.1851-),  
Frank W. Matthews,  Lewis Matthews,  Martha —,  
 Maria Reedy Susan (Daniel) Laffoon (c.1854-),  
George W. Laffoon,   
 James Washington Lewis (c.1825-),  
Martha Wray,  Nancy (—) Wray,  
James Hiram Lewis,  Martha A. Jones,  Robert Blackwell Jones,  
Lenora Lewis,  
Martha Ada Lewis,  James R. Daniel,   
James Edward Lewis,  
John S. Lewis,  Mamie L. Moore,  Thomas J. Pritchett,   
Henry H. Lewis,  
William Stuart Lewis,  Mary J.F. Daniel,   Rosa Bell (Matthews) Carrington,  Addie Robinson,  
Louisa Lewis,  
Virginia Ann Lewis,  Richard Madison Daniel,   
Andrew Richard Lewis,  Margaret L. Kennedy,   
Lucy F. Lewis,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Anderson Wray - Civil War James Washington Lewis - Civil War

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